Prof. O. Offoboche

 The place now called Nigeria was the place of paradise where people translated to heaven when there was no death. There is nowhere else on earth where you will find that the first rulers´┐Ż remains cannot be found because he was taken away with his body not available for burial than in Nigeria and its environs.  The so called migration of mankind can be traced all the way to the Bantu route from Southeast Nigeria, before the migration out of Africa.

Before the migration were people who lived in paradise where the tools used to build Egypt were traced to. As well as the Bronze Age origin that is traced to Igbo Ukwu. The origin of the spiritual man that the Homo sapiens came from began in the central part of the place now called Nigeria; it is good for the world to get the knowledge and skills of the origin of humanity for the sustainability of the human species to see themselves as one, instead of as racists or different tribes. They were many other Homo... species, but the Homo Sapiens now dominate the world and should know why. So, humanity can develop and make money from the knowhow of the origin of the human being by modernizing the techniques and skills of old.

It is the Spirit that made the human in soul wise that is called human being that became Homo Sapiens that migrated from the cursed lands of Eden that anyone can see Nigerian lands are the most cursed with everything following the curse of God on the land after Adams and Eve sin, in which migration of people forming different languages left. It is here that you will learn from the Chiefs that people existed before the first spirited man called Adam; that was why Cain found a wife in the east of the world around a place called Tbilisi in the Country now called Georgia; it is also here that you will hear the full story of Cain and Abel about what happened to them at each age of their growth. This is very beneficial to the Occidental who had scoured and scouted the colonized Africa seeking this knowledge. The Oriental can also find out the exact location of the origin of their acupuncture, cupping and Ayuverdic knowledge. The origin of the Hippocratic Oath that came from Amenhotep and the medical symbol can be traced to hear as well.

Mankind has been looking for the origin of the human being as spirit, soul and body that made mankind wise. The time has come for the origins of the migration of mankind to reveal all that makes humans that is the true history of Medicine, because it covers all medicines on earth.


Federal Capital Territory festival will demonstrate all that is not written here for all of humanity.