EXISTENCE-OK Industries, Profile

Mission Statement

At EXISTENCE-OK, we believe that technology exists to make life and work easier and more efficient for our clients and customers. That is why in all our engagements, we seek to offer only the best of breed technologies that will both meet our clients needs in functionality and reliability, and meet their needs in cost and affordability.

Put simply, EXISTENCE-OKs mission statement is to proffer full life-cycle Technology Solutions to meet our clients technology needs in functionality, reliability and affordability now, and into the future.


Existence-ok is a company that offers complete technology solutions to its clients in all Industries, Information and Governmental organizations. Our services have been lauded by all clients we have worked with, and we provide the highest level of personalized attention to each client.

Existence-ok Industries is a registered company with CAC Nig. And has a trade mark, Existence-ok. The company started as Ok Industries in 1987, as a printing and word processing company that grew into one of the first satellite receiver maintenance companies, this later changed as other information technology materials came in, the company grew with it and affiliated itself with many companies.

When the time to register the name came, the name Existence from our book; The Mind in Existence was included. Existence-ok Industries is registered to deal in computer parts, software, website designing, internet access, hosting, mobile services and general contracts. As a trade mark the company is registered class 9 in Ministry of Commerce, as trading in computer analyst and website designer in computer parts, software, website designing, internet access, hosting, mobile services and general contracts. Both registrations were in 2003. The copy right was done in 2006.

The company now covers most aspects of Information and Communications Technology like Domain naming, Domain suffix creation, website management, training, hosting of sites, dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers, direct internet access, GSM ring tones, email, efax, satellite LAN Desktop computers, colour photocopy, photocopy, graphics designs, animations, desktop themes, fax, laminations, cd burning, network setup installation and simple software creation. Our website designing package starts from a minimum of 5,000 for a space (hosting) of 5mb and 10 emails. 

From our profile below you find what we have done in ICT only.

We thank you and look forward to work with you to enhance your company image as well as ours in what so ever we do together as partners or members.

Existence-ok Industries has partner companies.

Client IT Service

Our services done include:

                   Web Designing and Development

       Web Content Management Software development and deployment

       Custom Application Development

       Database Design and Development

       E-Commerce transaction


       Software Development

       Network Design and Installation

       Networking and fiber optics

       Computer hardware sales, installation and maintenance


       GSM LP C-Guard and Mobile GPS Security Control

Client Support and Training

Once we deliver a given project, we are able to arrange continuous support of the deployed infrastructure, if the client so desires. We can also offer additional training and/ or ongoing refresher training sessions to keep the deployed infrastructure at its optimum usage capacity.


The Quality of our work is guaranteed. We are not happy if you are unsatisfied with the work we do for you. That is why each of our projects goes through rigorous Acceptance testing phase, with you, the client present to be sure that it all works, before signing off for hand-over.

Client References

         We have various client references that you may be interested in checking to verify the quality of our work with: -


In Nigeria:

  • Managing Editor: Alternative Power Media -2014.

  • Secretary: Nigeria UFO -2009.

  • Mississippi Development Partners-2008.

  • Change Africa Network-2008.

  • Gilt Patriot Media-2008.

  • Brew 2007 Conference Participant: www.brew2007.com Global Communications Community,  California, USA.

  • Website Architect/ Consultant: Catholic Church Nigeria, Abuja - 2007.

  • Representative:  Niger Delta Fisheries, Abuja -2006.

  • IWA: International Webmasters Association-2006.

  • Webmaster World: WebmasterWorld-2006.

  • African Web Designers: African Web Designers Union-2006.

  • Community Bank: Installed computers, Networked them and put Yala Community Bank on the Internet.

  • Theory: Time Rescue of Independent National Electoral Commission-2006.

  • Website Architect;  Microsoft Nigeria-2006.

  • Coordinator; Niger Delta Fisheries-2006.

  • Software and Hardware Installation in Independent National Electoral Commission-2006.

  • Management Information Systems Contractor for Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission Nigeria. Repaired the Network with its switches, fiber optic cable eaten up by rats. -2005.

  • The only company to give the Delegates of the National Political Reform Conference Groups emails for the publics reach -2005.

  • Website Contractor for Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development-2004/5.

  • Information Systems Maintenance Consultant Ministry of Lands and Housing Calabar; 27 Contract Network Maintenance Jobs. -2004.

  • Nigerian Association of Webmasters and Designers-2004.

  • World Organisation of Webmasters-2003.

  • Nigerian Webmasters Group-2003.

  • Elance Registered Website Developer-2002.

  • Co-founder Theory of Wireless Desktops-2003.

  • With our Partners; Obudu Cattle Ranch, Obudu LGA, Cross River State-2002

  • Father of Idea Age-2002.

  • With our Partner; JAMB web etc.           

  • Ranked number three in Web-styling and Web-changing world-wide-2001.

  • Recognised in Microsoft, Elance, American College of Computer and Information Sciences, Website-Billing, Hughes-2000-2001.

  • Supervisor, Monitoring Station for the East of Nigeria, under BOCH Ltd. as a Director; Supervised the construction of the main monitoring station building in Ogoja.-1998.

See Webmaster for more.

Why Existence-ok Industries?

Here are a few reasons why our clients pick us, and why you should too:

         Because we have direct access to the latest technologies and technical resources in Information Technology in the world, and can bring that access to bear quickly and efficiently in any project we embark on

         Because we have highly experienced staff and resources, including Programmers, Networking experts, and Information Technology trainers who have taught courses in such prestigious global institutions as The George Washington University in Washington DC etc.

         Because we take great pride in our work, and make sure that we always deliver the goods as promised!

Some Websites Done: expired and active; www.brightspace.info, www.marchology.org, www.deprimeteam.com, www.ywamabuja.org, www.operationhaltthepandemic.org, www.patsuventures.com, www.cbcn.org, www.cepadnigerian.blogspot.com, www.deepseadiscovery.com, www.genalconsult.com, www.helynhillconsults.org, www.malariaeradicationinafrica.org, www.yalabank.com, www.mawointernationalchools.com, www.mosquitofightersassociationinafrica.org, www.niyekengineering.com, www.ywamabuja.org, www.clementisongfoundation.org, www.virtualhospital-world.com etc.

Oko Offoboche, Chief Executive