The Constitution of Existence-ok Industries


Existence-ok Industries is the Corporate Affairs Commission Registered Name in Nigeria with reference number: 990287

Existence-ok is the Trade Mark Name Registered with Ministry of Commerce, Commercial Law Department, Trade Mark section, number: TP69497/03 in Class 9. is the International Network (Internet) Name Registered with the Internet: confirm through or


Our Address is Plot 30 (1 Sakete Close) off Cairo Street, Wuse II, Abuja.

Or 59/61 Mission Road, Ogoja, Cross River State.


Computer Parts, Softwares, Web Designing, Internet Access, Hosting, Mobile Services and General Contracts.


Membership is open to all who are interested in the ideals of existence-ok; to market it, update and upgrade it, as well as themselves and the establishment.


The management of existence-ok consists of those who have passed the bench mark of interest in the company and have been given board membership status as can be seen on our website.


  • Are partners and members that have been elevated due to their contributions to the Industry either by cash or contract.
  • Fraudsters of the Industry are eliminated from the Industry; first as a Trustee and next from the company at large.
  • Trustees are called any time the company is in need of services for our growth.


  • This is done online as all data are saved on our server and networks.
  • Annual subscription depends on the category of membership.


The management runs its accounts via the banking system; where the general purse is controlled by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) who calculates the ratio of disbursement of funds in the percentage agreed, since existence-ok has categories of payment arranged between the member/ partner and the CEO.

This payment maybe in percentage, salary or in kind.


Existence-ok industries has meetings via email, text through GSM, Messengers online, post and courier, and halls � where the case maybe.


  • This is done in the bank to our bank account in which you will be contacted with the details, via email or text message.
  • Payment is within a working week of the time stipulated for payment; 1-5 days before the closing date.


This is through the contribution of jobs brought to the company to do in which your percentages are noted and will be from the profits of the job done. On no circumstance should you steal from the establishment. All profits are with the arrangements of the member/ partner of the establishment and the CEO.


  1. The company/ committee may suspend any member/ partner whose actions are not to the best interest of the establishment.
  2. The member�s image will be removed from the website to erase the complex situation the company may face having people world wide identifying such a person with the company.
  3. Within seven (7) days, notice will be sent to members/ partners on the suspension of the member.
  4. Within fourteen (14) days, other members can declare their stand on the member.
  5. After Twenty One (21) days of no comment from the accused about the said allegations or a majority expulsion requests from other members, the member or partner is expelled from existence-ok.   


Only the emails and phone numbers of members are placed beneath their pictures. Address required can be got from the members by calling, sending text or emailing the member.


Any member may choose to resign at any time, but the member will have to tender key items like a letter of resignation with the intention of resignation from existence-ok and deliver key items specifically the Identification Card.


  • Alteration of rule comes with a suspension of interest, we will not contact you or inform you on any changes or requests that may be of use or benefit to you as punishment.
  • Severe breaking of rules like condemning the establishment comes with suspension and eventually expulsion.


Existence-ok can be dissolved when there is no relevance with society with what it stands for: Existence.


Any dispute will be resolved in house by members and partners alike coming together to solve the problem.


  1. Members should strive to make or promote the company�s name and ideals to gain from the common ratio purse.
  2. Debts, in any event of a job or contract should be cleared first before members should seek profit.
  3. Our external image is most important. Keep it highly up.


MOTTO: Giving all of Existence to you.



Dated this ______ day of ______________,200___.





Oko Offoboche

(Chief Executive)