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Christ said Holy Spirit does not forgive: that is because, Holy Spirit keeps to the Judgment you did on earth, so it is only you that change from sin to forgive yourself by God & Christ; so even if Holy Spirit say sorry your sin remains for you.
Christ said He will go and come again; yet most do not want to see that it is written that Christ died and rose again from the dead and went to the Father before coming to spend 40 days with His followers. Christ has gone and come again; it is mankind that want Him to do as they want that He would not do. Just as a son can not be his father but is related to his father carnally other than doing what his parents do with each other with his parent, is how voice from mouth is not head but from head.
The Catholic Church was started by Christ, so it is sin against the Holy Spirit to condemn the Catholic Church because of errors of leaders of the church that were corrupted; instead, stay and correct the error, rather than divide the house of Christ: Mark 3. The newer religions should not forget history that the church was stolen by the evil ones before it was taken back and restored, yet there is room for perfection.

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The Mind in Existence

The Wilderness CHANNEL I
You recognize your intuition as it burst in, it comes slightly cold then it starts filling the back of your brain, the lower back brain. It keeps on spreading. By the time you get up, you are slightly dizzy and a little out of order. You begin to groom it. As it comes you are willing to work, observe and to experience: Service.
With the intuition on you leave the material way of not being sure, passing through feelings to the soul. You enter the animistic sphere, your instincts increase, tongue sucking, smelling, observation, being alert. You sense and observe everything about the soul. You feel and observe the feelings of fear, etc. Fear comes like a squeeze on the heart, causing a burn (within) that spreads all over the body running to the brain and causing suspicion and fright, then you become worried and not sure of what to do. Then, you start shaking. It is a gradual but constant process, that if you want to overcome you must allow it, no obstacle, no obstruction; then after experiencing it - it would - the feeling - become useless to you.
You must do that with all obstacles and you will ascend, this is the freedom of man's gradual experiencing to his level and to the level he wants - Consciousness that was what brought him here.
To ascend you must experience all the obstacles immediately below you. That is, before the intuition is open you must organize yourself in the control of all material things. Then the urge for the intuition would come once open, you would then observe and correct all the mistakes that links to your soul, like the urge for money, the urge for food, clothes and so on. After which you enter the animistic zone, what ever breed you past through when coming down to earth - you develop its sensing, may be smelling, sucking. But, from there you would be able to observe and rearrange your souls feelings - properly, after which you remove the threads linking the soul and the animistic sphere - that is all the bad links, then you would be free to soar upwards to the unconscious spirit sphere. All these occurs here on earth within you connecting your greater self, the higher you go the more you know about the regions below. Man can only stop at the level of conscious spirits, because he is unconscious and came down here (school: earth) to be conscious before going back to the conscious spirit world. To come down he must pass through all the regions - or better said - must trek down. So he can remove all the obstacles he had picked-up. Where ever he stops, there he shall rise to when dead.
So, man can only stop at the level he descended from (unconscious) and perceive from the one above (conscious), when he passes on he would be taken to conscious. Birth is coming to earth, death is leaving, and translation of the body is dignified leaving. From the day a child is born to the day he passes on, how early he started and what he achieved is for him; who is developing himself, helping and developing mankind - gives the type of responsibility he would be given when he dies.
This is really what man has been yearning for. Yearning also happens when there is a change. When I say man I mean both sexes. AWAKE explains the character. In the Spirit world man and woman are of same form, only their characters are different: the males are violent, competitive, positive, compelling and energetic, they think before acting. the females are domesticated, preserving, negative and co-operative, they act before they think. Here on earth these characters form the organs. From the first Genesis of spirit both sexes were created, but the second Genesis which is of soul, males were created before all material things, and females were created after every material thing was formed. In the spirit these characters are together. But, in spirit these characters can change vice versa, it depends on the spirit and its soul.
To aim for a higher level, drop all the traits you are in by overcoming them, and then strive for the next level by doing the things of that level. This is experiencing. All material urges should be cut off until you reach your peak. Right Development is following the laws of nature.
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Spirit Flow from Solar Plexus to Back Brain and Front Brain
The Grail Message explains the process from solar plexus to back brain. The process clearly is that the spirit awakening takes place at the solar plexus, the region at the pit of the stomach with complex nerves. This burning feeling then rises up to the cerebellum, the back brain, which transmits it as motion pictures (video) to the cerebrum (the frontal brain) then, action follows. The frontal brain is close to ethereal in nature, and being close to matter can act on matter through the physical body. The back brain being close to the spirit can act on the front brain. This is the natural flow and not the reverse. To achieve proper perception the mind should be clear of thoughts or inner-words; silence.
Praying to God in reverence: is the volition from the solar plexus to God, in purity of the cerebellum. The urge or feeling (fear, joy, thanking) and concentration gives the strength of the prayer as long as the intuitive perception is pure, with love. The solar plexus feeling is the spirit within. When there is an urge there is a will, and when there is a will there is a volition, all from the spirit within. This leads to intuitive perception or reverence. Intuitive Perception: - from spirit or from God through spirit. Reverence: - respect to God in Prayer. Purity.
Over doing any material thing (eating, drinking and so on) burdens the spirit making it earth bound, so ascension or dropping all the cloaks that would make it lighter or pure would not be possible. Because the spirit has changed its direction to love those things, instead of loving to rise by being pure and keeping away from all obstacles or things that would make it loose its direction.
Experiencing intuitively (perception) is above earthly time and space; experiencing what takes a thousand years in a day. Time (change) in Space (nothing) = balance.
At all spheres of development, the level of understanding creation or the natural laws gives the range of ascent: a being or superior beings development depends on its responsibility, the level of aid, sanity, caring, control, good, and so on, gives one the speed of ascent. Life in the creative will of the Almighty Father depends on how much good you instill on your immediate environment, thereby increasing your magnitude or your being. That is breaking open the shells collected when following the laws of nature in your descent to earth or the world of matter. By breaking these borders through the level of ascension (responsibility), the being moves either fast or slow, relying mainly on its level of understanding its responsibilities to nature. Christ, being from the Father came through the spheres fast and left fast, because of his purity and responsibility. After awakening, the lighter the feeling in the solar plexus, the lighter the burden or the brighter the rays of the spirit.
Man should learn to experience every awakening, or experience in nature and all he reads and hears. Experience is when every information got from the front brain is absorbed by the back brain and filtered, then the spirit can accept it as awakening. For this is the actual flow of activity within the brain as intended by the creator. For mankind seeking perception: to perceive from spirit, rays flow from the solar plexus to the cerebellum; to experience from matter, information flows from the Cerebrum to the cerebellum, then to the solar plexus region, and is received as rays by the spirit. The process is like the two sides of a boomerang: the shape of the boomerang and the to and fro action. Material education is for the front brain; spiritual education is for the back brain and spirit, and the connection of both brains, soul and spirit.

Man, Soul and Spirit CHANNEL II
The perception of a spirit and the type of spirit that comes to earth depends on its mother and her environment. Creation is balance. The environment having faith in money before thinking of creation obstructs the thoughts of man, but this does not mean man should not maintain his physical body. Every body has a conscience but, perceives from the spirit, which is awakened separately.
Do not force your radiations from your solar plexus, if you do not experience perception properly or do it the right way as instructed it could harm you. Remember this always.
While trying to progress in your perceptions, there shall be temptations from your intellect, humans and animals, but do not listen to the distractions. Remain good at all cost. The sturdy path of man's life was set here on earth right from the day of birth, but many take it to be a bagatelle. This is not so, your place of birth is the best place for your ascent.
Man must learn to live in the present: he should look ahead and reflect on what he is to do, and what he wants to do, and what he has done - then make what he is doing perfect. The Future becomes the Present, the Present becomes the Past; the Past and the Future are used to make a better present. Through understanding the present, carnal sense which is animistic and portrays a man that has no spiritual dominance over his emotions as callow and sloth, the man with a generative power which is the opposite of the other understands and has educed the other (carnal sense) which is hot. Man is a combination of dense matter, ethereal, animistic and spirit. That is, primeval man had an animistic soul before, unconscious spirit entered it and evolved it to man. The spirit exposes to you the soul and body.
The incredible purpose for which God created us should be understood and fulfilled to experience true success; God leaves it for you to choose right or wrong.

Interactions CHANNEL III
Being naturally shy is different from being truly shy or afraid. Being naturally shy is when you keep sanity; while being truly shy is when man is ashamed of talking to people, because he lacks the courage and volition to talk to the opposite sex. Unknown fear or fear of nothing is the worst of all fears, because the man is uncertain and this develops into cold feet.
The normal thing for any man that comes in contact with another is to say hello and chat briefly, talking generally without boasting of your interest and the others interest. Help one another, know each other. The next day you meet in public, discussing familiar things and showing interest, this brings friendship. By the next stage you exchange addresses. The relationship grows to love.
The essence of man's being on earth is to interact with nature. This is the only plausible way of understanding creation by observing, understanding and knowing creation. Because all the awkward things that makes your spirit unconscious has to be eliminated, if not you would be in durance on earth. Instead of observing nature suavely, most people would rather be slothful. Interaction is attention!
Humankinds' Fall was the carnal stirred up by the devil when the generative power was waking and was suppose to avoid all emotions picked up at teenage.

The whole of creation is arranged in gradations and in homogeneous attractions. With these criteria man must observe himself first before giving aid to another or others. Or his crooked ways would destroy or keep him from ascending. The vexation of man over certain issues may be what he is. One must keep on observing and understanding nature, if not he will loose all he has, his spiritual awakening.
Before man guides another, he should be experienced in nature and know the laws of creation: he must watch the vibration forms emitting from him, his thoughts, words, actions and volitions; which may be intellectual feeling, instead of spiritual radiation. Man hopes to be an Elysian but, forgets that the vibration forms emitting from him are his judge. When human beings are familiar with these, they would understand and would always want to give. That is when help can be rendered to who ever seek it. Your stable air of confidence would make him rely on you. By then the spirit in you would be in control. To be in control is to drop all obstacles (earthly things) and follow the Will of God, his laws. One must learn to observe every thing in him, inside when the spirit is not in total control he may notice something holding or gripping the solar plexus region, stopping the full activity of the spirit. In the hind brain he may notice something holding or blocking the radiations. This obstruction is from the intellect or soul. The soul being a medium connected to matter, and to act on matter. Within the body emotions act on the endocrine.

The abundance of everything on earth is for mans benefit in nature. Man only ends up polluting what is meant for his well-being in the world of matter. Water which is a major constituent of the human body, is the fluid that makes up most of the blood.
The blood being the medium of the spirit, if not pure, would distort the activity of the spirit. Through this medium the spirit can reach all parts of the body, right to the skin. His aura can be seen - through which radiations can flow out of the body to make contact with matter.

Know Who You Are CHANNEL VI
The Human Being is made up of spirit as the core, the soul as the immediate cloak that spreads out of the body of dense matter. From the words Human being tells man of the combinations in him. Now, many do not understand the difference between intuitive perception and emotional imagination, but some understand the mental activity.
Mental activity of the human body in a day is 24 hours, the activity is slow or fast. The mental activity of matter is in the fore brain, this brain controls learning, sensory areas and muscle movement. The mid brain, controls the emotions, this triggers the front brain's imagination. This is the point of action for the soul: the mid brain, the hypothalamus is linked with the thalamus in the fore brain, the emotions or feelings starts from the heart like a squeeze on it and spreads round the body some going to the brain which coordinates the imaginative part (thoughts). The fore brain on receiving the emotion, obeys the emotion by sending stimulus through the nerve for action. A day for a soul depends on the level (10 to 100 years), their activity is slower or faster than matter. The spirit which has no direct connection with the intellect except by contact is on its own, because of the hereditary sin; the cultivation of the frontal and mid brain. The range of time and activity in a day is 1,000 years on earth; the activity is fastest or slowest in comparison to earths' pace.
The spirit awakens in the solar plexus like a drop inside, this burning radiation spreads out and into the cerebellum in the hind brain to the frontal brain, this is intuitive perception. In the early periods of creation the unconscious spirits had reached a stage of development in the Unconscious sphere of creation. So, the spirit had to come down, one step to the Animistic, on reaching there he was given a cloak, the soul (an animal character alike) to till it and control it but, he was tempted and allowed the cloak to control him, on doing that he was thrown down to the world of Matter, several steps down. He lost contact of his spirit and the soul that is connected to the Darkness kept on controlling.
Changes in the blood conditions tell the development of a being. At childhood the child is only grooming the intellect. At teenage, his emotions are awakened. As an adult the intuitive perception comes fully as conscience. But, at old age his reflection and preparation for the beyond comes into full swing.
Now, man on earth mistake is the neglect of the intuitive perception.
Growth of man should be constant and should not stop mid way that is the sin. Once a man passes his teens or his emotional educing years, he should observe and allow his intuition to come, after noticing his conscience. Then he should groom it like he did the rest. At old age groom your reflections and perceptions. For as each blood type comes, that stage has to be worked on to open a new face. At an old age a man should have attained consciousness here on earth within matter and the world of unconscious spirits to soar upwards. The separation of the sex of male, to male and female only took place at the soul level, the animistic and matter.
Although, the front brain can keep memory, it was not meant to keep it for long but, to transmit it through the mid brain to the hind brain that has a better memory that stores and reproduces exact information. Abraham gave Isaac the front brains knowledge and Ishmael the back brains knowledge. The information when perceived by the soul can be termed as noticed and when perceived by the intuition it is called awakening, because all the forms in you have experienced it. The position of man is that at the time of transit, the spirit is not awakened. So, he can not go up, he only goes to the sphere he has developed; the soul region. But, if he is bad he is sent to the opposite stage of his achievement. And if he is in between, he is sent to the ethereal world, world of souls like earth but, lighter and invisible to the human eye.
It is not that man should not be conscious of sex but, he should know that emotional feeling is different from generative power. They should be in harmony; the spiritual (generative power) should be in control. Just as the emotional feeling dominates the intellect. The strongest the spiritual, the stronger the soul, and the intellect, this should be the order of development. Creation allowed the intellect first and then the rest followed in order of magnitude here on earth; it is like going to primary, secondary and tertiary schools. The reflective and preparatory stage is like doing your post graduate thesis. After this you can not go any further only to be called to where you belong.

Comprehension CHANNEL VII
The gradations of creation allow one only, to perceive from or below his level on either side of good and bad. Giving meat to a goat to eat is the most absurd thing one can do. You would only look ruthless and the goat would dislike you. Take heed of this warning!
I will elaborate on this more to increase your comprehension but, to your own limit anything more would only be obnoxious, I need not enter the realms of Divinity here. A spirit in the company of a lower spirit, who aids the spirit is doing himself a favor and raising the other spirit to where it belongs but, not over there. But, if the other spirit is too dense to perceive the words given him, you would only look silly to his eyes and the other spirit being of a higher nature would only be pulled down in trying to interact with that spirit. Because, in giving careless-charity that is, knowledge the other being does not understand, you drive him away from the light, and in doing so, you the higher being is burdened and this pulls you down.
Words of knowledge should only be given after understanding that beings comprehension. Then, the being on receiving the word would only be too glad and happy to be around your vicinity. The way of doing this is to put that spirit to the test and watch his observation and the way he interacts, in no time you would have mastered his methods of approach to things and by analyzing this in your mind you would know the best method of approach to his problems.
Understanding is the ability to absorb information into yourself and apply it.

Concept of the Mind CHANNEL VIII
Man does not understand what the word mind really is. The mind is not just a conscious zone of remembrance, thoughts or thinking, feeling, wishing opinions, intentions, purpose and so on. But, a conscious part of many cloaks depending on the being.
These conscious parts have their own methods of understanding, knowing, experiencing and perceiving. And these conscious parts of reasoning have their own layers of thoughts, words and deeds in accordance with their volition power. An unconscious spirit has three major cloaks in his being in the world of matter and these cloaks all have their own level of consciousness: the cerebrum being the least has the weakest traits of consciousness but, since it is dense matter and in gross matter, it is to man very capable. Man not knowing it is just one of the traits in his life on earth and a link to gross matter, confuses himself the more by not searching himself and asking is there nothing more. Thereby, rendering him useless to nature and pegging his spirit where it does not belong.
But, a man who has found his soul through his emotional feelings (and there are many) can only rise to where the soul can. But the core, the spirit, is trapped inside, because the generative power in harmony with the intuitive perception was not in use, the spirit had no experience and has to learn there. Unless he ties it down again. And if the man was bad he has to go to the level of his bad awakening.
Now, let me take you to a region where there are not many here on earth, only those that have come down here for a purpose, that is mainly to save the souls and spirit of man. This conscious spirits of seven spheres have seven cloaks (seven layers of development) here on earth, before the other three and for their other cloaks in awakening, would only be recognized after unfolding the other three here on earth, as earlier analyzed. And, depending on the level either being of the first, second ... and seventh sphere, the beings experiencing will follow with that speed. Remember, I talked about the time ranges in know who you are. Being of various spheres, if of a higher sphere would move faster in his experiencing. That is, the ten minds for the highest conscious primordial being, that gives the being a wider range of consciousness, and at that level the being can perceive from divine substantiate.
Every being can only perceive from the sphere immediately above but, can observe and control lower spheres on either side. Either side; good or bad, the load is more; the temptation or the control. The higher the being in an environment, either on earth or above, that being would be alone because his kind is not available but , once they meet they share things in common. So, they would be together.
Now, I would explain Existence to your comprehension. I would be brief but, I would not go above what you are supposed to know. Divine substantiate can perceive from all sphere. They can control all Divine messages from creation and the Primordial plains. This Divine substantiate can perceive directly to Divine unsubstantiated (God) through the link, the Holy Spirit.
In the Grail castle the Divine unsubstantiated, the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, and God the Father exist totally as the main source of power or life in motion. Their Female parts are stationary. There the ranges of time activity and so on are at the least and the highest. God the Father as the core or main source thought everything. God the son is the word of God and spoke everything. And the Holy Spirit is of Action; that is he carried out everything.
In every sphere in the heavens there is a link between the higher one and the lower sphere. Between Divinity unsubstantiated and Divine substantiate, the Holy Spirit Exists. The Holy Spirit links Divinity (God) to the Divine and Primordial spirits through His Son the Counselor. The Counselors' Elemental side or soul rules the soul. In all plains exists sub-links. Divinity formed itself and matter, Divinity issued Divine, Divine issued Primordial spirit. Primordial spirits produced unconscious spirits. Unconscious spirits grew into conscious spirits.
The Divine formed the soul from matter. The soul is the stages of life in animism (plants), animistic (animals) and elementals. In the Divine, the Elders came out from Divinity, the Church or Top Angels of seven came out from the Counselor, Archangels came out of the Elders, Chief angels came out of the Top Angels, Angels came out of the Archangels. I would leave you to think here and would not carry you any further for now.
All beings when in the world of gross matter perceive through the solar plexus to the cerebrum. But, the first thing they must do is to link the spirit with matter, which is the problem the unconscious spiritual beings caused.

Nothing Goes For Nothing CHANNEL IX
Man thinks his faith is right, but any man who looks deep inside - into his being would only find faults in everything done by the intellectual. The lord God told man of the laws to keep. But sinful man being only of matter or matter and soul (intellectual) went ahead and broke them; their faith being tilted towards money, and the establishment of man made laws that help them as a whole to kill those that break their laws. With this they can not get much from God as a collected group. God can not give paradise to those that use their ways ahead of His. In between the lines in the religious books, the history of God and man is God destroying mans' laws for His own.
When a man knows God he will always be in reverence to God and use any material thing as a tool, he will not allow the tool to control him. Here on earth since most people follow their emotions, which are of the soul and linked to the Darkness, they only end up following money that gets into their system emotionally.
Many do not know that, thinking deeply or talking about another man's property it waits for them as a record in the ethereal world of souls, thereby they have carried what so ever out without doing the deed. Now, when you think of something the burden is less, because it is a single form. But, when you voice it out it is twice the strength, because they are of words and thoughts. When an action is carried out it is thrice the strength. The idea of thinking or saying anything wrongly about some one without finding out the truth, before your thoughts or words, is a grievous sin because, vibration forms wait for you in the ethereal, which is also of three sides, good, neutral and bad. The radiations are higher and the effects are stronger.
The homogeneous attraction of your parents gave you an opportunity to attain consciousness for the good and for the bad; to realize and abandon your faults before experiencing consciousness. Man should be grateful and respect them for that. The Sabbath day is a day of reverence to God and reflection of your week.
Anything a man does to or for another, should be what he wants to be done to him, never the reverse. If not it is a sin and the vibration forms of what has been committed either rewards or burdens the man.
Any victim who was injured in any form can forgive the offender because the sin was on him and that would carry the victim higher. But, if the victim avoids the idea of forgiving, he would only be held down to do his own part of removing the sin caused on him, living the offender to atone for his sins and revoke them. Another person may intervene to pray for their unity or help both parties unite, but can not forgive the sin. Only God the Father forgives. The natural laws of homogeneous attraction where good remains with good, and bad with bad, only tells men to cut off or avoid the other that does not harmonize. Love and justice are always one. Conscious spirits and those higher know justice and love.

Radiations and Feelings CHANNEL X
The front brain is the centre of activity of gross matter. The mid brain receives its emotional feeling from the heart, this is the awakening feeling of the soul. This feeling stirs a teenager sexually into manhood. Naturally, the awakening from the solar plexus that flows to the hind brain is suppose to spark after teenage without any hindrance, the fall of mankind choosing to remain fixed to his emotions stopped continuous growth of the spirit.
The original track of man is front brain to hind brain, then mid brain. Since, they are unconscious and conscious beings, their nature is not ripe for the soul. But, for the divine substantiates when present in gross matter, the awakening follows the right order of gross matter, soul and spirit, before the final stage which would be after the Angel has experienced all the spiritual spheres and has come to recognition. Then, the final stage is that both soul point, the heart, and spirit zone, the solar plexus, would be on. Lucifer is of divine substantiate and no spirit can act on him only divine substantiate and above. Lucifer knowing this, sort to attack man always through the path he made man cultivate in the soul before man's self, which he attacked through emotional feelings. The soul is for Pleasure and Pain.
Divinity unsubstantiated, when in gross matter awaken their Divinity nature after passing through all the rest, and they experience through the heart, solar plexus and the small intestine (the ileum) where absorption, transportation and utilization of digested food takes place. For Spirits, they can only carry one activity (soul or spirit) with matter body. Nothing more, but primordial or prime spirits can carry the ethereal soul state. All these processes of ascension depends on the being; the more mature, age of existence, the faster the ascension and the more the load of good and bad.

Every human being senses a thrill that runs down the nerves from the medulla oblongata, this thrill that is experienced in the medulla oblongata, is sent from the Neutral force (Feminine Divinity of the Low Side of God) in creation, either a good or bad excitement, it hangs in the ganglions and in the receptors to be used up by the person. This thrill motivates a child that has the sanguine blood to experience matter, and this changes his animistic traits to awaken the intellect. The development of the child to the teenage stage, the melancholic blood type, educes the emotional being of the teenager. At the state of manhood, the choleric blood type, he is motivated to experience the conscience within; this urge of Divinity is not always obeyed by man, because of the soul's cultivation of the intellect. In which the child hood and teenage stage belong.
If man could awaken all the blood conditions in him, by the quiet reflection stage, the phlegmatic blood type, the blood type would be preparing the man here on earth for a quiet transition to a new awakening into the sanguine stage as in the early days of man on earth before the flood of the world, and would occur again in the millennium of the Sabbath. Man can not achieve his purpose here on earth, without linking himself through the spirit to regions above that was why all the links had to come in succession of experiences. The drive is there for you and would always drive you even if you hide around material things.

Wisdom CHANNEL XII Information: something sensed, this is read and experienced or observed and experienced. Knowledge: the front brain learns information, this is understood by the emotional part of a being, the information understood is perceived by the spirit. Or the spirit perceives or sends information from above and is understood and applied. Understanding and applying knowledge in this right way is wisdom. Application of knowledge has to do with reflecting or pondering and thinking of future occurrences with the knowledge experienced, then applied to the present. Right wisdom is Application of Wisdom Regularly. Speed in Wisdom is Regular Use of Wisdom. True Wisdom is Recorded Wisdom. All These I Have Been Writing Are Excepts From My Book, How Existence Is Run Is Not Included Here.

Conquering Abstract Obstruction CHANNEL XIII
I told you in Channel I, The Wilderness, about overcoming fear. Now, more. When an emotional feeling comes into you, do not stop it - only experience it and it would never come back to you with such magnitude, the next time the feeling would be so small that you would only notice the particular feeling. But, it would never shake or move you as it did always, before you experienced it. The overcoming of emotional feeling happens when the spirit experiences it. The spirit being of a higher nature perceives it and devices means of attack on this feeling, which is of a lower grade.
When the spirit overcomes a feeling you have conquered satanic attack and it is a victory for you over the devil. I earlier told you about the attacks of Lucifer on man, that he attacks man through the emotional part of man, which he conquered, when he tempted man to cultivate the intellect, that comprises the front and mid brain (the gross matter part and ethereal or soul part), the emotional part as I have said before, only leads to understanding. You only understand something when you have a feeling for that thing. But, the spirit has wisdom - knowing right and wrong, and can always overcome any problem! That was why Satan caused man to cut it off and this became hereditary in the course of man's life on earth, which became a sin because man was cut off from perceiving from above which would have lead him to proper consciousness. And not being stock in the ethereal world of souls or in hell, there by increasing Lucifer's influence in matter and his evil population, which he wanted for his own benefit. Since he was alone and wanted to have his own dark region populated by creation - Satan managed to win some elementals and some unconscious animistic of some sort of bad traits to his aid. Only God creates - no other can!
This ugly eventful happening has to stop and only a superior power can overcome a weaker one. Man has to succeed if not he would experience a millennium of pain and torture until he looses consciousness of everything, then he would be sent back to the unconscious spirit sphere where he would remain unconscious. Because children follow their natural growth until they pass their teens - they are innocent and so it would remain if they awaken their spirit. Every baby needs a guide to survive and grow, so it is with and for man.
The power to overcome emotional control is just as the vaccination of children when young, against poliomyelitis. A vaccine of some viral nature, but weaker than the active virus, is injected or inoculated into the blood stream of the infant and this prevents any further attack or occurrence, except on very rare occasions when it may come back, but with another dose of the serum, it would not occur again. The same thing happens with man, if he neglects his spirit the attack would come again. Man has to learn to know that his spirit is his core and owns him, superior. A car can not control the driver, you say, unless he is careless in maintaining it - then it would lead him to injuries or death. This is enough for the wise in spirit.
After those of humankind that are too dense to awaken their spirit are put away, Lucifer would be locked-up for a thousand years in torture ... So arise and awaken your spirit!

The spirit perceives and radiates its eminence, the soul feels emotionally. But, the Physical body senses or it is irritated.
Irritation is opposed to pleasure sensing. If one is irritated cut it off or would I say go away from it. This is gross matter and it is of solid form that means everything is slow only motion or movement is faster than slow. So, if you do not like an environment, this is strictly on physical grounds and not emotional or spiritual, leave the physical environment or drive the obstructor away to face his own fate. Never run away from spiritual and especially soul feeling, because it would always hunt you or drive the enemy to you through your frightened thoughts hanging very close to the ethereal and a link to the soul. The spirit never has a problem, it is wise, but its only problem is the soul (used by the Darkness) and physical body. Any gross material problem should be avoided, on the other side, if it is to your benefit face it squarely.

The front brain as the second to learn, knows how to read and write; how to use and apply words, how to calculate and apply formulas, and how to connect these with the soul and spirit. The mid brain works with the pituitary gland, the soul stirs the emotions and the endocrine activity begins; to feel emotional and to control this feeling by experiencing, as both front and mid brains unite in activity as Intellect. The first brain to be educed is the hind brain, this helps the infant to balance its environment (hearing, walking, etc.). Then, the spirit is allowed freedom to perceive either way, without forcing, distorting or obstructing the perception. With the front, mid and hind brains as one, you would through Total experiencing have gained True wisdom.
Now, finding out if one has true wisdom would only arise when one can apply what he has gained to immediate problems that would always arise. The solution comes like this: you are faced with a question or a problem, in going through this problem there is bound to be a gap or an answer. If there is no answer, the solution comes into your brain.

Basic Laws of Nature CHANNEL XVI
Pick a stone, throw it up. The force used thrusts the stone high up, the stone travels and decelerates until it reaches a point where it cannot go any further, it starts falling down and acceleration increases and it strikes the ground. The point where it stops after rising and the fall is due to gravity.
There are three forces acting here, one is the energy used to start - another of same nature is the energy used to stop at a point, the second is the opposing motions to and fro, and the third is the starting point - the stopping point up - and the end point.
The energies used are two, the motions are two, and the stable or neutral points are three. The point here is that in nature there is always a positive force, a neutral force and a negative force, all of them being driven by two forms of energy.
From this you find Laws: (I) Energy, (II) Motion, and (III) Stability; and all three being driven by (IV) Power [of two forms of energy]. And from the arrangement above they are exactly four basic laws in creation's that apply to everything. The Power That Forms The Energy, The Power In The Motion Being Caused By The Energy, And The Power In The Stability, At Rest. In everything these laws always occur in one form or the other.

Brain waves CHANNEL XVII
Vibration forms are your thoughts, words, deeds and volitions in one. The four forms here can make or mar.
This depends on how you use it! A pure thought has to do with the way you think. If you think of good things, like building something that is very fine for every one, or making a good book, or machine and so on, for every ones benefit this is a good thought. And not the thoughts of wars, jealousy and as much as can be, this is dangerous because it would form up collect other forms like it and look for an individual who is thinking of destruction. It would mingle with his thoughts and that person would be drawn to you or another for a battle of what you both caused. But, if a vibration of good is formed from every man, the union of doing this good would bring development so fast that mankind would be baffled at what he can do!
Because these vibration forms together do miracles. An individual who knows how to apply his intentions by Thinking - Saying and Acting what he wishes with his Will in full support, would perform the miracle of his wish.

Freewill: Tuning; Turning-On & Turning-Off CHANNEL XVII Every one has a free will, you control it to your choice or taste, the Neutral force or energy is always there to aid you in either good or bad. But, always remember this, that what ever vibrations you send out (thoughts, words, deeds and volition) the elements are always there to weave them for you, your fate. Every one of these vibration forms you send out have their own elementals that weave each one in the colour of each vibration forms, either good ( white, violet light waves) or bad (dull yellow, to red). Long waves are bad, but the Short waves are good. These are woven to your fate, the choice is yours to make.
The elementals never stop working your fate - this would be your next home whether you like it or not, it would always wait for you. When you die the hose or tunnel woven to your vibration forms would suck or draw you to where your vibration forms have created for you. An individual can always turn on or turn off, his connection with his spirit or soul: with his soul, by cutting off the emotional feeling of good or bad; that is mainly sexual or other good vibration of emotions, that may lead you to what you know is wrong, but this does not contradict the emotional experiencing, which is the first step. The spirit is turned off from any particular experience you are going through, may be observation or calculations, to reading and so on, by talking to your being that the spirit should rest a while. But, these should not be done always, only when you are doing something else. Because, you cut educe.


Understanding Creation CHANNEL I
The laws of nature are kept by the Neutral force, a part of the Holy Spirit, Who gives to creation as it is deserved. God the Father and God the Son are the Two Powers, God the Father is Dominant, the Energy from these Power flows from up and down into motion that has energy, the Holy Spirit and the Neutral force maintain balance. The Positive Power is Masculine and the Negative Power is Feminine: in the atom, the negative (motion) moves around the positive (stationary); in Divinity, the Positive (motion) runs Existence and the Negative (stationary) gives energy. Now, the Counselor is of Divinity Unsubstantiated and Divine substantiality, He links Divinity with the Divine substantiate and the whole of the spirit spheres. The Twenty Four Elders are of male and female, they follow directly because the first Elder is the Counselor. Then, the Top angels follow. At the spirit peak the Counselor is Above. The Helper is Father of the gods in the soul. In matter He Dubs all.
Man is unconscious spirit and conscious animistic (soul), man links the unconscious spirit spheres with the whole animistic spheres and the spheres of matter. The ethereal was created from mans mind of vibration forms, this is the development of the soul from matter to the Elemental state. As the spirit strikes the centre of the Universe quarks form, this form the properties of atoms; planets move round their stars like electrons move round protons and neutrons.
Now, this ethereal world of souls created by emotions under Satan is the unlawful sphere of creation, it was not meant to be. Man was supposed to have come into the world of matter (a School), pass his exams in attaining consciousness by experience, which leads to responsibility. Then, go to the first stage of the conscious spirits. But man allowed his emotions (soul) to dominate him, rather than his spirit who is closer to Divinity.
Nothing is wrong with mans' system of doing things other than the tendency for evil, which is from the dark side of the soul. Since, with the soul the dark side comes before the light side, the exact opposite of the spirit. The soul that came from matter needs to be groomed by the spirit that brought matter. If the reverse occurs as it is, the soul remains with its dense side, because it has to go down following its steps of growth, and if it can not go up due to its small strength it is held by the dark, the older and more experienced side. With the spirit, the soul attains its light side easily, and the spirit would also be free to grow. The physical body with its spirit, would do good and paradise would be the formation of the ethereal.
After Satan fell his new task that was given to him, whom he reported then, was to test the faith of man by tempting. But this was suppose to be done (the temptation) in the order of experiencing an individual has, the more wisdom the more the test. But, Satan being lonely in his deep darkness - hell, sort to populate his region, he went against the Natural force or law by tempting man above his limit (using high desires, excessive craving thoughts, and superior deceptive environments), which is wrong. Because of mans' fall to the darkness in the beginning, which is a record for the future of how it is when you live in the wrong, the intuitive perception was cut off so that the Darkness would not have easy access to the Light as the Light has into the Darkness. A cherub, guards man from perceiving into the Light for the Darkness. Because man had sort to develop his intellect and follow satanic ways, so to give him his intuitive perception would have made man do more harm than what he has done all this while. And if he had his intuitive perception, that is the tree of life, there should not have been death, death made man forget.

The Flow of Natural Law & Power CHANNEL II
God the Father holds all the laws and power. God the Son controls the beings, His dominance is at the circumference and in the centre. They cover man. The Holy Spirit administers the affairs of beings, and immediately below Him is the Neutral force who maintains order. They link with the Counselor and His females (as Female). They flow in man.
The Dark side of Females is larger than their light Side; the Darkness is dominated by the feminine sides. While, the Light side is dominated by the male side. Going Up collects as one, coming down separates into many.
The Parsifal prepares beings at the peak of the prime spirit sphere for flight; those that can fly through the four tests enter the divine sphere. The Natural force regulates the soul. Mans' duty is to run the affairs of the worlds of matter. The Angels are the messengers of different tasks, all errands and duties depending on the message are dedicated to the Archangels who administer this task to the Angels under their control, the Angels carry it out. The Angels hand over the tasks to the elementals if it is of/ for element.

Regulation of Duty CHANNEL III
Spirits of different planes that are aware give particular guidance to spheres below. Angels give guidance and aid to those who need their help in a particular field. The lower the being the smaller the load.
The unconscious spirits are the last on the spiritual plane. For any spirit that seeks a higher plane it has to go to a plane immediately below for awakening. The higher the position it wants in the plane immediately below for awakening, the higher the position it wants in the plane immediately higher. The more experience it needs; it must follow each plane in its experiencing quickly. The unconscious spheres, then the animistic sphere, then gross matter, if it succeeds in all its experiences and tests it becomes more conscious. When the time comes for its departure, it leaves with a particular colour that tells of its achievements and where it is going.

Every human being in creation is judged by his own fate or the karma he caused to exist by his vibration forms. The ethereal world is the world for effects either before or after the astral and limbo sphere and region, respectively. Astral is for vibration forms. Limbo is for earth bound effects. The ethereal or book of life came into existence for man's karma. Hell is mans' doing.
A man's existence on earth is recorded by particular elementals that represent each vibration form in the Styx or limbo region, all the activities done on earth either good or bad is formed with the right colour of light. The rising and setting of the sun tells man daily about the colours he would pass through. From the way a man dieing goes one can tell physically where he is heading; if he struggles then its hell. Emotionally it is sensed in two ways his expression (feeling) or the colour (aura) clairvoyant people.
Any feeling for something in matter (earth bound) holds the soul back. If the soul is not held it goes to the ethereal through its colour where it meets its karma. If it is of equal good and bad it remains there. If it is of more good and less bad a chance is given for/ to it to come back to earth. If bad is more it goes down to hell, where its suffering and torture depends on how much evil. The denser the soul the deeper the pain and anguish. But, if there is so much good any little bad light form can not hang, the spirits good karma takes it from the ethereal up to where it belongs.

Separation and Arrangement CHANNEL V
When the good and bad souls are separated, the bad are handled by demons. For the good man, he would be taken upwards to the point where his experience is met. On arriving there with a new consciousness he would be subject to a wider law, the Neutral force law. But, before leaving the soul which is subject to the father of the gods, his awakened spirit on reaching the boundary between animistic and spirit spheres radiates, and he sheds his soul cloak and moves on to the unconscious and quickly to the conscious where he belongs, now.

Gross Matter Interwoven CHANNEL VI
When man on earth has achieved his miracle stage, he would then be ready to interact with other beings in gross matter from different stars, because he would now be like them. Other beings would fly from their star systems down to earth and earthlings would pay them visits, there would be universal harmony again for earthlings who were cut off from the reach of other beings in gross matter.
Imbibe in this that miracles were meant for man on earth because, it is part of man and it is the actual speed range of doing things either too fast for gross matter or animistic or too slow for both. The earth relies on man. That would be only when other gross matter beings in the universe would perceive the change and pay man visits. Most people live by the material law.

Spheric Range CHANNEL VII A child is always curious; a teenager is always emotional; but, the adults now are always over emotionally tired, no spirit - no life. The four vibration forms of matter which are wish, urge, volition and will, all work with thoughts, words and deeds. Get Diagram from Web.

Power of Ability CHANNEL VIII
Ability is the main aim of creation. How much can you do? How can you do it? What can you do? When should I do it? Where should I do it? Ability is what you can do and how you can do it.
At the material sphere, all beings or creatures obey the laws of gravity. Creatures are always wishing. They are of solid form or dense matter. The animistic sphere creatures or elementals obey the law of goad. The elementals always have an urge for something to do. They are like sound waves. They feel while material creatures sense.
Those of spiritual sphere, who are all spirits, obey the law of homogeneous attraction. Their volition is always being used. They are like light waves. The spirits radiate.
The Divine sphere, these obey the law of harmony. Their wave like force is always in action. They are of a form like plasma energy, and they glow. They have their will on, contact is by static energy.
Divinity unsubstantiated, All are in unity. The power is always issuing out. Their heat or cold is always by the other spheres. Their thrust drives all the other spheres.

Ignorant Quest CHANNEL IX
The Bible declares mans' existence on earth as a few thousand years, which is precisely the spiritual being of man in the world of matter. Mans' body was the highest evolved form of matter, after millions of years the soul inhabited the flesh and bones making it suitable for the spirit to enter. The soul of man walked the earth with the soul of animals for millions of years, after which the spirit descended into the soul and body.
The body had to rise through the ranks of evolution to develop the right sensing and a close shape like the Divine then, the animistic soul entered it and cultivated it to have feelings, the spirit incarnated into the body as the highest form in the world of matter. The spirit has been on earth for seven thousand years. Man was supposed to live a spiritual day on earth, a thousand years. But, because of the front and mid brain, man became more of a soul than the spirit he was. Mans' time was reduced to around a hundred years (astral level) which he developed to evil.
Because, man was of soul the spirit that keeps the blood formation from one composition to another was inactive, the soul could only carry the blood composition through the four types ones. But, could not revitalize it. The inactivity of the spirit led to bad blood composition in some people, this attracted bad spirits in limbo that possessed the body, only leading to a battle between both spirits. The dormant one, the true owner looses, but is left in the solar plexus to keep the body alive. Bad blood radiations also attract demons and bad spirits to the victim through his vibration forms.
The ignorance of man led him to ignore the elementals that should have helped him.

Verity in Nature CHANNEL X
Before, souls and primordial spirits that seek development or advancement in creation have to come down to the universe, but now the fall extends it to all spirits. They take practical part in creation while, observing other aspects of nature in matter and learning the process at a slow pace or matter range, which makes it easier for any being to understand creation or develop total wisdom. This leads to accurate consciousness that must carry any existence to a higher height in creation. The essence of this is knowing how to retain information and use it for creations benefit, and that is your benefit and others.
Knowing how to apply your memory can only come about when you ask yourself to retain information, by recalling information. When dreaming, information is shown to you by sorting and storing information that would take a hundred to a thousand earth years within the space of time you sleep. This starts when it is an hour after sleep or over an hour it varies with each being. As the information comes while you are asleep (you see clear pictures of every information which the frontal brain that would be asleep got), the hind brain acts on it through the mid brain by drawing some blood. The hind brain using the blood and nervous fluid (electrolyte) of the brain, by sorting information collected in the day while at work and transmitting wisdom into the nervous fluid this hangs there when one is no more at rest or has woken up. Before he gets up or thinks of anything, he should allow the blood in his brain to flow to the frontal brain and awaken it with information; motion pictures (video) in reverse order from the way they were dreamt, one after the other. When he notices and discovers the clear pictures they would disappear and another would flash in, this would happen clearly until all has been observed by the frontal brain making all three brains knowing.
The brain has to be all knowing in this information of pictures that over act on the other parts causing words and some times motions of some sort. Being aware of all the information that occurs depends greatly on man's awakening if he is anxious he drives the information away. If this information is a pressing problem that has to do with his existence, it must come back with more form of clear pictures that would urge him to find out. If he is awakened all he would do would be to reflect on all the pictures - one after the other as they come and decode the information. This information when perceived and sent to the hind brain is retained in the mid brain and is later relayed to the frontal brain when you wake up.
Before you sleep, think of the questions you want answered ask yourself with your inner voice, this words changes the wish to an urge, the feeling is then sent to the solar plexus that radiates volition from the spirit.

For a low creature to rise up it needs a higher being, and for a higher being to ascend it has to descend. Let me explain. When a being is at its first plane or stage it needs the company or cooperation of another being that is in a lower sphere but at its peak. I will make this rule clear to you in verses, which I choose to call canals.
The Word is the Laws of God. The Will Drives every thought, word and action into being. The first formation of everything was initially spread out from the very beginning by the Will, form the Divine sphere to the material state. That is the thrust of the Will of God kept on producing each sphere with a weaker magnitude as it traveled to and fro. Once, some created had reached their peak in their plane, they start searching for a more advanced way. That is when a higher being the least in its sphere steps down and unites with the one that has reached its peak for cooperative development. The least unconscious spirit unites with animistic soul at its peak to form man when both are in a body.
Canal I
Matter: Matter is linked by food chains and by reproduction. Development. Plants absorb soil in solution as minerals, the sun acts on these minerals by photosynthesis; using radiative energy from the sun as power to form sugar and energy. These are eaten up by animals as food (body building and energy) the animals and plants are eaten by man. Again, all through this process the selection of the best form of food or thing for a creature's weal is paramount.
As this soil particles rise in rank through the food chain they become the energy for that animal or may increase in rank to the aura of man. Aura is of soul and spirit, provided the creature did not reject that particle in rank. Where that particle ascends to if it is lucky would increase, or would remain behind if unlucky. The whole of matter is formed from dust or particles using the energy of the sun. Everything in matter has one aim and that is to rise!
As the development increased the multiplication or reproductive method of two opposite sexes came into being. In any sphere following the examples of the divine sphere, the female sex reaches the peak and attracts the being (of male) immediately above. For this being to act in matter it needs to incarnate into matter, this incarnated being was attracted to the lower being because they both had a common interest.
When the first spirit descended into the soul and then the body, man had reached his peak on matter. That is, after the bodies were at their peak in matter the feminine sex that reached its peak slept with a male (her male) at its peak, at such deep sleep (coitus) the spirit was attracted to the body of the woman that had attained stability. Once pregnant the spirit entered and a new existence had occurred in matter, usually it is motion that is attracted to stability. Motion is masculine. Stability is feminine.
Canal II:
Animistic: The animistic or souls are for service. Animals and plants belong to the unconscious souls. The elementals are the conscious souls. Since, vegetation had reached its peak the plant soul came into existence and uplifted everything. The animals had reached their peak and animal souls came into being. All for the cooperative development after which the plant souls gained some experience to become the least animal's soul. Then it would rise through the ranks dropping what it does not need until it reaches the animal peak. At this stage of being only in dense ethereal or if less developed astral ethereal, the soul starts from the least task of service which is of all the odd jobs until it rises to the elemental stage (because of the angelic link with the element) then, the work becomes vast and of precision. In all of these stages as a soul departs its old habitat to new environment it drops the cloak it does not need again, because that cloak or uniform for that environment would be too dense for the light one, that is invincible to the dense one.
Canal III
Spirit: Mans spirit is the least unconscious spirit, to rise it has to come down borrow an inner garment - the soul - before leaving the animistic for gross matter. After its experiences if it gains it rises up passes through the ethereal drops the dense cloak or soul and soars upwards, once it gets to where it came from it passes there if it experienced more than that level, the spirit rises upwards to the first stage of consciousness and it is given the comfort it deserves.
From the conscious spirit plane it starts working in creation guiding all the souls and unconscious spirits, when a successful guidance has been achieved it rises on. At the point between primordial and spirit it is given a choice either to come down to matter and help in creation, or to help in the unconscious spirits in their ascent into the spiritual sphere if it is wise and ready to live in comfort or a good office/ duty. When it comes, it takes the more difficult task of matter where it would have to pass through them upwards either quickly or slowly this depends on the experience. How good is it? When the being comes back it is rewarded with an office or comfort in the primordial plane where it rises until it can see the Grail Castle. Then it would be at its peak.
Canal IIII
Divine: The essence of creation is to test a beings faith in the laws and how much it can find out or do for creation. It is very hard for a creature to get into Divinity, unless it can follow creation fully and wholly, that is mastering the rules and living in reverence to God the Father. At the peak of the primordial plane it is given the task to help all of creation by passing through each sphere down and then rising again from matter back up to the top of the primordial planes. If it has achieved enough it then drops the last cloak of creation and then steps into the divine through four creatures, where he would be called a son of God and no more a creature of creation, which entirely is a school of experience and faith. If he now decides to rise in the divine sphere a grand task of helping existence in creation or a part of it would be placed on him if he succeeds he comes back and is ordained an angel. An angel to the task he was given if well done, or an angel to his choice if very well done, that is a choice of messenger or guardian.
With these you know the task you are here to achieve. I would advice you greatly to put all efforts on one thing ascension in unity.

The whole of existence is made up of light regions and dark regions. Get Diagram from Web.


Those who worship material things or feelings would be trapped in the ethereal. Those who defile the TEN COMMANDMENTS would be drawn into the dark regions. But, those who follow the rules and regulations of creation systematically would see or attain eternal paradise. Get Diagram from Web.
The 13 main spheres of Existence in which each has realms, regions etc.
Canal I
Divinity in Charge: From the Elders down to the Angels are given the task of monitoring the existence of creatures in various star systems. For earth, Elders control all the laws of earth and earthlings. Every star system is governed by an Archangel who tests the faith of man to the abilities of that individual.
Canal II
Forces of Stability: The Neutral force or Living force gives energy to all spheres of creation as a mother. The energy is given to aid either good or bad. This increases the magnitude of what ever you do.
The Natural force is mainly in charge of the spheres that carry souls; the animistic and the worlds of matter. She gives radiations to either good or bad. The radiations increase the flow of activity that you do.
Canal III
The Word & Will: All information about a star system is reported directly to the Will by the Archangel in charge. All Complaints or events are reported by the Elders who deliberate on the issue in the presence of the Will. And if it is too much the Word Would be present. Both, tell God the Father.

Canal I
Justice: God the son who is the word, came down to the earth in matter to tell man what existence was all about, but man being obfuscated never understood and only carried on the wrong path. The mission of the Word was to remind man of what brought him here and to explain properly the laws governing existence, since he designed these laws. And has the Elders on the administration of these laws.
Canal II
Judgment: Since, creation was carried out by the Will, it is his mission, and only he can handle judgment. The Elders are directly under the Son of man who listens to their debates. On the Day of Judgment only him that was injured can forgive the sin caused on him, the sin caused in creation, is caused on him that carried out creation, and he will not go against the fixed laws of creation designed by God the Son.
Canal III
Reverence: God the Son and the Son of man will never ever go against the Father's decision - which is final! The Son of man never goes against the Holy Spirit.



The Way



To rise, empty all you knew materially and allow spiritual knowledge set in.
But, reflect on the material.


Organization CHANNEL I
When God the Father was alone in the beginning, he planned existence, how it should be. Just as I have explained to you. This I explained in the Records. Now I will explain what the application of being in existence is.
Canal I
Aspects: After the Elders were formed, the spirit side of the Counselor was formed that was Above. That was where the spirits came from.
Canal II
Carriage: To carry out these tasks the Angels were removed from the Archangels. All angels removed from an archangel are directly under its control. The Angels with their divine and soul connection formed the primordial spirit from this mixture.
Canal III
School: With the formation of the spiritual sphere the perfection of Divinity there had reduced. God the Father then ordered for other stages that would help in ascension. All creatures in creation had to experience and achieve perfection before entering the Divine sphere.
Canal IIII
Industry: To make work easy the elementals were produced from the soul raised from matter by their Angelic sides. The weaker part, the animistic sphere, emerged from the elementals and had to cultivate creation.
Canal V
Theater: For all the creatures in creation to rise up properly they had to interact with each other in the least developed habitat.
Canal VI
Reports: Progress of each creature in creation is reported to the Counselor, who asks the Elders to rearrange a new act. This is given to the Archangel who takes it down to matter and applies it. The activities of all in existence flows with such beauty that man should wonder why he could not see it when it is every where - even in him.

Administration CHANNEL II
Existence is governed entirely by God the Father who delegates duties.
Canal I
The Law and the Will: The Word is the law of God. All those that are divine know the law. For those in creation, they have to prove their wisdom in the laws. The Will caries out all actions on this laws and observes that they are kept.
Canal II
The Divine: Divine ones run creation. They do their very best to uplift spirits that reach up to them. They only guide and help you through creation but, would never force you - all is left for your free decision.
Canal III
School: All creatures have to prove themselves worthy of the kingdom of God's the Divine sphere by showing how much they have experienced - by withstanding obstacles.

Canal I
Divine: The Elders run the affairs in the divine and creation, they handle the forces in creation of air, water, weather, etc. The senior Archangels and their Angels help carry out the task in the divine sphere. The junior Archangels and their Angels help in creation. The senior Lords of the elementals are the soul content of the Elders, and the junior Lords of the elementals are the soul parts of the Top angels. Each Lord of the elementals have their elements.
Canal II
Education and Development: All things in creation develop creation, and by doing this educate themselves.
I will now reduce this canal to acts.
Act I
Spirit: spirits perceives and transmits it to nature physically or through the soul, the conscious spirits guides other beings, but the primordial spirits guide the souls through, by guiding other beings and helping in creation.
Act II
Souls: This stimulates the growth of a spirit and relaxes its tension in matter. But, in animals the soul only experiences and this develops it. In plants however, the soul is learning how to experience.
Matter: the particles want to be vibrated.

Existence with matter: Every Ten years, conscious spirits (senior spiritual guides and helpers) are sent down. Every Hundred years, primordial spirits are sent into matter. Between a Thousand to Two Thousand years on earth, Angels, Archangels, Top angels come to warn and connect the fate of man. After Six Thousand years, there is a disintegration of the fallen ones. The Millennium of the Sabbath, Seven Thousand years, is for a new change.
The Soul and Spirit planes have their own time for each one of these occurrences; the time for each mutability compared to earth's time is: Soul in Millions, Conscious spirits in Billions, and Primordials in Trillions. The time range that you walk from the spiritual to glance at what is happening on earth in seconds in the Spiritual are years on earth.
Creation from mans' view I have Explained; now I will explain the Divine view.

The Way

Observation CHANNEL I
Good and Bad: You can always know what is bad, because bad things do not work with nature. Good creatures follow the laws of God, they do not mix it with any other law, and by doing this creation moves faster. All good acts are rewarded by God. God will not listen to those who combine their own laws with His, man always over rides God's laws with His way. The whole Bible is God against mans' tradition.
Timing: Every body has their best time for every particular thing. The Day is divided into hours for the Twenty four Elders.
A wise man knowing dusk and dawn, would divide the hours into parts to suit his timing, the body clock is divided into four major time zones and this also is reduced to eight minor time zones. When you are asleep, you reflect the day's event first, secondly the future is relayed to you, and then the present comes last.
School CHANNEL II A maintained system, maintains external systems better. Archangels as principals or grand teachers of the school are given the Trident as the goad. The Trident or staff given is the feeling felt by man. Feelings are what trains man. They guide him into any kind of act. If man can learn to control feelings and understand feelings as I have explained earlier, he has achieved the first step in the school. This is the nursery stage because feelings through the soul link body and spirit. By passing nursery school you know how to handle body and soul well, and through them the spirit gets educated. Knowing exactly how each feeling works tells you how to handle your teacher and what type of teacher you have good or bad. The feeling should normally come with equal good and bad, that is the way the Natural force sends this feeling/ food.
The class rooms of awakening are in man, the front, mid and hind brain. Man has always remained in the front and mid brain or intellect, a failure to rise which has kept his being in the unemployed sphere or ethereal. Those that go against the laws are thrown into prison/ hell.

Not Incubated CHANNEL III
The feeling that incites man if not used to do its task of emotional development and awakening would only destroy man. By making him search out the whole of matter looking for earthly things that would still be of less satisfaction to him, because his conscience would tell him occasionally that he has not found what he was looking for. The Incentive that is supposed to be a teacher of man used by the Archangel and Angels as a Network Broadcast of various lessons is different for every individual. If it is not used properly as a radio lecture, it would only keep the individual drifting and searching for what he does not know; what he is looking for.
After his expedition the vibration forms wait for him when he dies. If the vibration forms are aimless as it is normal with intellects - he remains unemployed in creation, if he harmed any one - he goes to hell.

Build your mind before nature!

The way the vibration forms and emotional waves affect man depends on the effects caused. If a man turns on his soul (like a radio) the waves that flows to the soul depends on the band he turned to either short or long, may be medium wave. Remember I told you of light waves, short waves are good waves.
This effect affects nature as a whole, but is more on matter. Lucifer sends these waves to man radio antenna (soul) and forces man to turn on the long wave (red light) wave band. The normal way is that nature sends all waves and man chooses the band of his choice. The whole of existence has to do with turning on the band of your choice.

All other laws are designed from the law of Existence which God the Father holds and is run by God the Son who designed other laws from this law. The law of Existence is the law that all in Existence was formed from. The word, when on earth proved his allegiance to the laws by obeying them fully.
For man to succeed in Existence he has to seek himself first, ask questions and find who he is, he must know his core then, know the law of development he chose (that brought him down here to experience. To find out exactly about yourself you have to understand the type of experience you are going through; that experience must tally with your heavenly name. The law of Existence is in all the other laws and the four basic laws, so it is easy to understand. Find out for yourself, that is why you are in creation to find and understand these laws to the point of wisdom.
The laws of the spirit are the widest, while the laws of matter are narrow in creation. The elements use the law of goad mainly in accordance with the law of gravity to act, if man can help them by giving them a piece of the law of attraction, activity for all in creation would be complete.

Eccentricity to Concentricity
Pictures become words, words become numbers and numbers are exponents of activities.

Concentric CHANNEL I
Everything in Existence has a common centre. The way things are run in Existence is in man, if he knows how to run his being with his human body he would know how to run his family. By understanding and knowing your being gives you a clear picture of management. Again, this calls to your mind a law of organizing things.
When you know how to coordinate things and have others in Existence Cooperate with you - you have started the first phase of existence. After finding out who you are, you would know how to run things, applying the law of organization or wisdom of organizing, because law and wisdom in Existence are the same. When you know the laws of Existence you know the wisdom of Existence. The concentric Wisdom is the rule of Existence, do not forget this - this is the key to Existence.
Finding out your concentric rule is the wisdom of your being in Existence and your office in Existence, all else depends on this rule because, it applies to God the Father Who coordinates this wisdom in Existence. I will be sorry for those who refuse to find this wisdom of their own fate because, the opposing law of this rule is the disintegration law that leads to a new awakening. From unconscious all the way through the ladder of double works in experience. Man was not meant to suffer but, always asks for it by being too lazy to work, and working is just experiencing.

Everything in Existence is of two and three, and one. I will explain, I told you of motion that has positive, negative and neutral, I talked on stability that has a start, a peak and an end. I described energy. That the energy is driven by a single power and they are two forms of energy moving but, you should know that there is a third stagnant energy. The power is from God the father who holds the concentric wisdom.
The body of man is made up of nerves and blood; this connects spirit, soul and body, and a power from God flowing through the neutral force, through Nature to the medulla-oblongata.
In all of Existence these law is a constant, and it is always present. It starts with Two, forms Three and becomes One. The human being: when man is born, they are two parts that are diverse; he becomes three parts in recognition, and then unity. The cycle of humankind: man is alone, he finds his mate, he has a child or children.

When you have achieved wisdom by experiencing and perceiving things, grace would be yours, you would feel it; you would feel lighter and your steps would be effortless.
Canal I:
By abstaining from all unusual vibration forms that should not be - man should have achieved the state of chaste. The state of chastity is the first step to wisdom.
Canal II:
The laws of Existence are learnt through the laws of gravity, goad, harmony and unity. This is the second which leads to experience (knowing the laws) and thereby having wisdom.
Canal III:
Understanding wisdom and then becoming wise gives you grace in all your activities, this is the charisma man should look for.
This charisma if got would be noticed by all in Existence that those in creation would hover around you. Charisma proves one-thing that you have the keys to the divine gate. The ticket to the divine entrance can only be got when you and the work of experience are in unity that is you love your work of experiencing things so much that you can not live it for anything.

Instinct and Aura CHANNEL IIII
Instincts awaken in man but, man has to groom it. Aura is awakened by the spirits awakening. Charisma a gift from divinity is enhanced by instinct and aura.
Canal I:
Instinct: Information is broadcasted to all souls by nature through the Archangel In-charge that grooms it; this is felt by those using their instincts. Using your instincts is sensing and feeling beyond the senses.
Canal II:
Aura: When you know your spirit, the spirit radiates in your being in harmony with the soul. A halo invincible to your physical human eye covers the physical body. Both merge in charisma to act from within out, influencing those that have not reached that state and aiding those at that state.
These were mankind's dominance over matter that humankind gave away to the Devil. To gain these control back and to erase the Devils control of properties of matter: Christ died, entered hell, and subjected it.
All that is produced in abundance [spirits or angels of the same level] have the tendency of having some bad, anything bad is replaced. Just as bad vegetables are replaced with good ones.
Mankind's aura is sent directly from nature here in creation through the medulla oblongata to uplift mankind. The sign of remembrance for this aura is the thrill man senses running from his medulla oblongata to all parts of his body, which I explained was energy sent down by the Neutral force, through the Natural force to matter.
The spirit is not subject to the Archangels control here in matter, only the soul is.

Plan to arrive: words and pictures produce numbers; the mind is all.

Remembrance CHANNEL I
Everything in creation has what it does best. All in Existence are given this special favor to choose what they want. A spirit comes down to matter to perfect the favor given it. The whole of Existence for you is your free will to choose what you want and follow it up. When you can apply yourself to what I have shown you, which is of God the Father, you should remember your task here on earth and make the best out of it.
The coming of an unconscious spirit to matter (in its body) is the diversity of body and spirit; the unconscious spirit is not in harmony with the body it carries.

Your mate is always of the same good character but of a different charge or behavior that you need to rise up. For instance, one talks too much the other does not, one prefers searching for itself in the spiritual the other prefers searching matter. Finding your mate in creation of sharing character has to do with your wisdom or judgment, observation of feelings, studying the senses, perceiving the aura.

Aura Formula CHANNEL III
The unity of the soul and spirit at adult age is aura. When man is in radiance he is in aura and all of wisdom would keep on coming to him as long as he keeps on experiencing, which is searching or seeking for wisdom. When God the Son said: ask and it shall be given unto you, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened to you; He referred mainly to wisdom, which is being all knowing. By acquiring wisdom, the ticket to the Divine sphere, you would have earned your worth in entering heaven.
The aura formula is the unity of soul, spirit and body in matter: a warm welcome of a presence you feel all over you, that makes you realize that you have earned your way or light to the divine. By the time you feel an out pour of radiance and tranquility; you know the aura has set in. When movement and everything you say or do shows grace without effort, charisma has set in. Effortless, because divine power has recognized your presence and the neutral force sends energy.

Compact Transcendent CHANNEL IIII
When you are at the state of charisma a will to know more would always drive you on. Your heart beat, beats harder together with your solar plexus. This impelling act urges you on - in the puzzle your spirit wants you to unravel - if you do not search for this quiz, your heart beat increases on to a pounding beat that drives you into a quest. When you find the puzzle and start unraveling it, the heart beat reduces, the solar plexus reduces to a beep, after your investigations and conquest of the puzzle you would feel tranquil and a warm glow of a happy recognition. This is the way the aura in you aids your development.
The more developed you become in wisdom, the happier and more confident you get to be in Existence. Your wisdom keeps you at a state no evil can come near, because evil knows you know it - it comes through feelings. The whole of Existence flows with enquiries of puzzles. People are afraid of the truth yet they wish for it, they feel it keeps them in a path they can not alter. All the creatures in matter came to know wisdom to ascend to a higher level of Existence. Man must learn to follow his aura's actions, to be blessed with more grace in his doing.
The Will of His Almightiness ordained this aura aid, as a guide to man's weal and up rising in Existence. If man wants to rise up, he must obey all the good parts of his being in Existence. Find out for yourself all the puzzles you can in Existence.

Synthesis: Range Tacit CHANNEL V
As your heart beat thrums on, you feel a warm flush of blood urging you to action, not like the feeling of emotions, but an incentive drive impelling you to quest. And this goad would not stop unless you achieve the range of investigation, duty or work asked for, by your being. The range of an unconscious being and a divine one varies a lot. a divine one's range is so vast, and so is his duties and tasks where ever he is. But, an unconscious beings range is much less, his task as well as his perceptions. I have explained this before but it is better I give you more light on this. I will give you an instance; a man takes a step and it covers a meter, but an ant takes a longer time to cover this distance. The difference between good and bad is of a very wide range as well.
Both are on either side of matter, which is neutral ground. Although the bad's residence is in matter, in the soil - where pain, torture and anguish exist - following the opposite of paradise and harmony; those in hell are diverse in their doing they only act under a threat thrust upon them, while those in paradise act upon freewill, but in accordance with wisdom.
The range of that in matter or on neutral ground is totally of their own accord, either they follow the laws of Existence or they follow the opposing laws of Existence. They have their own fate to choose in their own destiny, which makes their karma.
The Reciprocal action for any karma or vibration form effect caused is a law in Existence that follows the range of good or bad done. Done in the form of vibration forms, which is your Record of Existence, this as I have said before notifies your path. The range of good and bad with neutral ground can be shown thus:
Get Diagram from Web.
where (+) represents good and (-) represents bad, (+ & -) is for neutral (0) or choice.
The whole of Existence is summoned unto this Divine law of Reciprocal action, which God the Father holds and gives to the Holy Spirit to carry out in Existence, spanning creation and the Divine sphere, where any one in Existence that opposes the laws is cast out of paradise into creation with a spiritual cloak given to the one. But, any one in creation and on matter that disobeys the wisdom of Existence is thrown into the bad zone to wash away or have the ugly experience removed from his being. How long it takes depends on the beings range of understanding and wisdom, if the being inwardly seeks for this true wisdom and finds it - his inner volition or will set it free.

All in Existence swing under the laws of motion, which work with the laws of stability. The inner drive to get something, works in harmony with your aura. This is an urge to achieve a quest with success. Mankind of the BC and AD era avoided this drive to wisdom and chose the urge to sexual pleasure. They preferred to avoid this restless feeling that comes slightly in their conscience; the spirit begging to be awakened, chose to follow the sexual urge that leads them to anything material. Sexual feelings are inward feelings of the soul that causes outward draws to please the body's surroundings.
Instead of understanding this feeling (that comes slightly) by experiencing it and avoiding the idea of cutting off their conscience, they hated any sign of the feeling urging them to achieve success for their being, their spirit was cut off from perceiving their experiences outside and they could not know anything or information from their spirit - they were spiritually dead. When their conscience stops ringing they become deaf, blind or dumb provided they did not use that part. The spirit as I have said before gives life to the soul and body, and if not used properly another spirit in limbo may jump into the weak body of the inactive spirit. Since in actual sense the body and soul sends out blood radiations that attracts the being, following the law of homogeneous attraction - this law acts on the wide ranges of Existence, where all good attracts good and all bad attacks bad, but in matter which has the least range and all particles want to be vibrated, positive attracts negative and like charges repel. This is the law that governs experience in matter, because to know a thing well in matter you have to experience the good and bad part of it - which gives total experience - provided that in your restless drive you keep to the laws of Existence, which has the Ten Commandments.
To live in harmony, you have to be spiritually alive and you would live in harmony with all the others that are spiritually alive and living in aura or charisma. Those in the state of charisma live in the state of sharing and togetherness. They would always act and do things according to the divine will, which is wisdom, the elementals would be at their service and the Divine sphere would always be ready to attend to their needs. Parents are always ready to attend to their children's needs.
Being in harmony is living in oneness, in truth, to the living Truth - God the Father, to the Word of Truth - God the Son, to the Act of Truth - the Holy Spirit, and to the Eye (Spirit) of Truth - the Counselor.
The Truth of the Living Truth is His Wisdom, which flows down the ladder as arranged above, down to mankind.
When man in the law of gravity (or pull) lives first according to the material laws, then second to the goad laws, before the homogeneous attraction laws, then some of the harmonious laws will shower on him.
Keep Commitments!
Third Action Working
Point 1

Restlessness CHANNEL I
[From this stage there will be points' as sub-stages.]
When the drive to experience wisdom comes, do not stop it or try to force it away by turning to do another thing only ponder over it in your aura. Pondering over this urge to find out the task of wisdom your being wants to experience is by following this drive impelling you to action, through asking questions in your thinking and following the direction of the incite which would move you on with a first decision. Any other decision may be from without - your intellect or a bad broadcast - which you have to judge or choose which is right or righteous, usually the first decision is correct. The drive urges you on to find what is of benefit to your being and others. This drive keeps on urging you on with a warm flush of blood all over; those of the Divine would feel the warmth in their abdomen - around the intestinal area - all over. This warmth drives you on, as you ask yourself questions about the puzzles the answer begins to unfold, until you achieve it and this is a conquest for you - you feel a peace or tranquil happy state that overcomes your being with pleasure.

The range at which a being can perceive or do a thing depends on the limit it is in. Which is a law in Existence, the law of limitation, the front brain which is of matter has the least range, the mid brains range is wider and the hind brain the widest in the human being. The laws of motion and stability act on this law of limitation with a particular energy that the being in quest needs. The laws of motion drives you on, the laws of stability provides calmness for the answers to rest as they unravel and the energy given drives the motion and stability in you. Power is given only to successful candidates of wisdom that act in the person as charisma.
You can only know a law of a particular sphere when in your being you have passed that limit. Only your being and the unfolding of all the resistant cloaks can take you up.
The being is impelled to seek perfection - perfection is a law and its the final stage of any drive in Existence. A being that asks and seeks for wisdom, has to follow these laws that guide achievement in Existence, no success can be got when a being opposes these laws - unless the being seeks the path of total darkness - then he can oppose these laws by acting or driving his vibration forms wrongly in Existence - frivolity is the extravagant opposite of these laws that leads to fret.
I will explicate limit: In every spheric range of Existence they is an end point where that form or cloak can not go any further but, if it has another inside that one moves it on from where the other stopped. But first it experiences by absorbing all the first cloak has obtained, this goes on until the core is reached then only perception occurs for the final development after which is total wisdom and next paradise; this is the true picture of Existence, which makes the laws of limitation a prime law of Existence, especially for those in creation. There is a reality of all illusions in Existence as your perceptions become wider and all cloaks of resistance holding you to the range of their own limits fall off, you perceive more and obtain more of wisdom in Existence. The higher you go up the more drive you experience to achieve quests that must always come up. The more success, the more the speed of everything you do, say or think. Every thing increases gradually. As your might increases all obstacles fall away, obstructions of possession, deviation, attack and destruction.

Obstruction CHANNEL III
The attacks or possessions on the spiritual is over crowding the body and soul with broadcast in which you feel a twinge in your solar plexus and this increases as the solar plexus seems filled up with stinging fluid. You feel dizzy and constantly dizzy either standing or lying down, the dizziness continues as if tipsy, the hind brain seems to be floating from side to side. All along the prickly, twinge and stinging filled solar plexus, causes a bilge, in some it may come out as mucus when they spit or a convulsion takes place. The solar plexus give you discomfort-able aches that bite you constantly or in a fluctuating manner. As these attacks or possessions occur the slightest chance your spirit has to awaken in the solar plexus, causes a spark of loneliness that strikes you and you would want to find out what is happening to you that is the time to use your spirit with all its might to fight the obstruction as I have written about emotional feeling studying the nature of attack. If it is totally spiritual rebuke the activities of the demon and turn off all emotional terminals (soul) to the wrong broadcast, and face something good and all attacks would stay clear from you when you have made up your mind to remain good and be filled with wisdom. But, when you can not fight it is simply because you are too weak and you have made up your mind to remain good. Another being of greater magnitude that sees the truth in you can cast out this demonic attack or demons; provided you would live in truth forever and the other being is strong enough to withstand the demons.
Unconscious beings are the weakest of all and these attacks on them may result to epilepsy or madness, simply because the spirit is too weak to fight or overcome the invading being or beings. The invading being pushes the spirit that owns the body into the solar plexus and prevents it from rising or coming out by the twinge, prickly and stingy aching broadcast. The whole body is uncomfortable, drifting and living in pain it has become used to. The skin or health of the body is so poor that it calls for pity from onlookers.
In a much higher one it may only lead to instability, tramping and the same twinge solar plexus feeling with slight drowsiness. All these occurrences can only be avoided when all of mankind lives in wisdom on earth and their minds are centered towards the Divine sphere.

The Drive to Wisdom CHANNEL IIII
When you start discovering yourself, following the impelling action in your being. An incident opposing thought would always arise. Ignore it, follow the first perception. This incident thought always arises where and when you are passing over from one perceptive limit of a cloak to another.
The more you go further the more you know about yourself, that is your core. Never give up your pursuit about your core's discovery, which is paramount. At every perception boundary of every cloak you are living, there is always an opposing drive or temptation and, it the temptation, depends on the level you are in, physical body, soul, spirit or divine. Once you get it into the new stage your confidence begins to rise but always with more magnitude to the level just passed. You would always experience drowsiness, dizziness, then slight discomfit or confusion, and stability or not knowing exactly what. The doubting becomes weaker as you go higher up, and a new line of experiencing awakens.
The awakening of the divine ones comes when they are at the peak of the spiritual sphere; they become drowsy, then a little dizzy with a twinge in the solar plexus. After a while as they keep on experiencing, the twinge subsides and the drowsiness disappears gradually. These may reoccur lightly, as one doubt or is unsure of his way or roots.
Once you are living a particular limit to a wider range, there is always an effect on the old source.
Point 2
Beauty comes from inside but, clues come form outside.

Although I have talked about this several times it is better you envisage the sin in its complete picture. The first sin is the sin of creation; developing the emotional part only and ignoring the spirit. The second sin is the development of the cerebrum through the aid of the mid brain without the proper use of the cerebellum. These became inherited and grew through the generations of man.
The way this awakening comes is very important, that is why I have been stressing the occurrence of each and every one of them. Feelings which I have talked about, the good and bad both start almost the same way but, have slight differences that I have explained the awareness. Again, both start at almost the same awareness but, have very slight differences which I have explained, when the spirit is breaking into the Divine.
I will explain the four awareness, any one in Existence would go through and where and how the one would stop as it rises. A child is born and the confusion and drowsiness of the diversity or separation of its recognition of matter makes it cry. The child becoming a teenager experiences anger then sexual feelings that leads to seduction, the child is afraid and confused about the happenings and is dizzy and wonders if to ask questions or not, the heart in control. Form Childhood to adult hood, the feelings of sexual intercourse and anger subsides and fear puts on the spark, the opening of the hind brain and the solar plexus comes on one after the other. Adult hood to maturity, the awareness of deviations and evil attacks of some sort pushes you on to overcome the obstacles; the solar plexus.

Maintaining the System CHANNEL VI The body has to be washed at least once a day and prevented from illness. For the soul, it should experience all feelings necessary for its growth, how to overcome bad feelings. The spirit should experience all it needs to attain total wisdom. Divine ones should put all their efforts in carrying out their tasks and applying their wisdom.
The soul feels by emotions on the heart and the whole system. If the feeling is of a squeeze on the heart with pain then it is bad. If the feeling is of a warm flush of blood from the heart, then it is good. The heart beat increases in both cases.
It is the same with the solar plexus, if the awareness is of deep pain then, it is evil. If the awareness is of slight aches of sensing calling you or driving you to discovery, then it is good.
Sentiments are felt as these occur in you. Each occurrence follows the other. If one is sick physically it flows on to the core. But, if you are discovering yourself it flows from one change to another. 38

Point 3

If you comb your hair with a plastic comb and this comb is carried over paper, the paper is attracted to the comb - because of the static energy in the comb's aura produces static energy, that acts on matter as a force. Contact with the elementals and spirits is by static radiations - aura. Contact with souls is by emotional feeling and with matter by senses.
Canal I
Contact: In matter, the dense body makes contact by physically touching the body or object. The soul and spirit makes contact by aura connection that is willed.
Act I
Elementals only takes messages from people who have control over their aura, the static radiation is driven to the elementals from the mind. The particular action intended depends on the awareness sent by the mind; this awareness tells the elementals exactly what is needed.
Act II
The whole process is a means of communication but, different from verbal communication and as the same origin, since verbal communication comes from within - from the mind. The act of using all three; the voicing out, the physical contact and the aura connection, gives the greatest effect on matter that causes matter to vibrate. Again, this is the true light or way of vibration forms effect on nature - creation.
Canal II
Existence: The same process can be used to act on Existence as a whole, by a stronger will, a thrust and only Divinity acts on Existence as a whole since, the range of the Divine is wider.

The Son of God makes His decisions known to the Will in Existence; seven Angels who work around Him transmit messages. Attention in the whole of Existence is made through the method shown to you in the Channel Approach - at a higher level the attention is of a greater magnitude, this attention is only for your knowledge of the process information flow at the omni-existence expanse.

Consciousness CHANNEL IX
In the Divine sphere male and female qualities of the divine being are one and in harmony. The male part takes care of perception. But, both parts are always one. And this covers the range of Divinity where one part can severe itself and do work and the other can produce other beings. In creation the male and female parts are separated into different beings where the male qualities forms a man and the female qualities forms a woman, both qualities have to unite as one to enter the Divine sphere.
This is the purpose of the school where both qualities are developed individually. Remember when I told you that every being in creation has its female part and must search for it and live in harmony with it to develop all the wisdom necessary and that if not found then it is held back some where in creation because of the other part. This is the essence of creation where male and female parts must develop towards one goal - wisdom - before uniting and entering the Divine sphere. This has been the most difficult puzzle for beings in Existence, which is the law or wisdom guiding creation, which is just a school for quality development.
Quality: Sensing matter. Soul emotions. Spirits radiative perceptions. Aura; all in harmony. Then, divine awareness.

Male and Female qualities of motion and stability respectively, make up the cross. The vertical is motion and the horizontal is stability (+) thereby the cross of truth or wisdom. Both qualities give wisdom, for man and woman to enter the Divine sphere they must become one - a cross of truth - these are the jigsaw puzzle pieces, where if they do not dove-tail then there is no entrance.
Canal I
Solution: Man must be man and woman must be woman.
Act I
A woman must confide in her passive ways to succeed. She must learn all necessary for her perceptions, child bearing and grooming.
Act II
The man must master all necessary for his activity in matter and nature.
Canal II
Unity: Both sexes of male and female must learn how to communicate with nature; the Elementals and Spirits. Then, they would have mastered what they came to matter to develop and experience and in harmony they shall live in paradise on earth and soar upwards to the Divine sphere in unity with wisdom. Completing the cross of Truth!

Rejuvenation CHANNEL XI
When a man is in harmony with himself and his partner, then he will be of the image of God. When a being is in harmony with itself, its aura and mind are one. At this stage, after it has passed the phlegmatic temperament blood type, it starts all over again. This rejuvenating act of blood continues until it has experienced and developed all that brought it to earth (matter) and this rejuvenation only occurs when there is joyful active striving in creation. This rejuvenation may keep a man alive on earth as long as his vigorous striving with zeal in his experiencing is not complete; he may live as long as a thousand years or more. But, this does not call for laziness in discovering your experiences to the full in the shortest time possible, if laziness occurs you may loose what you carelessly got, unless you strive vigorously to experience and retain information perceived in your being.
All in Existence and more especially in other star systems, this rejuvenation occurs until achievements have been met, then a soaring upwards takes place. All beings in Existence strive vigorously to attain perfection - any being that is lazy, this rejuvenating activity is turned off it and it dies after the phlegmatic temperament blood type. If man can rejuvenate, so would the same criteria be applied to plants and animals by the elementals, which perceive or get their information from man as their mediator.

Always listen to your inner voice, which is the first awareness that calls in your hind brain, the others come in your frontal brain and emotional feeling flows to back up the frontal brains call. Those of the Divine sphere look down with pity and annoyance with earthlings. Earthlings are a cause to Existence, they refuse to listen to the call of their spirit which is the only truth in them since, they gave themselves to the Dark forces and are suffering for it. A cause that sprang up when the males followed the female's emotions; a downward draw. There has been no proper development in the solar system because the collective perceptions are not there.
If man does not learn to be of his core he shall perish, since he thinks matter is all there is - nothing more. Damnation! he shall be demoted. In hell, his walls or shell covering all the bad he has would be tortured until the soul agrees to follow wisdom.
Point 4
It is important that I show you evil and distractions, and how to overcome them.

I have explained all about natural fear and anxiety. Now, I will explain all about evil. Evil comes to man through the particular blood composition set. This has to do with the type of feeling that acts on the radiations that flow through the blood. The bad aura is caused by emotions of sexual feelings and fear which leads to anxiousness. This comes to man as a rush into his solar plexus and heart, making him long for any particular evil, that his obfuscated being would have told him - is not so bad - and only urging him on without freedom.
The feeling strikes you with a shudder that causes sentinel, this leads to uncontrolled fear that grips your heart, the heart beat becomes on bearable and moves on to your solar plexus as long as your blood radiations welcomes it. It then keeps you in a deep longing drive that causes a yearning for the bad. If your blood radiations are not favorable for this feeling that comes rushing in, the feeling disappears instantly before taking effect, especially when you have experienced and learnt how to control all the natural feelings, I have earlier talked about. By mastering these feelings that are different for every human being you would know when an obstacle of demonic invasion occurs. I do not need to explain every part of the feeling you would experience, because I would have to write millions of different feelings that are different for every one, but this is the basic feeling.

Some people are distracted by material things. The Devil after the fall of man used the material force that fell into his use. This material force drove man as a serpent, tricky, to do bad by cultivating his intellect, which made man love matter. To drive man more into matter, by making man develop ways of living with matter using the methods in the Channel Evil. Man fell the more and started trade by batter, this changed to salt (where the word salary emerged from), this continued as it changed to cowries, then it changed to bangles, then a stretch to coins, enhanced later by paper - cash, it changes to cards ' that would become life cards, then the number on hand (which has already begun in Germany) and fore head, to make things easy it would be said. This idea of concentrating to make money to survive drove man into daily activities for money in all sorts of ways.
In all aspects of mankind on earth the drive was mainly for money, because they had no other means of survival than to follow what was used all over the earth with different designs - they called currencies. This sent man into a deep quest for money that he was not close to God when he worshiped. This changed the course of the school - earth - to a different place in creation. Man commits suicide and murder for money's sake.

Point 1
*Doubts and Emotions (fear) are alike.
*Why is it that people only think there is bad and no good?
*When you have overcome emotions in spirit you have faith.


Do not act for the sake of your fellow human being to believe that you are righteous but, do all good to the father. Never say one thing and do another - your vibration forms are waiting. Faith is taking the risk, believe God is for you. But do not put God in a false situation, because faith would not work. Pray to the Father with deep concentration or attention, do not deviate your vibration forms, always pray in secret - alone or in small devoted numbers to a particular wish.
If you are praying to the Father for any wish, all around you must have that wish or vibration form. But this does not mean you can not pray any where. Never go around showing distress or discomfort of any form to others, always keep all mishaps to yourself. And leave it to yourself and the father. Faith: the Impossible is Possible. Do not distract another's attention for your own. But, always share. Win another's attention for faith. Do not forget your spirit with material possessions. Faith is now! Hope is later! Faith is being in God's presence. When you vibrate any form always ask yourself is it right.


Exterior Absorption CHANNEL II
When perceiving intuitively warm feeling flushes through your system and perception becomes difficult, at this point an intruder is emotionally feeling your perceptions. If while perceiving intuitively a suck on your solar plexus occurs and you are distracted some one perceives from you.
Canal I
Solution: This is out of your being and it is physical, cut it off your perceptions. If you like you can reverse your perceptive abilities, that is if information was flowing inwards but, if information was flowing outwards then, intuitively talk in your inner voice to the other person - to stop the wrong act. The warning can be for to and fro perceptions.
Canal II
Disturbance: Never use your perceptive abilities to invade another's mind without the others consent, going against another's wishes is a sin and only the victim can forgive you.
Canal III
Blitz: Never use your perceptive abilities to cause harm or destruction, your vibration forms are waiting on and for you.
Canal IIII
Record: Vibration forms:- thoughts, words, actions and volitions, these are always being formed by the elementals as your records or book of life. You judge yourself.

Never allow any one tell or do anything wrong to you. Always ask yourself is this right or wrong, if wrong cut off physically. Always be aware of the kind of waves or feelings broadcasted to you, be all knowing in feeling and master their approach and effects for future attacks. Do not allow any one distracts your spiritual or aura concentration, especially while in action or you may loose contact. Aura radiations act in healing and on elementals, so keep pure your thoughts wile in action or you break the concentration when distracted. Only heal those that their faith is strong in God and believe you can do it. Make sure you never get on a path that is more than you can handle or it may destroy you. Do not allow those that mar to be in your company or they may rub bad karma on you. Do no take anything (food, liquid, etc) that you can not control. Avoid and control lust. Be Aware.

Everything in Existence flows back to one source, through different channels or links. Once you know how to pray to God and your aura and vibration forms are one, all activities are on the right path for you but, you must be in purity; tranquil and with wisdom.
By being in this position: You ask the Father for what ever you want from him with wisdom, then with your vibration forms and aura as one compound, centre or put all to act by contact. Thank the Father.
Canal I
Healing: Faith in God and believe you can do it. Then ask the father, and you and God as one compound make contact internally. For the other, his faith must be strong in God and must believe you can do it. Then ask the Father while he waits hopefully, and you and God as one compound make contact.
Canal II
Industrious interaction: Ask the Father always with wisdom, then with your vibration forms and aura as one compound, ask the elementals to do what so ever you command. The elementals gain vitality from your contact with them and you get served. Be gentle with the elementals, treat them as friends and always rebuke the ones going astray. Always remember to thank God the Father.
Point 2
Actual activity
Unite all by experiencing, which is focusing your attention.
Point 3


People say: it is painful, I feel it. The soul is feelings and is best for torture in Hell, Hells are in the centre of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe, as it range rises for each.

Temptations come in all sorts of forms within the material and emotional range. The main aim is to distract your attention and send you off course. -You may be tempted to swear by the name of the Father falsely, which is wrong. -Emotionally you may be too weak to build yourself, or your concentration may be driven to some careless feeling, this is wrong. -You may be on the move for material things with all of your might forgetting every other thing, this is wrong. Temptations can be broadcasted through another human being or soul who is weak. Tests are driven to your heart and solar plexus always be ready. Temptations are sent to break your communication with God. Always communicate with the Father whole heartedly.


Everything in Existence flows up and down through points there must pass through. Creation actually is owned by soul - spirits are only students in it, who came through Parsifal to this part of creation. The souls are constantly goaded on; the natural force keeps them moving to a particular range or behavior. Any soul that rejuvenates to perfection, a spirit sets in.
Canal I
Plants and Animals: These only feel or feel and move about by the Goad of the Natural force.
Canal II
Elementals: They obtain direction and dimension from the Natural force that drives them on. They feel.
Canal III
Soul of Man: It feels and it is open to goad actions.
All are souls and are emotional and intellectual to their own evolution. They are all driven by the Natural force. An Archangel in charge of matter, if they are in matter controls souls through the goad law.
Every soul has the tendency to look for support.
All souls look for spirits that would give them vitality.
All souls enjoy the pleasure of working for or hanging around a higher being. Because, as an element it is connected to the divine side it was with when it was a soul and the other was a spirit, respectively.

Percipient CHANNEL VII
Wisdom flows down from God all the way down to the spirit of man. The spirits aim is to attain consciousness in morality or wisdom. Evolution: All in creation evolve as they experience. Each to its own form, but at the peak of development a higher being that is least in its own sphere sets in for uniform development, it absorbs all experiences and controls the system. When success is achieved by the highest one in the system, all in the system would have excelled over their boundaries.
The highest one (spirit) and the next (soul) are then removed from the body that is disintegrated because it passed its boundaries and what kept it alive has departed it. The ghost then moves to the ethereal world of souls, if the spirit in the soul (ghost) is perfect in wisdom, it abandons the soul that becomes lifeless because it passed its own boundaries in experiencing; the life of the soul moves higher. The spirit soars up to the sphere of spirits and passes each stage, if its wisdom is above the planes it passes.
If when it was in matter it had attained charisma and it has a divine core, the spirit breaks off lifeless with the life of the spirit gaining and the divine unites with a character opposite to it but of a perfect match. Then, they enter the Divine sphere. Heaven is of evenness and wisdom!

Perfection CHANNEL I
Any form in matter if it has reached its peak and strives for more wisdom, a higher being sets in no matter where the form is either in spirit, soul or matter. If a soul has reached, its peak a spirit darts into the yearning soul. If the spirit has reached its peak a divine being sets in. But all must follow a steady course. The divine beings enter the highest spirit, the highest spirit enters the highest soul and the soul goes into the highest body (humankind) in the womb and prepares it for birth.
Any entrance of a higher being into the lower is always when the lower one is entering a body. So, all entrance flows in simultaneously. And so is death, the flow is a constant rise up from one to the other, until the point you must stop is reached. These depend on your experiences or wisdom acquired.
All in Existence likes to survive. So, all the forms of spirit, soul, and human body, each on its own would try to keep the system at their own level making it difficult for the other part. Only a high part would take care of a low part.

Grand Existence CHANNEL II
God the Father rules all; Omni-existence consist of Mega-existence in the outskirts, Mega-existence has in it Existence in its outskirts, and Existence has creation in it. God the Father Exists at Omni-existence. God the Son for us Exist at Mega Existence 1 and all together they are three Mega-existences. The Holy Spirit Exist in Existence and they are three Existences. This is the picture from Down to Up. But from Up to Down, Existence is one. Down separates; Up unites.

Becoming Divine CHANNEL III All in creation are of separate sexes of male and female. Both male and female must attain perfection in charisma and communication with God to become cycle sex to enter the Divine sphere. When a being becomes one it must have achieved all necessary. A divine being present in creation that has achieved what was destined for it, on its way back it unites with its opposite sex on the Divine sphere border before going into the Divine. Everything soars up as long as it finds the light of wisdom.

The soul searches for pleasure, the spirit searches for work in wisdom.

Miracles CHANNEL IIII Anything that happens at a faster rate than the laws guiding that sphere is a miracle.
Moving from emotions and becoming of spirit, your range of activity increases by a thousand or more, it all depends on how much you discover about your being and how you can apply it wisely.
The act of doing miraculous things depends on how you apply yourself to matter (Earth) as the link for all on earth. Following the steps I gave in stage II, point 2 of Activity, if you strive vigorously and work on your perfection in it, you should achieve success.
Matter is of a slow pace and you were sent here to develop yourself and matter, before you can actually live matter.
Man is supposed to act several times faster in everything than all creatures on matter. The higher you are the more that is expected of you. Since, the form of man is the highest form on earth any being in existence from Spirit to Divinity use the human body.
By using your speed in activity and contacting the Animistic - you make Existence what it should be - paradise.

The light is the way.
Your range of activity depends on the sphere you came from, and while acting in matter, all your activities in matter span the distance of your limit. If you are of spirit, your activities span both sides of good and bad when there is wisdom to what so ever act or vibration form produced. But, if your activities are bad your activities are attracted to only bad and shut off from good.
When a divine one acts with wisdom in matter and reveals a puzzle not known until then. This information covers the span of the divine ones active range on both sides, good and bad, the beings in that range of that divine being's activities perceives the information, if they can perceive, and in using this information to their experiences where ever they are, the information develops them. Every spirit in Existence has its own range of activity.

To be in Mega-existence you must both be in unity with Truth. To live in Omni-existence you must become Truth.
Truth is finding fact of right and wrong, which is wisdom. The only way upwards to the highest of heights is by truth. Information gets to the Father and to reach the Father you must become information - Truth.
The key point here is that matter as neutral ground is the centre of experiencing Activity and development - because all in Omni-existence mingle in matter only.

Fourth Action HEURISTIC
Observe the Ten Commandments.
Animism: is of plants, animals, air, water and rocks or sand.
Animistic: Elementals and Animism.


Propagation CHANNEL I
The whole of Total Existence is of capabilities. How capable are you?
Canal I
Man: The spirit of man receives messages directly from the Neutral force or through the Natural force and reorganizes these messages, when transmitted from the solar plexus all the way to the frontal, then these messages are done or are transmitted to the elementals.
Act I
By participating in the designing of Existence man is given a rare opportunity to live in Divinity in Mega-existence which is Down.
Canal II
Elementals: They span the whole of Total Existence (circumference to centre).
But, where ever they belong depends on their perfection. Their task is the propagation of things - which they handle by fusion and fission. They make the particular thing ready by stimulating it, then the thing starts vibrating, then positive and negative forms of energy or forces meet and unite with the thing causing the reaction on that thing by pressing upon the thing and a change occurs. This makes the elementals the actual workers in the whole of Existence.
The elementals preserve and propagate.

Variation CHANNEL II
By the action of the elementals on matter they induce souls to soil forming protista set out of soil, by fusing these protista set they form plants, and forming animals by adding more of souls to the form.

Point 1
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In Existence as a whole the Animistic in matter show all in Existence, a single unit of cycle sex breaks up into a pair in search of knowledge. After finding these knowledge it unites and becomes much higher than it left.
All in Existence are of two, three and one: The spirits and animism search for perfection. Existence is made up of two kinds, the workers and the designers.
Point 2
Eurhythmics: Man should learn to coordinate his body to music, which is of benefit to the soul and creates harmony between the soul and body. Daily bread:- for soul is mastering feelings, for spirit it is experiencing wisdom.

Propaganda Web CHANNEL III
Everything in Existence is interlaced and is also mingled with Total Existence, Down to Omni-existence. Those of the Divine Sphere as well are of a network that spans Total Existence, leading in matter, and messengers and guards at Existence and above. These are Angels. At the peak of Mega-existence the laws flow in everything as in bodies as Chromosomes of Deoxyribonucleic acid and so on.
The whole of Existence has information that flows to and fro with a power present in all as heat. In all of the spheres of matter, Animistic, the Divine, Mega-existence and Omni-existence they exist vibration forms of a higher magnitude as you go up. If man perfects on himself and can find all the puzzles and unravel them, vibration forms would be formed in the Divine sphere these guide you in your ascension as you rise up until you reach your limit or where the last vibration forms are.

By the time you achieve unity in your system true elegance would have set in. When the physical body, the soul and the spirit unite, and the spirit then takes control of the system, the human being would have attained elegance in his ways and grace sets in from Divinity. The human beings closeness to perfection is rewarded by power sent down to help that human being.
Grace: is of effortless activity and swiftness, excellent coordination and proper unity of the system, and also peace, progress and success in what ever good you do.

Avoiding a natural physical emotion is by spending it.

Nature in Matter CHANNEL I
Man is not an elemental that is a true worker of Total Existence, working to definite dimension and to exact precision. Man is not meant for this type of work but, to coordinate activities on earth with perfection.
Man can only activate these elementals by making contact with them and asking them to do what is right with wisdom, since he as spirit is a higher form than than the elements but, not higher than the Angels that are the connection of these elements. Although man through his aura can call back a dead being in gross matter when it is still in limbo, but all through the aid of the elements. Man has the power to heal and communicate to distances. The elementals do all the work in Existence as a whole; all the food, material development, life caring and carrying and all that has to do with creation. They gave manna and meat to the Israelites, they helped Moses and Elijah divides the sea and river respectively. They helped Christ Jesus call Lazarus from the dead. They carried Christ over the sea. They can do more! The use of parts of the bible should not be a hindrance to other faiths because in God all are one, only man likes a diversity.

Elementals at Work CHANNEL II
The gnomes, who are of very dense matter, act on rocks creating soil with souls of uneven nature. The sea is controlled by nixies; they act on very soft matter. The elves act on trees; male and female on flower. Fairies carry spirits and cloak them and care for them. By developing your communicative abilities as previously stated, through your aura which is of soul and spirit, the soul part being of close relationship with the soul of the elementals and the spirit providing the vitality of energy and heat for the elementals, the elementals would be ready to do your task given to them since, all souls search for pleasure and love of emotions. Before the elementals are used to do a thing their Angelic sides should be contacted first, it is the Angels right to be aware of the use of its members. The neglect of this was the reason of the fall. Man living in his soul is lower than the elementals and can not act on them.

Experiencing CHANNEL III
Anything in Existence that has a drive to attain wisdom is driven to matter where all mingle to achieve its aim. Only souls of animals and elementals are driven by their urge in the animistic sphere but, plants, protista and dense matter of soil are formed by the elementals, then through their experience by photosynthesis (for soil), are absorbed by animals and become part of animals, some join the souls as heat of information. Spirits are driven to matter by their will. After experiencing to their choice they live their bodies on matter then pass through the ethereal.
Canal I
Torture: The Spirits that do not follow their drive to wisdom are drawn by the elementals to hell, which causes a struggle in the human body, because their vibration forms were appealing to the furies and the demons, these pull and carry the body down to the level that is appealing to its vibration forms, the ghost is then subjected to torture. If its spirit yields to the pain and it agrees to be bad it becomes a demon, but if its ghost turns to wisdom it ascends back to the ethereal for a new awakening.
Canal II
Satisfaction: A good human being on earth is taken up by the elementals through its vibration forms in the ethereal.

Now, spot the difference in your solar plexus; a hold comes to your solar plexus and an awareness of a flow from the solar plexus, is the spirit awakening. A flow to the solar plexus moves gradually in and the solar plexus seems to expand slowly. There are beats always. But an awareness of trouble rushes in to the solar plexus causing a fizzy awareness, then the solar plexus starts to beat with warmth and a hold.
Canal I
Design: I have talked about mans purpose here in matter as the link and designer, now I will explain it. Man is suppose to make plans of what he perceives from his spirit like an architect, then he explains exactly what he wants and oversees the work being done. If there is a need for his guidance or help, he aids the elementals and observes the work done.
In all awareness of the spirit, the solar plexus beats, as you perceive or experience with warmth.
The whole of Existence is about how you can apply the information perceived with warmth to creativity, applying laws to perfection.

Administration CHANNEL V
Just as Parsifal stated about the primordial spiritual sphere's Grail castle, about the way affairs are run there, that is how it is in the whole of Existence. Only that the higher - the higher the magnitude; and the lower - the lower the magnitude.
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The Counselor runs the state of affairs; the Guardian guides others in stability and the Dedicator and Convertor (Directors) design and ensures work is done, through the Developer, Producer, Martian and Laborer, who instruct the knight or prophets below them on what to do.
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The attractor enhances unity and balance; the purifier enhances sanity, reverence and humility; the maintainer increases sanity, preserves and cares for mankind. (a) Guides for Adulthood, (b) are Teenage Guides, and they are female chancellors. (c) are lecturers for mental activity, and (d) are Experienced parents.

The Creative rule is of seven, the basic laws, the concentric rule and the action rule.
Creative rule:-
All under the Will of God are formed under seven, which is His grand number of perfection. After all male and female parts of the Trinity, the seventh the Will is the part of Divinity that extends out of Divinity to the Depth.
But this rule is masculine and in Existence as a whole male and female are in unity. The Grand rule is of two, three and one. The feminine part that would complete the picture are the triangular laws of harmony, care and purity.
Now the grand rule is complete: two = male and female, three = concentric, seven and action rule, all in one = the grand rule.
By this grand rule Existence is run. For man and woman to unite and enter the Divine sphere through the Grail castle in the primordial spiritual planes, they must as pair have the grand rule. The wise pair would know that males must carry male characters only and females must carry female characters, and when both + and - unite = 0, or positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) fussed together is neutral or one; unity.


You must educe what is latent by erasing your errors.

Technique CHANNEL I
Natural force is different from nature. Nature is of animistic, while Natural force is creation. Everything in matter is directly under the elementals that formed them. Man by mastering how to design and communicate would delegate tasks to be carried out by the elementals.
The females run the well being of mankind.
There are several stages of government as earlier stated and all would be consisted of males and females in government.
That is the way of Existence.

When the volition of a spirit is in search of wisdom a small part of the spirit severs itself. Everything in the spirit or above in Existence as a whole, when coming to matter, only a part comes while the whole remains in tranquil and at quiescent waiting for its volition part to activate it. Because of this ghost transfer or soul transfer are wrong, this is dangerous to the spirit because the knowledge it gets are not of the system and it means the information is not complete.
Where the physical body, soul and spirit work as one in achieving an aim, it is correct, any other means is wrong. If man can master his system very well and make contact with the elementals, the elementals would warn man on any catastrophe that is to occur, as man approaches the spot. Just as animals that know their soul listen to the elementals and avoid the danger. Because the elementals themselves carry out all constructive work as technicians and technologists, and the lords of the elementals as engineers working on a site, passers by at the construction site are warned but, if they do not heed the warning of the technicians they meet their careless fate.

Technology CHANNEL III
The conference of the square (male) and triangle (female) exist in each level of Existence. They deliberate on issues as arcons.

Omnitrite and Weal CHANNEL IIII
The essence of man being in matter is to recognize, understand and know all wisdom. Only females are well equipped for the grooming of their young, with their higher perceptions and domesticated characters, they are the best to educe the square or quad of knowledge. The omnitrite and the well being of mankind is looked after by the Triangle or Triad conference.

Gold of Triad and Quad CHANNEL V
The Quad of males runs the state of affairs. When one can do miraculous things, the elementals would be revealed to him. At this stage he would have some elements as friends, these elementals would willingly come and accept to be with him and serve him. The elementals that come to him are the elementals in his field of discipline. As spirit, soul and body, between these are parts that constitute a whole in Existence; Angel, Spirit, Elementals, Soul and body - those underscored are the outside part of the entity in cooperation - all in a perfect connection as God intends all beings to be.
So, it would be easy for him to have things done at a capacity above human standards, because at that stage he would be a true human being. The technicians do all the work of tending the fields, the trees the domestic animals, caring for children as they play and experience making food and many other houses hold activities for women. And for the men the technologists help to develop a site, even if there is a good cause to move or remove a mountain. The elementals help males to build homes to design, to make technical machines capable of odd jobs for the males personal needs. They create from matter things like very bright light to the man's taste, carrying very heavy cargo and so many others. They can carry man to distant places of their choice. They can build cities; even more change a star system to paradise.
All man has to do is interact. Through contact, aura flows into an injured person, healing him; this is the same contact with elements that causes sharing. Do not ever worship the elementals, it is because these elementals are of nature that they can act the way they do. In helping you the elementals help themselves. The spirit of man acts very well in the spiritual sphere. You are their link to the spiritual.


Erase the bad and enhance the good in your nestle or home then you can perceive from God the Father by looking up to him in prayer. Thank the Father and ask for blessings, then forgiveness of sins you could not erase and that He should protect you from evil - by keeping you from conceiving bad things and protecting you from bad influence - wrong broadcast and individuals. Always observe the prayer God the Son taught. Now, after your reflections and prayer plan your activities following your circadian rhythm, map out each activity for particular periods with the elementals.
With the commemoration of active work, you oversee activities being in-tuned with the Angels.

Scrupulous scrutiny CHANNEL II
It is not what you have got; it is how you use it. The purpose of man in matter is to interact with lower creatures of creation, then to perceive from much higher heights. Everything in matter is harmoniously and simultaneously worked out, when vibration forms occur - the elementals make a detailed life plan in the astral and depending on the magnitude, it (the plan) may be molded out in the ethereal, before it takes actual effect on earth.
The astral world is always being redesigned. The dark region has a similarity to the light region so, it confuses man. The difference is that one is of pain the other is of bliss. The four males carry, 1 - painful or careless pleasure, 2 - anger, 3 - mar, 4 - anxiety; the three females carry, 1 - sting, 2 - suck, 3 - chew. The vibration forms before the fall of man was good and a little bad, but after the fall there was more bad than good.

Obligation CHANNEL III
It is a duty in Total Existence to serve, the higher you go the more you serve and the more you get. All in the whole of Existence strive for more. Every sphere in Total Existence is arranged thus, power, then love and then action. Below these three are the four males: the aggressor, the developer, the vitality one, and the labor one. For the three females who are below quad: unity, love and purity. And then a female link, links the next set and so it goes.
In the Divine the quad-triad are just four because, male and female are one, cycle sex in truth.

Do not do what you would not want another to do to you.
Keep the Ten Commandments.

Information process CHANNEL IIII
The male and female spirits that unite learn flight form the Parsifal before entering the Divine. To do this they meet with their angelic connection and from matter they experience what is necessary for their angelic state.
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In matter these characters unite in the protista set.

Nature Action CHANNEL V
It is good to learn how to control natural things, because all feelings drive you to how much you ask of it; ending with the exhaustion of that feeling. Naturally sexual and hunger feelings are the main emotional drives that can be felt, all others occur from these two. Sexual feeling is for pleasure and hunger is for work. Both drive you to search for each at opposite times. The feeling for hunger supersedes that of sexual intercourse because if you are hungry no sexual feelings occur but, if you are satisfied the feeling of pleasure comes gradually.

Hunger comes with yearn for something, if it is of food it spreads from the stomach and the body feels drained as it increases. But if the feeling is yearn for something else it starts from the heart and then the solar plexus, then to other parts urging you to find the answer. Something is sensed that is opposite in sex, yearning comes from the heart as emotion (of sexual arousal) spreads from the heart causing the eye to dilate. The sexual organs are stimulated and response occurs from the individual. The Archangel feeling (anxiety, anger and pain) are for test and the feeling from nature is for energy (good and bad).
At this stage of emotional control only you can will the feeling by turning your physical drive to it, then your emotions would come before your spirit would perceive the activity in progress, through this you attract the good mainly as long as your intentions are for good. The soul links spirit and soul with matter, the soul must be controlled by your core or another being would do that for you.

Fifth Action ENTERPRISE Males and females cooperate with each other to learn your characters for perfection.

Leadership CHANNEL I
Your magnitude of miracles determines your position. Do not exalt yourself or you would be demoted since your rate of doing things would not be up to what that level demands. Humble yourself and you will be exalted. Your capacity to do work would supersede the level you are in and you would be given the office that suits you.
My code of conduct:
Change, a Duty
I am responsible, punctual and attentive to Existence as a whole. Being self-reliant, inventive by my designs, and I keep the health code - cleanliness. I am able to present myself with self knowledge, wisdom and understanding. And I remain an example with my out-put; liveliness, seriousness, activeness, character, thoughts and thinking, achievements, and determined will in success.
I must abstain from bad and be in good through privatization, reasoning, confidence and education.
Beauty comes from within, feel good and look good. The food we eat today is what we are tomorrow. So, the physical becomes the emotional and it in turn becomes the intellect. Intuitive perception runs all.
I must achieve!
Analyze; compare and change: ASK: courage will overcome obstacles. Attain dazzling heights.
God, Help me.
If I don't... who will?
The impossible is possible.
If you are not experienced and familiar with your discipline, how do you act?
Love can exist in people who trust each other (by knowing their faults and weaknesses) and love can only exist when there is justice. Justice is impersonal and decides trust by observing faults and weaknesses. But love is personal. Only the man that has love knows love, but does not see another's love, only the reaction. But justice is not known in man, only another person observes it. But when you have wisdom you would know justice, and love and justice would be in harmony with you. Couples must have wisdom to ever exist or live together.
Leadership is the amount of responsibility to serve that you can hold or carry, and it depends greatly on how developed your core is.

Poem of Life for Wisdom CHANNEL II
If I don't... who will?
I've been idle for so long,
what am I afraid of? my books
or evil.
I can't keep constant my Tract of life,
Concentration and abilities; breaking they are.
What is happening can any one tell me,
or help me?
NO! - No one.
I can only help myself,
my drive towards my core has fallen;
how do I wake it up?
There must be some way.
My mind still hangs on its ambitions.
But, the confidence or guts to read
my school books is not there,
and so, is the determination.
The eagerness is very alert.
My hand writing must be calligraphic.
Although, I prefer Privacy,
I can't help seeing my peers
this wastes my precious time;
two thirds of the Day.
which I have some for others,
I don't have any for myself
and I don't care for myself.
When I look at my reflection,
a dull tired face stares at me;
where is my health;
it is also trying to run away,
what is happening to me?
Is my environment not healthy,
then what brings this here
when it knows we are enemies.
I see,
that is why sin is crouching on my door
waiting for me to say hello.
Do I still retain my core?
I believe I do
but it is trying to open the door.
I have always sought for achievements
without dependence
but this is not the route,
I must follow the root of the school.
Materialism likes to take me for a ride
but, the core waits for me to find it
and my body prefers the urge of pleasure.
I know my brains power can still grow
and I must help it.
And I'm still stick to my old part,
provide for others
than for me to fend on others.
Power of the mind is power of God.
I must live by myself and not by another's.
What I eat now is me tomorrow
so, the future is now.
Do I still maintain a sense of time?
No! there is no punctuality.
I must go out before mid-day.
If l have my bath, dress-up
and go out.
What, am I still lying down?
and its dusk -
I'm late!
How do I present myself to others,
is there any glamour or grace?
Eloquence is leadership control,
mine is almost dead.
They is no alertness any more,
Where is she?
Am I self-reliant
I believe, I am.
Where are my thoughts?
There are on the emotions of bad.
My admiration by others as an example,
is getting lost.
Out-ward character - I thank you,
you manage to rely on this body.
Analysis, comparison and change,
where are you?
Where are the interest in the values of the books.
Ah, I better throw more attention on myself,
if not
how do I serve?
For a powerful name
If l start now, for the future.
Try something new and good,
admit your mistakes
Ask questions
Study things and overcome obstacles
by seeking.
And make that valuable change.
Where has my interest gone to?
To the physical only - then God is lost from my mind.
It is now time to decide my fate.
The fate in this period that would either make or mar,
this is my examination period
and only passing can take me over the sea,
or put me in streets of unemployment.
I alone can really help myself,
If I don't... who will?

Magnitude of the Mind CHANNEL III
Every ones' mind capabilities depend on that one's limits, range or time and space. I explained miracles earlier on as speed in doing something, now I will include this; that miraculous activity depends on speed and size or amount of work done. When your aura is in unity with your physical body, motion or flow of your aura would be easy. Once this achievement is regular your body becomes use to it giving you a state of grace or effortless activity at this stage you are becoming balanced in your system. When you become balanced there would be zero gravity acting on you. You know that when your system is in unity you have charisma, but achieving balance in your system is higher and is the final stage of the basic laws acting on your system.
The grand rule in your system passes through seven stages in your awakening of this level in balance or grace. Is being able to float in the air or walk on water effortlessly. At this stage all your members or all beings connected to your spirit, soul and body are one with you a compromise of sharing. The systems radiation, feeling and sensing unite and become one. The wrestling of your members being over allows effortlessness. Let me warn you, the moment you use this to do bad acts it would be turned off you.

Even though your system has risen to its peak you can suspend yourself and become quite human, although the graceful attitude in you would still linger on in your system. But when you want to communicate with those at the divine sphere or higher, you transfigure and see, hear and communicate properly.
Transfiguration of a man depends on his scope of activities in Total Existence. Transfiguration has to do with the core glowing in full. And in matter some human beings who have not discovered themselves who are higher than unconscious spirits, when the core yearns for an awakening and the being ignores it - his conscience keep on bugging him - knowing very well of its mission on earth. The spirit then glows at full thrust which is right to transfigure the being but, the soul and body not being aware and experienced for this, burn up entirely and the spirit is liberated, only being left to experience a condition it was not meant for. And soar up to whence it came from with no records of achievement, only loosing what it had. But when a man knows himself through experiencing he would be ready for the glow of his core that flows round as radiant aura - bright.
Suspend your high level to interact with low beings that can not perceive.

A baby just born to earth is still close to the ethereal and can still perceive souls since, the soul and spirit in the baby is diverse from the body. So, it is with man's scope of attaining dazzling heights, the lower you are the more diverse you are and the higher you are the closer you are to unity. Only your works in nature would determine your office or kind.
Do not forget the level of ascent a man has to go through and no matter how low, can rise up high, and if he impresses a higher one and that one knows he would remain good always that one takes him up. That is why the elementals as well want to be in harmony with man.
Have you ever asked yourself, how much can I do? If not you are not reasonable with yourself. Aim high but to your limit. Every being has its own abilities that makes it special and must try to find it to live well in peace. Never deceive yourself that you can trick a higher one because, that one would perceive your range of activities.

Attraction CHANNEL VI
Anything you do too much with a particular part of your system, your being would be attracted to that thing. If you act a lot with your spirit you would be attracted to the spiritual sphere. If your activities are more of the soul or emotions you would be attracted to the ethereal and the animistic sphere, depending on where much effort was thrown in to. And by acting totally of matter you would be attracted to matter (for earth: earth bound) because, your thinking and thoughts are more of earth than your core. The spirit is only attracted to where its vibration forms remain by your thinking, thoughts, words, deeds and your volition.
Try to keep your core at all times for the right ascent. The mind is where good and bad are decided. Follow the example of the insects that are highest of the chitin set. Insects are of soul and body, and they do their best as links for plants, soil and lower insects.


Love another like yourself.
The MIND Use all of yourself!

The Mind

I am very sure you have not understood my style of numbering and lettering.
When I started this book I numbered the first part of this book with Roman numerals, then added alphabets as a style of lettering. Before it reduced to only Romanic numbers. I also named them as parts, stages, channels, points, cycles, canals and acts. This style only shows the state of your mind as you experience, while reading. It becomes diverse as the Romans (west) and the Arab (east), before order and arrangement starts coming in with confusion (the alphabets) until you see reason and you become one.

The Missing Physical Link
The missing link between creatures is in the animistic sphere. There were links of transformation between matter and the soul. These had reached a form close to the peak where they had no part to play in enhancing development because they were destructive. All incomplete physical ones are destructive and remain in the animistic until an order from above passing through the angels to the elementals puts any one into matter. Four races worked the earth; a pair out of the last race became spiritual. When they lost it, every thing fell.

All this while, we have been talking about experiencing all in you and around you. So, it should be easy for you to grasp attention or concentration; which is concentrating on a particular thing or putting your whole mind totally on a particular thing with deep concentration. Depth in the mind would make this easier for you. As you try to focus on a particular thing or object, other things would arise that you thought of doing, ignore them and concentrate on what you are doing with all of you. After you have done what you undertook to do, you can then go back to what arose when you were concentrating but, never before what you threw your mind to.
Distractions are bound to occur as you do your work but, it is always an advantage to you. Breaking the concentration is weakness and shows you have fallen. Never break your concentration especially when carrying miraculous activities because, leaving something half done or incomplete harms that thing and the repercussions are more on you. Law of reciprocal action - karma - is of vibration forms; make sure you finish all you are doing.

Tenor You can tell a human beings character by observing his emotional behavior, and you can observe his sensitivity by his character. Communicating with beings is through your aura that acts on the brain giving it the right vision or media. When your system is in unity as I have explained, your mind is in unity: that is soul (and its expanse not just within you) and body. The mind now in unity has aura on alert to perceive all occurrences and by observing, you become aware and can coordinate frequencies of that magnitude aright to the brain for the spiritual perception.

Panoptic Thrust
Insects develop all to beauty and if they cut a leg in the process they grow another part. Man through being a titanic mind can do this, if he has a burn his transfigured aura glows around they and it heals, if he has lost any part of his body his spirit knowing the way of the soul acts as aura on the part of the body cut-off and produces another using the genetic formula of the body. All parts of the body can be replaced in this way.

How do you make your aura become active? Simply by studying temperatures at noon and night respectively. You experience the heat of the sun through your aura, as the sun burns you - you direct your aura to perceive the heat, after a while of true experiencing you feel warmth in your hind brain and cold in your solar plexus. But, if you use cold water you shiver but as you experience it, you feel cool in your hind brain and in your solar plexus warmth is felt, the shivering reduces till it stops. The same solar plexus feeling is felt around you.

This Menthol or mint aura feeling is felt flowing towards the area of your concentration as you think of that particular part only. For instance, your lungs, allow your aura flow to it by following the mint like feeling as it proceeds and spreads on reaching your lungs, feel all parts of your lungs and let it spread to your mouth and nasal parts, it spreads all around. This gives you a holy voice of your wish. Study all your organs. You have already experienced your heart by studying anxiety and anger, but you should experience it again to find out if you left anything out of perception.
After experiencing all parts of your organs and especially your heart - which by experiencing removes anxiety and anger, but not abrasion, then patience sets in, you have induced your spirit into all. Then experience your nervous system, allowing your aura flow into your spinal cord, where natures energy radiations flow in, your aura's mint feeling flows into the whole vertebra column and spreads to the feet, hands and brain as you put your attention there. Now you have your nervous system and blood stream linked to your core, your core experiences all and it is only now that you can control and communicate beyond.

MAN Exert your responsibility!

I have described the way Existence is ruled. Now, I will state clearly how all the seats of control are arranged. Get Diagram from Web. Man is supposed to raise himself on matter through his experience to the level of son of God. By having wisdom of your parts through your parts through your aura's experience and being able to perceive from in side and out side. Now, train your organs of sensing.

Any one who is more of feelings and that is of soul is of easy access to the terrestrial Archangel. By spreading these senses of various parts of your physical body in your aura your awareness increases and you with stand any pressure and perceive from any part of your system, the same way you perceive from the organs of smell, taste, sight, hearing, balance and position, touch - pain and temperature. All would be perceived by you through your aura that carries these sensations to the particular organ of perception, this organ then transmits the information to the brain for your physical sensing.

When your aura is at its peak in perceiving sensations and feelings, the inner soul cloak or the animistic cloak becomes aware and starts experiencing by perception. The spirits activities are miraculous to the soul. It is only when the inner soul cloak has overcome and experienced, that is animistic in the animism and elemental planes, then the animism and elemental feelings when understood by the spirit gives the spirit its wisdom.
Get Diagram from Web.
It is from this inner cloak that your true self starts unraveling.

At any change from sensing to emotions and onwards, as you change they is a transit point where you drop the one passed and move on without knowing it, all you experience is confusion (a state of doubt) of not being sure of what you are doing. At this point the archangel in charge of earth should test you to your abilities, and if you succeed you move into the next stage. And at the same time all your vibration forms would either help you ascend or descend (if you can not erase them by doing enough good) but, if your vibration forms are good they help you ascend.
Your ascension or rising from one stage to the other on matter takes you nearer your core and what ever vibration forms produced acts more on your core. At this point it is good to think about where you are now and what you must do.
Ethereal: feelings,
Animistic: nature.
Or if you have been observant reflect on the constituents of where you are.

Your spirit experiencing depends on the pressure you can take any time there is a change. When you opened your intuitive perception you were dizzy and confused - matter. After this you Soul Body Spirit mastered this video by dreaming properly, your vision became blurred, you were dizzy and confused - astral. Your emotions increase as your vision becomes blurred after you experience and understand emotions, uncomfortable and discomfort-able occurrences occur to test your stability; physical illness which you have to cure using your aura, and confused emotional sensing, all as tests - Ethereal.
In all of these disorders a weak man should give up. It is at this point that all about animism should be known by the one experiencing. After this exterior perception through your aura, it would be easy for you since you know the parts of the animal or plant and others to reach out to. You can now send your aura with truth and what ever you communicate with in animism should take heed. The animistic is about uniting your being with your brain. The next step is interacting with the elementals.
There is one thing you must be sure of that nothing you search for or think you have would ever come into being for you, unless you ASK for it and search thoroughly for it - then perceive and wait on it, before it would make an appearance. Through your disordered state you must be ready to enter when the door is opened. Those from the Divine are aroused by signs around them until they trace their steps.

Slight irritations may draw your attention to the area not attended to by your aura. After this mint feeling has been experienced an inflamed sensation, but of little pains and body aches occurs, all the inflammations are of little pain and is more in all the mucus membranes of the body. As these sensing and feeling occurs with slight fluctuation, the brain feels drowsy and a sleepy feeling urges you to sleep, your spinal cord feels pulled slightly.
All parts of your system, your spirit and soul are being woven around your physical body; the interlacing activity is felt strongly in the brain and spinal cord. Then slightly as inflammation around your body and all your mucus membranes, genital, intestine and nasal mucus membranes mainly, feel irritated. But salivary, lungs and others only cause slight pain. The parts felt and sensed more are the parts or organs you use more, infections they are wiped out. At this point your spirit through your aura is connecting your physical body and all other parts of the soul to itself (the spirit) and at the same time becoming aware of all the sensing and feelings of your system. You are now uniting.

Where ever there is competition there is confusion! Even in you cooperation is a constant until the point where your system's highest point of the lower part meets a higher part at its lowest point; at this stage there is competition. When ever a lower part of your system meets a higher part at a point of change which varies for every individual, the lower part fights to stay on by forcing its traits into your system. At this confused state all characters can be changed here, a wise one would drop all bad habits at this point (confused state) and do his very best to recognize the higher and new part of his system. You are all of creation when you discover yourself and can perceive from all parts of creation.

When you hold back activities or information with wisdom from your solar plexus, you feel a grip on your solar plexus but, if allowed, a burst of fizzy excited awareness occurs.
The same method you used to study a part of you to your awareness is the same method you use to focus your attention on a particular thing; knocking or praying to God the Father.
When evil emotional feeling strikes you, do not be afraid or worried over it even though it has spread its evil feeling all over you - only rebuke the demon causing it and then experience the feeling for your spirits awareness.

Radiates: give-out or glow.

No man has another character of the same trait. When you start feeling alone or having fear of something that is not there, which is normal at any confused state of doubt. Only you should experience the feeling with sensing, then after overcoming it (the feeling), you concentrate on what you are/ want to do.
Being in the present in action, reflecting on the past and thinking of the future makes you knowing. Your spirit designed the soul that formed the physical body.

If you are in a group and they are of evil, be with them only in the flesh (physical body) do not allow them to entice your soul through your heart. With the flow of your aura, karma is increased. A bright light removes traces of darkness. Avoid bad company.
Matter wants to be vibrated, I have repeated this several times. When you feel drowsy as your nervous system interlaces with your aura, do not go to sleep so soon, keep yourself busy, solve problems of all kinds. This allows the system to interact by communication and brings you into harmony, matter is vibrated. One who goes to sleep would only end up separating the frontal and mid brains from the hind brain, because the intellectual brain would be at rest and the hind brain at work, this would make both brains drift apart. When you are actively doing something all three remains at work and you must be aware of the brain and aura interlacing.

As the drowsy feeling and sensing of awareness recede to a hazy awareness, your frontal brain looses control and control stays with your middle brain for a short while and then it starts moving to the hind brain as awareness spreads in with cricket sound. The spreading of your awareness or connection of your aura and brain matter increases as the hind brain gains control. Battling with sleep around this period check-mate the intellect that tries to hold on to you (your spirit), at this point it is not just intellect but your dark side battling with your light side. Once, your sleeping time reduces within this period, always after the drowsiness the tired front brain gives-up and turns to the hind brain for support. Turning your childhood brain of the hind brain and relying on the front brain to where it started. By this you have conquered your emotions and your awareness grows. If you are not in rhythm you can not know Existence.

When you pray for transfiguration, power comes from above and activates your spirit which is at a particular frequency like the particles - quaks - that form protons, neutrons and electrons that are the components of atoms to their specific structure. This activates the soul which is at a particular frequency that moves the particles that are always normal in your physical body.
At this point you glow like the spirit in you. How much of brightness depends on your core. You can transfigure yourself to a large size or a small size through your will. But, remember to act wisely or your brain link would be turn off you and you have to struggle harder to rise again.
When there is stability of a particular motion a power is sent in accordance with that information received from the thing. It is this action that governs life, life is a power of information. Every good conversationalist is a good listener. Pay good attention to what any body complains to you, absorb all into your mind and the right answer will unfold gradually.

When information slips of your memory continue your perceptions without distractions or holding back information pouring in, the answer or the information mist would reoccur again.
Bosom heart and solar plexus: being lighter information flows in through your heart and flows through your solar plexus. Your core then gives out rays of information to the system. Those of the Divine exchange information and power through their intestines, plus their bosom and medulla oblongata exchange giving them guts. When you do something wrong your solar plexus grips you with a twinge feeling until you correct it.
When you educe and unfold what is latent inside you, the body is overcome, the soul is controlled and the spirit's radiation reacts on the soul in aura, the soul then diffuses with the spirit and fission occurs at the point of halo.
If you do not follow Existence aright Existence will follow you. It is a just and simple movement you asked for and you are now searching for. A male carries a problem above matter, to his female partner, and a female carries her problem of matter to the male. Some men have more than one wife due to their vast connections in person, in Existence.
Your soul connects you to the brain through the pons. The pituitary gland is the fruit man was not supposed to eat. After the spread of your aura you can sleep as you like, since the problem of the soul and body has been overcome. This is the Empirical Quotient (E.Q.).
Charity is loving everything as yourself. If you are in harmony with yourself and your environment, your heart feels inflated, then as it deflates the solar plexus awareness increases when a seed or a lump is felt connecting to the walls of the solar plexus, this is felt within the solar plexus. But before this drowsiness occurs, a warm flush of radiation is felt jolting out at intervals, a spark of warm radiation is sent to the brain, then the next spark to the body and another spark to the intestines. This floods the intestines - becomes cool - and from the intestines a cool part or drop of the radiations in the intestine bounces back and into the solar plexus, changing it from warm to cool. This then spreads round your system, threading the path of your aura, you feel aglow and this awareness is you aglow. There is diffusion of warm and cool.
Now, if you have not experienced your body of matter through your aura, you would not receive this glow which comes only when you are ready for it. It makes you superior to those of aura, and is your confirmation of you being a prophet.

Wisdom comes from the observation of behavior or character. Everything has a particular behavior. Wisdom has to do with vibration forms.
All beings through their vibration forms have to unite with their whole. When you are interested in something it is in your vibration forms and you intend to use force to do or get a thing it is wrong. This leads to stealing and killing, and all the sins of going against the Ten Commandments.
Reservoir If you remain scared of matter you would never get any where! Unite right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Wisdom is got from experiencing behavior, behavior is habit - which is character, character is got from knowledge - which is information. All physical habits make an impression on the brain and when the habit becomes regular, the habit becomes part of the system. Because the souls emotions urges the body through influencing the pituitary gland to release hormones that stimulate the body. The spirit stops this by sending rays to the heart where the soul acts, but if the soul is allowed with bad habits - all activities concerning that habit (addiction) becomes involuntary. Removing bad behavior from the system is when the spirit fills up the space where the soul filled, by flowing through the heart to the spot causing the irritation. Following your firm decision to make a change to the better, provided your aura flow is not held back or procrastination distorts your volition to change.
Competition is only meant for good and bad. The spirit being of good challenges the bad broadcast through the heart - replaces the feeling and motivates the system that belongs to it (the spirit) to good. Always pray for the Father's aid. Recognize how the bad habit came and be willing to change your image.

Control of Behavior
We have eliminated fear. Now, we remove worry the last trace of anxiety caused by an obstacle that leads to trouble. Trouble, fear and worry are all parts of anxiety.
When you send rays through your heart to the intestines, the rays unite by flowing back to the solar plexus and around again. The rays are made to flow through the intestines to the heart and back, then to flow through the heart to the intestines and back to the solar plexus. By these action and your core's experiencing of the intestines persistent burning pressure, the core masters the point of worry, as soon as it has been experienced the intestines and heart becomes cool.

The same way you focus your mind in prayer is the same way you should focus your mind on information by observing from your solar plexus through your cerebellum to your cerebrum.
If you do not know good and bad you are most likely going to divert your attention from your spirit experiencing to material imagination. Have you ever observed what makes a thing or a habit bad? What ever is harmful to you and another person is bad.

Transient trend:-
In all directions you would be aware of a suspension for a short while, following this up with a deep yearns for the Father.
When you compare things you are competing. When doubt becomes faith, awareness of things exists in you. The affairs of man are maintained in the medulla oblongata, this is known when you are aware.
Imagination arose to prepare the visual chamber of the brain. When intuitive perception comes, when you are wide awake and not sleeping, it replaces imagination. All you notice is a constant stream of knowledge coupled with awareness.

Communion Never force or push your core to give you information or power, you would only harm yourself. The harm is when the intellect takes control; imagination. Imagination is material, and materialism is vanity. Do not imagine! Keep your hearth (hind brain) pure and when the time is right, information and then power sets in. Think yourself to glory! Your attentive awareness should be focused on the Father. Rely on the Father.
SHAME: this comes after experiencing a thing and loosing courage. Externally it flows in through the brain and passes through to the solar plexus; it also passes through the blood stream to the heart from the brain. This meet as bosom awareness. Then the spirit experiences it. But internally this awareness starts from the solar plexus and the heart when guilt is perceived.
Once you can control shame you eliminate doubt and replace it with faith. Faith is trust, which is belief. Doubt is lack of courage or belief.
SPIRIT GROWTH: once the system is rid of imaginations (thoughts) the body, soul and spirit becomes new. The spirit's attention is focused on occupying the brain without having the soul restrain or prevent it from spreading, by the brain or solar plexus feeling being trapped or held back. If you perceive the spread of the spirit from the brain, then the intellect is deceiving you. But if you intuitively perceive the spread of the spirit from the spirits point, the solar plexus, then the attention of the spirit is actually focused on experiencing by intuitive perception.
Information flows from the brain to the heart as an endocrine activity stirring the emotions that causes a drive; this drive urges the spirit to yearn for what it needs. The request is granted the spirit as information in the hind brain. This is the right way to pray after understanding the systems awareness from the mind's rhythm. They are two volitions in prayer: request volition and praise volition. Both, petitioning and thanking volition drive your wish to a will. Prayer is, thanking - forgiving - protecting and blessing.
Since, man chose good and evil, he has to pass through evil first eliminating the bad, before the good flows in.
Firstly: your spirit experiences all of matter, your senses.
Secondly: your spirit experiences all of the ethereal that awakens as an emotional feeling.
Thirdly: your spirit fights the feelings of your soul or emotions.
The Fourth phase: the spirit in you overcomes unconsciousness.
The Fifth phase: the spirit in you must overcome itself; the spirit must own the body.
And finally you must know all of the quad triad in the phases you have passed through.
The sign of Development would then be complete in your nervous system.
Only after these six working phases will the Father then send power and information to you.

From Heaven to the Depth, substances contract: Centrifugal.
From the Depth to Heaven, substances expand: Centripetal.

From the spirits finding of self in the soul to the spirits use of the body: this is the meaning of mankind; your spirit awakens in you, discovers the innate parts of the soul, overcomes the dark-self and makes presence in the physical through your body. This is cultivated man. Uncultivated man are most of those who don't know themselves; their souls lead them and their spirit remains dormant without doing the purpose they came for, they live the purpose of the world and by so doing they loose their soul and spirit. When their relevance is a burden to the unfulfilled spirit, the spirit cuts-off and they drop dead without knowing.
The Holy One: because you overcome your devil, then your dark-self before you act your meaning here.
Written by Oko Offoboche >

Mis-education is the biggest crime to humanity and the worst sin to humankind!

We stand against altered truth at all cost.

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Skills showcase: artisans, magicians, caterers, fashionistas etc.


Event Organization


Investors required to bring in Industry for Technology & farm, we the Royals have large large lands for it that our names can be verified.


Order or Ask for Latest Innovative ICT Gadgets.


Properties: verified Houses for sale or rent, verified Land for sale, verified Estates for sale in Abuja; Contact Us.


Ask us to export your foodstuffs.

Food: Fish @ cheap rate since we produce them, complete mixed salad with all vegetables & proteins; & moi moi made with palm oil.


Ask us to for Grinding Machines.


Contact Us for Petroleum products sales.


Ask us for Consultation or Retainer-ship in Info Tech. or for Contracts in Printing.


Julie's Formula


Click to add advert

Pay for advert as you like

You get 10% of every advert you bring from another person or co. & give us to do for them & place.


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So those that stigmatize or obstruct the message from God have chosen hell; as all their good deeds will be erased by condemning the author/ webmaster who only transmitted the truth passed down through him for all those who can find it.


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