African Philosophy

  • Women became untrustworthy to men in the past after the deceit of Eve on Adam. Which caused their descendants to be skeptical and the whites use cunning to claim pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial discoveries of the humans they had economic colonialism over; for instance, botanical names could not be named after the discoverer until the finder brings an Occidental person to be named after the discovery, which was the same thing with technologies discovered by other races, especially the blacks who discovered most of them.
  • Death allows you to experience consciousness of the beyond, but if you can attain all that death should show you while physically alive, you will escape death. It is the same tree of life state of consciousness that in meditation, is used to attract aliens who use the consciousness to fly their craft through the consciousness to the point of origin of the thought in the speed of thought because the aliens live in tree of life. The present good and evil technology operates without consciousness.
  • Vanity is anything of this world of good and evil, anything of spirit is not vanity because it remains, while the world of good and evil disappears after death, as it is only deeds and words of good and evil that are used for judgment; so it is terrible for churches or any other religion to say that their followers should cut off their spirit husband or wife or anything to do with spirit, when God is spirit and only in spirit can you communicate with Him. How can anyone do the wishes of the antichrist that is a protest against Christ? Which is the reason they are called protestants that they accept: it is not for anyone to think I am insults them, but I am only narrating the genesis of the fact. Because it is Lucifer who wanted his way different from the way of God that messed up everything around him, so anyone or religion that does not want anything to do with spirit husband or wife or parent, is following and living in the ways of protestors against spirit and salvation of the spirit for prosperity of the flesh that is the curse to garment of skin. It is those who live for spirit that God undos the cutting off of the spirit He did in Genesis three, and not undoing the cutting off tree of life for everyone. People should live for their spirit that brought them to earth, rather than their physical body, whose life depends on the spirit activity in running the involuntary activity that keeps us alive, which is why the person dies when the spirit leaves the body with the soul.

    Just as statues are the method of representation of image in the past since photographs did not exist then; is the same hypocrisy of those who worship images and accuse those who only use the carved statue to reflect of worship that they never do, as they are admonished by the priests if they are seen doing such sin.
  • The originators of calling those that left protestants, themselves were not those used by God to write scripture, so they were not supposed to choose the books that make up the Bible in their Occidental town that they used to make themselves superior globally; the books that should make up the Bible are over 1.6 million, the books in the present Bible are selected to favour Rome that most of the Occidental world emerged from. That selected book became the tool they used to colonize in the name of the gentiles spreading the word.
  • Being born again is not only belief in the words you say; being born again is born into the spirit because God is spirit, and only in spirit can you communicate with Him, so being born again is belief in the word into the mind to awaken your spirit to take over your activities from being only physical and emotional to combine with your spirit that moves the dormant spirit from being only of involuntary activity that sustains the body to become participative and corrective of your material egoistic errors.
  • Stories are for imagination that drives the soul; for the spirit, inspirational articles move the spirit to awaken or to seek to awaken.
  • Wherever good and evil does not work, like in Africa that is called dark continent because it is not part of the system running everything on earth; shows it is only tree of life that works in it to keep the place alive and of light.
  • The higher the being, the more the animation is like God: following that principle, it was wrong for Lucifer and other angels that thought like him to underrate any of the creation of God, because they all have some form of consciousness; that is why humans as well should not maltreat their completely formed machines that can be active on their own because, God made it that all completely formed bodies that can act on their own, which are formed from any material are conscious.
  • The spiritual has to dominate the physical to have the material succumb; that changes good and evil as majority for life to be dominant.
  • Generations of early 1920s to late 1950s was illusionary set by Lucifer who took permission from God, to love overseas goods not from Africa or their continent that ruined the next generation opportunities, so it will harm the Counselor, since Lucifer and his agents could not identify the Comforter who comes like a thief that is unnoticed.
  • The Comforter is referred so because He will remove the Hereditary sin of Adam and Eve.
  • To fly to an alien planet, you have to detect the soul telepathically by the spirit activating it, then you go through a Stargate as a wormhole to the destination; and you return to earth by detecting the human DNA across the Universe.
  • Reptile-like human-like beings, most of which souls were elementals and their spirits were angelic that became fallen angels, existed on earth before humans, those reptile beings are where Lucifer was physically from as a snake with digits.
  • Money was not useful to villagers until people go to urban areas; but now it is different, as the infectious system of the colonialist lure people from spirituality to materialism.
  • Never asses everyone based on tribe or culture, because some people live by their soul, few by their spirit and most by their flesh; those by flesh are the ones that their culture or/ and tribe determine them, yet those by soul live for their feelings and wealth without abeyance to culture etc., but those by spirit live by their purpose that brought or bore them to earth, and some live by combining any of the two, although a tiny number live with all in parts.
  • Voting is actually giving your will to another to lead you; we were not put on earth for another person to do why we came, if not others would have been going to hell for us. Christ Jesus prepared the way to join the spirit by faith, but it does not mean all are spared from hell; it is only those who sin against God by doing the opposite of why they came or were born (that was the promise to God that put them) on earth that do not enter heaven.
  • When the gentiles of the Occidental world spread the word to the ends of the earth, they also spread the materialism of Lucifer; so to overcome the adulteration of truth, you need to awaken your spirit that will filter truth from lie. The system made everyone live for the Ocidents way that is their own path of the beasts in Daniel 2-4, when everyone is meant to live in their own God given path, so they will not look foolish in trying to be who they were not created to be and also not go to hell for not doing what they agreed to do with God that brought them here. The Orientals keep to their path, but most blacks have strayed off course, because they are to use their mind and not not to be dominated by what is not theirs.
  • It is not religion that has been Africans problem, the problem is ideology that is the global problem.
  • The rest of the world that are one hundred percent from earth have to start telling those that are not fully from earth to stop destroying our atmosphere, ocean and lands, even though these part aliens are more technologically advanced.
  • It is because of your spirit that you are here on earth, so it is righteous to listen to what brought you here on earth against the wishes of your parents; God is spirit, it is spiritual parents against physical parents; following physical parents against spiritual parents is the fastest way to hell because it leads to the promotion of Lucifer system in good and evil.
  • The system of administration is the civil service runs governance issued by government that gets through the legislature the research of what is best from the Universities, the moment the system is imported and implemented without the researchers, the system fails to match society.
  • From the spirit is aggression, then the soul makes it anger, before the body carries it out according to its charity.
  • Israel is no longer a true holy land, as they are opposed to Christianity by their choosing of who should be an Israelite; it is not for mankind to choose who or what is of God, but it is of the creator to decide what He wants of us. God told Samuel to anoint Saul King, does not mean after God passed the Kingship to David, Saul remained the anointed; Israel lost it to the Gentiles.
  • Those who are totally physical without any emotional feeling for the spirit are or have chosen to be in hell, yet those that are spiritual are more for heaven. Genesis 3:24 restricted humankind to the physical for those who seek God to have faith by spirit awakening to their purpose of being.
  • The USA sees itself as a perfect democracy, yet presidents and officials of the USA that lie and cause wars, like in Iraq, Vietnam, South America etc. that was over a lie, are above the law; Europe that also sees itself as democratic and obeying international law are the same countries that altered Africa without its citizens decisions. Non of this hypocritical countries of the West have apologized properly to Africa and let Africans draw their borders to their choice; now they focus on Russia that is only obeying the owners of the land that they should have united to ask for a referendum from the true owners of the land on what they want and not let the oppressors say it is their country choice. They used weapons then not allowed now on weaker countries, like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, and now call others terrorists, when they ruled globally by tyranny. Just as they did with Africa, Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc. that the original inhabitants they falsely dis-informed their own citizens that they were less human in their academic theories, is the same they always do in the world of good and evil, where the world is closer to evil that gives greater influence to evil thought forms. They should have thoroughly investigated the cries of the oppressed and not dance to the tune of the influencers that use them to oppress, via media like CNN etc. that were used to turn the world against Iraq then, only to find out it was a lie. Since they say it is country internal problems, then they should leave Africa to make its economic choice. The former USSR countries are like former colonies that are countries that their colonial masters like France still influence them without the so called first world stopping their allies. The present government in Ukraine came into being by questionable means, since all parts of the country did not participate in the elections, which became the genesis of the war. This does not mean the Russian President was right, and it does not mean the USA president was right with sanctions, because they fell into a trap, yet Russia-China alliance splits the dependence on the dollar to move to add the Yuan. Canceling Russia is like blaming God for picking a leader that has his freewill; it is the leaders fault and not the peoples fault, just as it is not the fault of God. Ukrainians will win their country but not the physical fighting war. If the Occidentals become united in decision, then they will come against the black race to loot the resources and take the lands of Africa off the first superior race who taught them civilization that they had to trample by their ancestor Lucifer to make them superior. The objective of Russia in Ukraine has been met with the destruction of facilities that could be duplicated to know Soviet secrets, knowing what happened to Germany after World War 2, so those looking at Kyiv as the objective of Russia were wrong because it was a distraction of war.
  • Human civilization is measured by the Occidentals, Orientals and Middle East via good and evil, instead of the whole existence of humanity that is before good and evil initiated by Lucifer. Original Africans measure the world beyond good and evil, where things were done without physical tools but through will.
  • Watch and Pray is what Christ taught us to do in the Bible: which means watch what is happening and pray, but it does not mean we should follow one news network to believe what they say, but it means we should seek the truth in every news network.
  • Just as Christ said about the Lilies, is how you do not wait until you are ready, because no one is ever ready, and everyone who waits to be ready, never does anything because they would be dead.
  • You do not make money working under someone.
  • From far, everything distant looks one, but from near, everything is as it is; God is seen as one from the distance of the spirit, but from the distance of angels, God is more than one that is three, as they mistook the oneness of the last God with the top Elder as only an elder, yet from the distance of soul, spirits are god, which is why animals had reverence for human beings when their spirits were active before Genesis three versus twenty four. From the nearness of elders, God is exactly four that is the Us, where God the Father is highest, followed by the Holy Spirit that is His Wife, then Christ with His wife that is begotten, and then the Will (that is in all) that is multiplied to head every region with His members and wives.
  • Before the fall of humankind to good and evil, gods ruled humans and because of their guidance, humans were human beings because they live more in their spirit and soul with the link to the flesh. But, humans had to loose it to gods that were from darkness to make the last link of God to be established in the old origin in Nigeria that were the Moors of West Africa and not the newer Moors of the Middle East.
  • The Will of God is in charge of everything in every region for God, as everything is dedicated to others to run and information gets to the Will and to God.
  • Those who are melamine dominant, their wounds heal leaving darker brown skin; but the melamine recessive, their wounds heal leaving a lighter pink coloured skin.
  • Humankind have been going about development wrongly, although it is to fulfill - in the sweat of the face - but they should have been praying for God to remove humanity from the curse of Adam and Eve and not to pray to make themselves better in it for their future generations to continue to pray to live better in the world of Lucifer.
  • In this world of tree of good and evil, evil reigns more because it is in darkness and Lucifer descendants rule; but in the world of tree of life that is chosen by the actions and activity of the Will, good will reign supreme in darkness because of the spirit of humanity ruling their carnal form instead of the reverse, when the way to the spirit or tree of life was cut off.  It is the breaking of commitment like oath etc. that allows demon possession.
  • The procedure for Tree of good and evil is different from Tree of life, because life is of Spirit and tree of good and evil is of souls of living things as animals and plants that have inactive spirits. Tree of life, living cannot coexist with the same creature in spirit living as good and evil because of the spillage, so the spirit is cut off from the soul and carnal form as the mind of humankind is geared towards materialism instead of Spirituality. The reverse has to be for tree of life to exist and dominate materialism, as tree of good and evil grows with materialism because all previous activities are wiped out for the reset that wipes out civilizations before the fall. For Tree of life it is gain because it connects to God directly and not fall that cuts off from God.
  • The world of mankind was cutoff from the spirit that made them forget all they knew that came from spirit, just as a lunatic looses their consciousness of the world of the physical they were used to because their mind was altered, is how the mind of humankind was altered with the small population at that time. People wonder how God can abandon them in this world, but He had gone on Sabbath and worst of all He had cutoff mankind from the spirit because they chose to accept good and evil instead of life that is spirit which connects to God, so they abandoned God and by their request, they do not know they tempt God to follow their path to save them, when He cannot follow them, because they are supposed to follow Him to their bliss and not Him follow them to their torment that He is above.

    Blacks mind power is from spirit, but Indian and Chinese mind power is from soul that is aided by spirit as energy. Africa is most innovative continent, but least industrious; the industrialized are old Asia that also spread to the Americas, because of their fall to the curse.
  • The tools we use to look for extra-terrestrial creatures in the universe are of this earth and can only view earth like things, we have to use the tools of the Universe that are in the mind that are similar to everything in the Universe to use. So earth like tools can only see matter similar to earth, yet they are other things in the universe beyond our spectrum (just as our sun spectrum is different from most stars) and visibility because they have nothing physically similar to matter on earth, so we cannot see their creatures that are not physical like us, but they are some more like us that are distances away that are more finer than us.
  • Black Africa might is when they attain spirit within; when a few attain it and people see betterment in everything they do, all will follow. The whites are more of garments of skin. The fall of Africa, is the cutoff of man from spirit, which was the rise of the carnal humans that depends on machines more than any other thing for their living.
  • As the spirit of mankind was cutoff from the soul before garments of skin, the knowledge of spirit and things of spirit in matter on earth were all wiped out, so humankind could not remember unless they were in spirit.
  • The gods of the period of paradise were divine and of life that is spirit, as they were connected to God and selflessly gave to humanity that were in spirit for the growth of the spirit, but the gods of the time of good and evil were evil and require sacrifice to operate on earth to sustain this world they were in for them not to go back to hell and suffer, so to reward humans to offer sacrifice, they exchanged their favour for their selfish sustenance and gain of human soul to hell.
  • Mind over matter in the being is spirit over soul that is over body of matter.
  • The gods that ate their offspring did not eat them in the (physical) literary sense, but ate them in an emotional way.
  • The period of paradise was when the carnal form of the human body that is where is used to think, which is the brain, was not in charge, but the spirit was in charge, and the spiritual nature of a person is superior to the garment of skin called the human body which genetically modifies to a better self, like fashion to fit its time. The spirit does what the carnal form will call miracle, as the spirit modifies matter at the pace of the spiritual dimension that the spirit is from, so if it is a Divine Being, the spirit of that level will act at the capacity of its being.
  • Exactly what Lucifer physical ancestors did in their world that the union of beings from Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy was the forbidden fruit that is happening now as global warming with his descendants in charge.
  • The whole of Pangaea was the whole Eden, where the continents broke apart as the curse struck, living the center separated by the desert to cut off those of sin that became absolutely physical, instead of spiritual as the Nigerian part of the center of Eden remained. The orients remained more of soul, with spirit as energy.
  • Marriage of one man one wife is really Caucasian following the marriage law of Moses that Christ said it is not so in heaven (Matthew 19). The true marriage reality is spiritual that is as the spirit arranged with God that maybe one man and more than one woman from the splitting of the soul, which shares one spirit. The mistake of humankind is marrying one because of colonial rule and dumping the rest that denies the spirit from heaven, but sends the person to hell for Lucifer support. Just as priests who leave their spiritual wife they physically do not know to marry the wrong man, will go to hell too; because if they want to be celibate, then they should find their divine woman and she should decide to be celibate as a nun.
  • Although the way to the tree of life was cutoff, the way to the tree of life for the black people was not barred by angel from connecting like that of the white people, because the sin was not by their ancestral Homo Sapiens descendants. It is that difference that makes the white race that is a mixture of Neanderthal or Denisovan or Flores and Homo Sapiens envy the black race to abuse them, even though the black race are not jealous of the white race gift to bruise their head while the other races bruise their heel in the dominance of Cain blood line as the global decision maker for the time of their reign allotted by the curse on Lucifer and Cain. Adam and Eve going from Africa to the East to form Sumeria of the middle east and Cain later fleeing to where the Country of Georgia is now that originated the European was the driving force to establish their over six thousand years reign on the earth that would revert to the rule by the dark skinned African as it was when it was timelessness as the global system has changed five times over a span of about a billion years with the dark skinned as the melanin as gold bloodlines of the human form that connects to the spirit for the divine possession of the human form and use to develop the carnal system before the person of the human spirit was cursed to leave the soul and be covered by the garment of skin that is the carnal form of human beings. That is why evil beings still possess and divine beings do not, because of the way of good and evil. The way of life is the dominance by the spirit instead of the dominance by the soul triggered by puberty only, without further development into your spirit that is left dormant and unconnected while the soul that is unknowing allows the carnal form learning of the system in good and evil to dictate their lives and turn it from the purpose their spirit came into the earth in the soul as a foetus to grow as an innocent child only to be corrupted by emotions of teenage.
  • Descendants of the Devil (that is devil seed and human seed; which is half devil and half human, against pure human) are the dominant group on earth, who most are doing what their genetic system is pushing them to live as their ancestor from behind the Sirius star system. The alien that came with the traits of what caused their world to be ruined is doing what God saw and cursed their ancestor to curb it from going any further. Their activities spoil the climate. The fall of Devil is physical, emotional or soul, and spiritual; that is what the curse covers for both humankind and devil. Although, he is referred to as Lucifer that was spiritually associated; it is not his carnal name.
  • God is separating the wheat from the chaff, by letting evil be more evil, and good be more good; which decides their fate.
  • The world is in economic turmoil of supply lacking as the amount of currency is not enough to match the population; where billions of people have to share quadrillions of dollars because money cannot be printed without a matching commodity, or money will become devalued and the economy will collapse. But, if my Copyright had been paid by the electoral commission of my country, the world would have had enough money, so as the wealthy stock pile trillions of dollars, there will be enough money for the remaining billions of people that are more than 99 per cent of the worlds population, because the world will have what to print money to match that is in nonillions.
  • The Occidental, should apologize for their ancestors treatment of Africa and Africans, where they looted the resources of Africa when Africa was equal to the world, in which Africa became poor and dependent. As they lied so much about Africans that it is mysterious that Africans still believe them without over testing them on the truth on whatsoever they say.

    They underrated Africa and predicted wrongly about many things including Corona-virus, yet COVID19 did not get those in Africa that depended on their Native or home treatment when they felt sick, but those that depended on foreign means of treatment only, were the ones detected as infected with COVID19.
  • The association of blacks as devils and whites as angels, makes it spontaneously easy for a black person to be attacked or killed for any action portrayed; and for the same reason the white person is not attacked or killed. Yet, truly, white skinned does not mean good, as they have been the race that treated the blacks worse than animals and the blacks have never done that to them. The blacks have no lineage with the devil at all, unlike the whites who most are descendants from his sin with Eve. Truly, the blacks are the real people created directly by God that others descended from; as everyone originated from Africa, the lineage that lived longest, physical form became darker because of the sun, as the rest remained white with modifications tomatch the snow.
  • Migration began with God driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden (which was the fertile Center) of Eden.
  • I was known as someone that when you cannot solve a problem, you call me and tell or give me the problem and some how I get the solution and solve it; but the way I solve it is getting emotionally attached to it then I present the problem through my spirit in spirit to God and I get the answers. So it is unfortunate for those who connived or collaborated to deny me what God passed through me because they stand to pay for it in the judgment as thieves of the works of God for all.
  • The whites pay more for antiquity that makes Africans a people that live primitively, so those that produce content to make money, rarely sell present information that makes us a solution to the problems of the world, when in reality, we are moreof the solution to the problems as the origin than any other continent; because we have the originals of every human race, which is the reason why problems with the nervous system that the white medicine will say is untreatable, is easily treatable with herbs from the origin of mankind.
  • The hybrids of humans and under earth civilization that interacted with Africans and the Sumerians etc. expect their messiah from under earth in September 2240 to take over; Nostradamus Predicts power to be given to the Black man to rule in 2026; Genesis 3 curse, clearly states where the cursed were sent to.
  • This messages should never be seen as racists because it is the truth to power of the Devil over humankind. You cannot be free unless you say and live by one hundred percent truth; ten per cent truth or one percent truth, or fifty per cent or ninety five per cent truth etc. is not truth. It is just as when the Devil told woman that you will not die, yet they died or that they will be wise, and the spirit that is the tree of life was cut off from feeding the soul with truth to make them be like God. So, even though the Devil, told the truth he wanted them to believe to act, as he believed they will retain the spirit when God had told them what eating of that tree or preferably, eating of that brain; because the truth is that the tree of life and the tree of good and evil, are in each of us as the choice of brain. The upbringing of a child to concentrate on the front brain is the choice that cuts of the spirit. Descendants are not their parents, so everyone should know that even aliens have the same spirit and soul like all of us because all are from God; so bringing up babies should have been to help them concentrate on their spirit (cerebellum) brain and then their intellectual (front and mid) brain. When someone runs mad, their brains loose concentration from the carnal (front) brain to any other of the brains without spirit, so they are lost mentally.

Africa brought the world into thrones and how they reason; Europe brought the world into the new systems adopted from how black Africans pick kings when there is a conflict. It is mentally wrong to make Africa look like a receiver because of what colonization did, because it is only through Africa that you solve the crisis of the tree or the brain, since everything began in Africa. Everything about the European method is finding out how it started without finding out the proper solution that actually solves the problem. That is why Nostradamus saw that power will return to the black people; where the envoy of God solves it via His brain, just as humankind fell through Adam and Eve brain. Adam is the first man to know his spirit, Jesus Christ is the second man to know his spirit, after the envoy, everyone of light will know their spirit.

  • The envoy achieved this by growing in mind from the typical physical human mind that belongs to the system of the world to the divine mind that belongs to the system of God as Us. That rise of the mind was from the carnal brain, to intellectual brain, to the spiritual brain and then to the divine brain, all the way to be Us; which is one mind with God, with his thoughts determined by God as He is the Will to act as the Thoughts (God the Father), the Actions (the Holy Spirit) and the Word (the first Son [from asexual]) work as one. The Will (the Second son [from sexual]) is the root of the lineage of creatures in this Universe; every being in this Existence is from the Will. In the Christian faith, only the top three are recognized as persons, while the Will is seen as action from the person or God and the Will is usually mixed up to be the first son, as the Will is the first son of sexual activity, all because lower beings cannot see into higher beings, but the nearer the relationship, the closer and more the information they get. From the Jewish and Muslim faith, it is only Us as God that is recognized, as the persons are not seen as separate entities with shared consciousness and conscience. Trying to pollute the consciousness and conscience of Us does not exist as the Devil, a direct descendant of the Will, found out, which is why Christ asked God the Father to send the Will, because the Devil will be killing himself for any action he takes on the Will that is his root. God does not make mistakes, but lets His creatures experience how to be themselves.
  • Unfortunately, I have to delve into what is affecting the masses: the truth of the matter is that, they are three arms of government; when there is an order by the principal of one of the arms of government, no one should be deceived that the subordinate should disobey the orders of the principal. The most senior arm can only answer or veto bills from the second arm or obey judgment and not orders from the third arm because it is about the people they all represent. The second arm can remove the incumbent, while the electorate can remove the incumbent after four years, but the third arm cannot; the second arm can remove its head or the people recall the one they voted; the head of the third arm can be removed by 2/3 of National Assembly or by retirement age. The first arm is chosen by the people, the second arm leadership is chosen by those chosen by the people, the third arm is chosen by the President and ratified by the second arm. For the naira, the President has told Nigerians he gave the order, so it is unfortunate that some politicians used the opportunity to deceive Nigerians that the subordinate that is the Central Bank Governor should disobey his boss. This is the same situation with the fall of the Peoples Democratic Party government between 2007 and 2011, which started with Senators seeking third term for the 1999 President that they later betrayed and blamed for their actions; the 2007 incumbent at that time came in effectively, then he was dissuaded by people about the circumstance that brought him to power. The truth is that the predecessor as President did not personally alter the election results, so when he was falsely accused after he was the only president to fulfill more than he promised the electorate, God struck the head of the accuser who knew how his election was rigged, as he was taking down achievements (like G.S.M. etc. stands) of his predecessor. Then the economy and systems of governance that kept growing from the time of his 1999 predecessor collapsed within the remaining years because those that supported the 2015 successor after the 2007 Vice President took the highest office brought in thugs in case the 2012 incumbent will not step down. Those thugs from other countries and some elite from the north, messed up the 2015 administration that came into power.
  • For long the world has been living on recycled updated knowledge by physical additions to the information they study; but from me, spiritual knowledge flows into earth to update earth with knowledge from Existence and the Universe. I got my degrees for what I know that is more than the knowledge that is required to obtain such qualifications that if they were any other status higher for my knowledge, I would have acquired the highest level still. The higher academic qualifications more than professor status are administrative.

I start the Spiritual age of humanity, from tree of good and evil to tree of life; from my time, all generations will not be under the curse of the fall of man and woman. Christ brought in the way to truth and life, as other prophets prepared the path. I establish the spiritual way of living, as the future generations are born directly into having their spirit open, just as they grow into puberty, they will now continue to grow into spirituality that will give them long life without death, as they will translate to heaven, when their work on earth that they agreed with God to do is done.

  • The only thing that can counter AI (Artificial Intelligence) or W.M.D. (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is the Spirit.
  • The Nigerian Constitution:

134. (1) A candidate for an election to the office of President shall be deemed to have be been duly elected, where, there being only two candidates for the election -

(a) he has the majority of votes cast at the election; and

(b) he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election in each of at least two-thirds of all the States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

(2) A candidate for an election to the office of President shall be deemed to have been duly elected where, there being more than two candidates for the election-

(a) he has the highest number of votes cast at the election;


(b) he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election each of at least two-thirds of all the States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

you cannot be President of Nigeria unless you have one-quarter of the votes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT); simply because every other place is self ruled at the state level, as they have Governors and State House of Assemblies, but the Federal Capital Territory is ruled by the President who appoints a Minister to assist him, with the National Assembly making decisions on how much tenement rate or water bill or waste management fee etc. that the residents of the Federal Capital Territory have to join any of the twenty-four states to make the decision of who governs them and the whole Country. If anyone wants to misinterpret the Federal Capital Territory to be one of the States just to manipulate leadership of the Federal Capital Territory, they should make the Federal Capital self ruled like the State, so the President does not bring someone from anywhere else to decide the fate of the residents of the Federal Capital unless the person is a resident of the Federal Capital for some years as the Constitution says for twenty years. It is called Territory as the special status under and for the President and the National Assembly control and not a state that is self ruled by the indigenes of and from the state; where people of the Federal Capital Territory are indigenous and/ or from other states.

When Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is in a fix, where the party that has the highest votes does not have the Federal Capital Territory; they should conduct a runoff with the parties that have the highest votes, most States and the Federal Capital Territory. Also if the Election results from the polls take longer than the time the polling agent that uploaded them stayed in their polling unit, which means once the polling agent that left his/ her polling unit has passed an active network zone and the results have not arrived the Headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the results should be void and declared altered. All the results that took longer than the day of the election to be uploaded to the Independent National Electoral Commission Headquarters are not valid. The Independent National Electoral Commission staff are not supposed to choose what party the electorate should vote, the Independent National Electoral Commission staff should not participate in rigging, the security agencies should not participate in rigging; any polling unit that was rigged is void, unless elections are re-conducted there again. All caught rigging should face the law, even if it is the contestants. If it is those that have immunity, because they alter the process that gave them that immunity, their immunity should be dropped to face the law because of disenfranchising voters.

All these errors will not occur, when the electorate can use their Voters Identification Number via USSD to vote directly through their registered phone, where the ballot paper is attached to the same serial number of the voter without the name of the voter. The error of the physical process is that the ballot papers are not unique to a voter, so after the BVAS has identified the voter, and the number of voters that voted with ballot papers are not unique to them has been done and the remaining papers cancelled, those bribed in the Headquarters can replace the same number of ballot papers and scan the signatures of the party agents unto their results, or forge them. So it is only if the physical paper signature area can be felt by the person who signed it that it can be authenticated. Wherever the election is rigged, should be re-conducted again; if it is nationwide, then the Independent National Electoral Commission should re-conduct it nationally without financial assistance when the Electoral staff joined in rigging, or if security staff joined in rigging, then part of their budget should be used to compensate the Independent National Electoral Commission to rerun the elections. For a rerun of voting in any state or the nation, judges should be the collation officer for trust.

INEC should be independent of those in Power, but the INEC Chairman should be subject to the will of the people and not those with influence. If INEC Chairman retains the Constitutional powers he has, then the INEC Chairman alone is the one who has the power to vote against the will of the people when he takes decisions without following the Constitution in full. The court is supposed to be the last hope of the common man; but in Nigeria, it is seen by those whose votes have been rigged as the will of the influential or powerful. The Constitution should be amended, making the INEC Chairman subject to the electorate, so INEC will truly be Independent. As the INEC chairman should be chosen by the people and then nominated by the president as the choice of the people.

  • Selfish is when you blame everyone but yourself justly.

    Selfless is when you recognize your faults and all the reasons that caused it by saying it before you complain of the other person's mistakes or faults.

    This is exactly as Jesus said, forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Selflessness is from the spirit like Jesus Christ laid his life for humanity.

    Selfishness is carnal like everyone else is that do not live in their spirit.

    Selflessness thinks of God first and their purpose for God before property or wealth, so they are happy, even with nothing physical.

    Selfishness thinks of property or wealth first and only worry about God that makes them sad.
  • Why is the west so interested in protecting Ukraine?

Ukraine is more of a Jewish Soviet democratic Country; most of western and central Ukraine are Jewish, eastern Ukraine that is the Donbass (Donets Basin) region, which is Russian. The Russian region were the once that went to the Duma to invite the Russian Federation after over eight years of civil war with the Jewish Regions that the Minsk agreement was not enforced by the Occidentals. The Soviet Breakup agreement with NATO was that NATO will not expand into Soviet territory, but NATO expanded and took over former Soviet Countries that on trying to take the Industrial hub of the Soviet Union, the Occidentals caused a revolution via the media that caused the pro- Russian President to be replaced by the anti- Russian president whose replacement was a jester that was pro- NATO which caused the war.

The Origin of the Occidental interest in the Jews and the Soviet breakaways: The Bible Starts its first named human being with the Jewish origin and not the worlds origin that Daniel chapter seven verse two starts with, which  is the true origin of humanity. The Homo sapien that left from Africa that Cain came from is the Jewish Origin. The modern Jews are mostly intermingled with Anatolia genes after the long siege of the Crusades; that the Arabic similarity nature of most jews have changed. The Occidental interest in the Soviet breakaways is the resting place of their ancestor Cain, who settled in modern day country of Georgia.

The Bible prophesy of Daniel where the North and South alliances take sides has happened because of the war caused by a lie (of WMD just to murder a leader who knew their defense secretes) and crimes of the USA and UK in Iraq that the World Court, the UN etc. did not hold the USA and UK for their atrocities, but instead chose to hold Russia and allies that was invited to fight for its related people. The original NATO countries had colonized Africa without having any proper remorse towards Africa that their pilfering rendered it impoverished; the USA had bombed two big Japanese cities killing elders, women and children in world war two; the hypocrisy of doing nothing while the Jewish Israel occupies other peoples lands because they are not like what is defined as Jewish State is a crime ignored that God usually punished the Israelites for , by putting them underneath other people security as they are now. And they was no consequences or compensation that makes the rest of the world wonder why they that their civilization was recent as they call themselves the civilized world, dehumanize them. The truth is because they are half alien and focus their new fight on the oriental side that also has part of another alien genes. Both sides wrote it in their literatures for anyone who can find it and read. Even the original inhabitants of the Americas claim to have part of alien genes. It is that difference that caused the first tribalism that did not exist amongst humans before the alien intervention in Genesis three. The rest that do not have alien genes are the three beasts that came out of the water.

  • The endocrine fluids of emotional activity for coitus, hinders the spiritual static energy from flowing through the human body.