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The ribs of man & woman

The ribs of man are firmaments, the rib of woman is one of the firmaments taken out of 12 firmament of man, so every man has his 12 firmaments that make his name, just as Christ name is word, every woman rib is the last of her man firmaments taken out of her man. So, in that last firmament that mist watered earth, is the last firmament given to woman that holds materialism that is the wealth of man that waters their services and products, that is why men lust after women more than women, that is what is we should not covet man is wife and goods, that is why women greed for wealth than man. That is why it is in Leviticus that we should not prostitute our daughter or we curse the land, that is why it is in Exodus that enticed woman should not be suffered to live. Because, sin that is worse on anyone and God is fornication as it s clearly defined in Corinthians as sin of the body, that is why earth was flooded in the time of Noah because sons of God took daughters of men as wives.

So marrying any woman because of lust is sin, every marriage is supposed to be what God has joined together, every marriage that was not joined by God first, but was joined by priest etc. is not marriage by God, such is marriage to fornication, that is the fornication that Christ meant that a husband can cut off, that Christ said only by fornication can man leave wife, because such marriage is what is bound on earth that is bound in heaven, so if it is wrongly bound it is bound out of heaven to be bound in hell. But, mistaken fornication was forgiven by Christ because it was not by vow of wedding to make it permanent. It is that type of fornication that we are to resist the Devil, because Devil and his generation were cursed to feed on dust as mankind were cursed to return to dust, that is why devils feed from sin. Christ said divorce was put by Moses because of hardness of the heart of mankind, that originally it was not done so. Because, mankind divorced and remarried, that is why Christ called them an adulterous and evil generation, because to marry any woman not given by God is altering the plan of God; that is why there was flood as the sons of God took wives of men, so God hates sin of altering destiny of any man and his woman. If mankind did not fornicate, there will be no death, because death came because of sin, because sons of God took wives for themselves, the age of mankind were reduced to be below one hundred and twenty years. So if mankind wants God to reward them with life, then they must avoid fornication that is why Christ condemned lust.

Lust is different from desire, even though they mean almost same thing, because every woman was cursed to desire her husband, so every woman who desires her husband will make herself the helper she is made for, but every man has to find out why God sent him to earth, so the task of woman is to marry her true husband by God, that is why women are usually happier than men on their wedding day, unless the wedding is not what she wanted. It is the job of woman to be helper to man, but it is not the job of woman to be helper to any man, so every woman must be helper to her husband, then she would have passed her test, so if the wrong man chases her, she should not let him because she will be loosing her future family wealth, so when women ask why they are poor, they should ask themselves if they were able to keep their hymen, because men do not have hymen to keep, since the job of men is to enter anything available because, they are the once doing the chasing, it is very hard for a woman to chase a man and he gives in without gaining, but its very easy for a woman to fall and be used, that is why women are called weaker sex, because Devil chose to use Eve, it is natural that man should listen to his wife, but it is wrong for a man to listen to his wife against God, that is why Adam was cursed. So women should organize themselves because, it is not by allocation that women should regard themselves doing better than men, it is by women helping their husbands that women will help themselves, because society knows women never agree if put together to support themselves, but men agree if put together to support themselves, so women will become helper to themselves when they do why they are on earth; women have been living in the life of men or better put it the clothing of men, not really clothes, but the task of men. Women tasks do not exist. That is what Satan disrupted, that is what I write for, because if women task was done, then the cycle of mankind will be complete for death and sin to withdraw, but unfortunately those of sin live by lust to do abomination of desolation.

Abomination is what society calls sex sins that they cleanse the land by purification prayers to God and abstinence, desolation is destruction by natural causes; abomination of desolation is when gay causes desolation by natural causes. That is why Africa is safe from such disasters, yet all other continents are prone to disasters, South Africa that is only African country to accept such, have sharks that are voracious. The global economic melt down that had become every decade occurrence, became worse when with gay rights, the looting of treasures in Africa is the genesis of economic hardship of the former colonial masters, and because even though they will say they were middle men they know that we never told them to colonize us. So colonization was for their selfish ends to loot by taxation of people that were forced by barrel of guns invented originally in China, so Daniel vision of four beasts that came out of the water are the true picture of mankind that made the world racist, the first beast has mind or heart that we know is the black man who says soul power, the next beast is dominion that is religion, then next beast is skill, the last has metal, the children of metal are Cain descendants, because it is very clear that Cain descendants smelted metal first, yet we know Abraham left from Ur that was Indian border before Indian independence. The Chinese are known for skills in fighting, paper money, flag, gun powder, plates etc. it is now that we are at the end of this cycle that ended in December 2012, that mankind are beginning to know many truths about themselves as it was predicted to be sealed till the end, so the cycle usually over laps as it changes from baktum to baktum, we have just finished the 13 baktum of over 5000 years that over laps with the next cycle like firmaments over lapping like horizons over lap, every firmament is like a horizon, it is just that each firmament are layers of horizons placed on each other; there are 13 ribs up and 13 ribs down and one in the middle as matter where we are. The peak that makes 13 is where only God enters, all other ribs make 12 ribs for mankind, though the level of angels supersede that of mankind, so there are 5 ribs of soul and 7 ribs of spirit for mankind, yet there are 4 more ribs for angels, and there is one more rib for elders. So light and darkness has equal 13 ribs, so matter is neutral ground where both light and darkness meets; that is what is great about creation that in God house there are many rooms, yet God 13th rib is united, but every other being are supposed to unite their members (ribs) to become one like God, that is why God said He makes man after His mage to be after His likeness, so we will appreciate complexity of creation when we can become one with our members like God is one with all His members of thoughts, words and deeds.


The Job of Woman

The job of man is to till the ground he was taken from, the ground that man was taken from are the 12 ribs of mankind, so the job of man is to till the spiritual ground that he is from by tilling the way to that ground within his body so his spirit will open the way to his intellectual capacity to bring what is in his spirit to fruition through his soul, its that capacity that women are to protect and not mess it up, so women were given hymen to preserve the wealth of their generations to be through them as the men prepare the way for both, so the jobs of men are the only jobs on earth, the jobs of women has not been harnessed, because Satan disrupted Eve from doing hers while Adam had done his by naming all things. So the job of women is to be helper to man, every woman should have known that there should have learnt from the Holy Spirit who is the first helper as spirit of God, so as God is He, Holy Spirit is He; so all things started with he, but all subsequent things starts with she, every child is born after the male seed that is more alive than the female egg, swims to the ovum, then the sperm that is produced at lower temperature than body is produced after 100days. That can be asked medically. The job of woman is to solve all things, but Devil(s) defeat of Eve made women weaker sex so they argue more with each other instead of settling to be solutions, they think of who they can get to give them their daily needs when they were cursed to desire husband so they will find their way through their husband members to God, that is why Christ said mankind in future would not be given in marriage, but will be like angels.

So angels are same male and female of the same being, but mankind is evil generation because they are mixed members that were not by God so they end up divorcing. So if women learn to know how angels leave that is copying Christ and Holy Spirit because God had said let us make man in our own image after our likeness, the likeness of God are Christ and Holy Spirit, so mankind of two main colours black and white, every other race is mixture of both. The Holy Spirit is described as spirit of God, or will of God as ancient of days that has colour. Christ is not described as with colour. So the job of women is to harmonize all man has done by resolving all conflicting issues, that is what is helper, helper is not only coitus, because it is the man that does most of the motion and spending, so the job of woman is to create her own industry of education and ministry for coordination and resolving to correct mistakes, that is why women use both hemispheres of front brain to coordinate things to make them multi-tasking, yet men use their rear and front brains more than women, so its when both brains are working together to resolve what God sent the man for, that is when mankind will have no more problems, then death will go as lie will go because devils would not have dust that is from fornication and lust to eat. So when the white people insist we should live for lust by gay rights, they should have retraced their history to wonder where they are descended from to know that it is because of Eve adultery with Satan that Cain was different to migrate to the caucus mountain where greca (Greece is from) that Romanus (Rome) migrated from that Britannica etc are from so all that migrated from that same stock are the ten horns spoken by Daniel that are kingdoms.

Most know that rebirth or renaissance brings about innovations because its by going into the past to solve the future, some think you should let go of the past, but they forget that religion is reading the past so you do not make same mistakes in future, that its from those of the past that we read of the future, so if mankind had visited their past, they would have visited what Satan did to Eve, then over turn it so mankind would not die, but mankind accepted death is natural when scriptures tell us that death is because of Eve and the fall of Adam that somewhere in present day Iraq, the corpse of both are kept, that the symbolic tree of good and evil is near Basra, that the symbolic tree of life is in Qatar, yet the true tree of life is in the east of the brain where the sun rises from or where the brain grows from to settle in the west or the front brain where the brain stops growing at 25yrs of age. Yet Africa is known as the cradle of humanity with oldest civilization, so Africa is Eden, yet Africa shares its culture with middle east that is clearly the eastern part of civilization, that Isaiah writes of going through the river that joins the Nile, the only river that joined the Nile was the Niger, so as written if the midst of the garden was where the tree of life and tree of good & evil was planted, then Eden must be Africa and Asia as one continent, geography knows there was Gondwanaland. We know the continental plates are moving so we can not be naive to think it is just as the continents are now, so it is as the continents were in the beginning. So if the continents are ever changing, then women should have been progressing to be changing their ways, just as men have used women to upgrade their mission, because every man has his task given by God that he is to find and do, but every woman job is to help resolve all issues that will break the mission of the man that ties both of them together because if he fails, she fails, it was when Adam ate fruit that both lost, it was Adam that did his task of naming all things, but Eve failed to help Adam protect what he had done, she sold all Adam did to Satan because Satan was cursed above all things below him, Satan was not cursed below, even though mankind bruises his head by making the whites think to solve our problems, yet they bruise our heels by making us work for them.

Men and devils have been doing their work, women have been dormant not doing their work because, women have never sat down to understand what is their work, women only think it is to marry anyone appealing, yet anyone appealing might be by devil, so women should know that to marry is only by who God told them they should marry, then the woman should sit and see conflicting issues in his life and the children life and solve them then she will find out that those issues she solves in her husband and children are the issues she will use to make more money on internet and everywhere than her husband can ever give her, so women will find out that their industry of solving husband and children problem will repair their ethereal members so they will be surprised that they will make more than anyone in the family until their generation can figure out their own. So it is in a woman solving family issues that she finds out her industry, it is not in a woman copying another person because that is covetousness, so women will realize that it is because Holy Spirit is helper, that is why He has all gifts in heaven to give, so it is because women are helper that is why they have all materialism that is in ethereal, so for that materialism of woman to materialism on earth is only if the woman is helping her true husband that materialism will materialize as wealth for both couples, but if the woman tries to be helper to another man that God did not give her then she curse the land by deny materialism to materialize, that is why women should know that they are to blame for poverty in the home, unless the man has other gods instead of God, that is when he is to blame. That is why every priest and prophet knows that things are done in spirit before they are materialized on earth.


Politics of Woman

The creation of woman from man sparked-up politics in heaven for and against the creation of specific helper, those against specific helper preferred the first method of helper or help mate, where fornication was allowed since there was no specific formation from same being of same name, it is those same opposition that are transformed to gay rights; they should have known its punishment for them to learn abstinence from such acts but they willingly melt into it for oblivion. Because in Genesis man was created with other beasts as helper, the body is beast, what made man distinct was breath of God or spirit of God in man, so the politics of woman is the idea of change starting from below to above, instead of the usual from above to below, so Satan could not take the change of accepting that because woman was formed first from the last created creature he too should obey the new law of no fornication, that is when the break up of beings occurred, yet God had finished the creation business before the law business started; the creation business was when God created the heavens and the earth, the law business started from when God created the earth and heavens.

The first creation process stopped with God going on Sabbath, the Second creation process started with mist watering the earth, that is where the likeness of God took over to finish the creation process and establish the laws, since the first law of love had been issued in the first creation process by multiply and fill the earth, yet that law was corrupted by lust, because lust is desire for what is not yours by God, that is what is covetousness. So the politics of woman is that women were ignorant and had not been groomed by their hubby on issues concerning what their task was on earth since the women were formed as helper, so Satan took advantage of that to corrupt woman while the man was exploring earth to name things that God gave him, its that corruption in women that women have to purge out of themselves so they can start getting their tasks out of themselves as they take out of their remaining members in their man, so once women purge that satanic corruption from themselves they will find out that women will cooperate with each other to establish their industry because they would not quarrel over trivial things. But unfortunately, women hide under the shadow of what man can do woman can do better, yet women have never been able to defeat the man that defeated them to make them called weaker sex, so it is only if women defeat the man called Satan, then they can start saying what a man can do they can equate, because no woman can do better than the He that is God, it is clearly written that God is man, so men have democratically more members or ribs than women, men have eleven ribs, women have one rib; to clarify the ribs or members are firmaments or horizons of existence. Women have the last rib that watered the earth called ethereal, the remaining ribs are male. That is the main reason males are preferred in birth, yet most people do not even know why they prefer male children, they only know that it is because the male children retain family name, but the reason for retaining male name is because male children are origin of the wife members, so marrying the wrong woman is not the same as her surname changing to the man(s) name, because they are not same members, so marrying the wrong person makes both satanic.

Marriage is only reuniting the first creation process. So the first creation process stopped when both male and female were created together as them, the second creation process is when women were taken out of each man to make help mate, so it would have been wise for women not to agree to the indoctrination of Satan, so women can claim their position in the creative process of God as the last creation, that its only women that have three openings underneath, while men etc. have two openings underneath, but women willingly make Satan happy by leading the pack of gay; because most women have experienced it compared to less men in number. That with gay rights, people should have asked what was the reason of separating schools or dormitories or toilets, if it were not to stop the promotion of lust and fornication, that sex became taboo that is abomination, just to protect mankind from satanic influence, so they can find their right partner to be saved for heaven, but now many religious teachings have re-altered the path of abomination to mean fellowship partner, thereby promoting lust that Christ condemned, so there should have wondered why was lust wrong, even though they knew it was to stop satanic influence, they never took it that way. Because like Eve they believed in trying it, yet if you have to try anything, you should always know how to get out of it, you do not try it and trap your generation and you to death like Eve did. They should have realized that it is not only believing Christ to be saved, it is believing Christ and doing what He said that will save you; Christ said carry your cross and follow Him, that meant do why God sent you, just as He did why God sent Him, because that is the purpose of everyone right from before mankind was created, because it is clearly written that man was created to till ground he was created from. So as man has been tilling the ground he was created from that is also the curse on man, then women have been doing part of their mission that is their curse of child bearing, but how many women desire their true husbands, how many women know that they are married to the true man that God created them from; the creation of woman from man is not biological, the creation of woman from man is the soul and spirit that are same. So their soul and spirit should have same name, like Christ name is word.

Politics of woman is the resolve of conflicts that started with the dissociation of women from men by Satan, so it is only women who can fix it; men have fixed all their mistakes since Christ as He, used man(s) body. So politics can be credited to woman, that is what a woman should say what a man can do they can do better, that is situations arise with their presence like most conflicts were caused by men interest in particular woman. So God planned politics to start with woman to test beings who can remain faithful to His cause of them, by them finding out who they are and doing who they are as Christ knew He was word and did word and spread the word, just as Adam named things, just as Moses established the laws. The difference in ribs of man and woman is that man was cut off from his other ten ribs that are his tree of life because Adam listened to Eve against God, so man was equated with women who had one rib, unless the man reaches the point where he identifies himself to know who he is then he knows his mission before the way will open, that is the way Christ spoke of that it is clearly written in Genesis after the curses, that cherubim blocks the way to tree of life; the tree of life is the back brain, where the brain grows from the east to the west, that it stops at twenty-five years of age. That the first politics was with the trinity, the second politics was with beings, the difference is that with the trinity there is cooperation by hierarchy, but with beings, echelon failed to suffice.



Satan was a fool not to understand that mankind were created to till the ground they were taken from, so mankind was not superior in form, even though they were to dominate earth and subdue it, mankind only became worth to be like God when they live by their spirit that is like God, so angels that were messengers were definitely higher because they were messengers to God that influence mankind by messages. Most people mock Eve listening to Satan, yet Christ said the ruler of this world is coming; so if Eve listened to ruler of the world, then those who listen to their priests, bishops, rulers etc. against what God told them are worse than Eve; God was angry with Adam for listening to his wife against God. God loved the world to send His only begotten son; some think it is because mankind are to dominate the earth and subdue it, so the world means mankind. No. The world is where all beings come to learn how to solve their problems, that is why God loved the world, because the world makes beings better by removing those beings that are too weak to belong to heaven, so the weak that fall to corruption are sent to hell when they can not pass judgment monitored by Holy Spirit; the judgment that was set by Christ as He Judged Devil. So the world makes beings experience how God started.

Christ had said in book of John in bible that if He does not go Holy Spirit (Comforter) would not come to them. Judgment is because mankind was given choice to choose as means of freewill, so Adam and Eve were asked to choose, but Eve let devil choose for her, it is letting another person choose for you instead of listening to God that is satanic; Christ never let His mother force her choice on Him, He only did what God sent Him to do. So because mankind was to choose, meant that Christ words were to save them to choose rightly, which is carrying your cross and follow how Christ carried His cross, yet Christ spoke in parable so those that sinned can be saved because, those who know and sin against what they know are not forgiven, that is why Adam and Eve were not forgiven. It is putting things against someone(s) choice in their meal that is satanic; because Satan did deceived Eve to eat what was different from what He told her after God went on Sabbath. Sabbath is truly Saturday, so people should keep Saturday holy; Sunday is now worship day, so people should regard it as when Easter began. Christ is begotten from God because it is by love He is from God, the Holy Spirit is from God as Will of God or Spirit of God where all spirits are from, since before God started forming everything, God put His spirit in the beginning of Genesis, before God started forming all things, so as Christ is begotten by being bond to God, Holy Spirit is connected to God as also part of God like Christ, but His will. So it is Christ and Holy Spirit that God left on Sabbath to be in charge, that Satan actually stole from, even though Satan stole it by deceiving Eve. That is why it is only Christ and Holy Spirit as part of trinity that had to come.

As Holy Spirit is the part of God let out from God to do the Will of God, mankind is to be like God since they are image of God; to be like God is to identify your spirit name, you can only know your spirit name like Christ spirit name is the word, if you know your everything. Everything is good and evil; in everyone there is their good and evil side, those who let their good side dominate them, those are the people that are of God, it is the choice of choosing your good in you that will keep the angel in you active, it does not mean you loose your evil side, it only means your good must grow to dominate your evil side, if not those who avoid their evil side, their evil side must grow and come back to fight them to take over them, so its wiser to be just. The angel in everyone is in the back brain where in Genesis God cut the way to the tree of life and put the cherubim to guide it, but most people follow the devil in their front brain so, they are deceived because it was devil who defeated Adam & Eve to be in charge of the front brain, that is why back brain was cut off, yet those who follow the messages of God through their angel, get rewarded by the power of God that chases away the devils from their front brain so when they think, they think of only what is happening without multiple voices of distraction dissuading them of their path to truth; that is what is mustard seed that is grown to oak tree. But those that are weak after becoming born again, let themselves to fall for greed to covet, then the devil that was defeated by you becoming born again that sparked the spirit in you to be awakened, goes and brings seven more devils to distract you to fall, then the weak fall, so since they had know what was good and evil, they become evil, so they become devils for opposing God, just like Satan was devil for opposing God, but those that remained obedient to what God told them without falling to what anyone else said that is different from God, those are rewarded with greater strength to be of God, those are the people that become like God. Angels are suppose to prove service to God by delivering the message of God to who God said, so angels that refuse to do as God said are devils, yet compared to Satan, most people do worse than Satan, at least Satan asks God before doing anything on anyone, that is clearly written in book of Job in bible, it is just that tricking Eve and Adam to eat what was different, to make them different from the doings of God, made Satan become devil. Ascension is the achievement of those who know who they are because they have their own everything, every man and woman has their own everything, but their own everything can not be until they have their right partner. Yet those who go to the wrong partner to keep, have refused to be as God did because of lust, those find themselves in hell; hell is for those who fail to do what God sent them for, hell is for those who are not as God created them.

When creation of helper was made too easily by mixing beings that did not match, God immediately agreed as trinity to make helper fit for each man, that was part of that man, that was the calculative smartness of God to checkmate all of the greed of Satan will lead him to do so, those who fail to be with their own true partner by God will go to hell for altering the plans of God by stealing another person(s) future partner; that is why it is written in Ten Commandments not to covet your neighbours wife or goods etc. Some will say God went on Sabbath, but God had put His Holy Spirit to create, so God only had to give Christ to give Holy Spirit to do it. Mankind had chosen good and evil that meant everything, so mankind had chosen the way of Holy Spirit; if mankind had chosen life, then mankind would have chosen Christ. So the choice of mankind was to choose between Holy Spirit or Christ; yet mankind still chose the natural order of creation of things, because even though mankind think they decide, they actually do only what God has ordained; the natural order of creation is that God formed Himself first, then Christ was formed, then Holy Spirit was formed, so when mankind chose everything, mankind chose the way of Holy Spirit, indirectly to the order of God(s) formation, since Christ had said He takes from God and gives to Holy Spirit. So as Christ said all things that God has is His, yet Christ gives all things to Holy Spirit, then all things are with Holy Spirit, that is why it is Holy Spirit who gives gifts; it is power that comes from God through Christ. The name Jesus is the English translation of Christ name; we all know we do not like our names in another way we did not call ourselves. So I prefer calling Christ that no one else uses.


Meek and Opposition

The meek are those that are humble to God to obey God by letting their spirit lead them, then their spirit becomes the true assimilation point of every information coordinated by the brain, it is such assimilation that makes those in spirit outstanding to receive several times more information than the brain can ever comprehend or know; the opposition are those stuck in their endocrine activity that they remained in puberty while those in spirit kept progressing in mental activity, those in emotions remain fixated on material needs not to know that it is only in spiritual attainment that they have absolute control of wealth, because wealth is from spirit. Geniuses are those who use their brains alone, the brain can only give 10% capacity, so most people use less than 10% capacity, but those who live by their spirit have got their soul, so they have saved their soul to use all their capacity that gives them 100% capacity of smartness, so they are smarter than those who live for carnal reasons that are feelings, those who live for feelings are cunning only but not as those of spirit that are outstanding. To be really of spirit is after born again into spirit and remaining firmly by God instead of ego, then God will accept your spirit to reward you with who you are, and then God will give you your power that is your being. No one has control over their power, it is only God that has absolute control over all our power, that is why God demonstrated it by taking all Christ power before crucifixion. So it is only God who chooses if we do not die, yet God does not intervene to stop the consequence that makes people die, because it is the person that chooses what they become by doing right or doing wrong, doing wrong is opposing God, so it is not avoiding your spirit to be ignorant and not know why you die and go to hell, it is being in spirit to have control of who you really are that keeps you in control of your life so you make heaven.

Those opposed to God do not know it at first, they only feel guilt when they are wrong, and those opposed to wrong doing, know they are wrong but, think they get away with it as long as others do not see it, yet the judgment sees it to judge them by giving them their fate to hell. Because to be opposed is to be for fornication; that is what the first helper creation was created for in Genesis two, but the second helper creation in Genesis two was to replace that to make it that to be for fornication is opposition, to marry who God did not create you with is to be for fornication, but mistake of fornication can be forgiven since it is not permanent. So fornication is when male and female that the female is not from the male as missing rib mate, but coitus is when it is between only missing ribs. If coitus were between missing ribs as God created, death will go because lie will go; death came because lie came; the lie is making fornication between male and female permanent by marriage. The truth is coitus between those that God made to be together to be permanent by marriage, but devil(s) job is to make it impossible to meet true spouse unless God intervenes because both are dedicated to being as God did. It is not that those in spirit do not have feelings, as a matter of fact, those in spirit have better feelings, but it is just that their feelings do not control them like those who never grew above puberty as they remained in it throughout as they retained teenage lively hood, but those in spirit are those that grew from emotions to add spirit into emotions, that controls their emotions, so they have better control of their lives since by being in spirit they have saved their soul; but those in lust do not have control of their feelings, because they have not saved their souls as they lost control of their soul to devil(s) control. That is why those who are not in spirit have their soul controlled by devils, those are the people that their souls are not saved, since devils controls those people souls to make them make them feel things without their control, those are the people in lust, because they have no control over their soul, since their spirit has not been born again to have grown from mustard seed to oak tree to control their soul. It is through controlled soul that miracles are done via spirit. The spirit and soul grows into the body from existence, just as the body grows through digestive system, so every body has experienced how the soul grows, once they have past puberty, that is how the spirit grows from the pit of the stomach or solar plexus region to the back brain, then all over the body, it is just as endocrine activity grows from erotic feelings of sexual organs. So there is nothing strange about the spirit, it is just that you will be better aware of your surroundings, since the body and soul were made for the spirit to come and experience earth and till the ground of spirit, soul and earth they were taken from.

Most people are afraid of experiencing their spirit because they think differently about change, they do not know really they are not changing, they are only adding to change for the better without loosing any part of who they are, they only realize their wrong in spirit and stop, it is the realizing of your wrong that makes devils keep you feeling different and away from wanting to be of your spirit, so you remain dependent on lust for devils to feed from dust that is soul cursed on devils to eat. Everyone relives Genesis one and two throughout their lives, whether they like it or not, everyone must stumble into their first helpers that are different persons to make mistakes with, but those that get stuck to false helper, those are the people meant for hell. We are in interregnum of after Sabbath, because God is taking over from Christ as Holy Spirit had deposed the rule of Satan, but the obfuscated minds of those living carnally lets them not to see what is happening, because their minds are clouded with thoughts imposed on them by devils in their front brain distracting them to think materially by them worrying about things of the world when they should be living for their spirit so their spirit will be living as God intended them to be, so they know what is happening; it is not that God dictates those with Him, it is that God had made everyone to a particular pattern that is his or her name, it is that pattern that is your name, just like Christ is word, and Holy Spirit is comforter or counselor; every male and female that are same ribs, have same name. Christ had already judged Satan, so Christ had sentenced Satan for coming to trinity to ask for favours against a person, then going to do differently from what God had agreed to be done to anyone; because God had said no one should covet another persons wife or goods, so no one is to alter another person from the doings of God, because they are stealing from God. So as Satan was deposed as ruler, Satan wanders to bring down many, as Christ is handing over all to God as we are in Armageddon; some think Armageddon is only when the final happens, Armageddon started from Haileys comet, just before Babylon was naked, Iraq is naked; it is in the final stages of Armageddon that mankind expect and wait for, Armageddon is 40 years war, we are in the final decades of it. The final stages are when those that are not opposed to God by being opposed to what God did by trying to be with who God did not give them are removed to hell, but those that are meek are those that are as how God made them and are with who God gave them, those are the people to be raptured to heaven since God would not intervene to alter your choice, but God watches like myth in Sabbath to see those who believe in who He made them, as Christ leads the rapture. People are expecting Christ to come, but Christ has been here in spirit, Christ would not come in flesh again, so it is only those in spirit that will see Christ because they are humble to inherit the earth. The biggest sin is when someone believes what another person tells them that are against what God told them; people do not know devils use men or women of God that became weak to their ego, if Peter and other apostles could be used, then they can too.


Strong and Weak

The weak are those that their spirit can not overcome their carnal form, so they are bent on satisfying carnal desires more than spiritual needs, the soul and body were created for the spirit, so as the spirit uses the soul to till the ground it was taken from, the body is the tool that follows the feelings of the soul driven by the spirit, but the weak have their souls controlled by devils because, their spirit have not overcome their soul, so they feel sexual for wrong persons that God did not make with them and end up feeding devils who were cursed to feed from dust; dust is soul. But the strong are those that their spirit control their soul and body, so devils can not feed on them, if the strong in heaven were let loose to the weak in hell and on earth that have not overcome their body, then the strong will wipe them out of existence with the power of light in them, that is why the Holy Spirit does not forgive, because the moment the Holy Spirit forgives, all firmaments will be opened, exposing the darkness to the light, we all know what light does to darkness; that is why God made sure the Holy Spirit that executes judgment, should not forgive, but the individual sinning should stop and undo their wrong doing so that forgives them, that is when God and Christ will forgive them for stopping evil; evil means wicked. But by Armageddon end, the Holy Spirit will let heaven mingle with earth and hell, so all that are wrong will be thrown into hell, since many followers of these new churches and other new religions now use charms in meals to make people follow them to their churches or religious to give them money so the leaders of this new religions can be rich and promote those that win more followers from older denominations to higher positions of leadership in the sect, making them cults, as they think they should be able to be better than other churches or sects by making their leaders better presented by earthly wealth and signs and wonders of magic they call miracle.

True miracle never leads anyone to sin immediately, true miracle repairs you permanently, but magic fades, anyone who receives false miracle, must go to sin immediately, because the miracle is by satanic means; Paul in letter to Corinthians called fornication as sin of body, by referring to every other sin as outside the body, Paul called the weak as fools. What we do is to pray to undo juju of those who force peoples freewill to their choices, because God made everyone to have freewill, so if anyone say they are true Christians, then they will pray for all who are bound falsely to have freewill, because the poor in spirit are those who do not covet another(s) goods or wife, poor in spirit is not poverty, poor in spirit means you do not desire what is not yours, those are the people who are worth heaven because they would not go into heaven to desire another persons goods or wife like Satan desired what Adam and Eve had, so he was thrown out of heaven because, heaven is for the strong who have control of their being from their highest point of being. The spirit of the weak are still trapped in their solar plexus, so they can not act spiritually, but the souls of those using soul to do magic are operated by external forces that are not their own, those are the people that use demonic means to woo followers to their presentation that leads those followers to go and do sin immediately to satisfy the hunger of devils who feed from every lust done by sin. Everyone who has little experience in sex can see when a woman has fornicated, because sin is exposed for all to see, but those of true holy matrimony consummate truth to become from eleven plus one ribs to become one rib of 12 ribs, those of same being of male and female are like God did them bearing same name, those angels guard their coitus by backing the act of procreation so no devil can go and feed, so no one really see it other than that they see that the woman is bliss and cheerful to prove her hubby is taking care of her needs. Weak are fools because they are easily convinced from what God told them to do what the devil has used someone they revere as head of their sect to persuade them to do different from what God told them, such that were deceived from what God told them are like Adam and Eve that were not forgiven, so as it is in the ten commandments, that if they worship other gods or bow to them, yet they worship their church leaders, then it is their descendants that suffer, yet the parents will blame the children without knowing that they are the actual cause because the curse of sin on parents are on their descendants up to the forth generation unless, the descendants ask God to intervene as they run away from that wrong doing, that is why the holy lands have become more of killings because of the sins of ancestors on Christ etc. that have not been denounced by descendants. Everyone has their own way of getting messages from God through their angel, but all get messages through their angel, so if God wants a true couple to know they are husband and wife they will know if they look inward into the very core of their being because, God is spirit and will only commune to you through your spirit, God would not commune to you through your body or soul, it is your spirit that makes your body and soul know.

The strong are those who have done all God sent them to earth to do, the weak are those that can not do what God asked them to do because they let other people influence them, such weakness are those that God created the earth or matter to remove to hell, because it is only when a being is faced with challenges to make choices to follow God or luxury that the weak and strong are separated, it is not when a being is placed under God(s) protection without temptation that will define any being, that is why the earth is a school for the spirit. The earth is a neutral ground for good and evil to inter-play and select those who choose them, so it is the individuals choices that determine what becomes of them, if an individual chooses to go to those that put juju in meals without their knowing, then that person follows addiction to juju, such persons are not welcomed in heaven because if heaven tolerates only one then all in heaven will say they too should be let to such, that is why Holy Spirit does not forgive, that is why Satan was driven out of heaven, that it took only one bad person called Satan to make the world have more bad people than good, because mankind falls to the weak since it is easy. To be of the strong is to want what is difficult, when something is hard, that is when the strong are identified from the weak. Strong does not mean carnal muscles, because the spirit of those with muscles may not be strong to resist the smallest devils, so women see men wrongly by looking at physique instead of looking into the person to see who he really is, women have the insight to see such because their way to their hubby was not cut off, it is their hubby that were cut off from life, so if a woman does not know her spirit name then, the blame is because her hubby is too weak to know himself because of wrong doing of himself or his ancestors, that is where the woman should come to his aid so both of them will be saved, likewise a strong man should always pray for his wife not to fall into the clutches of evil, because it will affect both of them, yet if he cuts the wife off because of her sins, then he pushed her to adultery, so it is wise for him to let her cut herself off so, he would not be the person committing adultery and fornication. Since it is whoever causes asunder on God(s) doing that carries the adultery, so priests who cause asunder by marrying couples that God did not do, such priests commit permanent adultery, so new churches should stop saying couples must be in their churches first, all churches should instead say people should marry who God wants and God made man head for woman to submit to; submit is merge, submit is not oppression. Even Christ avoided temptation of scribes and Pharisees to make decisions on couples because true couples were done by God, so it is only God that should decide, not anyone else, not even the couple.


Sin and Righteousness

In every destination they are six points, but to get to that destination you need a point of origin that is the seventh point; every of the six points in these philosophy are the six articles I have written with paragraphs and sentences to the extreme of paragraphing. Because I wanted you to question why I should write so when my name bears an educated title, it is because I want you to know that just as your body(s) life started from being the only sperm and egg to make it; it is how your life is rigorous in the beginning until you find out who you are. But from now on the paragraphing will be moderate.

Sin and righteousness are what the world is all about. Some will expect me to use the dictionary to define sin and righteousness or any of the other words I have written on, but the dictionary meaning is limited to understand sin or righteousness, the dictionary meaning only explains it to carnal needs instead of as the words were originally thought of by origin. From when mankind chose good and evil, mankind chose sin and righteousness instead of life, yet life is both sustained by spirit where righteousness always overlooks evil so the righteous always see what is evil but never get involved in it, but the way of the world now is that mankind see evil and get involved in it because righteousness is more suppressed. Sin is breaking the laws of God, God(s) paramount law is the first law of love that is to multiply and fill the earth, which is only between both male and female God made from each other, so violation of that law is the law the bible and other religious books stresses on as fornication. When a woman who was sealed from birth with hymen to keep her virginity for her husband goes to her husbands house without her virginity, it was an abomination and the marriage was called off in those days, but now women are known for such, that in Exodus in the bible such defiled women are not to be suffered to live because they are witches, since their souls have been reversed from pointing up to the light to pointing down to darkness, then people wonder why such girls are wild or do evil things and behave in a bad way.

When a girl has lost her virginity most people will see that her character has changed. So if a girl is righteous, then she has not lost her virginity or she has chosen to become born again to be after why God sent her to earth, if not those who call themselves born again because they attend particular church do not know what born again really means; born again means you have left your evil ways to become righteous by following the way of God that He sent you for just as Christ always said He does as the Father sent Him. So it is following what God sent you for that means born again, it is not going to a church that makes you born again, most priests or pastors or bishops are in church for the money, they are not in church for your salvation; salvation is when you have found your path of life that God sent you here on earth to do, salvation is not the type of church you go to. Following Christ is what makes you Christian, it is not going to church that makes you Christian, because some go to church for priest or pastor or bishop or money etc. other than for salvation of their soul, because as Christ said the temple (church etc.) is made for man and not man for the temple so the church is suppose to guide you to know why God sent you here to earth, so you can do what God sent you for, it is not that the church should make you serve it instead of God, so many religions now violate the meaning of temple. They were twelve apostles that meant twelve different churches as under one body of Christ, so it is very wrong for churches to condemn other churches, because every church is one part of the body of Christ, that is why Christ told the apostles in Luke(s) gospel not to stop those that preach in His name even though they were not walking around with them.

As children character keep getting worse, women blame society, but women should ask themselves if they could hold their virginity, because curse on women is child bearing and husband. So society is not to blame, it is just that women chose to hearken to seduction and try sin. I am not writing to blame women, I write to correct the problems in this world that is clearly written in religious books that it began with woman falling to sin. So it is only when women stop falling to sin that righteousness will be. It is not men who have that power, because most prophets are men, that including Christ have been preaching for change, but change will never be until women who carry both male and female in their womb for nine months change their ways and start doing only what God sent them for, so the way of women of doing things in this world will start, then the earth will awaken from being a cursed land by God. So when Nigerian anthem that was not written by any northerner tells us to serve the land that God cursed when Adam and Eve fell, then God told us in Ten Commandments not to serve anything beneath the land, then we serve it then ask God to help us, as most Nigerians keep saying God will help us, how does a Father help a child who wakes up every morning abusing Him by doing what He says we should not do, before asking Him for food; we know children prefer to go late to school, we know we feel a resistance in us when we recite the first part of the anthem, yet we feel peace when reciting the second part. So our law makers uphold the laws of Europeans over us in health etc. then, they expect that Nigerians would not have the highest death rates on earth by natural causes; so our law makers should pass laws to unite our Natural Medicine practice with the European Traditional Medicine practice that has been running our ministry of health. That is when our death rates will reduce because, traditionally we have supplements to overcome any disease that affects us, but the drugs of the European Traditional medicine are toxic and more harmful to us, so drugs should only be taken to eliminate harmful parasites, just as medical operation is the last resort.

God gave us herbs to heal us as it is written in religious books, so we should not expect God to do miracle when the cure for disease is within our grasp, so it is only carelessness that kills mostly, that is why it is written that prevention is better than cure. Righteousness is when we obey what God sent us for by doing what God sent us for just as Christ knew He was to be killed and rebuked Satan through Peter for trying to stop Him from going to be killed as was predicted of Him, so when some blame only Pontius Pilate, that is they try to protect the priesthood who instigated what Herod started, then they should ask themselves if the governor should have gone against the peoples request to spare Christ who had told them not to arrest His apostles since they came for Him, so should they have spared Christ who was obeying the wish of God to be killed and kill most of the people of Israel? Righteousness is more than just mere words, righteousness is doing only what God sent you for, righteousness is not as it is in the dictionary only, because it is sin mankind is closer to that is more like it is in dictionary. Mankind is closer to sin via evil because Satan was ruler of this world until his over five thousand years baktum ended between twenty-first and twenty-third December two thousand and twelve, so it is because of the fall of mankind through woman, that the slogan of what a man can do a woman can do better exists because, in reality, women have not done what God sent them for, other than some women being lucky to marry their husbands, since most women marry lustfully, that is why Christ called mankind an evil and wicked generation. Wicked in dictionary means evil, so it is because they marry who God did not make with them to tie themselves to hell that is why Christ called them so, because by marrying wrong person, you wickedly deny all promise you made in heaven with God that brought you to earth, so when some people will call themselves men of God and then alter a man or woman(s) path to her husband or wife and expect that God will bless them for thinking about their church as fold of faithful to church instead of faithful to God(s) cause of that person by making the person believe that it is faithful to church that is to God is the main reason Christ had said in book of Matthew that He never knew such, even when they preached and did it in His name because they did it against the Will of God , that is the purpose of God for everyone. So no religion should change anyone from what God intended for that person or that religion is causing asunder, since the only way for God(s) task to be on earth is to be through only the male and female He created together to be together and not otherwise. That is why some will wonder why they are in poverty, yet it is because they married another(s) wife; some confuse poor in spirit to mean poor, wrong,  poor in spirit that Christ spoke of means not to covet another(s) goods and wife, since everyone(s) goods is attached with spouse becoming one, that is why the slogan settle down exist to mean marry before good tidings will occur in your business, unless you give your life to serving others before you find your path to wealth.

It is only if the woman that lost her virginity before she met her true husband that she was created from by God, marries her husband God gave her then she is not a witch again that she should live for heaven, that is why it is written in Exodus in bible and other religious books. So any man that marries another(s) wife before he meets his, is going to hell because he disrupts the plan of God for the couple created by God, but any man that marries a woman who has no husband created by God as an extra wife because the woman can not keep herself from coitus, does a good thing for her from spreading diseases etc. But every man that marries a woman that has no husband, yet the man has his true wife created by God somewhere that he has not met, that man will go to hell, it is same for women who abandon getting to their true husbands because she has not met him to marry another man for any other reason that might be wealth or church etc. because God will never push any man or woman who has a wife or husband somewhere to marry another(s) own, it is only devil that pushes such people to marry, that is why they are more divorces because people do not let God choose for them, they let lust choose for them, yet feeling was controlled by Satan since he deceived Adam and Eve. It is only through the couple that God made that wealth as gift of Holy Spirit will manifest from spirit to earth, every religious person knows that all comes from spirit; most rich men have a prayer place in their homes; it is only a wife that makes a house a home, as they bring in children. Any other wealth is usually stealing of public funds and must be caught as looting; yet Nigeria has become a country that rewards thieves with chieftaincies, just like the Europeans rewarded thieves of African treasures with honours. So when we loose our resources as it is written in Deuteronomy of blessings and curses for those who break the laws of God, we should not be surprised that our leaders can not lead but loot, because the leaders chose to leave the anthems and pledges of the country and states to abuse God while they get richer, just as Cross River(s) anthem ask its people to pray to the land and they lost Bakasi and seventy-six oil wells. Richness that must vanish as it came because it is easy come easy go.


Child Character from Mother

Every adult knows that every woman changes her character when pregnant. It is said that it is because of twin minds, but it is when the character of the woman is being altered by choices that she makes because of the pregnancy, yet that is opportunity devils use to alter her mood to bad choices, so every craving that is not good must affect the child; medically it is now known that fetus begins to learn from mother(s) womb. So if a child becomes a thief etc. that is bad, then every mother should ask herself if she was stealing, because it was the craving she felt that was because of the pregnancy.

People will say it is the child that influence the mother, but truth is the fetus does not have the matured being of spirit and soul to influence the mother, because the being is still smaller than mustard seed, it is only when the child is born that his being begins to grow with the body; that is if the child is attention is focused on his/ her being to do what God sent him/ her for; so it is the alteration of the mind of the mother by the presence of the child that influences the mother to have unusual craving and thoughts that is up to her to resist the evil thought that devils introduce, angels introduce good thoughts that are less active because we are in darkness. The universe is dark with stars as light. So if a woman had let her being know her husband as it is written in Genesis two that both husband and wife become one flesh, then the woman will learn by herself to control the influence of devil over her. That is the eleven ribs of man that the woman must join her one rib to make her and her husband twelve ribs, but if the man is not her husband, then she would not be able to bond her members to control her one rib of emotions, then her one rib must be influenced by devils to make her obey her evil craving to steal, then the child will be affected and corruption must step into the child to ruin the child before the child is even born. It is clearly written in the bible that some children are born evil from the womb, that is the reason, though, if the mother was doing evil things before she became pregnant, then she will attract an evil being to be her child, so her influence of trying to control her craving would not affect the character of the child to change him to much good, because the child was bad before, yet attracted by bad behavior. So the power of women is more than they think. The power of men is also far more than they think. Because, man(s) power was cut off because of sin, so man operates like woman using only one rib of soul, yet man has eleven ribs; so man is easily influenced by women(s) body form, because of the female dominance over emotions that man is recessive to.

Man was given eleven ribs that are within his spirit and soul, which grow into him from heaven to earth, that is how his mustard seed (of spirit and soul) grows into an oak tree. His spirit has seven members, as his soul has five members; the last part of the soul of man is the one rib that was removed from him to become his wife that is born through different parents of likeness, so both parents knowingly accept couple by God when God influences them to accept them as in-laws. The eleven ribs are firmaments like horizons that are layers from soul to spirit, that mark out each level of existence like the body is the level of existence that most people see; some seers are clairvoyants who see into soul, but prophets are seers who see in spirit. The same number of firmaments of light are the same number of firmaments of darkness, that is why most people get confused and become trapped, because as there is Christ is how there is antichrist; it is antichrist that we all meet first, so those who do not know how to forge ahead until there is nothing more in their mind, those are the people that are trapped to hell by lies (illusion) by false prophets. The firmaments can be easily understood as I name each layer: depth, matter, ethereal, plant, animal, element, unconscious, prime, angel, church, elder, divinity. The flow of energy of soul and spirit can be understood as I name each: vibration elements of soul, matter elements of soul, lords of elements of soul, unconscious spirit, conscious spirit, prime spirit, angels, archangels, top-angels (church-angel), elders, God. It is in each of these that the soul stages have five steps each, as the spirit stages have seven steps each, elements have three stages each, as angels have four stages each, elders and God have one each. These are the many rooms that Christ said in His Father(s) house they are many rooms, yet each major firmament add up to thirteen.

Thirteen is dreaded number for evil, as Friday is dreaded when thirteen and Friday meet, because in the Scandinavian language that Friday is from, Friday is for women; yet Friday is for women truly because that was the day that women fell and pulled man down, so most of the thirteen firmaments were cut off from mankind as it is clearly written in last verse of Genesis three. Its only when man tries to do what God sent him on earth for that God asks the cherubim guarding the way to the tree of life to unite it, then it opens, that is when, if the woman meets her right man, her perception of her environment of spirit to know more in heaven by her own accord will be given to her; so it is not really the woman(s) brain that was cut off, it is the man(s) brain that was properly cut off. I say not really because genetically, women brains mimic man(s) brains by separating from the hind brain, that is because of hereditary, yet the woman(s) brain complements that by using both hemispheres of the front brain more to coordinate information, but the man(s) brain coordinates information between back of the brain and front of the brain to try to get inspiration from beyond. That is why men are more know for innovative awards than women. Because it is the job of man to bring information from heaven, coarsely, but it is the job of woman to fine tune that information into finer or better understanding, so women have brains to train children, but men have brains to modify teenagers to be better. It is not a thing of competition of who is superior, it is understanding the need for each other; every man needs his wife to help his way while the man supports the wife to stand by grooming her.

The word bride groom is not a coincidence, it is not just because of the wedding, it is because of the role of man to groom the wife by using his eleven ribs advantage over her one rib that is last of his ribs, then the wife will be able to take care of the children to become as God intended, for the children to honour their father and mother to know that as they honour their human parents of their carnal form is how much more they should honour God who is the maker of their spirit and soul. The soul is more of darkness, so the soul is of the book of the dead, but the spirit is more of light, so the spirit is of the book of life; so those who live for their feelings because they could not get out of teenage feelings introduced by endocrine activity kick started at puberty, those people are of book of the dead, because as they depend on lust more than spirit, the spirit will keep receding from their mustard seed core at solar plexus until the plug will cut off from medulla oblongata, then as the pop sound is heard within the person dying, people will wonder why God did not keep the person for them, yet it is because that person refused to follow their promise that they made to God by neglecting their spirit for material needs until the spirit abandoned the body. So everyone should learn to live for their spirit so their spirit will do what their body and soul came to do on earth, since it is the body that can translate spiritual gift perceived from heaven to become material gifts or wishes; that becomes, where there is a will there is a way, because every thing comes from spirit before it is materialized on earth by shaping materialism to your desires. The human being is known as complex, but what makes him or her human being instead of just human, it is because the humus-man has activated his spirit being to make the human being. The woman is complex because her life is from and attached to her husband that God created with her from beginning before she came into earth, so the woman(s) spirit can only be downloaded from her husband where her being came from, her being can not be downloaded from any other person, because God never made her being from that person, we know children(s) body are from their parents, but for couples to be as God said in Genesis one to multiply and fill the earth, then the woman must be born from a different parent. The man(s) being is downloaded from spiritual realm through the cosmos, the man does not download from the woman, but merges with the woman only when she submits her helper status of being to unite with him, then both become twelve ribs or firmaments, then if they embrace God they become thirteen.

It is only when the couple have become one with God that they are to have children, then they will bring up holy children, but if not they will be as Christ said: an adulterous and evil generation that is because the couple married for lust, yet lust is feeling, when they should have married for spirit that means they know each others being name to be the same name, because the name of the man(s) being is the name of the woman(s) being, since her being is suppose to come from his being; that is the origin of women changing their names in matrimony to bear the man name, as it is suppose to be because her being is from the man as it is written in Genesis two. All though when people were changing names by changing women(s) names to men(s) names in those days, they thought the women were property, yet God never called the women property, because the woman is equal part of her true man, so it is only false couples that will have a partner try to over dominate another, though some people were badly brought up so, that upbringing can make them selfish to be possessive. But truth is that as all you body parts complement each other is how a woman and a man of the same being complement each other, no part is greater than the other, only that the man is head of the woman to lead her, so both man and woman would not be competing for leadership role, so most women should learn to help their husbands lead, so they will be better respected by their children, then the children will grow to build respect in their homes that will become charity that began at home. That is when the world will come to ask how we did it, because the world is only inquisitive about what they can not do. Technology is sold to those who can not do it, because it is what can not be done that is needed and that are purchased. So every child(s) character is like technology, that is transferred, if parents want better children, then they should make sure they marry the right person; if a country wants to be regarded as good, then the home must be as God intended that is by only the right couple marrying; so the priesthood should not use their churches to alter people by insisting that unless both couples are in their church, because it is written that women should submit to their husbands, so the woman follows her husbands lead, so couples are not meant to worship the temple (church etc.), couples are meant to serve God, but the priesthood should remember that the temple is made for man, so the priesthood are not to behave like the priesthood that orchestrated Christ crucifixion.



Sexual relations done by any woman with wrong man is curse that is written from Genesis three in bible, yet the coitus curse does not affect the man, unless the man tries to own a woman that God did not give him, then he is coveting thy neighbours goods and wife, since the curse on man is on land, the possession of woman that is not his wife is the possession of another man(s) members and assets, as it denies the woman her own wealth. That was the reason for the law to stone any woman who broke sexual law. So it is that a man who defiles a woman is punished by law, but modern laws have made it lenient by using the coming of Christ to indicate if it is by the consent of woman.

A woman(s) consent can be manipulated, just as Satan manipulated Eve, so women were called weaker sex; women are only the weaker sex because they listen to lies or deception more than they listen to truth, it is not because of their own making, it is because of their one rib that is from last rib of their man(s) soul, yet soul is more of darkness, so it is until the woman gets her spiritual members from her husband, before she will become truly strong willed. So it should have been like that of man that it is of his own decision, because most decisions by men, is done by their decision, but most decisions by women are usually by an external thought, unless the man grew up to trust outsiders instead of those with him. The woman does not get her power by killing her husband, because if she kills her husband, she kills her path to the source of her life, so her power will recede until she fades into obfuscation and death. That is why a woman is helper or help mate to her husband, because it is through her nursing him that she gets her power exuding from him into her. In Exodus and Leviticus in bible, it is written respectively, about woman that is witch if she is enticed by man and not married, that prostituting your daughter curses the land. So even though men seem to be the ones who crave sexual intercourse more, the truth is that both male and female crave it, just that society has made the woman to control hers, yet men should learn to know how to keep their selfish interest of wanting to satisfy themselves in bed, so they can stay more than the three to five minutes that is of most men to last for about twenty minutes or more that depends on the women. Women are so because they are helper or help mate, so they think of the man(s) needs before their own, but most men stupidly think of their own needs in bed instead of satisfying the woman that will end up satisfying both of them.

Poverty is not as people think; it is averted when a woman keeps her hymen for her husband. A woman who keeps giving herself for men and her sexual pleasure is usually doing it for financial gain that is sin, such a woman who keeps giving herself more and more to lust until the feeling of guilt she felt when she had coitus with man to experience it disappears, yet he was not her husband, as that feeling disappears, such woman would have graduated from witch to become almost devil, all she will need is to marry wrong man to conclude the ritual that makes her devil. Because marrying wrong man is altering the path of why God created both male and female from same person, that is what changes both male and female that marry wrong person, since they have altered their path of being with the right person for God(s) spiritual might to flow through them as wealth of gift of Holy Spirit that does not forgive wrong couple to reward them with gift of spirit, but leaves them with tortures of darkness since they chose lust that is part of darkness. People misplace the curse of man for the curse of woman; the curse of woman is based on sex, it is the curse of man that people have misinterpreted to be for both men and women, yet the only curse for both men and women is disobedience to God, like worshiping church to use it against why God sent you to earth, because the purpose for every one is what God sent you to earth for that is your primary assignment, it is not serving churches or any religion because that will not take you to heaven, because as Christ said: the temple is made for man and not man for the temple; so the sins of man is when he tries to covet another(s) goods or wife, so 419ers should know they brake the tenth commandments of the ten commandments in bible etc. Sin is fornication; fornication is indiscriminate sex with men that are not your partner by God. It is in finding out what God sent you for that you end up knowing your spirit name that will reveal your soul name, most people know only their bodies given name, as they think that is the name God will call them by, but truth is that God calls you by the name He made you which is the purpose He made you for, just as Christ is called Word; so Christ did word. Going to church should be for God, you should not go to church for the church sake, because if you go to church for the church, then you serve the church instead of God; once people can realize that it is church Christ started for man, then people will not go to church to please any man or woman.

The same way of sexual dimorphism, is the same way it is for male and female; so most of what is applicable to men is not applicable to women that is why both sexes see themselves as different always. So we can keep pretending that we should keep join the skills of men and women to be same when in certain things, women must be better, and in certain things, men must be better, so it is to find out which is best for both and apportion it to both sexes, then the world will be a better place, because forcing the system to accommodate both sexes by thinking they are matured to control themselves because their physical form is adult, is ignoring the spiritual make to cause sin by soul. Sin is fornication as described by Saint Paul in first Corinthians, as the dictionary describes fornication as indiscriminate sex, so society that think men crave sex more should ask themselves that between both sexes, which sex has brothels for prostitution; then women should ask themselves why they are the only creatures who keep brothels, yet that is what women really mean that what a man can do they do better, because women have chosen to do all men do, yet men have refused to follow women to expand gigolo since women forget they will be mothers in future like our mothers until when it happens, then they say had I known, so they should eradicate prostitution to make men take them seriously, since what women prize in themselves greatly can be bought for a cheap fee. That is why more leadership positions have been denied women because of how women took themselves.

As this is on coitus, some will think I should write on how relationships start and solutions to relationship quarrels, I only chip in a little because, I write on the spiritual and soul, then the little about the physical that most do not know, because you can always find articles on sexuality, so I am not writing to encourage sin by telling how or different ways in which men chase, then get a woman, then the tricks they use to touch before it gets to sin. My article is to bring out the good in you, inside the good in you is the true way of handling women, evil can never know more than good, because all things began from good. But evil claims to know by the swagger of those who do sin, yet those who become good are those who overcame their evil side, so those who are good always know more than sinful people, yet it is only those who are good that never experienced evil by overcoming the evil around them because some other person helped them to do it, those are the people that may not know. But those who are evil never know much because they were not able to overcome their evil-self to experience all they are, so they are stuck in sin, thinking they know, yet those who were able to overcome all their evil and good would easily see the evil and errors of the persons that could not overcome their evil; that is why those who have overcome their evil are called seers, because they had grown beyond using only the front brain to using the hind brain in addition to the front and mid brains with their spirit and soul. So how can those who use only front brain be better, when they do not even know their spirit and soul name to be able to regulate the mood of their endocrine system by using the soul, because it is the spirit that drives the soul and not the reverse, since it is the spirit that owns the soul and body. I would not write in praise of gay rights because it is lust and carnal. Love is God that is spirit that is bond, so it is only those that are in spirit that know true love to find their true mate, but those in feelings do not know love because they live for their endocrine activity with their soul.

God made every man with his own woman from his soul and spirit, but for the man and woman to be born on earth to multiply and fill the earth, both male and female from the same being must be born on earth through unrelated or distant related parents so both will find themselves by listening to God voice about who is their own partner, but devils are allowed to use louder words and distractions to manipulate the weak from believing God. So it is not feeling that is the main attraction of couples of the same being, but feeling is the main attraction between couples that are not meant to be because the intense lust to experiment to feel guilt is the cause, but for the true couple, there is a strong bond keeping them together, that is more than feeling, so feeling only complements it to motivate coitus. So fornication is only feeling without spiritual bonding, since the spirit does not recognize the person that is feeling, so the interest must fade away and die off, but the feeling of the true being of similar male and female being, is never intense unless in sexual relations, because the couple are meant to be, so there is no hunger for sin, but constant longing to be together. But when the being of the spiritual male and female that are same being meet, the spirit and soul open to bond thoroughly together whether both male and female of similar being know it or not, it is that bonding of the spirit and soul that makes the couple unbreakable, but the false couple must breakup because after the sin from intense need to copulate has been done, the guilt must arise even if both fornicators are experienced in fornication, they will begin to alienate themselves from each other until they breakup. But the true couple by God, if outsiders try their best to separate them by lies for their selfish reasons, the bond will only get stronger that many will think it is charm, yet it is the bond of God keeping what He did together, so all will know when the couple start over reacting in anxiety for each other, then they will ask what type of thing is this because what most people are familiar with is lust, so they that are devils expect every relationship in a distance to breakup, by posting foolish people to copulate with them to break them up, but such that were used to breakup what God did, are those that have sinned against the Holy Spirit so they will never be forgiven for altering the plans of God by their delays, even though they can never stop the plans of God, yet the delay of the plan of God is punished by the Holy Spirit who is the punisher of the wicked. Women should make sure they marry their husbands that God created them from so they gain everything they get into, because women and men who loose most of what they get into are not with their own partner or have been turned to oppose their own. Wicked means evil.



True love is an unbreakable bond. False love is lust, which is covetousness, which is desire, which is feeling that expires by anything like rage. True bond is from the creation of true wife from her true husband; what are called husband/wife now that is because of marriage are not true husband and wife, because true husband and wife depend on how God created them from beginning as same soul and spirit. True love does not expire with vexation, it only becomes stronger by feelings; yet a weak woman is easily gotten into bed when she is crying or moody or deceived to fornicate to forget. It is better not to be angry.

Weakness of woman is from her upbringing. It is same with man, that his upbringing affects his body(s) response to his spirit. So it is a body(s) response to its spirit that makes the person, if the soul and body that mingle together at puberty, alienate from the spirit, then the person becomes weak. Weakness is when the body is foolish to desire materialism more than spirituality, because a body without its spirit can not get its spiritual wealth that means any false wealth is by evil means. So just as babies are referred to as it, because they have not come to understanding to know, it is same with each individual member that makes a human being; the human is the humus body, the soul grows into the body at puberty as endocrine activity of emotions, that mingles feelings of erotic emotions, then the spirit would grow from the solar plexus, from mustard seed to oak tree, connecting the person to his environs as human being, so they are body, soul and spirit. So a human being is two or three; most people are two, because they remain in their soul and body states from puberty, but few grow into spirit, to be three, as they.

Bond is from the spirit and soul; bond is not from the body, because the body is from different parents, so the feeling in the body of bond that attracts both male and female of same being is attracted from the spirit, as the soul urges or goads the feeling, causing endocrine activity of the body to act on the body as desire. So when they (the spirit, soul and body) drives the human being, it is of God, but when only the soul and body drives the human, it is of devil, because it is not spiritually driven by the person(s) core or purpose, that only the spirit has. It is the spirit that carries the wealth and gifts of Holy Spirit; even those who think of only one God should know that God sent out His spirit to create, it is that spirit that He sent out that is Holy Spirit, it is the words God spoke that is Christ. So without the spirit, the person is weak, that the person is not complete with active spirit to be called human being, since the human is the humus, and the being is the spirit, and the soul is the unifying factor between spirit and body. So God was not wrong to make mankind in His image, to be like His likeness; God has Himself, God has His Word as Christ, God has His Spirit as Holy Spirit; so it is in that same way mankind are body and soul and spirit. So as God has three persons making Him, is how man has three persons making him; man is suppose to awaken all his persons, that St. Paul called members of a person; that is the likeness that is clearly written in Genesis 1. So those that do not understand trinity should ask themselves why their own body are trinity like God is trinity, then they should realize that the difference between God and them is that all of God(s) own trinity are conscious as God and Word and Spirit. The word holy means belonging to God or devoted to God.

Holy Spirit is of God as the spirit of man is of man, so the being of woman is not complete without the remaining members her husband, yet most men are still in their one rib freely obtained in puberty as emotions of erotic feelings in urge to fornicate, that the same one rib is the same one rib in woman; but people do not know that the urge to fornicate is not the urge to fornicate, but the urge to become one flesh with their true spouse, yet all people know they really want is their true spouse that causes the erotic feeling, which is to complement Genesis 2. It is how God is united as one person by His three persons, that God wants mankind to be united with their three persons of soul - spirit and body, then unite with their male or female missing rib/s. That it is how God unites with matter, that God wants every man or woman to unite with their own partner of same soul and spirit; so to see to know the spirit and soul is your missing rib/s, is to open yourself into your being in you to realize how your members form you to relate with your environment, then you will see that there is more than matter or universe; this helps clarify atheists who doubt the existence of God. Atheists do not know God exists because, they are more preoccupied with their bodies and other peoples carnal forms by using their eyes that they forget to look inwardly to see what is more than the feelings they have like everyone else has feelings, but those who know they have spirit have gone more than feelings into themselves to realize the purpose of their coming to earth, then they do the purpose, it is that complexity of finding out who you are to bond with all that you are as male and female, that gives you the privileges to do all God sent you for, that was the intention of God that made earth a school, that made God love the world some much to give His only begotten son for world that is matter. Christ is begotten because He is from God(s) issuance of love as spoken, but Holy spirit is not begotten, because He is from the Will of God to make all in creation, so all things are from Holy Spirit. That is why judgment to pass to heaven or hell is up to Holy Spirit, as Christ specifically said in book of John in bible that Holy Spirit comes for sin, righteousness and judgment.

The way God is bonded is how every man and woman from same spirit should be bonded. False relationships break with the slightest provocation, unless charms were used to separate what God did, yet for any one to be devil, it is for that one to separate what God did in the beginning, which is written in Genesis 1 and in Genesis 2 that God separated them to reunite as one flesh. True couples can not be broken by only anger, instead anger drives them apart to see their differences to unite them to their inner most parts of knowing each other more than coitus, that only expresses their carnal knowledge of each other, since anger drives into the spiritual that is beyond the soul, that every sibling realize they have had some anger with each other, yet they could not break because of blood, so it is tighter by spiritual bond that only true couples have, that they can not break by quarrel alone. So any body that uses charms to break up what God has done is like Satan who became devil for braking Eve and Adam from God by charms (beguiled) of the fig fruit; some say apple that was not written, yet they were covered by fig leaves, the fruit was not specified as apple; the fig tree refused to bare fruit to Christ who cursed it, to show its significance. For those that use charms to separate what God has done, all of them including the doer of the charm are all guilty to go to hell unless they bind what God did back to how God did it, it is not only mankind that has law of guilty by association or collaboration, that law existed from origin, that is why Satan was cursed for tricking Eve and Adam to eat fruit he charmed and made her laugh to eat, while he did not eat it. It is strange that all women let themselves to fall to that law of Satanism that is beguile, because it is same way Satan gave Eve fruit, that every woman is still got, so women should ask themselves, when will they break away from that trap of going out for entertainment to be trapped by gift of meals, then they should think of rewriting their formula of being got by lies, as every one knows truth is bitter, so when man speaks truth, the woman leaves him for the liar only to find out she fell to lies; very few women are got by men telling truth. It is when women are free from that law that corruption in children will stop manifesting itself; because, every parent knows that children pilfer extra food, that if not checked, brews to crime outside the home. Women say the way to men is by their stomach, but men know to get women is by their stomach.

The pit of the stomach is where the spirit resides, so it is not a coincidence that the solar plexus is where the mustard seed of the spirit germinates from to awaken in the person as born again. But if that awakening is not harnessed into trying to do what God sent you for, then the spirit shrinks or withers back into the solar plexus worse than it was before germination, so the doubt makes it more difficult for the person to grow in spirit. It is that doubt that weakens the will, causing an ego centric person urging him/ her self to move with pressure that those in spirit feel it to know what is happening to the person without conversing, because the person in spirit has been there before to know exactly what happens, that the person in ego remains in the same cycle, that because the person is not growing through the cycle from horizon of materialism to firmament of spirit, the problems compound from darkness to block the persons spiritual growth. That is when if the person is fortunate to meet their God given spouse who usually would not be in that trap, that spouse should get his/ her partner out, that was why in Genesis 2 God separated them to male and female, as God knowingly said throughout Genesis 1 that it was very good, because Satan was not cunning enough to know who is partner to block both, but devils only amass problems around their captor to distract them by material gains from their spirit, so if the person is obedient to God then, they will get out of that trap by leaning on their spouse to get them out of the trap, but if the person is more obedient to matter, then the person would not be obedient to God enough to identify truth, of their spouse, so others will be able to influence the person to any belief system that alienates the person further away from God. So mankind should know that before there was Genesis 3 and the rest, they was Genesis 1 and 2, that centered around the couple that God did, because that is the only way to defeat Satan, but mankind changed the position by obeying Satanism to let their minds think it is the self, without knowing that the self is incomplete to do anything unless complete, that is why in Genesis 1 and 2, God always said let us, because it is the team work of us as the bond of the members of God that does.

It is only through the bonding of all members of any being that they are like God, it is not the image of male and female that makes them of God, because they are not complete to be like God. We are all here to prove to be like God by rising from the image God made us, because before God made mankind in spirit, God said, let us make man in our image to be after our likeness, yet no man and woman has been able to attain that feat; because to attain it is to collectively attain it by both male and female of the same person, that if any divine couple had attained it, we should have heard a couple translated (that is without dying) to heaven. That is why Satan has been winning them, yet they think it is only when they go to church they are saved, but they should have remembered that Christ said the church was made for man... So they should have bonded rightly to be for God than for church, then churches would not use them to break couples that God did in the beginning by saying if they are not in their church, when the churches know they did not create any of them. So everyone should learn to let what God did like Christ did, before they can call themselves Christians or of God.


Image to Likeness

As written mankind are made in the image of God, that image was written as separated into male and female, so to return to heaven where the male and female are from, the man and woman that are from the same spirit and soul have to become one flesh, as written. It is written that the land of creation was filled with milk and honey, so on earth is it not Africa that is filled with every mineral and most crops and animals? Then they were taken to a garden, are the rivers of the garden not in the Middle East? So as all languages from Nigeria are spoken from front to back, then from back to front, then from centre out, that no other area does, then migration route of all ancient languages are from Nigeria, before the languages left from Southern Africa to be around the world. Then Nigeria is truly as the erstwhile Nigerian anthem says.

It is only when the man and woman are one flesh in spirit and soul that they will start becoming like God. Because they will have united to become twelve ribs; since most men do not even have their being connected to their remaining ten ribs, as they enjoy their emotional rib like women who only have one rib. It is not bone remains that determine civilization, it is artifacts that are tools that determine the existence of civilization, because as written in scriptures, people were not dying before the fall, so if people translated to heaven, then they will be no remains of bones but they will be remains of the tools they used. As written, before God made mankind of male and female, God said let us make man in our image and after our likeness, it is that likeness that Satan was formed as illusion to dissuade everyone from attending by making them love materialism more than love for God, because even when they choose to kill in God name, they do it for material gains of land that was cursed because of the fall of man. But as the vision of Daniel states that confused him, four beasts that came out of the water are four kinds of people that are kingdoms; it is not hard to see the four types of people on earth: the black man, the Indian man, the Chinese man and the white man.

The four kinds of people on earth came from the water as biologically proven, but science likes to quantify time and measurements that religion only gives ranges or value, so we should learn to leave things as God did than to clash knowledge to split belief systems and cause different fields of thought that some must be corrected in future. Out of the four beasts that came out of the water, it is only one of the four beasts that documented its activities, but the Nigerian root are good at abandoning the initiator of any thing to create substandard company of people who have nothing to do with the idea, that is why nothing they do has maintenance value; everything we eat that is from Nigeria can be traced to a place, but it can not be traced to who did it, every alloy invented in Nigeria or terracotta can be traced to a place but we do not know to whom, it so with everything to do with Nigeria. The other beasts kept art etc depicting themselves but not their specific origin. It is only those of divine vision that will see as the prophets wrote because it is there for all to see. Everything done have always been there for all to see, so everything done for future or that has past is what seers and prophets see.

The image of God as man, is the human being; it is not only one of the different races, because each race was made in the image of God, but difference of skin colour - eye lids, nose shape and hair. The last beast is the combination of Neanderthal and Indian to produce whites with different eye colour, it is the descendants of India that became Israel; as written, the last beast is different from every other; mark of Cain. The migration route shows how they got to India from Africa before they got to Asia, then to the Americas. But for that image to become likeness, the man and woman from same soul and spirit, must find each other and be together as one flesh, before the spirit in the man will open up to initiate his soul to unite the soul of the woman with his soul, but if it is the wrong woman, his soul and spirit can never open or unite with her soul or spirit, because such activity is by the workings of the Holy Spirit of God in uniting both will of true couple to do the will of God they came for that it is only that man and woman that have same name in spirit and soul that made marriage to change woman(s) name to man(s) name. It is when the soul of the man and woman are one that the spirit of both that was more in the man as his eleven ribs will become part of the woman, that is why women are asked to submit, that submit is not slave-labour, that submit is the woman giving herself in soul via emotions to her husband alone, and not bringing any other person into the relationship of her and her husband if not it will cause asunder. That is why women have hymen so they would not share their emotions with any other man, since women have to share some feelings to have coitus, but men do not have to have feelings to do coitus. That before the nineteen sixties, fornication was taboo that deserved spiritual cleansing of the land, that was why our ancestors had unbroken homes without divorces, but now that fornication is before marriage for most girls, homes are filled with divorce because they has been no cleansing of sin. Sin is fornication as St. Paul defines it clearly in first Corinthians six eighteen.

So if sin is cleansed then the soul of the true couple will be free to unite with each other to fulfill the purpose of God by bringing in spiritual gifts from Holy Spirit through the spirit to materialize on earth as the person(s) idea as our ancestors were so good at innovations that we only live by their inventions by modifying what they did instead of bringing more ideas from heaven. We all live by the foods our ancestors left for us, we all live by the alloys and art our ancestors left for us, but we have stopped bringing fresh ideas because, the mind of people now is on money instead of the skills that bring the money for investment. The image of God that becomes likeness in everyone is when we become creative like God who used His Spirit from beginning to create as He was speaking; it is that activity that we too are supposed to do. We are suppose to get from our spirit and put on earth as God did, that is what is image to likeness, image to likeness is not looking like God, it is being able to get from your spirit and put it on earth by molding the earth into the creation you want. The earth can be the mineral resources or building shapes. We have not been able to create different types of houses; we only modify shapes; if our ancestors built on land, why have we not built in the air, why do we not have cities in the ocean that has more space? It is because creativity stopped by fornication, since fornication keeps people in emotions instead of letting them grow into their spirit that is the core of their body. So the soul glued them to materialism to impress the opposite sex, that women now modify their looks daily, as men now spend their effort on things of attraction. Before to be a priest, you must be a seer and prophet, but now it is profession, yet metaphysics is priesthood.

Women are help to their man because only they can carry child, just as it is only them that carry the last rib of the man, that unites the man to matter, that is why when they say settle down then wealth will come, they mean marriage, but if you marry the wrong woman it is poverty for coveting thy neighbours goods and wife(husband), because instead of the spiritual connection of your link to spirit to be established, you end up connecting you and that woman(man) to evil to get bad-luck for stealing another man(s)[woman(s)] future wife(husband) because she(he) had not seen her(his) husband(wife) to be engaged or married. So even if you breakup after the relationship fails, because it always does, the curse of false vow of marriage lingers on, so it is wise to wait on God to give you your wife than to run after any girl(s)[boy(s)] character because your peers are marrying. It is not any man (woman) that is soul-mate, because it is only one man that God made a particular woman from, so marriage is not to any man or woman, marriage is not for money by the laws of mankind, marriage is called holy because it is the union of what God did, it is not the union of priest or parents or sibling choice, it is the acceptance of parents to God(s) doing and the blessing of priest in celebration to the doings of God. So priests do not join couple as marriage, that is why the priest says what God has joined, it is the couple that join by accepting truth from God about them or accepting lies from people to put them together, so it is all those involved in causing such evil against God(s) doing that go to hell, because God(s) primary purpose of creating mankind was altered by subsequent creation. It is the likeness of God by every man that is God(s) primary creation because it will let mankind let his spirit that is core of his being to develop earth like many who have seen extraterrestrials will say their machines were more advanced, if it were not advanced, how would they have come from such distance to earth that is too primitive for them to interact with. But if earthlings were like God created, they would have encountered aliens, because most people who have encountered aliens are people who are aware of their spirit, so it means it is those who have not grown above puberty that have not encountered them, simply because they do not have thirteen ribs, where the thirteenth is connection to God.

The spirit of man is the purpose and consciousness of man, but when that man starts thinking it is his body that his spirit is for, then that man has lost it, it is such men that their women may be more corrupt, but if the woman is strong that is usually from good upbringing, then she will be able to shape her man back to what God intended for both of them to reap from the spirit. Charity begins at home is the global problem because women have left their role of bringing up children to others, because the women want to have control of their wealth or they want to add to the family financially. The soul of man is the connectivity between the spirit and the body and his environment, it is with the soul that the spirit can act on matter as miracle or magic, but when the soul dictates the man by emotions, then miracle can not occur, that is when the man has lost himself for hell, because he will be more materially inclined since the spirit will be shut off by the soul craving for material things like feelings for pleasure derived from drugs or fornication or both, because magic only taps from spirit without the person knowing who they are. The likeness of God in man is when the man becomes conscious of all the members of his spirit and soul and body and his wife, then his wife too will become conscious of her spirit like she was conscious of her soul before she met her husband, then both of them will start bringing everything God intends them to bring from heaven to earth in a steady path of continuity of information from heaven like how prophets write scriptures, or as I have been writing. Because few people that became rich or innovative were only able to bring one idea, but most of mankind have not been able to receive constant information from spirit because they always stall what they were to do by procrastinating it in anticipation of another activity that is usually carnal in nature, it is that materialistic intention that bars them from receiving further information. So image to likeness is receiving from spirit and doing on earth as God sent.




People grow into habits they can not get out of simply because they can not let go of the initial cause of the habit that led them to console themselves with drugs. Every addiction is because of what the person involved finds consolatory; because the origin of addictives in every person who got involved is to be among those who matter or to sympathize with them or self. But to get out of the habit becomes the problem in future.

Alcoholics or smokers find relief from anger or burden when they take the substance, but smokers find contentment when they take tobacco after food. The feeling to go after these substances and other more dangerous drugs is within the soul that finds solace in the spirit within that period where those who take harder drugs think they have peace or fulfillment to get inspiration, because the time of isolation of thought in the habit with others or alone makes them delve into subconscious parts of themselves to find traces of what their spirit would have been doing if it were free from the trap of the soul being distracted from looking inwards into the spirit to looking outwards to please the ways of the world or the addicts involved. Yet if the person had come to know the purpose of his spirit, the habit must go by itself because the whole purpose of the addiction is that the person is carried into the person partial subconscious while at it. It is like a child who takes extra food without the parents permission for the first time feels guilty for cheating, by thinking he/she stole, but once the habit becomes the norm, the person starts longing for such, it is within that behavior that the character of the person changes to be evil, if the person was not corrected or does not find out that what he/she is doing is bad or will become a problem to set him/her against the law. Some addicts are by depressants, while some are by stimulants, but both lead to the same plane in the human being, the drugs make the person get a feel of his inner consciousness without solving the purpose of his being because the stimulants or depressants are not the spirit of the person working on the person soul, so the habit lingers on without actually solving the problem of why the person came to earth because the person is only suspended in the illusion of the high, then once the high is over, the craving leads the person back to the drug to re-boost excreted drug and quench the longing.

When the purpose of the person is to till the ground he is taken from that his the purpose of his wife is to help him attain it so both of them are for heaven, yet it is not any girl that is wife, because it is not every woman that is soul-mate. That is why it is not correcting an addict to stop the habit that stops the addict, because by trying to stop the addict, you only spur the addict to be stubborn to do it more since, the habit was because the person wanted to violate what was seen as wrong or odd, yet the so called hard people do it to prove they break rules. But the purpose of every man is to till the ground he is taken from, that most think the ground they are taken from is only the earth, yet the ground everyone is take from is the ground of spirit, the ground of soul and the ground of matter from their parents body that causes them to want to build on earth a house or if possible add an industry. It is those who could till the ground they are taken from that are truly the strong, it is not the addict who could not overcome his craving for the substances to belong or feel contented, because the substances causing addiction actually weakens the person physically that certain places of the body if hit will pain the addict more than a non addict. So once an addict knows that the substance does not make him/her stronger or harder, but he/she did it to only belong to such class, the addict will withdraw to be him/herself. Because it is not complaints by others that stop the addict, it is usually personal things that stop the addict, because if the habit was stopped because of another person, then the habit must return, because the addict never experienced why he/she should really leave such habit.

It is not masochist or feminist to think when describing the purpose of God for man and woman, that woman should try to think she has her own task without doing what is help-mate, it is evil for woman to have to think that she has her own way without fulfilling the primary purpose of helper to her true husband by God, since it is not every man that any woman meets that is her husband, as it is not money that any woman should marry because, some God created couples had planned with God that it is until they meet before they will have money, but some couples had planned that the man or woman will raise the money, so it is when both meet that the money remains, but if either the man or woman chooses to marry who God did not give them, then they bring poverty to themselves in everything because the spirit shuts down to them getting from it since they are not the compatibility God did; that is when some fall to drugs. It is always right and good to be as God did, but it is difficult because the brain of every man is divided into front and back brain, where the mid brain is with the front brain; the mid brain controls soul activity with endocrine activity, the front brain is influenced by devil until the person looks inwards to the back brain where the brain grew from, then the person will commune with the angel in the back brain. It is the back brain that is the east where the sun rises, because it is where the brain grows from to the west that is the front brain, that in Genesis three and equivalent in other religions it is described as cherubim in the east protecting the tree of life, which is the way of the spirit from the solar plexus where everyone has gut feeling. It is within the spirit of the person discovering that his primary purpose is above the drugs habit, that the person must change, because where the drugs tried to take the person to, the person has arrived. It is only in self recognition that any bad habit is stopped, even therapists know that, but most try to influence it, so they end up alienating the person from stopping the bad habit.

Bad habits are not only drugs, bad habits are worse when they are crime, yet such habits usually occur from the guilt feeling error I described above of child stealing food, so if the habit of crime was not curbed or nib in the bud at inception, then the behavior leads the person to evil, because once the person starts doing things against the laws of God, the person is evil. If a person does not know what they are doing is wrong, or even if they know what they do is wrong, but they can avoid the law, they will continue, but if they know they will not have the backing of anyone that sees them in it, they will stop, so they will not be reported. But sanctions never stops crime, it only worsens it; what stops crime is the understanding between the parties involved. So for people to cooperate to stop such, is only by what they need of each other, it has never been who can flex the most muscle, because it is not who has the big stick that wins, because it will encourage the other who hard lesser to get big stick, so the problem must linger-on. Most people will think hypocrisy is only with individuals, no, the biggest hypocrites are nations who colonized and distorted the world, then think others should still listen to them when they never led by example, as they destroyed countries and people without apologizing to the world, yet they think God will not punish them since they dictate the world order that they drew. If the guilt feeling were corrected immediately when the error occurred as child, most people will still have consciousness to feel guilty when they do something wrong, then the politicians will not have the habit of selfishness to only their kind, that is the elected. So habits are not only drugs and crime by electorate, habits include crime against God by the elected who lie to get what they want by distorting nations or people, like those Africans that were taken to the west and can not trace where they are from, it is those who messed the ancestry and generations of such up that should correct the wrong and stop blaming others for how they treated them, because originally some thought they were going to get better for families, before the habit became something else like abduction.

Distortions of anyone can only be repaired by letting the spirit of the person act as God intended, because most religions have distorted people to become followers of their faith instead of helping people to be followers of God as religions were created for. Once the mistake of the spirit is established by religions, the soul is altered to obey material needs, so as the material needs rises in the person, the craving for supportive habits occurs. It is that character that becomes the demise of the person in everything that is activity that he/she does. Some will say, why blame religions, the truth is to correct religious mistakes to make everyone know that the temple was made for man, not man for the temple, so religions should stop altering people by correcting the priests who preach falsehood, like those who send others to die as martyr, yet they remain alive without leading by example like kings used to lead battles in war. It is the same question Eve and Adam should have asked Satan, that he should eat the fruit first, before they would; because it is because Satan did not eat the fruit, that is why he is still alive and around to deceive others, while Adam and Eve are not around. So if everyone were led on the right path of spirituality for God by churches teaching people to know who their spirit and soul name is like Christ knew He was the word, and then mankind will not fall into sin. If mankind does not fall into sin, then the habit of drugs to console the spirit with the soul will not occur, because once the spirit is one with the soul and all the twelve members (ribs) that make the person of same name, that is the male and female of the same being, with same name, then no alteration can occur like drugs, because the craving will not be there, since both male and female of same being will have God to complete them to thirteen ribs.

It is the uncompleted person that causes the craving, because the incomplete nature of the person makes the person look for solace in substances that end up keeping the person from being who he/she is suppose to be by delaying the person with every amount of the substance and the time the substance is taken. It is that incomplete history of knowing who you are that makes people get angry when someone says who are you! It is the same incomplete history of knowing the origin of mankind that is all in the spirit that made people to abduct another and sell, that if the buyers were not available to buy, the abduction and sale will not occur. So it is not only the abductors, it is also the buyers, because accomplice to crime is also criminal. Yet science has proven that it is the whites that have Neanderthal bloodline, it is not the African; so when they call the black man ape, they should have known that they were the once closer to it than the black man, because the black man has been exposed to the sun for so long that he had to develop dark skin, just as meat is darkened by fire; every animal that its fur or feather is taken of is white. So they should have known it is because they were refrigerated in the snow, like meat is kept fresh in the fridge. I write this to clarify the facts, because I am not racist or drug addict, but so the unjust killing of blacks around the world will stop, if the whites knew their origin is from the black man. It is because the black chiefs knew their origin by folk tales that was why the blacks, did not use means to kill them for no just cause.


Humanity & barbarians

When colonialist were going around getting colonies, they thought they were civilized as they evangelized, as they made people to depend on them instead of on what the people were used to; that they should have modified the people to finish their goods, rather than extort them and make them doubt themselves. That behaviour by the colonialist has now been brought back to them by what they call terrorists; terrorist is better word for such savagely behavior, that now the former colonialist keep referring to the behavior of the terrorists as similar to the colonial era. So by their own eyes they have seen how Africans etc saw them. Because they terrorized the world then; it is that terroristic behavior that is called and predicted as antichrist or Satanist.

So they should now regard the African and Asian civilizations as more matured than them to be able to forgive their exploits, because their ways were worse, since they took the blacks from their lands without the blacks being able to trace their roots. No race has ever been so treated; even the Israelites know their roots. Yet the former colonialist use force to instill their values on nations they carved out. I have never been supporter of socialism or communism, but no other people colonized the world and distorted them like the west, Genghis Khan did not distort people not to know their roots. Unfortunately for the world, the evil they did has come back as what they call terrorist when the world calls peace, the terrorists use the religion of peace to fulfill their quest to use places of origin to launch attacks. That as man of spirit, I can never support such terrorism, but as predicted in all religions, the judgment on their evil ways has come to be. It is not coincidence that it is the exact places that this mayhem of brouhaha was caused, that terrorism occurs. Nigeria is negro-area, because the Negroes were mostly got from Nigeria, Assyria is where the General Ramses came from to be pharaoh of Egypt when King Haremhab could not have an heir, the horn of Africa is where migration around the globe occurred mostly. The Lake Chad region is where the oldest artifacts were found.

It took interaction with the races of different colours or eye lid and nose and lip formation to know that internally we were not different, before westerners knew not to be savages, but on fortunately, they sowed discord, that as Christian I will say it is more mature to leave them to their fate than to share in their curse, because I do not support terrorism. I support what Africa has always been for, philosophy; Africa has been better than any other race in using their mind because God made us for the mind. So those who try to be what is for other races must always be less than them; the vision in Daniel seven in bible defines the four main races. So what was written for Israel was not written for Black Africa or China. Israelites and Arabs descended from Abraham (Ibrahim) migration from below the land of Ur, the land below the land of Ur before nineteen forty nine was India. But what was similar to all cultures are also written in scripture, because God did same for all humanity. That means we were not the children of sin until we accepted the sin of those that sinned, that was when death became our portion, since our ancestors were known to walk away and never come back without their remains ever being found. So until we choose to be as God did us, by stopping to become who we are not, before the seeds of colonization will be lifted from us. Since the seed of colonization was to plant sin so we share in their sin that weakened us to their colonization and helped them to cart away our resources without our approval. I write these to make us change to God, because if we are not as God did, we can never get our gift of the mind from God to know who we really are. Even Christ is written as the Word, because that is the name of His spirit. All my articles are geared to teach you how to be you, but before you can be you, you must leave who you are not that you faked yourself to be.

As in martial arts, you can not know if you have extra load crowding your mind, so a clouded mind see nothing. But the better fighter is the person who anticipates his opponents move, just as hackers know the secrets of every person are only what surround them. So it is only when you realize that it is your spirit that has been keeping you alive and is the consciousness that you think by, only then will you know to see the purpose of your spirit in the hind brain where your brain grew from the east of your head to the west of your head like the sun moves from east to west. It is the longing for that purpose of the spirit that lets the spirit rise from the pit of the stomach or gut from solar plexus to the rear brain; that is what is referred to as gut-feeling, that when exposed to you, it is known as charisma. If the spirit has achieved what it is meant for, the body is rewarded with ideas of cash, so for those who have not got cash after achieving their spirit aim, then the problem is with their wife or husband, because for wealth to be for both man and woman, both couple by God must be doing what God wants them to do, so even if the man has finished and the woman refuses to do her mission because she lets those close to her to deceive her from doing what God wants, then both will not get the cash they are to get, because the spirit can only get from spirit, when it is complete. So the problem of poverty is either ancestral or by one person in the couple that lets another mess them up.

Adam was told everything, but Eve listened to devil who tempt her and she tempted him. So ancestral mistakes were more by colonial influence or belief that were modified by colonialist who brought in idols; because the known traditional way was to pray to God through ancestors, that is the same traditional way of praying and calling prophets in religions today. If the colonialist did not see others as savages, by them carrying the belief in them so the oppressed believed them, the colonialist should have worked with other races to modify their religions as they did their own in the council of Nicaea or Mecca. Because what we call religion, were modified by the people who inherited the religion in their own lands to add their cultures into the religion, then they exported them and made us abandon what was practiced that worked for us. Those of history know that Africans were not originally idol worshipers, they know that Africa accepted gifts to be better, that is by thinking the whites were better dressed because of their gods, yet it was because of their cold weather. It is that acceptance of foreign mentality that has caused the African to think less of them selves by believing in only what is finished from abroad and exported into our lands. Yet it was the African that was looked up to as superior before the colonial era, so until we learn to appreciate what we have, we will never appreciate what we have within us that is superior to what is outside us, because all innovations come from the spirit. The African man has the power of the mind that is depicted by black Americans as a clenched fist to represent soul power, so they remember where they came from. But the African leaders made their people to loose confidence in themselves so they could sell resources without the people noticing; that is why Barak Obama blamed the leadership.

Every other race leaves by their gift that God gave them, it is only the African that abandoned theirs, especially the women of Africa, who instead of making sure they get their real husbands that God gave them so they will get here on earth and in heaven as the meek to God, the women look for other women(s) investments in another man to get, as they abandoned their own; very few women follow the path God made for them, that is why most of the true prophets have been men. That is why governments now have to give women quota so the women will be somewhere, since if women are put together, they fight after or they will not help each other unless they compel men to help them. Yet that is truly the curse on women because they accepted the sin imported by the whites, since that curse is on Eve. Women of ancient time gave birth to more children by traditional means, but modern women feel more pain in delivery. The Egyptians know they migrated from the lands where the rivers divide, that their tools and languages came from there; Isaiah eighteen wrote of lands where the rivers divide, as he wrote on Syrians destroying their lands because of the curse of what they did to Israel to blame Africa that caused the colonialists to blame us for Israel(s) bondage. Linguists know that all languages migrated and were modified by the migrants to give them their own unique identity, so outsiders would not know what they say; but all languages that migrated all over the earth have been traced by linguist to come from Nigeria. The Bantu language left from Nigeria to form central and southern Africa, before migration began from southern Africa to east Africa, then from East Africa to Asia to around the world. So it is the same way migration took place that is the same way religion came back. Religion started from the most new of tribes and came back to the most old of tribes, so as they modified theirs was how God instructed the prophets to tell their followers to spread the word; but the followers drew their swords when they should have preached peace by modification, instead of elimination of good traditions and distortion because they used religion to gain access, then by their goods they distorted the doings of God. Because God intended they who had become used to Him, should correct others who had many gods. So it was only for the westerners to correct the idea of gods, then work with Africans and not exploit Africans.

As they say we are independent, we are not free from economic dependence, so we are forced to their border control, even when the ancestral owners of the land say by referendum that they belong to any country, it is not accepted until the colonialist accept it; Israel and Palestine over nationhood, Nigeria and Cameroun over boundaries, Ukraine over referendum, Hong Kong and Taiwan over suffrage, Falklands and Argentina over ownership, but when United Kingdom and Spain agreed to do referendum, it depends on the sovereign country. Some will want to argue, but they should think, why were not both parties involved in the referendum brought together, Nigeria and Cameroun should have agreed on referendum, Israel and Palestine should have agreed on borders, NATO should not have imposed their gay rights value on Ukraine, because it is not really the trade deal that is the problem, but to accept NATO is to accept all their values which includes gay rights, I call it satanic rights because they have altered Bible and Koran in America to suit their evil, Falklands is still held by the British, just as Australia, where the Aborigines who own the lands have no say, or like United States where the red Indians that own the land are the least tribe. Every religious leader dabbled into politics as they spoke because it affected their well being, so I will not be an exception, when politic means wise and the philosophy I write on is wisdom that is truly from spirit. With all these confusion, why would they want God to answer them in their spirit, since God is spirit and not carnal?

Death & Translation

When there was no sin, there was no death; but after mankind sinned, death came. The sin is fornication that was clearly written in first Corinthians six, eighteen. So once mankind began to exchange coitus with partners that did not have the same soul and spirit, it became fornication, because it was not become one flesh of the female from the male she is from; as clearly written in Genesis two. So death came to be because of the lie to sin in Genesis three. That is before there was death, there was translation.

Translation is the ascension of the spirit and soul without leaving the body for any human to bury; that means the body is shattered by the being into gaseous substance, as the spirit and soul is free. But death that came to be because of the sin of the flesh, was accepted by man as a natural occurrence, when all religions had proved it in their religious books that death was not until lie caused sin. So as Christ revealed lie as Satan that is called devil, so I reveal death to you as it is angel, that when people call death an angel, they talk of it as if it is natural occurrence and not truly an angel. But if every human knows that death is truly an angel that can be avoided by avoiding sin, then death will return to where it came from, and then life will take over. Life is not just enjoyment; life is the sustenance of the human being until the person is ready to go, like it is written before the flood that people lived for thousands of years before they go to heaven; that was because people knew the purpose of every human being was to fulfill the way of the spirit.

Now people use the spirit to live for the body that was why death was allowed by God to take mankind life in less than one hundred and twenty years. But if the spirit could be focused on by the mind, the spirit that owns the soul as mind will start growing from mustard seed in pit of stomach or solar plexus region of stomach, to become an oak tree, by filling the body, so the hunch feeling becomes free and instantaneous by connecting the hind brain with the front brain. The fore brain relates with the rear brain in dream, just as the back brain made you to be able to coordinate your activities to walk and talk etc. while the front brain was still growing. But as the lie to sin occurred, the front brain became separated from the rear brain, because the lie of the snake and the fruit was when Satan fornicated with Eve before Adam entered Eve un-cleansed that was why cleansing of fornication was done by all cultures and all religions; Cain was written to be different from Abel and Seth. So until mankind knows that death is not natural occurrence, but punishment by angel set by God to deal with only those who sin, only then will mankind be free from death, to be like those who translated. Even though it is written that it is appointed for all to die; that was when devil was in-charge before twenty first to twenty third December twenty twelve that Satan was removed by Holy Spirit from the thrown he stole from Adam and Eve.

Eve said she was beguiled by Satan; to be charmed to laughter by fruit, to taste fruit of the womb by the erect serpent that got her, has a lot of meaning, when until the nineteen sixties, it was taboo to call or talk about sex, or your sacrifice animals to cleanse the land. That was because it was sin of the flesh that caused the fall, it was because Adam knew his wife to bear Abel or Seth, and it was because Adam knew his wife when she was with child for Satan. So for death to go, death has to be exposed like Christ exposed Satan, because before Christ, Satan was rarely spoken of. Satan was only spoken of repeatedly by Christ who cast out devils, that His apostles propagated it by casting out devils to heal people. So until every one is aware that death also came to be because Satan, tricked Eve that they would not die, yet they died, and yet Satan did not eat the fruit; then every human that puts things in peoples drinks or food without their consent are satanic for behaving like Satan.

The hierarchy of angels that Satan and death belong to are the highest, yet both of them are the lowest of that echelon of eight top most angels; where Satan is the seventh position as death is the eighth position, so when Satan lied for death to be, it meant that death can only be overcome when anything to do with lie is not practiced, so if everyone can be cleansed of fornication as they remain with their true partner that it is complex to find, then death will be no more, because death came into being for creation because of lie. So to remove death is to remove everything to do with lie that is what all those who translated, that did not die, do, because they all worked with God. So as truth is opposite of lie, it is so with death that is opposite of life, it is so with translation that is opposite of burying, that translation is similar to how we were born, that is, every one was formed in his/her mother, that no ones body was formed from the ground; it is Adam soul that was from the ground of soul, as his spirit was breath into him, yet his body is the garments of skin that covered him to be on earth. So all men are from the ground of soul, as the spirit is breath into them, but all the souls of women are formed from only their particular man, so marriage is not to be for any man, but to right man, yet right man is not character that is from upbringing, right man is similar soul and same spirit.

So it is only when mankind are of right man and woman, that death will be no more because the lie will be no more, but as long as the lie of marrying wrong man or woman, that becomes permanent fornication exists, then permanent sin, means no forgiveness, because forgiveness is only repentant sin. Forgiveness is not marrying wrong man that changes the plan of God for creating the man, so you deny him of his true woman by the word married. So even if such are divorced, the oath to God altered their fate to become whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven, that binding what is not by God in heaven means no entry to heaven, but entrance to hell for altering your life from the doings of God . Religion does not exist to alter the plans of God, that is why Christ said in Matthew seven, twenty-one to twenty-three that He never knew those who preached in His name but do not do the will of God; so divorce was not accepted by Christ, because everyone is suppose to wait for God to give him or her their true partner like God brought Eve to Adam. Since God is the maker and not anyone else, even parents are not the maker, because they were only enjoying themselves and the child came to be to fulfill Genesis one, that also is wealth, because the wealth of anyone is as God suggested before He created man and woman in Genesis one, where He gave them everything, so it is only when any man or woman is with or have met their true partner, that wealth becomes their portion, because they unite to be like Genesis one that is the formation of Spirit, while Genesis two is the formation of soul. So because the spirit of both male and female are one, is why Christ said if eye or hand causes you to sin, you cut it off, because if the woman marries the wrong man, then her husband will be at the receiving end to carry the sins since here life flows from him vice versa to and from God. That means he should cut off the poverty that sin brings to him, just as sin made Adam loose all God gave him, is how sin makes any man loose through his wife, which is why women have hymen.

When they say the world is more evil, it is because of the sins of many dis-virgined women, so when women will say if men can, why not them, then they should ask themselves, if the men have hymen, or if the women deposit semen in the men; then they will know that it is the public toilet that everyone uses that every one sees as dirty, it is not the man who excretes in the toilet that is dirty. Then the women should know that they are weak because it is the man who is not their husband that was able to talk them to bed, so he is strong for convincing her. So if the women were the ones that talk men to bed, then the men would have been called weaker sex, which is why virgins that marry are not referred to as sinners. That to remove death is only by removing fornication, because adultery is the route cause of the fall of mankind to death, that is why God put it in the ten commandments by adding not to bare false witness against your neighbour and not covet or steal, because that is what Satan did, that was written in Genesis three, that brought death that was written from Genesis two.

Death comes like an unplug pop sound in the brain, leading the soul to float in medium like waters, that is actually energy of waves; but before death comes, pain is established through the physical body that tries to hold unto the pain to control it, that may not be able to contain such pain from injuries or from ailment. It is the opposite of death that is translation that is of no pain, but of excitement of the atoms of the body to release the soul that the spirit is within. The body in trying to control pain retains the pain by pumping blood with platelets to curb the injury, yet only flooding the tissue with excess body fluids that increase the pain. That it is only your spirit in you that can really remove the pain in you by the spirit taking the pain away from the area of pain to the area of solar plexus region of the body for the spirit to take it away, so by the spirit doing so, blood is not retained in the injured area. The solar plexus is so named as it relates to the spirit that is like the sun or light of the body, yet the journey of the soul carrying the spirit after death are through the ground to the center of the sun through the center of the galaxy through the center of the universe to through the realm of the soul, discarding the soul there before the spirit returns to the spirit region.

Death acts in everywhere on earth as everything deteriorates, that death is truly a deteriorator, where cells depreciate from their original state. But if the body is in spirit, that is if the spirit is grown, then death will not be because the spirit is life that traces of it in humans keeps house from deteriorating when human beings occupy homes. Yet we should always remember that after the fall of Adam, the way to the tree of life was cut off. So to open that way to the tree of life is only by God calling you because you are obedient to Him by doing why He sent you to earth, it is that obedience that is the meek or humble shall inherit the earth. Only God and the elders are higher than the level of Satan and death, so it was after Satan was defeated by Christ that everyone else could cast him out, yet they could not dethrone Satan until Holy Spirit removed Satan from the throne he stole from Adam to add to his own; so it is after death is defeated by Holy Spirit, that mankind will overcome death, because the curse on Adam and Eve was executed by Holy Spirit. As they say Holy Ghost fire and devils flee, is how Holy Spirit being the creative spirit from God as stated in Genesis one verse two, is the first God sent to form creation, so all evil that was before lie and death, tremble when the Holy Spirit is mentioned because all foundation of the doings of God is on the Spirit of God that is Holy Spirit. It is in identifying the different parts of the body of God that can take on form to work/walk matter (earth) that many will think they are other God(s) in Christianity, yet the head is always more than the body, as the father is always above the son because the son came from Him, that is why there is honour your father and mother so your days will be long, that does not mean abandon them.

Iniquity of Fathers upon the Children

In Exodus twenty verse five, God said He visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and forth generations of them who hate Him, if they bow down themselves to images as in Exodus twenty verse four. Images are also imaginations of what is not God that you think the face you see in art works are any part of God. So even those who say my God and your God, are creating different gods, to mean they deny that it is one God that made all; Exodus twenty verse three. The sins of Adam and Eve were extended to all mankind as death.

Most people blame children for the children(s) faults, yet God and prophets in religious books blame parents for their children(s) faults. Charity begins at home is not coincidence, but it is consequence of upbringing. So if Adam had not sinned, mankind will not die; if Cain had not killed, the whites will not have seen killing as their right to justice. Many people think sin by Adam and Eve meant they were not to have coitus, it is not so, it is that Eve should not have been disvirgined by Satan who impregnated her with Cain; that is why Moses (Musa) was told how to cleanse fornication with two turtle doves. Some will say it was written that Adam knew his wife and got Cain, yet Cain was different from Abel and Seth, that God rejected the offering of Cain . So know that it was not that Adam was not to have coitus with Eve, it was that Adam and Eve were to wait until they were mature to have coitus. To be mature to have coitus is only when your spirit has awoken to grow from mustard seed to tree, that was to wait until twenties when the brain begins to mature from teenage experience of puberty for the spirit to begin to grow. It does not mean until the brain stops growing at twenty-five.

Every child builds on the experiences he/she gathers from environment, it is that experience that builds like thought patterns connected to the memory of the child until it takes over the child(s) experiences by overload. So for society to blame any descendant, it means those that blame them do not understand the spiritual, because if they did, they would not blame those that inherit sins of the parents, but they will join in prayer for the thought pattern bringing in evil to that family to be cut off, so the evil goes away to hell, if not the evil will grow and will visit their own generations. Any parent that cleansed his path, begets descendants without error, until those descendants revisit the sin to bring back evil. Though as written, some children are born evil from the womb. People should not imagine images of Christ to think that the drawings of Angel Michael of Christ is Christ, that imagination was drawn over five hundred years ago by him who never met Christ who walked the earth over one thousand five hundred years before he was born, so he could never had known him, because Michael Angelo was never called prophet/seer. Michael Angelo only represented impressions of Europeans, yet Christ was Jewish. Even the name Jesus is the English translation of Christ name that Christ never used while on earth, that to make an impression on Christ is to call the names He used, just as to make an impression on God the Father is to call the names He told Moses that were abbreviated to be called the Tetragrammatons because, they can not be called unless the need is of God.

The Tetragrammatons were called YHWH that has been translated to mean Yahweh when that was not the name Moses called. The name holds reverence, so I will not mention it to the public. Every human knows that if anyone calls them by name that is not their name, they will not answer, so why do people think they can name God like they name their pets, and then think God will answer. People think God will call them by their given names, yet they should remember that such names were given by parents or themselves, so other people bear such names, but if God is calling you to heaven, then God will call you by the name He gave your spirit and soul that He made, and not by the name of the body you discard when dead or gone. So it is the name of your spirit that is your true character, as the name of your soul is your complementary character, it is both characters that are to be done on earth as your mission that is the name you really are. That the iniquity of parents on children is when the children have been forced off the plan of God for the child to do the plans of the parents by marrying who God did not give, or doing profession God did not give. That such compellation by marrying to who God did not give makes the parents think they are in charge, because God will never interfere until when it is done, and then it means you have made your choice, like Adam and Eve made their choice in Garden of Eden and were driven out by God. So it is not when they are doing it that means they are strong, because they are weak to have listened to Satan to deceive them to be for hell.

Everything is about choosing what God gave, and what God did not give, that Satan is the only one who forces you to be different from how God made, while those of light only keep you as God made you, but leave you to make choice of choosing good and evil. Because choice of choosing good and evil is purpose of mankind that God told man not to eat bad fruit, but to eat all other fruits that were good, yet God did not restrict them, because He wants us to choose heaven or hell, by obeying him or following compellation. Then, they was only one bad fruit that has metamorphosed into more bad fruits  and few good fruits, so much so that the way to heaven is narrow, compared to then that the way to heaven was wide. So choosing right imagination, is not like believing in false imagination, because idol worshiping is not only physical objects, idol worshiping is more of imagination you hold on to that is not real, than the object. That is why mankind are not allowed to see the face of God, because they will imagine it or draw it for imagination, instead of believing in God so His essence will be with them. It is the essence of God that nurtures the spirit to grow.

The same way the body grows by feeding from things from the ground, is the same way the soul grew by feelings from puberty through teenage to know how to feel presence, that it is a patient man in activity in affairs of women that is patient enough to last in bed, that has nothing to do with conversation, but has everything to do with mood control not to rush physically because women act before they think, as men think before they act. It is the same way the spirit grows from things of the spirit that is the ground the spirit was taken from until you know who you really are that God made you to be, as it is who God made you to be that you were actually sent to earth to manifest here, just as Christ is the word, is how He manifested the word by asking His followers to propagate it around the world, that became Christianity for following Christ, so those who are opposed to any part of His teaching, are not Christian because they protest it to think otherwise. It is not God that changes as creation wants, it is creation that must change to how God did them, or they are not meek (humble) to inherit the earth so they go to heaven. Because the earth is made for the meek, as the humble are those that do as God made them, by not trying to be different from how God made them, by thinking their fate is in their hands, when their fate is in their hands to hand their fate to God to do as He planned you.

Imagination is a good thing, but the implementation of imagination by the mind of most of mankind is evil, because imagination is not meant to imagine God, imagination is meant to imagine creativity. As God made mankind in His image to become like His likeness, is how mankind is suppose to imagine and create, as mankind has done very well in creating technologies to ease their ability to till the ground of the body. But very few have been able to till the ground their spirit was taken from, or till properly the ground their soul was taken from, because the body and soul grow naturally, but the spirit is the only part of mankind that mankind are to look inwards to initiate it to remember, so you remember what God sent you here for that is your real self. That is the purpose of you, that you do not need any body to teach you who you are to doctorate level, it is who you are that is the fastest way to graduate, before you look for what you do not know, because you are suppose to do what God sent you for first, so your way will open, because God rewards only those who do as they promised Him. Because if God rewards failure, then God will be rewarding lie, yet Satan is allowed because He has been doing who he is that God made him to be, that even his wife has not cheated on him to loose their power, since power is lost when wife cheats on husband after God has joined them. God joins couple, does not mean God married them, because marriage is celebration of God(s) joining. So people should not mistake God joining man and woman to mean marriage, because marriage started as celebration of God(s) doing for public to know, but God(s) joining is God bringing those He made together so the plan He made in them will manifest.

It is the union of the man and woman that God made together, that lets the promise of God in Genesis one on mankind to be established in that couple, because God never said He gave it to only one of them, God said male and female He created he them, that meant until both are together, before they can subdue the earth and dominate it; that actually means wealth. Wickedness is evil that came to be when God created good and evil tree, life tree, and other trees, so mankind chooses what they want, as the choices determines who they become and if they go to heaven, as every choice not as God did, is choice initiated by Satan. Because, since God made mankind in His image after His likeness, that meant, everyone in mankind must move from image to be like God. To be like God means we must be who he made us to be, to be all seeing that means prophet/seer. But it does not mean prophet means one who created religion, because prophet is one who is as God did to be able to interpret the Will of God, as seer sees. Anyone who said they created a new religion will have to create it by God, that such will not only write their own religious books, he will also do their own calendar. Christ never asked for separate churches, as He said a divided house can not stand, so all churches should learn to iron their differences and come together, rather than create iniquity between religions. That it is true that the last religion to form its own calendar and book is Islam. As end of the world is not end of mankind or earth, but end of the rule of Satan , that ended between twenty first and twenty third December twenty twelve. It is the change from satanic past rule that is turbulent on environment, causing natural disasters, because Satan was curse above all creatures, he was not cursed below all creatures, even if he goes by his belly to eat dust of the soul from lust, that anything of him must be rejected if you want to make heaven.

I am not creating any religion, but I explain truth, as written, because religion is being established in God own people (those who do as God said and wants) after the fall of Satan.



Wealth is what God gave every man and woman of same being right before He created them. In Genesis one, God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creep upon the earth. That is wealth.

To make wealth is to be in formation in the direction of where God made you; so if man is in direction of wife, or wife is in direction of husband, then they get wealth. Because, wealth was given to both; wealth was not given to only husband, or only wife. Some will say they got wealthy without wife or without husband; but they should ask themselves which directions were there for. Then they will find out that it is because they were following their plan with God before they were born, that is why they got wealth. Some plan to have wealth before they meet their God created spouse, some plan that it is when they meet their spouse that they get, yet some plan that it is only one of them that will make the cash. But all resources were given to man and woman as male and female as them. Yet some become selfish, and deny the other their promise. Those are the once that go to hell for changing the Will of God in them, that is the plan of who they are with God, before they came to earth. It is same way some people would have made utterances that involve God or/ and devil, so other people that would have helped them, sense a problem and so refuse to get involved by not helping because, it will stop their blessings that is cash etc.

That wealth is mammon. That means, what was made to serve man and woman, then man and woman should not serve it. After man and woman was formed in spirit, the purpose of creating mankind was proclaimed on man and woman as God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that move upon the earth. So, why will anyone want wealth to be above God because of the pleasures of what God has given them? When in what God did, they are thirteen levels to God: Depth, Matter, Ethereal, Plant, Animal, Element, Unconscious, Conscious, Prime, Angel, Church, Elder, and Divinity. The first two are material, the second two are living, yet those are the wealth in our hands. Because wealth does not come from any other thing, than idea to use matter and living things; that ideas are part of the ethereal, as depth and matter are material, and plants and animals are farms. So using money is right, but worshiping money is wrong; to worship money is to revere and pray to anything that is wealth.

The further away anything is from God, the more it looses its meaning with God; darkness is more in the universe as dark body, yet people are more used to light body, just as people are more used to thermal energy, than cryogenic energy. The ability to transport and communicate and produce and service are the main ways of wealth; yet the exchange of money for wealth has made many think, wealth is work for money; when cash was used because of cash for crops. So it is only when all the members of the same man and woman are in alignment with how God made them that wealth comes, yet most of the wealthy do not know how money comes from spirit in heaven, but they know how they get money from ground. Members of man and woman are the thirteen levels I named above. So even when ideas come from spirit to reside in the ethereal that is more of feelings that women live by because the only rib or member they have is ethereal, the spirit is more of the remaining members that are with man that is why both need each other to complete each other for God purpose. That is why girls are in thought of moody state while growing up, while men are in thought of active state while growing up, so if the women want to be better they get better after marrying their real man; but, they get worse if they marry the wrong man. The position of the top most angels are what is church; it is from that hierarchy that Christ got the word church to use because the echelon of Satan that caused the fall is called church, so even though all levels lost their authority, that realm never lost its authority because Satan had to use his authority. So to disorganize Satan, Christ used church as place of worship. Yet Sunday is not the true Sabbath day, Sunday is when Christians ran from the Sabbath day that is Saturday, because of persecution. So the church should be reformed to unite as one church that really keeps holy the Sabbath day, rather than as they have turned Saturday to fornication day.

The thought to do something is from the spirit, but the direction the thought goes is tampered with in the soul, so those who can maintain their path, are the strong, but the weak are those that Satan alters the direction of their thought to do bad only for them to realize when caught, that it was from an external influence called Satan. That is what poverty is. Because it is the mind set that has to change for poverty to be no more, that is, it is the way of thinking that changes anyone from poverty to wealth. So if you think of hanging around the rich that share ideas and you cooperate together to gain, then you are wealthy. But if you belong to friends who can not assist you in anything you do, then you will be poor, because it is not handouts or only giving hook to fish that gives wealth, it is giving hook and where to fish and handouts to start; that changes anyone.  That is what Christ did by giving fish and bread for them to eat before He taught them how to get it. Even the occidents do not give hook without banks to fund without landed assets; it is same with the orients that have set up system for banks to assist projects without landed collateral.

The reason for tithes was for the wealthy to give five and ten percent of their wealth annually to God and to the poor through the temple organization, but it has now changed to take from the poor, when it is for the greater in spirit that become prophet to teach how they got out of the trap of Deception of Satan, by not being covetous, which is poor in spirit for not wanting what is not yours. In giving to God is to establish temples and books and offerings to God. It is only man or woman that is not covetous that can be in spirit that becomes born from above, which is prophet, that really means someone who follows the will of God, since it is only those who follow the will of God that becomes seer. As the person will never be interested in stealing another person(s) future wife or husband, but the person only goes into the person(s) experiences on request to aid the person change to how God made them, so they can retrace their steps back from the evil path they had followed, to the mind set that is the path that is good. Since God made two paths for everyone to choose to be good or evil, just as Satan chose evil and Christ chose good. It is not all that are wealthy that follow God, some were made evil, so once they become evil, they get wealth, but those that were made good, if they become evil they loose, so it is the path you are made to follow that is your wealth. Yet Satan could have asked God for name change from illusion to become opposite.

The hopes of mankind are for God because it leads to faith, so hopes can not be given to politicians or anyone else to miss use, because it will be your compensation to heaven if rightly given to God, or your compensation to hell if wrongly given to man or woman. The hopes for wealth are relied on God to get it in abundance, or in mammon to work to get wealth. In hope, the same way coitus brings in children, is the same way fornication brings in devils. So it is only those who repair lost woman that fornication altered her soul to be for hell that makes such woman called witch, to become born from above. The translation of the Greek word was misinterpreted to be written as born again, when it really means born from above. So the way the elements control matter, plants and animals, is the same way wealth is controlled by these forces. The forces of good are only for those that were made good by God, as the forces of evil are only for those that were made evil; yet those that are only unconscious in spirit are those that choose good or evil. Because those that are above conscious, are those that had chosen path of good or evil. So if they come and go; they must remain where they chose to get wealth.

Most people invest in material property where locust and worms destroy, but the wise invest in the spirit by getting all necessary to know how to get to spirit that is by education that always leads to the spirit where true knowledge of what you are to do resides, it is that knowledge that is established as super investment that peers who went material and mocked those who went spiritual before doing material development, see with envy. The super investment is the innovation that makes billionaires. In business, it is said that know yourself to get your full potential. It is so for spiritual and every other thing. It is more expensive to be educated to the highest level than to build a house; I have spent my time learning and investing in businesses, so I know education is more expensive, especially when it has to do with finding and getting all the books necessary to know what you really need to know, since what God has given from heaven through anyone via their spirit thought, it will not be given in full again from heaven, but you are guided to find it. So it is better to build good thoughts, than to build evil thoughts to go and manifest on the weak to use them to do grievous harm, since good thoughts lead to better investment that starts from spirit to be on ground as you establish it. Education is beyond classroom and degree, education is school at ominversity to produce multitasking ultrapreneur. In Nigeria, most inventors are forgotten, while their products are used by others; who discovered pounded-yam, egusi, moi-moi, garri, agbada, brass, bronze etc.

Products or services that attract people, brings wealth, because as they buy the product or service, the maker makes all the money with time. So the innovator is the one that builds his/her price round the product or service, they produce or service, for others who follow suit to add profit. That the inventor is the true wealthy person, as the mechanics or those that use and fix the service or product are the ones that earn living from that idea that was established by the true innovator. Just as Bill Gates gains from his Windows. Some think money is power because of the use, yet the true power is God, as money is tool that solves material ends, as it is also means to an end because it can help you to books that will lead you to know spirit, but the knowledge of which you are is only gotten from God. That God will only call you byname He made your spirit, and not name that other people use, because your spirit name is unique to only you. Saving is the way the rich get richer, because abundance is what wealth is. So when you spend more than you get, then you will be debtor, but if you spend less than you get, you become rich. So if there is spiritual problem from your spouse, it will affect you in making wealth because, it will make you spend more than you end until when both couple that were created by God as they have one spirit, will automatically solve their problem before wealth will become their portion. That is why it is written that the man(s) body is his wife(s) own, as the woman(s) body is her husbands own. So it is only when both realize this, and do all to make sure they do not alter God(s) wish for them, then they will both be permanently rich. Parents etc. should remember Genesis three, so they do not make their children harken to their voice instead of listening to God.

Role & Lust

Role of mankind is to till the ground they were taken from, which is ground of spirit, soul and matter; role of womankind is to help the man she was created from, which is to help the spirit and soul and spirit she is from, since the man has most (eleven ribs) of it; role of judgment is to ensure the will of God is done, so that is the role of the Holy Spirit that is why He can not forgive, because the Holy Spirit is not to let those who abandon their promise to God who created them to let them enter heaven for failing, so Holy Spirit only lets those who have done the will of God. That is why Holy Spirit is also referred to as will of God. So lust is when you desire to keep what is not yours, which is doing what God did not make you for. So for any man or woman to be forgiven of their sins to enter heaven, is for them to do what God created them for, because that is the will of God.

In my previous articles, I started by writing as students will write, before I upgraded from the seventh article by explaining that I wrote so to make you understand how the mind works, which is because a good teacher always starts from the students understanding or way of doing things, then upgrades to how it should be. In those articles I wrote on coitus by explaining twenty minutes for women, but it does not mean twenty minutes of fore and after play with it, it means twenty minutes of it; that means fore and after play may be long, but it should depend on the woman, because every woman has her time, so the more the man engages in fore play, the more his semen will increase. Some women may last for a longer time, as I know since I never failed because of what God taught me about it that a real man satisfies the needs of woman with the man size of over six inch from top, not the side that adds one inch or below that adds two inch that can not enter so it gets the g-spot; so real men will not be selfish in anything as they will know that best orgasm is when both have it that is by thrusting around rightly as she wants, so even the small that do well are not selfish, knowing many women have not experienced it as men, so they may take hours to get to it. So God wants me to reveal little of how He made me king of it that in my state of origin in my country that are regarded best in it, rank me chairman of it, yet knowing makes you withdraw from sin. Because most men have been selfish in it because of the want to have it, instead of the want to satisfy it; so writing this is not to encourage lust, but to help true couples remain together, since it is given from above and learnt on earth.

The role of mankind and womankind is to be born from above; but most people use the word, born again, yet as I wrote in my previous article that born from above was what Christ said, that the Greek translation to English has made people call it born again, when born again can mean, born from below that is hell, or born from above that is heaven. So saying born again is the wrong word, because as written in Psalm fifty eight versus three and Isaiah forty eight versus eight etc. in the bible, some people are born evil. It is how to let the body let the spirit lead it that I write on, since in Genesis three God cut off man from the way to the tree of life, so to get the way to the tree of life is to do the will of God. That is why it is written that we should submit to the will of God, as women should submit to husbands, that does not mean force but woo that is woman. Because if the woman submits to her husband, she unites with his soul to become one flesh, as the man submits to God to become one spirit with God so both become children of God. It does not mean that everyone and everything is not from God, it means everyone that submits to the will of God, is for God; because we were all created for a purpose that is our name, so it is in doing that purpose that we are doing will of God.

Ideas are gotten from the mind; the mind reasons in the brain and feels with the body into the brain; the mind is the soul, spirit and body. The soul connects the spirit to the body that is felt through the endocrine system that we felt more from puberty; the spirit is the origin of man, so the idea to do anything actually emanates from the spirit; that is why it is written that all things comes from the spirit. So even those who do not know God because they have forgotten why they are on earth, those people still get ideas from their spirit that is connected to the origin of its existence where it should grow from, by growing from the cosmos into the person until it is completely connected to the origin of you, just as you connected to your soul from puberty as you understood sex without much human guidance. So wealth is from the spirit. Yet wealth is actually what most people need that you give them to solve their needs for exchange. The exchange is what cash is. Yet it is by saving that it accrues to be wealth, since it only takes one coin to make ninety nine etc. thousand become one million.

Wealth is not meant to cause covetousness, since some couples had agreed differently with God on how their wealth of ideas will be given them from spirit, as some is when they meet, for others is only one of them that must make it before they meet. So we are not to lust over what God did not give us. Because all God made with us and for us, God always sends our angel to tell us, just as God gave Adam his. Everyone or everything we get without God consent is not by God, so it must be lost. Yet we are to desire only what God gave us. Genesis three and Exodus twenty states it clearly. Christ said He came to uphold the laws; that meant we should not neglect knowing Old Testament, because some read only the stories in Genesis, but forget to read Leviticus, numbers etc. to know that the mistakes of Adam, Abraham, Jacob etc. are the reason those laws were made. Even if they (prophets) were holy to God, from the time those laws were written, such acts should not be. So even if Christ coming stopped the practiced of such cleansing sacrifices by Christians, it did not stop the law of God; because that is why Christ was crucified as predicted.

Sacrifices were difficult that could lead to costly mistakes that ended up sending those who practiced it badly to hell. So people who are not conscious of their soul, may let others steal their gifts; that is why some people who are deformed are those who others have stolen their luck. The devil manipulates the front brain of the weak to him, but the strong are those who listen to God until the angel in their back brain becomes strong in them to overcome the devil in the front brain. So those who have control of their back brain are those that have united their brains by intention to do will of God, which opens the way to the tree of life that makes them prophet and seer. In which sin or lust for what is not given to you by God causes you to loose the vision of seer, even though seer are those who see for good so they see good and evil, as well as those who see evil so they see only from hell and not into heaven. That is why God closed the way to tree of life, written in Genesis three versus twenty four. So it is only those who do will of God they were created for that God instructs the cherubim in the hind brain or which is written as the east of the garden to open; it is east of garden because the brain grows from the back brain to the front brain, just as the sun rises from the east to the west.

Those who do will of God are prophets that are given vision of sight into the future as they see the past, because to know how the vision of the eye you see with works, is to know that it impresses images from the eyes that are lenses towards the back part of the brain for you to interpret it as sight. It is by that relationship of the rear end of the front brain that the back brain interprets dreams which are actually download of impressions of what occurred through out the day unto the back brain for it to get into the spirit to communicate with the gut feeling or hunch which is where the spirit resides like mustard seed until it grows from cosmos spreading all over the body like feelings did from puberty. Then the want for your other mate that completes you will be right, because mankind and womankind were not meant to have coitus before experiencing their full activity of spirit, since by the spirit that is the origin of every human , the person will not have coitus with the wrong person, because every other person belongs to another person. That is the sin. It is not that mankind and womankind were not to have coitus; it is that mankind and womankind were only meant to have coitus with their own spirit and soul to become one flesh. That is the one flesh written in Genesis two versus twenty four that once such has occurred they are both naked and not ashamed.

That the role of parents when the couple has become one flesh is to keep away from them, because most homes have been manipulated by family of the groom or bride; then society will blame the new couples without finding out that the second law in the bible was breached. The first law is for the couple to multiply, dominate and subdue the earth, which is only by love that exists between both of them as their union brings the complete purpose of the creation of the couple, since it is only in that union that they become as God made them to be like Him. The second law is that they leave their father and mother and cleave together, so for any parent to come between them because they gave birth to the body of any of the couple to make them related by blood, then that parent or sibling by blood is demanding the laws of compensation of the universe to begin to set to retrieve those who fail the laws of creation, because parents are only to solve problems couples can not solve so they keep the couple as one as God did; it is that law of compensation that is death. Because death is for failure to do any part of the will of God, but translation is only for those who never failed to do any part of the will of God. So those who live for their body more than they live for their spirit, those live for death, since the body is the temple of the spirit, as the body can not exist without the mind. Therefore, it is wise to live for the spirit so you will not be living for lust, since it is only those who live for body that the devil has right to use them by lust, as they must lust for what is not theirs.

As the devil was cursed that we bruise his head, as his descendants are seed; so those of God were cursed that devil bruise heal of those with God. It is how devil was cursed to eat dust, the dust is the soul that is dust in Genesis two that mankind was made from; that is why Christ preached that we save our souls, which is because the devil must cause lust for what is not yours so by that sin he can eat your dust that is being fed by the spirit that is breath of God. So those who do not do why God sent them, those do not belong to God, that means they are just like those that sin of Eve with Lucifer produced Cain that was different as his offering was rejected; because anything that is not by the consent of God, is for the devil. That first Corinthians six versus eighteen defines what sin is.


Good & Evil Use Those Closer

Spirits are here in soul and body to fulfill their names by tilling the grounds of spirit, soul and matter they were taken out of. Angels are here to fulfill the task they were sent by God to do. So as women must help their husband(s) members for them to get from those members to complete them, is how angels must help the person they came to help, before they can return back to heaven, yet if the person is woman, she must help her husband, but if her husband is not here, then it is only the task that will help her. Fondness is like, as love is deep fondness, yet care is greatest love because, someone who cares is troubled about helping your soul so you fulfill your mission, but someone who likes is only interested in the body; that is carnal attraction that is for fornication to feed the devil with dust of the soul. That is why when God sends someone to do something, the devil is also allowed by God to send someone to that vicinity.

Usually if someone good is yet to be born into a family or has been born into a family, someone evil must be born into that family before that person or after that person to mess that person up by delaying or truncating the mission of the person; if the person is not born into the family, then the person must be born into any family nearby or friendly. The purpose of evil is to make sure all from heaven do not go back to heaven for them to populate darkness, so they can feed from dust of the soul as the unused spirit keeps charging the soul for lust unless the spirit remembers to do will of God before the body it is in dies, if not, the spirit is bound for hell for failing to do will of God. I write about coitus because it is the main purpose of fulfilling one of the tasks which God made man and woman for, so knowing how to satisfy the soul of your partner is most important in love making because that is the purpose of feelings. So I write to make sure that humankind know that the sin is in sharing partners that were not given to you by God, so the solution to sin that will prevent death or people from dying is to have coitus with only who God gives, it is not to let the flaccid serpent on the body of man become phallus to penetrate the garden of another person by eating the fruit of pleasure and bring out descendants not ordained by God from the bush of the periodic wond of woman . Until recently, people were not allowed to call anything to do with sexual things, so they used other words that depict the pleasure, yet women are given hymen to prevent them from becoming used public toilets where men go to empty their prostrate, so women will remain for only their husbands as all manner of people like personal toilets they can feel comfortable in, but no one can enjoy sitting comfortably in publicly used toilets.

To get all from God is to fulfill all the purposes that God made mankind for; image that becomes like God for fulfilling task (will) God sent them for, which gives dominion over everything as they multiply and replenish earth and subdue it by choice of good and evil, which every choice made by humankind brings in either angels or devils. That the amount of evil humankind did brought in more devils as the angels receded because of humankinds lack of want for good, so devils were easily born into human families or possessed those that were weakened by accepting choice of society as the norm without looking into themselves to find out if society had become wrong, since societies choice depends on the leadership or the status quo planted by rulers. They are twenty five sons of God with Christ as the prime son of God; the other sons of God are the twenty four elders, since all the sons of God came directly from God the father, the Holy Spirit leads the other sons of God directly. Those sons of God are written in Genesis chapter six versus two to four. So it is the descendants of the elders that are angels, yet Christ that was got out of love was not sexual to have descendants, because He is the chief priest, while the Holy Spirit that is asexually got is sexual and the commander in chief. As Christ is king, so Holy Spirit is prime minister and prince. As written in Genesis chapter six versus four that wickedness was what was begot from elders mingling with descendants of angels that are spirits, is the purpose why it is only if God authorizes such copulation because of intent like when Holy Spirit conceived of Mary to give birth to Christ, if not any one doing things without God specifying it brings evil. Even Satan asks God before he harms anyone, Job chapter one and two, but because Satan always over does it that is why he is wrong, since his name already means illusion that is deception; then he does what he is created for. Yet he should have bugged God for name change like, Jacob etc. but he liked evil.

Evil is meant for hell only. That is why Christ predicted that not one evil being will remain here because Holy Spirit will not forgive them to be here. It took only one evil being called Lucifer to make the earth have more evil than good; out of about seven billion people, around six billion people are evil. The meek shall inherit the earth means, the humble or obedient to God will inherit earth, since to be obedient is to do will of God. As the poor-in-spirit means those who do not covet (want) neighbours goods; it does not mean poor person, or poverty, because God blesses those with Him with abundance. So it is those contended with what God has given them that look in to themselves to get what God has given them in their spirit that they bring out from their heads as inspiration that generates wealth. But the wicked, only spend their time hunting what another person has that they loose theirs because of breaking the ten commandments for want of what is not theirs, so they become devils for being wicked in trying to take what God never gave them.

That anyone who joins them to pray to God that they should get what they are stealing from God, such persons become devils with them for being guilty by association to crime against the laws of God which is like human laws on guilt by association to crime. So it is wiser to know why you associate with some one, rather than follow the person foolishly because of family ties or political or religious association or society etc. Because the way to heaven is only if you do what God sent you for, it is not because of how well you carried the theory of another person on religion etc. That is why every prophet says submit to will of God, or obey will of God; which is do what God sent you for that is the purpose or will in which God sent you to earth that is His own. Earth is not owned by anyone other than God, even if He let Satan rule it, He sent all the prophets to tell us not to follow Satan. So it is not because a leader sits on the chair that you follow, it is because the leader leads by example that is as God intends. Every leader has to make people respect laws of God that everyone must be with only who God created them with, then death will be no more.

As it is that no one created for another is equal to another except by carnal cloak we see, yet the spiritual and soul being of everyone is different, unless the person is the same male and female; so contrary to many peoples belief of inferiority of women, it is only the woman that is actually equal to the man her spirit and soul is created from. It is just that the woman is given one rib to start so she will be spurred to get her husband to make them both twelve ribs; that is why women like material things, since it is similar to acquisition of her members to complete her. So it is the depiction of uniting with her man that is like acquiring members from her man that Satan makes women crave materialism, when in fact it is members they seek, so they can get their own inspiration and acquire their own wealth to be self reliant in taking care of their descendants and themselves as well as family. The task that one is given by God that causes that one to be born on earth can be to help someone or a system or to make rules etc. That is what causes the person to be born into a family that meets the beings requirements; it is that same cause that causes evil beings also to be born into a family. That many will be confused about the state of a being in the family because what is in good is similar to what is in evil, since every being has their light and dark self; so for evil beings, they loose control of their light (good) self, while for good beings, they gain more control of their good and evil (dark) self as they do their task.

We are all here to make a choice to do what we were born into the world for that is remembered from within the spirit, or we choose to live for carnal reasons that are to feed the body sustained by food to do the purpose we are here for, but most people live for the sustenance of the body pleasure in feeding and eroticism instead of the purpose; yet the sustenance is not what we are to live for but the purpose. Living for purpose saves the soul from devils who feed from the dust of the soul of those who live for sustenance or survival; so those who live for purpose that God created them for and do it, are those who do will of God that saves their souls to remain with them not to be consumed by devils that possess the souls of those who live for the world. That is what is choosing good or evil in the tree of good and evil that Adam and Eve chose; that it is only those who choose good, which is the purpose of which you were born for that you find tree of life that leads to heaven, but if you choose evil, then you loose life so you become for hell and you go to hell.


Everyone that comes into earth either by birth or by essence has a team. Every prophet in scripture had a team. Couples are a team.

When the team is not completed by most of its members or is lacking those that help to do the task they were sent by God to do, the team fails; even devils have teams. It is the team work of devils to possess human bodies that are called legion that means thousands; because angels and elders do not possess, since it is against God making. God does not like anyone to be in between, because those who are indifferent are those eliminated, but those who pick a side have chosen as God made all to choose between tree of life and tree of everything that is tree of good and evil. So those who choose evil, still have a window to choose good because of the long time they have in torture, as they will always see those of good in paradise; while pleasure of the soul seems to be like paradise as the emotions are active, it is bad when the soul seeks to covet another own. So it is only those in spirit that know to enjoy the pleasures of the soul without seeking to covet another own; it is those that know the ways of God not to seek to add what God did not give them to their soul, which are the poor in spirit, for not wanting to be greedy to want to add possessions of another to their soul.

Denying what God gave you is denying your way to heaven, because anyone who denies what God has done is a liar that must go to hell, as written in revelations twenty one versus eight. Many people think that because they spread the word of God, so they will go to heaven, yet it is only those who do will of God that will go to heaven; it is not written that women were told that they should spread the word of God; it is written that women should pray. Because woman was removed from her true husband members of twelve ribs, so the husband has eleven ribs that are not connected unless the man seeks and ask for his spirit from God so he can do what he is sent for, then his members will unite, but the woman members are always as they are until they unite with their true husband to become one flesh as written in Genesis two before they become helper, so women who have been defiled by men to loose their hymen, such women become witches as written in Exodus twenty two versus sixteen to eighteen, until the woman becomes one flesh with her true husband. That is the main reason the Saudis do not let women to go anywhere without a male guardian, since the men were never taken out of God, yet the women were taken out of the men, so the women are vulnerable to possession by evil, unless they have been one flesh with their husbands. Some will wonder why write on women more than men, it is because men have been helped by most prophets more than women, yet if women are helped, then humankind will not be evil. Every woman that has been disvirgined by man that is not her husband, has been cut off from being helper to husband unless she can do all she can to be one flesh with her husband, but any woman that is still a virgin, is still connected to her husband; that is why it is written in first Corinthians chapter seven.

When a woman or man keeps pushing you away from someone you like, they usually like that person and want you out of the way so they can have that person or give that person to who they want to give the person to hurt you; those are one of the causes of evil that within a while it manifests into proper evil, by them teaming up to stop you from getting to who you like. It is at that stage that most women fail, but men usually will go to find out why they stop them from going to that person, simply because men are hunters in the game of chasing while women are receptive to be chased. Giving up is regarded as foolish when it has to do with your soul mate, because feeling for a soul mate will never make you team mate or help mate, it is foolish because without woman being one flesh with soul mate, they go to hell if they have lost their virginity. Letting men chase you by thinking you are trying to find your soul mate, is letting devil use you as food, since in Genesis three, devil eats dust and man returns to dust; so women should be wise to let God tell them who is their husbands, because God tells who is husband through your angel. The brain has your angel in the back brain and your devil in the front brain, the more you concentrate on the angel, is the more the devil will flee, but the more you concentrate on the devil is the more the angel will remain passive until you fall; since falling is only after several failures that permanent failure is taking oath like marriage with wrong person that will not be revoked, but will lead to hell. It does not mean because the angel or devil is yours that means you control them, it means that you and multiple of others around the universe are assigned to that angel or devil to communicate with you via your zodiac settings that God sends specific instructions through the angel or devil. But you decide who to influence you by who you lean to that becomes your choice, so if you choose to listen more to your angel through the back brain that is protected by cherubim in Genesis three versus twenty four, then you choose where devils can not alter, but if you choose to listen to your front brain more than your back brain, then you choose where they alter.

Only Holy Spirit is neutral because He is judgment, since He executes the choices you made, it is Christ that is judge because he said what is to be judged. That is why Holy Spirit is will because He enforces the will you chose, so if you choose to do what God asked you to do, you choose by asking God to tell you what He sent you to do, then you will remember what is in your spirit, since because of the body, the spirit will not remember until, you pray to God; that is what Christ meant by seek, ask and you will find. So trying to be in between is trying to be Holy Spirit, yet it is wrong to copy another person, as God made us to be ourselves that is original. An elder or angel may have his woman parts fragmented across each firmament that cuts across where he is from, so he may have fragments of that separated one rib of women in each firmament that means any of them that do not unite with their true united husband members will be lost to hell if she has lost her virginity by coitus with man that is not her God given husband; that means the female will not control the firmament that the fragmented part of woman was lost from. The rise of every being to where he/she belongs must be through the stages from the smallest to the highest of where he/she must be that if he/she can not have the drive to move forward through each firmament, then he/she will remain in the firmament circle he/she is caught up in that he/she stays in that anyone not in their true firmament that is their highest firmament that is their highest spiritual level; then that one must go to hell, since we must grow from soul into spirit levels as we grew from flesh to emotions through puberty. The drive to rise is only stopped by material desires that is why Christ said humankind should not worship God and mammon, but by humankind worshiping God alone that is following only what God says is when they submit to will of God that will make the person to be rewarded with wealth by God, as those who go after wealth are those who are cursed to loose the wealth in the long run; all the prophets were rewarded by God for following God. So it is to desire God more than money, then you will not be worshiping mammon, but if your desire is more for money than God, then you are not for God but for mammon.

Every woman has the same soul and spirit with her true husband that God made her from that God tells both of them that they are one, which is why women seek wealth because in truth it is their husbands members they seek; yet every child has only the same blood and flesh from the parents, while the child has different soul and spirit from the parents. So if a woman has coitus with any other man other than her true God given husband, then she is dirty because her soul that is on the receiving end like her body receives semen, is messed up by different soul and spirit from the man that reverses her soul and spirit from heaven to hell, but for man to have coitus with woman, he does not receive semen or her soul and spirit if she is not his own, yet he connects with her, so he is not regarded as dirty, because he is like a tap or decanter as she is like a toilet or bidet. So it is better she does not become public toilet that disgust people, as the dirtiness woman receives from mingling with man that is not her own is extended into her bloodline and soul line that curses all related to her, which is why it is written in Leviticus nineteen versus twenty nine, yet public decanter does not disgust people; Exodus twenty two versus sixteen to eighteen. That is why it is in Genesis two that true husband and true wife must become one flesh, so even if they are one soul, until they are one flesh before his wife can enter heaven if she had lost her virginity to another man before she met her husband. So if she has not had her husband, then she must go to hell for failing to fulfill the purpose that woman was created for. The purpose of Man is to till the ground he is taken from, so man only has to connect his members and till them to be as God wants, but as Eve was brought to Adam by God is how every woman must be told by God through their angel in the back brain like children bed time stories or prayers told them that their angel watches over them from behind when they sleep, while devil disturbs them from the front, which is like the had I known that those that are caught say, because when they are caught, devil flees then they realize they are not the once that were actually doing it as they thought.

Christ said in Matthew seven versus twenty one to twenty three that it is not those who say lord, lord, but it is those who do will of God; let me reiterate what is in my previous articles that will of God for man is to till the ground that man is taken from which includes the ground of body and environs, the ground of soul and environs, the ground of spirit and environs, and higher for the higher beings. But for woman, the will of God is to become helper to man she is taken from, so even though she has become helper to other men, which is by becoming one flesh, she will not enter heaven. So it is for man and woman that if they do not do will of God, they will not enter heaven, even if they pray saying lord, lord, because, it is not prayer that brought you to earth, it is what God sent you to do that is what brought you to earth by birth; prayer is to help you do what brought you and not to use prayer to try to alter God or what brought you. It is what brought you to earth that is who you really are, because God never sends someone to do what is another person, God always send you to do who you are because it is easy for you to do than anyone else; that is what is from image to likeness of God. That is why it is written in first Corinthians chapter seven that if you are loose remain loose, as if you are bound remain bound and not be loose; that is why Christ said in Matthew nineteen versus three to twelve that some are born eunuchs and some are not, so those who choose not to be with their spouse end up becoming eunuchs as punishment of loneliness. The power of woman over man is to accept him, yet evil people rape; the power of man over wife is to accept her to heaven only if she became one flesh as naked and not ashamed with him, so no other way for her than him: Genesis two. That to submit for man and woman is for the body to give into the control of the spirit by the body forgetting itself into the spirit that keeps it alive for the soul to become aware so insanity will not be; the body helps itself via cash, as the soul and spirit help self by doing will. Every one can be raised from the level of spirit they are in to a higher level than they were if they do will of God only.


The Will of God for man and woman is Genesis two; where man is to till the ground he is taken from, as woman is to be helper or help mate. The Will of God for how man and woman should be is Genesis one; where man and woman are to move from image to likeness. A Will is an intention, in Genesis one and two; God said what He intended for man and woman before He created them. I write more on women than men because the fall was caused via Eve, so it is corrected via woman.

God said in Genesis one that they should multiply and fill the earth, God said in Genesis two that they should become one flesh; so as in Genesis one they were both male and female spirits together, how would they have multiplied and fill the earth, as in Genesis two there were both man and woman soul, so how do they become one flesh, when God had created good and evil, yet without evil God would not have caused them to be cloaked or covered in garment of skin to have coitus and procreate. So it was God intention for them to become one flesh and multiply and fill the earth, which is why God let Satan push them to sin; just as it was God that told Satan about Job piousness as written in Job chapter one and two. Christ said it is not those who say Lord, Lord that will enter heaven, even if they did miracle in Christ name, unless they do Will of God; so those who go to church etc. praying to God without doing the Will of God, are wasting their life, because prayer is to ask God to help you do what He sent you for that only you are best in because that is your true name, so no other person can be better than you in it. That prayer is not to be used to try to change God from how God made you that God sent you for, or it means you have chosen to do and become will of Satan. So most people who pray to change God should know they are not practicing will of God.

Most people fall into will of Satan, only to find out when they are caught in the act because Satan would have fled from them, then they that thought they were doing it will realize and say had I known. Yet Satan is only doing his name that means illusion or deception, so the lie he does is never to change the person, but for the person to change himself/herself, yet those who follow to alter people, try to change the person; that is why their sins are grievous to take them to hell by death, while Satan hangs around. Yet Satan only mistake is that he gives more than the person can bear; that is what Christ judged him by that Holy Spirit is implementing judgment on Satan for. So it is the enforcement of the will you chose that makes the Holy Spirit unique not to forgive, because it is only you who can forgive yourself by choosing what is good, which is what you are meant to do. God and Christ forgive sins because They are more outside creation and creating via the Holy Spirit that is more inside creation and holding creation together as God intends, so if the Holy Spirit were to leave the system of creation to revert the system to forgive someone their sins, then the whole system will change like de�je'-vu.

That is why it is written that Christ is to handover all to God, because as written, God is on Sabbath; so it is Christ that carries men to God, which is why men were His apostles, since women are to submit in spirit and soul to their husbands to get their remaining members, so they complete their husbands to make them twelve ribs, then they can be taken to heaven by their husbands because they had become one flesh with their true God given husbands. That means women who become one flesh with the wrong man or men, become witches as written in Exodus twenty two versus sixteen to eighteen. So any woman that marries wrong man must go to hell, because as written in first Corinthians chapter seven, such women have become loose, so by becoming loose from who they were bound to by who God made them from to become bound to who God did not make them with, they have become will of Satan, so they become devils as they made themselves eunuchs for loosening themselves from the man they are from to bind themselves with the man that their spirit and soul can never bind to because their spirit and soul was never made from that man. So as Adam a man listened to Eve a woman, is how Eve listened to Satan a man; that because of that mystery, women prefer to be chased by giving of meals and gifts, yet the true man to the woman is who makes the woman a helper and not any man, so if she does not become one flesh with him, then she fails. So it should not be surprising that women are happier on their wedding days than the men, which is because she has fulfilled her will of God, unless he marries the wrong man, then she has fulfilled will of Satan.

A man is also bound for hell if he marries wrong woman because he breaks the tenth commandments of the Ten Commandments; so women become sinners by breaking hymen, as men become sinners by fornicating with women, because the men do Satan by brainwashing the woman to fornicate. Yet the sin of man are not grievous sins, which was why they were not stoned as the women in the Old Testament, because the sins of man are only grievous sins if he marries any woman that God did not give him. Because he will be changing the plan of God by changing the couple that God did. So everyone should now know that it is not because someone is not married that you can marry them, it should always be because God gave the person to you by telling both of you through your angels, because that one that is not married might have someone he/she are yet to marry to fulfill the Will of God for both of them that God made them as couple from each other and sent them to earth through different parents for them to meet and marry, then someone who is not aware of the spirit nature of his being, will only look at another carnally and marry carnally and go to hell for foolish marriage that fulfills the will of Satan of populating his farm, since God cursed man to return to dust and cursed Satan to eat dust. That as God blessed man and woman in Genesis two to till ground and help man respectively, God cursed man and woman with the same blessing to enforce it, as God revealed the blessing on Satan by the curse on Satan, because Satan brought himself to the level of Adam and Eve, by wanting their gifts to add to his own.

All of us were given free will to choose good or evil, those who choose evil are those who choose differently from what God made them for; so it was up to them to ask God what they were created for, and not use the free will to choose any choice of things they see. It is choosing the right or wrong partner that is the real choice. The right partner is when you ask God to show and give you who He made from you or who you are made from, if you are woman; the wrong choice is when you let your eyes admire the way the body of someone is carnally or what things the person has carnally, without looking into the person to see if the soul and spirit of that person is same like yours. Yet anyone who chooses carnally, by choosing to admire flesh to marry, has stolen from God because they stole the future husband of someone or wife before they could meet their spouse, because of admiration of character from upbringing, without looking at spirit and soul to see if it is same. Because husband and wife have same spirit and soul that no other person can ever have including their children; children only have same flesh from parents; children can never have same spirit and soul from parents.

If anyone dies without choosing rightly, then that one will never be saved, because the flesh that, that soul and spirit used to sin has decayed into the earth. It is the exact composition used to sin that must be used to undo the sin, it can not be allowed to be undone by the soul and spirit that sinned with another body to use another body, if not the purpose of creating earth as school to select the meek from the chaff will be defeated. As it is not a man job to become one flesh with his wife, so it is the woman who should be wife in future that should be keener on getting her husband, since the curse on woman was to desire husband and suffer in child bearing, which means she is cursed to do the blessing of become one flesh with husband. That every woman should know that husband is not boyfriend (that boyfriend and girlfriend were not written in scriptures and traditions because it was taboo) who must chase them like Satan chased Eve, but husband always takes his time with the real woman like Adam did with Eve, while boyfriends always rush girlfriends because the girls are conquest that are added to their records; so as man is blessed in Genesis two to till the ground, man was cursed in Genesis three to till the ground, so as woman was blessed to become one flesh with husband after she was created from man, is how woman was cursed to desire husband in Genesis three. So it is the job of woman to make sure they become one flesh with husband, and not to be used by boyfriends who may deceive them to sleep with them or deceive them to marry them so they go to hell, because bad upbringing can turn husband off when he is also to till her ground because she is from him, which is why he is bride groom; so women should know that, that is why it is difficult for true husbands to seduce true wife because, she is the one to desire him and not the reverse, even though his urge will be on her, yet he might be short of words because of the curse on woman to desire husband. That is why foolish women will use their urge for their true husband to go and sleep with their boyfriends, then because of that they curse their lands with poverty (Leviticus nineteen versus twenty-nine), for them to wonder in future why theirs is different from others.


God loves those who live by their spirit and soul name, as Christ is the word and lives by it, as Lucifer is illusion and lives by it is why God let him until he went beyond deception according to each human size to over tempting to keep humans to populate matter that is place of choice, then those higher than him had to come and find him guilty and remove him and authorities he stole from the weaklings who fell to his excess lies. That is why Satan was cursed to eat dust, as man was cursed to return to dust. So any time Devil wants to eat from his farm of humans, he causes man to sin, so as man sins, his dust is sheared for devils to eat it. That dust is the soul that man was formed from in Genesis two, while the breath of God in Genesis two is the spirit of man in Genesis one that is always connected to the female spirit that is the same person, which is why it is written in Genesis one that male and female He created he them.

That is why true husband and true wife must feel for each other from within themselves, while boyfriend and girlfriend that is not written in bible is felt only in the flesh, which is carnal erotic feeling; while true husband and true wife feels more than any boyfriend or girlfriend can ever cause because as written in Genesis three, the man rules over his wife. So women should stop wondering why they feel more for husbands than they ever felt for any man. That is the mystery of God to curse man and woman in Genesis three to do Genesis two, because Genesis two is the will of God, as Genesis one is also the will of God, which is why Satan must always make sure the true husband and wife must repel each other as they must always desire each other as God cursed woman in Genesis three to desire husband. It is the part soul of emotions that was removed from man to form woman, so every woman is equal to her man because of the equal spirit, yet the woman becomes same like her man when she becomes one flesh with the man, which makes her helper or help-mate. So the lies of Satan on all of mankind is that any woman or man that is fitting in character or quality that family like, they can marry, yet God did not make it so; that Christ even corrected Moses divorce law by saying it was not so from beginning, because from beginning as it is in Genesis one, it is male and female He created he them, so it is only the same soul and spirit that must marry to become one flesh and then the woman will be helper. But if the woman or man marries another woman or man future husband or wife, then he/she has broken the tenth commandment written in Exodus twenty versus seventeen, where we are not to desire anything that is our neighbours.

God said in the end of Genesis one that it was very good, because of the settings of the system of matrimony where the husband and wife must find themselves and marry, since the wise man and/or woman will wait on God to show them their true spouse; just as Eve was brought to Adam, is how a true wife is brought to a true husband, then it is for them to recognize who they are to each other by depending on God who created all including them. So it is not parents who should choose, it is not priest who should choose, because God made every one to choose by listening to Him, as He did in Genesis two. Because as God did in Genesis one and went on Sabbath, God knew that Christ and the Holy Spirit who worked with Him in Genesis one, will continue and finish creation in Genesis two. So Satan was created to test every human by making it difficult for them to find or meet their true spouse, so it is the strong person who will do anything/everything to be with who God made with them. But the weak that are many find the easy way or broad way and let any other person in to their life as relationship. Such are never forgiven to enter heaven because as written in first Corinthians chapter seven that if you are bound remain bound and if you are loose remain louse, is in harmony with Matthew chapter nineteen versus nine, where who ever causes adultery is the adulterer. The temptation of Satan is in the soul because that was the origin of sin as in Genesis two that is of soul, which is before Genesis three where garments of skin was covered as human body, as the way to the tree of life was cut off, in which the way to the tree of life is only united in those human beings who have chosen to follow the way of God which is the will of God in Genesis two and one. That the man must till the ground of spirit and soul and flesh by also grooming his wife as bride groom, as the woman must become helper which is only by true husband, because false man/woman or boyfriend/girlfriend must make woman witch as written in Exodus twenty-two versus sixteen to eighteen.

In Matthew six versus nine to thirteen, to trespass (debt) is a mistake that is forgiven, such that seventy times seven different types of sins can be forgiven, but permanent sin that stops your destiny by God is the sin that is the eye or hand that causes you to sin that should be cut off, because it must lead you to hell by making you fail to do the will of God which is Genesis one and two that was enforced as curse in Genesis three. It is will of God because it was will by God before He did it by saying let us make. As written in the end of Genesis two, is how no other person should be brought into the relationship, even if they are parents, because instead of solving it, they usually make it worse by taking sides. As Christ said it is not those who say lord, lord that will enter heaven, but those that do will of God; so know it is not those who pray in church and refuse to do will of God, but those who do will of God that enter heaven. So those who marry what another owns in church and pray in church have refused to do will of God, because they altered the plan of God by marrying what another owns to please society that they could marry early or please others or their ego. Heaven is for the strong, it is not for the weak; even though women are called weaker sex, it does not mean some are weak, it only means that women are weak because they easily listen to lies and spread their legs, than to listen to truth because truth is bitter as lie is sweet, until after a while the lie must be revealed that becomes unbearably annoying to the deceived; since virgin and woman who marries her true husband by God are true prophets by God, as disvirgined by wrong man are witches until married by true husband, so those who marry wrong man become loose and become devils.

The only way to solve problem between husband and wife is for any other to pray to God to solve it, since God is the maker of all. That is why when any other tries to intervene, they try to play God which is blasphemy since they did not create anyone, even if they are parents, they only enjoyed themselves then you were born, so they do not know who you are in spirit and soul unless God sends angels to tell them. But those who pray against what God has done ask for wrath of God on themselves. Christ specifically said in Matthew twenty four that they will be marrying, and then the end will come, which is because most marriages are wrong and of lust, so they are evil marriages that create devils instead of holy people. False marriage is the lie of Satan that most people can not see, as they willingly fall into it to feed Satan with the dust from their soul that is written in Genesis two that man was made from. As Moses wrote in Exodus twenty two versus sixteen meant only a true husband that marries his betrothed woman that saves her, as woman not betrothed that is enticed by man, the man must marry her or if her father refuses shall pay dowry to save her from remaining witch for hell, which is what is emphasized in first Corinthians chapter seven of loose or bound woman; yet in truth, the money is mammon so even if used to pray will not change the alteration of the doings of God, unless the woman has no husband, and her marrying a man without wife will not alter will of God.

Religions are not supposed to be divided because religions exists to the understanding of how people can commune with God, yet it was the plan of Satan to use religions to divide people by making people see religions as division between peoples. It is just like a true wife will not want to spend her husbands money, as her husband will not want to spend her money, which is because as money is wealth from spirit, which is ideas from spirit or talent from spirit, is how both husband and wife of same spirit consciously stops them from spending their resources, so they can sustain longer life, is how religions drive the leaders of religions to be in harmony, yet the followers who are further from truth use religions to cause discord. Yet after twenty-first of December twenty thousand and twelve had past, Satan had no right in the temptation process to test beings that he was originally used as catalyst to kick start; so it is now battle in the individual between soul and spirit for the soul to submit to spirit so the being wins to be for heaven. But those whose soul dominate them because of wealth, are the beings that must be in hell for not being meek to the Will of God of doing Genesis two to inherit the earth and thereby be for heaven. All authority and principalities belong to God, so Holy Spirit has been reclaiming all that Adam lost to Satan, so humans should stop apportioning beings to Satan who is powerless; that means he has nothing other than lies that are irrelevant unless any human believes he has power over him/her, which is him/her giving his/her power to him to use against you. That is why Holy Ghost power burns evil beings, yet hell fire is swimming pool to Holy Spirit.

Brain Connections

In Genesis six, the sons of God took wives of the daughters of men that were fair; so now in the judgment the daughters of God took husbands of the sons of men. Because of that, they that are gods were cut off from activities in matter, as humankind were cut off from spiritual powers. Karma or compensation is what the wives of the sons of God have come to do against their promise to God; yet for every woman that has coitus with a lower man, she is automatically for hell unless she has coitus with a higher man and never goes to have it with lower man, unless the man is her equal. That is what Mary gained from Holy Spirit which made her the mother of Christ. The brain of humankind is an antenna that connects to their soul and then spirit.

It is the connection of the brain to the soul that is puberty; it is the connection of the soul to the spirit that makes prophet. The brain connects to the limit of soul or spirit in which the consciousness of the person allows the person to connect to, in which if a person is in doubt, then the person will not be able to stretch his/her brain into the extremes of his/her firmament. Every spirit can only peep into the immediate hierarchy above them and see everything below them if they only believe in God that they have something more than carnality. So the brain of every spirit is limited to where the spirit comes from, it is not only according to genetics, because genetics can not change within a generation for those that are carnal, but genes can change for those in spirit, which is called miracle. Every soul stretches at puberty into the firmaments of soul until it reaches the limit of that soul, then if the person believes in God, then the person will be willing to do will of God that brought the person in the first place, so that will propel the person into faith that will let God ask the angelof a person to open the way to the tree of life written in Genesis three versus twenty-four; that when that way that devils can not alter that is the only part of the human body and soul that devil can not alter is open, then the spirit will soar in knowing and wisdom until the person will learn to bring that understanding to the comprehension of carnal humans as wisdom.

The brain is dead without the person is what every scientist will agree is corpse or cadaver. So until the human will learn to know that it is not the brain that does the thinking without the being of the person, is when the human will evolve into being a true human being. So the connection of the brain is extended through thirteen levels of existence that at the level of God, the trinity uses one mind, just at the level of elders (sons and daughters of God) share one mind. In one of my previous articles, I wrote naming the thirteen levels or firmament, so I do not need to mention them to take space. I will only clarify that the sons of God have the daughters of God as wives, so for every daughter of God that went to lower man, will forever meet husbands when they visit them in hell. Since those in heaven are allowed to enter hell, while those in hell will never enter heaven. Those in spirit follow the narrow way, while those that are carnal follow the broad way that is the way of mammon that is easy, yet those in spirit are rewarded with more wealth with time.

The way that God is united in mind is what God willed by saying: let us make man in our own image, after our likeness; that is why true husband and true wife are to become one flesh to unite their minds, so it is not surprising that many couples can read each others intentions, yet humankind followed the way of devil to make the only bad tree in the garden of Eden to become the most tree in the garden as broad way, while the good trees became the narrow way for being less considered by human beings. Fornication is the bad tree, while coitus by true husband and true wife is the good tree. The bad tree causes the brain to connect to evil, especially with women, so the woman become witch; while the good tree causes the brain to connect more with heaven. So note that Satan fornicated with Eve that caused her to be impure, which is why Leviticus and Numbers have what to do to cleanse from sin of fornication that Eve did not do, which if Adam had asked God before going into Eve, Adam would have been told by God to cleanse her by praying to Him to make her pure before he went into her; first Corinthians chapter six versus eighteen, defines sin. So it is the same way a woman was separated from her true man that she must be reunited with him for her to go back to heaven, so any woman that unites with any man that she is not from, then that woman has been united to hell, because for being separated from her true husband, means she will never be reunited with heaven for altering the plan of God that is the Will of God; it is the woman who accepts and receives that should be most careful, because the man who gives is not to blame because of his prostrate urge unless he possesses what another owns. Because before the man and woman were in heaven, they were one person as twelve ribs (firmaments), so for those who believe the lie that you must be separated from spirit husband, should ask themselves where it is written in bible, because it is clearly written in first Corinthians chapter seven that if you are bound remain bound, and if you are loose remain loose, as written in Matthew nineteen versus three to twelve.

Every body was created as God did that it is not for anyone to use the name of God to do miracle against God in the name of God, as Christ said He will not recognize such in Matthew seven versus twenty-one to twenty-three. That children from such illicit marriage, because it was not ordained by the law of God, yet consummated in prayer houses must produce evil children from the womb because evil are attracted to wrong doing caused by lust of the flesh in which some mistake as love, when love is between spirit of same person that is from within both persons that are same spirit but different body because of separated soul, and not like the urge of lust from the body and soul. Since Satan caused sin when Adam and Eve were in soul is why the arousal is from soul to flesh. So those from evil will find it very hard to do good because the sin that made them evil before they reincarnated on earth was with a different body that has decomposed, so the new body will not be consented to in the purification of the sin caused by the other body that was not solved, unless God or Christ choose to solve it because of the person piousness; that reincarnation was not a word when bible was written, yet many parts of the bible refer to reincarnation: that the clearest one is John twenty-one. Just as the word genocide did not exist until the last century, yet genocide is written severally in the bible, because whole set of people were eliminated.

Everyone that came to earth were born or appeared, yet they were all sent by God directly or indirectly; indirectly because Satan can never do anything without taking permission from God, as it is clearly written in Job chapter one and two. So any one that comes to earth and does differently from what they told God they were coming for are liars, because before they came to earth, they had promised to do what they were made for that they are the best in which is the will of God that is Genesis two, then when a man doe not till the ground of spirit and soul and matter he is taken from, then he lied. So it is with woman who refuses to help her husband by marrying another future husband that was never one person with her in soul, which makes her sins more grievous than that of the man, which is why it is written in first Timothy chapter two versus fourteen that Adam was not deceived, which means he was saved, and not Eve, because before woman was created from her true man, man had other helpers, so if man fornicated with others before his own, it is doing what was the first helper in Genesis two that women are not part of, because woman had not been removed from man. Just as hermaphrodites do not suffer like women in child birth. So as men do not try to be women, means women should learn not to be men, so their way must be made straight. It is not a woman that empties herself into a man like toilet that no one likes to use public toilet; it is man that decants like public tap that everyone wants to use. So women should learn to get out of weaker sex of being deceived, to be like men that are not deceived; yet it is not that women should try to be men, because men are different in being.

Women who prefer to be deceived to gain material things are women that let their genetic formula keep them where Satan set women to be by giving fruit to get her fruit, so women are the least that return to heaven. It is how men give food or gifts to get cunt. God is man, as Satan is man, so it is man that deceives or saves; it is boyfriends that deceive, as true husband that is equal to woman that saves or higher good man saves or higher evil man deceives. That is why the brain of men sends more brain-waves to and fro from back to front that is different from brain of women that sends more brain-waves to and fro from side to side that is between each hemisphere of the brain. Women have three openings underneath because they are the last creation, whilst men have two openings underneath as the first creation in which animals that have two openings copied. The trees of good and evil and life are trees of the brain and private-parts; where the tree of life is the true spouse and rear-brain, as the tree of good and evil and front brain is fornication and front-brain, since the front-brain only operates with material things, as the rear-brain operates with spiritual things, which is why virgins are pure to retain their original brain connection as they are not sinners if they marry their original husband as it is in first Corinthians seven and why Leviticus fifteen is to clear demons who come to feed on the dust of fornication as in Genesis three. Some will think this is not research, but anyone who knows how the bible is written knows this more research than any profession can, because it is using the brain to seek information in heaven and hell and on earth, all at the same time, which is superior to those who scout matter for information; as known, white collar that use brain is paid more than blue collar that uses hand to work on other peoples information. So we know people wonder why they forget, yet it is because the devil in front of their brain took that information that if they were closer to the angel in the back of their brain, then the devil will not be able to take any information because faith overcomes fear that powers devil.


The unique nature of every human being is in the soul and spirit that only his true spouse shares, yet the difference in true couple by God is only in the flesh, where genes and upbringing counts. Every soul and spirit to be born in flesh is attracted to parents whose combination will produce bodies to match their character. Yet it is women who like to be deceived to gain material things that annoy God to keep the world with evil, because women are suppose to know the man (true husband) to be with through their angel that God informs; if women reject the culture of wanting to be chased that is deception by men for women to gain outing and gifts of food etc., when women know they do not like to be lied to, then the world will change to paradise; that is far away from what started in Genesis three.

Everyone is sent by God to do who they are that is the solution to a problem on earth, which is what makes them unique in the world and in existence. But, when some persons choose to deviate from what they are that is what they came to earth for, then that person is anti-God, so the person is anti all in heaven that means the person is antichrist because, Christ lived only for what God wanted, which made Him say it is only those who do will of God that are for Him; Mathew Seven versus twenty-one to twenty-three. The unique nature of everyone is the solution to the world. If everyone did the unique nature of who they are, then the will of God will be done on earth; yet even when Satan makes sure no one does the will of God they are meant for, Satan is the only one that does the will of God that he is meant for without obstacles from others altering him from doing his will of God, by doing illusion that is his name called Lucifer. So when he lies or deceives, he only pleases God by doing who he is, but he did not understand his craving for doing his will, so he made mistake by trying to tempt beyond the curse he was placed on in Genesis three, which is that he is cursed above all those below him, and not cursed above those above him, so as soon as he tempted one above him, he had cursed himself off the glory of walking into heaven to make demands on who he wanted to attack so he can eat dust; that is why Christ said he was judged in John sixteen. Since he was cursed to eat dust as man was cursed to return to dust. So any time mankind fornicates, devil must eat, because mankind must shed part of his soul that weakens him, but if mankind were with his true missing rib, he would not feed Satan because both couple will be protected. Yet if he/she is not married to the true person, then they have cut themselves from God that makes the person to be cut off from God, which is when what Christ said if your hand or eye causes you to sin cut it off, because it becomes permanent for eternal damnation for changing God  plans that is the will of God.

Those that are unique to their name and task by doing what God wants to be done in existence are greater than those who do their name and task as God wants of them by opposing what God wants to be done in existence; so Satan who does his name and task is less in will to Christ who does his name and task and what God wants in existence that is will of God. That is why Christ said it is better not to gain the world and loose your soul, which is because anytime you sin, you loose more of your soul that is dust to Satan until you do not feel sin as guilt, then at that time, evil is the governor of your life that you will think that it is to look bad that makes you unique, when it is to do who you really are and fulfill the will of God for existence on earth that makes you truly unique, since the false uniqueness of being bad is always a copy of what any other person has done, but the true uniqueness that is truly you, no one would have ever done. Many people are always confused about the unique difference of soul and spirit as they think soul and spirit means the same thing, yet soul is clearly written of as dust in Genesis two that man was made from, as spirit is clearly written in Genesis two as the breath of God that He breath in to the nostrils of man to give the dust life. And Genesis two and Genesis one confuses many people who try to see them as the same, yet Genesis one is clearly the creation of the spirit from heaven to earth as it starts in Genesis one, as Genesis two is clearly the creation of soul from earth to heaven as it starts in Genesis two; so it is in Genesis two that the dust of man was separated to form woman, yet in Genesis one the spirit of man and woman are written as one and them. So that is where the true attraction of husband and wife is truly from, because their soul was separated to be in matter as their bodies are the covering of garment of skin stated in Genesis three; that means God intended that mankind must sin for him to multiply and fill the earth because since mankind was dust and so could not fulfill the first commandment of Genesis one that mankind should multiply and fill the earth, God had made Satan before making man to fulfill that cause, so Satan had to learn the world and become ruler of the world before mankind was created. So it is only those that are elders and God that are superior to angels that Satan is from. That is why we must learn all that will bring out true person in us.

The meaning of creation in Genesis one for spirit and Genesis two for soul is that the spirit and the soul must grow to unite for them to become one and do the will of God that is why the rivalry of the soul wanting to dominate the body is what keeps the spirit from coming out, since the spirit is not aided by nature to become manifest like the soul is aided by nature as puberty that pushes the body into soul; that is why God said it was very good. God rested in Genesis one means God left creation for Christ and Holy Spirit, that is why Saint Paul said in the end Christ will hand over everything to God, because the creation process of multiply and fill the earth and the sorting of the wheat from the chaff is done as people are the ones to choose their destiny to follow God or follow what they think is their conscience only to find out it is Satan they follow, as when anyone falls the conscience becomes bear as Satan flees leaving them to their fate and they realize and say it is the devil, which is Genesis two that Adam and Eve were told of choosing good fruit from bad fruit of evil and good. So anytime you think you are the one doing anything, then that is when you should ask yourself if it is really you by looking into your back brain that is guarded by your angel so it is the only place devils can not manipulate; Genesis three versus twenty-four. The same way the spirit of each person must grow to become one is the same way the man and woman of the same person must grow to remain united as their spirit is always united, yet every man and woman that marry another person that God did not create with them, has separated themselves from who they are in spirit and from their grace that flows from their spirit as they are adorned by gifts of evil that do not last but perish as they will realize sooner that they are bound for eternal damnation for breaking the will of God. Since some men are polygamist by God as some men are not because God made the capacity of everyone different, as every woman that find themselves in polygamist home should know that they chose to make the man polygamist by their decision in heaven to populate the earth, since one woman can not carry the number of seed from that character that makes her and her husband that God intends to populate the earth. A woman having the sex capacity is not the same as a woman having the orgasm capacity of man, so if man is not selfish, he will satisfy his woman to satisfy himself from her pleasures, then she will be satisfied.

A true man is a philanthropist that makes other men to be philanthropists to help everyone to do who they really are on earth by making them arrive in spirit and financial stability to take care of themselves, so if anyone of those that have been established refuse to establish others and reinvest in who made them, then that person is not doing like Christ did, as he fed those who came to hear him before teaching them what to do. So it is not giving a hook alone, it is giving the hook and teaching and showing where to fish; it is not academics only, it is showing where to use it and how to make it. If not the devil will always alter those given the hook alone, because those that are evil are not altered by those that are good, but those that are good are left to those that are evil to tempt them to test them if they really love God, so if they fall to evil, then they are sent to hell. Many wonder why the poor are allowed to suffer, yet it is said that poverty is a curse, so those that are poor should always find what sin they did that made them poor and reverse it before they make it permanent by marrying wrong person, so they stop blaming God, yet the way evil people get wealth by ritual killings is the exact opposite for good people who get wealth by doing will of God. Those not from the level of the divine can never understand why some are poor and some are rich unless we reveal it to them that it is only when you deviate from who you are that is your unique nature to do who you are not that you are poor, that is why in business they are taught to be themselves; although since the sins of parents are upon children, parents can be cause of poverty.

It is stupid to think that every bodies life is the same to quantify that marriage for one man and woman is marriage for another man and woman; just as religion for one man or woman is not the same for another, so it is silly to think that the way you understand religion must be the same way another person must understand religion, which is why God made us to have many religions and marriage systems as God said in Genesis two that they were many trees in the garden that were good to eat, is how they were varied forms of creation in Genesis one. So no two males have the same type of female life; that is why satisfaction in coitus for everyone is different for everyone. If someone has many wives because in heaven it is the female part of the same person that is male and female that agrees to be more than one woman or one woman that depends on the task of multiply and fill the earth, then because of tradition of religion, the man and one of the female part marry and abandon the rest, then all of them must go to hell for not doing will of God that they promise to do with God that brought them to earth; which makes them liars for following tradition of religion or tradition of people, which is following the world instead of following God as they agreed in heaven that brought them to earth. But if someone has only one wife and chooses to marry more than one wife, then he has stolen another man  wife that will make that man and woman he stole not to be one to do will of God that God sent them as they agreed in heaven, which means, all of them that are altered from doing will of God by marrying wrong person must go to hell; that is why Christ said in Matthew twenty four that they will be marrying themselves out in marriage and then the end will come; that means it is God that gives all to marry who He made you with, not anyone marrying anyone, or it is lust that is not love, even though evil fools such to think it is love when it is lust as infatuation or obsession.


Physically, stealing is taking objects that belong to another without the persons consent. But, spiritually, stealing is taking a person that God did not give you, because every man was made by God with a particular woman. You can not have someone as boyfriend or girlfriend that God did not give you and you get your true partner, because as you steal another  own, evil will never let you get yours, as God permits devils to attack you for doing evil. Boyfriend and girlfriend are not in bible because it is sin.

Stealing by Satan in Genesis three was not stopped by anyone in heaven because it was to test mankind, so Satan  removal from power over earth between the twenty-first to the twenty-third of December twenty thousand twelve, meant Satan too should not interrupt the changes of those from heaven doing the will of God or Satan will keep loosing his authority until he diminishes. Satan  antichrist as the prince of Persia quoted in Daniel ten in the bible, should have been understood by now that it is not the Persians that cause the war but the prince of Persia who is in California in the west coast of the United States of America, where the caldera exists in salt lake city that the united States of America should have been more careful, because the caldera eruption is the three days darkness with sulfur covering the world that will be caused by man detonating it. That the battle is between the prince of Grecia (now system of Greece) and the prince of Persia (Iran  system) because both people were brought about by deception; Cain was brought by Eve  mistakes, as the Arab  were brought by Sarah  mistake in letting Hagar, which the Persian  are related by blood mingling and took to inherit the cause. So Satan  remaining power resides in those people who are for him by doing evil against God  will, which is why all those that are evil must be removed from earth to hell so the meek to the will of God will inherit the earth. That is why God sent special high beings to populate the earth with good seed to raise the human evolution from being only physical as Satan left them as farm for devils to eat dust, to spiritual development for devils not to eat dust of the soul. But Satan has not stopped interrupting the process of the will of God, which means that Lucifer and all the devils that work with him are doomed for damnation.

Prophesy says the last destruction is by man. The system of Greece is the democracy that leads with the word senate; the system of Iran is religious leadership with democracy following. Some people will think they have never stolen in their lives, but anyone who has had coitus with anyone that is not theirs by God has stolen from the person that that person is for; yet anyone that marries whoever God did not give them, has stolen from God and from the true person that that person belongs to, because of the vow at the alter committing them to each other until death do them part, in which by judgment, death only does them part but, they will never part from hell, because they changed their vows from how God made them. That is why when Christ said whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven, He said it after talking about marriage; so it should not be misunderstood as people have used that for other purposes. That is why it is said that they is power in the word, since it was by the word everything was spoken into being that the spirit of God did it; as written in the bible, it is not what goes into his mouth that destroys, but it is what comes out of his mouth that destroys. The spirit of God in Genesis and other religions is what is the Holy Spirit, as holy is what is associated with service to God.

It is not how people want to see you, it is how God sees you as you promised God before coming to earth; so it is not marrying anyone to please society or church, but it is waiting patiently on God to give you who He made with you that will set you from going to hell for doing the will of God that is what is willed for man and woman before He created them, as it is written in Genesis one and two. To mislead someone by creating a system to force people to do what God says is wrong, by bending the laws to suit a minor few in the population, is evil and will bring the consequences of God  judgment on such people that accept or do such evil; just as gay rights is foolishly spoken by occident as human rights, when with a just eye it is not because if you let one sin, then other sins will be called for amendment. So does it mean the occident will have to let some form of stealing and killing? It means the occident are paying for the wrong they did to Africa etc. as colonialism and slave trade, by the evil they have accepted because of the smaller emotionally ill people that makes them undemocratic that they preach and say their values that makes NATO. The Devil stole the world from mankind using Eve that he got Adam  rights and added it to his own, which was supervisory role to mankind, just as teacher is to student; so as Lucifer chose to keep teacher and students rights as his own, he lost his right to reside in heaven, yet he did not stop, as he tempted those above curse on him that judged him to be stopped from the privileges of entering heaven to make requests on those in carnal and soul form. That caused Satan to be misguided into his own mistakes that kept him trapped for the judgment to be executed properly on him by Holy Spirit, since he could not move by his own trap that made it easy for him to be stripped off his rights and the authority he stole from Adam.

All the laws of the Ten Commandments has to do with stealing; worshiping other gods is stealing the worship that is meant for God, not keeping holy the true Sabbath day that is Saturday is stealing the day of worship to God to be on another day, killing is stealing the will of God that God made that person to do, adultery is stealing the purpose of holy procreation to produce evil procreation, covetousness is stealing the desire for true spouse as indicated in Genesis three for women and given it to another person, so the devil eats dust of the soul that diminishes the person  soul. Yet anything that the devil takes from you that belongs to Holy Spirit is taken off the devil to Holy Spirit as the devil takes it from you, so the Holy Spirit never looses anyone  authority that He gave you, but you will never get the authority that you let the devil steal from you that is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Even parents can steal their children  destiny, as it is written in the Ten Commandments that the iniquity of the fathers are upon their children to the forth generation, is how parents mistakes can mess their children  fate up. That is why society is shaped after the mistakes of ancestors like Adam brought death to descendants that spread into all races as they believed in imposition of the colonialists, instead of believing in how God made us as races that are kingdoms of people that should be in harmony as written in Daniel seven through eight etc. Children too can mess up all their parents have worked for that is their legacy by being nonchalant and frivolous.

Children born from parents not joined by God that are married are from evil because it was not done by God, such false union of parents gives false wealth that never lasts but fades as it is house built on sandy ground that can not stand, because all were stolen by manipulating the carnal system for lust that feeds the devil; what is eaten can not exist, as they say you can not eat your cake and have it. Because Satan stole from mankind through Eve and Adam, it is the ignorant man that had wealth to woo the foolish women and men to evil, yet wealth was meant for the perceiving man, as Adam had before the fall, so now the wealth is moved back to those who know who they are in spirit that are above prophets, so wealth is no longer mammon opposed to God as long as the person does will of God that brought them; that means mankind is being returned to where Adam was before the fall, so mankind rises from there to what they were sent by God to do that is their spirit name. A person who is not seer should never call another person a fool, it is only the person who can see that can call another person a fool because, the person who can see, sees the foolish persons folly; that is why Christ who said people should not call others fool, Christ Himself did call people fool. Some stupid girls think that it is the number of boyfriends they get that they will find a husband, yet the truth is that those that got married early, never had boyfriends, so their path way for God to let them meet their husbands was opened since they were not stealing another woman  man by thinking it is only when they have boyfriends that they can find a husband, when the bible and quran never said so for women. So every woman that has boyfriends is a whore because she prostitutes with the men to spend what is meant for their future wife or wife on them; prostitute is some one paid for coitus, yet boyfriend means sexual intercourse partner that is not certified by God or family. Such women should blame themselves when they can not find money in their true marriage, because they spent another  own that depleted their own; it is worse with any woman that married another  own because she change God  will for herself, just as it is worse on the man who married another  own, unless she meets her true man by leaving the false man, but if she had her true man before she had another man, then she can not be easily forgiven until she does more than she was sent for by God to do to tip the scale of good to be more than evil: that is what Matthew nineteen versus three to twelve really means. Women should not compare themselves to men because, women get pregnant that is why they have hymen to keep them virgin until the true man dis-virgins her but, most women were dis-virgined by men that are not their own that deprived them of the grace of God  blessings and abundance of wealth.


Care is when you have great concern, interest and serious attention for someone; so care is greater than like that can be interest in any part or characteristics of a person that makes like to be fond of a person, in which love is deeper fondness.  So, the word helper is qualified as someone with absolute care for the person that he or she is given to care for. The Holy Spirit is the first helper; the Holy Spirit cares for everything in existence, so much so that if the Holy Spirit has to forgive only one person of their sin, means the Holy Spirit will have to stop caring for every other creature and reverse the cause of creation to solve that person  problem. That is why Christ said the Holy Spirit does not forgive.

The second helper is woman who were made to care wholly for only the man they came from, but most women on earth are the exact opposite of care by being the hindrance to the very man they came from, by thinking they need their space to do what they want, without thinking that it is only when they unite with their husband, in which true husband is only the man you came from and not any man you marry because of lust. That is when she will be able to realize all she came for that is more and greater than she thought. Because that alteration via fornication was what Satan did to woman when he conquered Eve and used her to entrap Adam to go against God  will; when the purpose of every human being is to do the will of God as Christ specifically said in Matthew seven versus twenty one to twenty three, which reflects on Genesis one versus twenty six to thirty that is the first commandment to man. Genesis one versus twenty six to thirty is written for those of dominion as written in Daniel seven versus two to four, where Genesis one versus twenty six to thirty for the African man should be written for black African  that are given the heart or mind. So Genesis one versus twenty six is written for the Indians and their descendants and the only difference is dominion for Indian; Skill in Daniel seven versus two to four is for Chinese descendants. That if you read all of Daniel seven it is clearly written that each beast are kingdoms, which means four types of people.

The Brain measurement by IQ (Intelligent Quotient) for each one of these races is different; you can not use the IQ for whites for blacks, because blacks work by mind to measure capacity of it while the whites work by precision of metal measurements to produce machines. The Indian is dominion measurement in religion. The Chinese is measurement by skill that can not be compared to the others. For each one of them faith is required to be consistent to innovate by inspiration. Faith in God gives true creation, while faith in evil gives false idea. Evil and darkness are created to eat or wear their way out of everything at their disposal to survive that by so doing they extinct themselves, unless the spirits they feed on comes in for them to continue sustaining their sense of outsmarting everything in them to survive; yet spirits from good do not live for survival but for purpose of doing will of God that God made them for unless they fall in to the trap of deceptions of devils used by evil to feed darkness by extension. So demons and devils lure humans to eat dust: soul (Genesis 3) that feeds evil that feeds darkness.

Most people think Devil is the main/first evil person, but clearly in Genesis two it is stated that evil was placed before Satan was placed in the Garden in Genesis three; just as some people believe evil and darkness started together, yet darkness is clearly stated in Genesis one before evil was spoken of in Genesis two. The first negative person is darkness, with firmaments/ribs of other beings before evil was formed; the first devil under evil is Lucifer seconded by his wife Desiderius. So people are only conscious of evil via devils because Christ exposed them, but before Christ, Satan/serpent/devil was only mentioned five times in Genesis three, ones in Leviticus, ones in Deuteronomy, ones in first Chronicles, ones in second Chronicles, eleven times in Job, twice in Psalm and twice in Zachariah. But I expose all from Darkness down so every one knows who they are, because without exposing Darkness, people will never know that it is the darkness within them that they close their eyes and see or that they see when the artificial sun or light is off that stops them from knowing who they are so they remain as dust giver every time they fall into sin which releases their emotions from their soul as dust for devils to eat to empower evil to sustain darkness. So care can only come from someone genuinely, when they have let their spirit grow from their spirit base in solar plexus to balance darkness already in them, so lie that had grown in them to make them lie before/at age six will be gone properly after teen age. And that by them wanting to do the will of God will, then God will ask the cherubim guarding the way to the tree of life (which is the back brain) in Genesis three versus twenty four to give way for you to know who you really are, then you will know the male or female partner that you are from and truly care for them. Which is different from the false care that leads to divorce that was not God  plan in the beginning as Christ said in Mathew nineteen that is lust through wrongly marrying the wrong person that produces evil children; though if both couples do not have their spirit active, then the darkness in them will let them breakup so they fornicate to feed evil with dust.

Evil people give people charms in drinks etc. to erase their brain, which is like following their master the serpent who gave Eve charms in fruit to use her and change her conscience; because the word beguiled used in Genesis three is to charm somebody. But good people are those who use only prayer by sacrifice to ask God to help them; prayer by sacrifice is repeated throughout the bible, but many think that prayer is to shout at God, yet that is insult, because they can not do so to elders on earth that they respect. It is a terrible consequence that leads to hell for any church pastor to accuse someone of what they were compelled by the victim to swear to God to do, without blaming the person who used condition of refusing to do what God intends to forced them to swear. It is hell for anyone who marries anyone that is not their own by God. To be able to care is when animosity that must arise between couples are less than the bond that unites them, unless the couple do not stop the antagonism brewing between them from growing to a crescendo that becomes greater than the bond binding them together; though some irritation that separates genuine couple are created by humans as charms to separate true couples. But false couples must breakup because when the substance that binds them together is not there again because they have spent their emotional dust feeding Satan, they must break because evil will find them not having enough substance to feed devils, so evil would not keep the false couple together but will let them to find new prey to build enough emotions to feed devils. 

Some people are born evil. Usually before God sends someone to do something, evil through darkness would have sent someone to be born here before or after the person that God sent to do God  work;  everyone coming in to this world which is in darkness that is the dark known universe that we are in, must have their bodies formed by darkness, which the action of forming the body is initiated by the spirit of the person to come triggering the opposing person from evil to come into being as human, most of the time the evil person is smaller in being but using the presence of the darkness that we are in,  in this world. Most people on earth are now evil; yet only one was evil in Genesis 3.  No matter what anyone of the good people think that, that person is their sibling that is born from the same mother and father;  that person will never stop portraying evil on the person they came to be with through the same parents to destroy, even if the flesh of the person wants to sense they are sibling, the evil soul will not stop conceiving how to convert the one from God to evil specially by doing everything possible for them to marry the wrong person so they would have broken God  first commandment before mankind was formed which is written in Genesis one that man should multiply and fill the earth, yet clarified in Genesis two that they become one flesh, in which it is clearly written that it is the woman from the man that becomes one flesh with him, it was never written that the woman or man should go to the person that they were not separated from to be man and wife. It was the different beasts of the field that man had as helper that God changed to be man and woman from each other. That is why the true care is from only those who are from each other that are one spirit and were one soul, so they will be one flesh to do God  work; but evils job is to make sure that it is those that were never one soul and spirit in heaven that should marry for oath or agreement (what comes out of the mouth) that binds them to hell forever as devils by canceling their name from book of life to book of the dead. So do not be surprised why most pressures you to marry the wrong person, but certain people will be opposed to who you truly love in your being by saying one has money and other does not, when in truth the one that appears not to have money has more money than the one who shows of money, because evil shows of wealth, while good does not; like God never shows himself, but Satan always shows himself to assert might that is truly not there, for instance Copyright is for the inventor and his descendants, but trade is more for the founder depending on trust.


Leaders & Leadership

A leader is someone people follow. It is known everything began in Africa; it is also known that in the beginning there was paradise. Egypt traced its history from beyond the river Nile that was known as Upper Egypt, which was because the river Nile tributaries came from there. So civilization started in sub-Saharan Africa in paradise and peace, where black Africans were given leadership by God, but when they lost it to the whites, the system changed to hostility and bondage. A leader is one who forgives the wrong done to them, even though they do not forget it, like the Africans forgave the colonialists. It was when King Haremhab could not have an heir that he gave Egypt to the Syrian General Ramses I whose descendants brought bondage, which is why as Written in Isaiah in the Bible; the Syrians will destroy their nation with their own hands.

Enlightenment is the intelligence to let your spirit lead your body to know what you are doing on earth that is the only way to lead. As in Daniel 7, the first beast was given the mind or the heart, the mind is what you use to reason, the first created human being by creation is known as the black man. That is why the people known for believing more in magic are the black African. Such spiritual powers are drawn from the firmaments of the person spirit and soul connection that makes his or her mind. The person who uses his or her intellect, try to concentrate outwardly via the eyes to see the mystery of miracle, but the wise person of spirit who has enlightenment, uses his or her mind to look inwards into his soul and spirit to see the true occurrence of the mystery. Forgiveness is letting the pain of the wrong someone does to you to be for God, but if you hold unto the pain to try to solve it by yourself, you block all the connection of good energy into your mind. It is only the Holy Spirit that cannot let everything change to undo a person  sin; that is why it is the person with sin that do right to erase sin which lets God the Father and Son that forgive sin. If the sin is tossed to God the Father and/ or the Son, They solve it or if the sin needs retribution to stop such sin from such person, the sin is passed to the Holy Spirit to execute the compensation since the Holy Spirit will not leave everything to collapse and destroy everyone to save only one person. Since all things are on the Holy Spirit shoulders, whilst Christ and the Father connect through the Holy Spirit to Everything, with Christ carrying the power from God the Father through the Holy Spirit to act.

The intelligence quotient test of the mind is different for the intelligent quotient test of the intellect or the emotions. The intelligent quotient test for those of skill is measured by the innovative genius of that technology, but the intelligent quotient test of those of dominion is measured by the religious genius of extent of miracle might over spirit over matter, yet the intelligent quotient test of those of the mind is the measure of mystery of obtaining information and control over spirit, soul and matter. The amount of control over matter and soul depends on the dimensional coverage of your being, the higher the being, the greater the expanse of coverage over spirit, soul and matter; the being that is above spiritual control is in the status of angel and above. Those of angel and above, have control over their dark dimension when they grow into their light of the spirit dimension, but those who do not grow into their light dimension and choose to go into the easy path of the dark dimension become fixed in evil. The narrow path is because of the difficulty of using your intelligence to find and get to your spiritual height that the weak cannot attain. Weak for men is different for women. Weak for men is being lazy to go into yourself and find your God created purpose and attain it, but weak for women is the consciousness of listening to words that may be false and believing without being sure if it is right like men do.

Most people want to know how the opposite sex thinks, but you can only know that when you have attained your peak in being that gives you the edge to spill into your opposite sex rib/s. Love is the connection between ribs, love is not erotic alone, love is expressed between opposite sexes from the spirit as coitus; the sin is when opposite sexes that are not from the same spirit mate and choose to own each other, or choose to own each other without intercourse. That choice to own each other without being from each other is an alteration of God  divine plan that is the purpose of every being God created in his image as a particular word to fulfill that word here on earth to attain a step above where they came from above, which gives them greater authority and ranking in Existence. It is a blessing from God when those from the same spirit unite, but it a curse from God through the Holy Spirit when the sexes that are not from the same spirit become united and consummate it. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is the part of God that He extends from Himself that is not contained in God but connected to God. The extension of your spirit from your seeking for God to your finding your peak will give you the connection with God to flow His divine will through you to execute your purpose.

It is the executions of God  will that make people follow all prophets to make them leaders. A leader is followed because of the power of God driving them to do His will. Even false leaders are those who chose to follow their negative side because it was easy to attain, only to find out into the end that they are in a place of no return unless they find their path to Christ, who is the only person sent by God to accept your conscience change from evil to good, by Him bringing in the divine Trinity; the Holy Spirit brings in all the angels and elders. That is the connection of the Holy Spirit that God the Father extend from Himself as Holy Spirit, with Christ connecting Holy Spirit and God the Father. It is the Holy Spirit that elders and angels are connected to, to get to God through Christ. All spirits are connected to their angels; angels guide you from your back brain, whilst demons drive your from your front brain. Only when you open your path to the back brain by looking into your back brain through your hearth to the back brain that your consciousness takes you to your solar plexus where the spirit seed sits, and then grows when the awakening occurs. So until the spirit grows into an oak tree before the connections of the branches will tap from all dimensions in other worlds to give you the powers from all worlds your mind is allowed to connect to, to manifest as miracle mystery. A leader executes what is by Will of God through his will to make him known, because God leaves the fame of using you as your glory and a name everyone will want and try to emulate.

A leader  forgiveness is him carrying the problems caused on him and praying them to God by placing the problem from his heart and conscience into God  person for God to avenge the harm done as God pleases and not as the leader pleases, because if the leader tries to hold unto the problem to shape how the punishment will be, the problem refuses to leave such a leader and grows and manifests into thought forms that influence weak people who are those who have never grown from their emotions they experienced as teenagers. Maturity is when at the time of leaving teenage you grow into your spirit through your focus into your back brain. Leaders exist for each race. For those of the mind, it is the mind with the most wide and extensive coverage into God; for those of dominion, it is the amount of communion to the highest spirit range; for those of skill, it is the level of doing everything to the summit of spirit; and for the different ones of metal teeth, it is the precision and advancement in technology received from above. It is that difference in the collective character of the soul that makes people become racist to think the difference is opposition, when truly the difference is for cooperation by sharing. This animistic collective character of the soul is further broken down into astrological character of the soul in zodiac that mingles with the person to give them their unique person with their name, yet it is the mixture of these collective characters of soul and astrology that makes it difficult to find your person using your intellect. That is why the focus or, attention of the mind must leave the front brain of intellect and focus through the hearth of the back brain until the concentration penetrates and permits into the back brain where vision occurs from, to see light as it is to your perspective, since it is slightly different for everyone.

The tribe and doctrine of people influence their choices to find who they really are, when doctrines have been forced into religions by man to mistakenly confuse God  intention for each individual, thereby making darkness keep many souls with their spirit tied down to matter. This altered dogma is the biggest alteration to God  path that makes it a narrow path that few of us find. So until these false beliefs are removed, most of mankind will remain fools to their system of worship by daring not to look into it that it is too much of sanctity to be corrected, yet everything is supposed to be scrutinized to free your soul from bondage to hell, because God never made us foolish to follow teachings by mankind without thinking, which is why we have faculty to reason. It is only those who are seers that can call the non-seer fools because, they see the error that the non-seer cannot see; that is why Christ could call non-seers fools, yet tell them not to call others fools. So it is not hypocrisy for an angel or beings above to connect to their dark side because they have control, but it is hypocrisy for a spirit being to equate with an angel when he/she was not created by God to do so. That is why Christ said you cannot give pearls to swine. Beings from angels and above can tell spirits not to venture into the darkness, yet spirits who are foolish will say it is hypocrisy for angels to say so and mingle with the darkness, when God made beings from angels and above to be able to enter darkness and control it, but spirits cannot dominate darkness because hell was made for spirits who fail, while angels are messengers of God.

They are leaders for souls, spirits, angels and elders. In darkness, from matter to divinity: Lord of dark for Soul, Hidden for Spirit, Current for Angels, Darkness for Elders; in light, from matter to divinity: Father of the Gods for Soul, Above for Spirits, Counselor for Angels, Will for Elders. All the leaders for each region are connected together as Holy Spirit, with the Holy Ghost being the connection with the soul. When mankind becomes truly wise, they will learn to let each race do what they are meant to do by God to share in upgrading mankind as a whole, instead of the foolishness of racism that has pulled mankind down into devils control because of the wickedness of the racist to another race; only then will they be able to conquer the expanse of the universe and depths of the oceans and earth by understanding wormhole with magnetism and cryogenics etc. through shared race-intelligence.



A leader is someone people follow. It is known everything began in Africa; it is also known that in the beginning there was paradise. Egypt traced its history from beyond the river Nile that was known as Upper Egypt, which was because the river Nile tributaries came from there. So civilization started in sub-Saharan Africa in paradise and peace, where black Africans were given leadership by God, but when they lost it to the whites, the system changed to hostility and bondage. A leader is one who forgives the wrong done to them, even though they do not forget it, like the Africans forgave the colonialists. It was when King Haremhab could not have an heir that he gave Egypt to the Syrian General Ramses I whose descendants brought bondage, which is why as Written in Isaiah in the Bible; the Syrians will destroy their nation with their own hands.

Enlightenment is the intelligence to let your spirit lead your body to know what you are doing on earth that is the only way to lead. As in Daniel 7, the first beast was given the mind or the heart, the mind is what you use to reason, the first created human being by creation is known as the black man. That is why the people known for believing more in magic are the black African. Such spiritual powers are drawn from the firmaments of the person spirit and soul connection that makes his or her mind. The person who uses his or her intellect, try to concentrate outwardly via the eyes to see the mystery of miracle, but the wise person of spirit who has enlightenment, uses his or her mind to look inwards into his soul and spirit to see the true occurrence of the mystery. Forgiveness is letting the pain of the wrong someone does to you to be for God, but if you hold unto the pain to try to solve it by yourself, you block all the connection of good energy into your mind. It is only the Holy Spirit that cannot let everything change to undo a person sin; that is why it is the person with sin that do right to erase sin which lets God the Father and Son that forgive sin. If the sin is tossed to God the Father and/ or the Son, They solve it or if the sin needs retribution to stop such sin from such person, the sin is passed to the Holy Spirit to execute the compensation since the Holy Spirit will not leave everything to collapse and destroy everyone to save only one person. Since all things are on the Holy Spirit shoulders, whilst Christ and the Father connect through the Holy Spirit to Everything, with Christ carrying the power from God the Father through the Holy Spirit to act.

The intelligence quotient test of the mind is different for the intelligent quotient test of the intellect or the emotions. The intelligent quotient test for those of skill is measured by the innovative genius of that technology, but the intelligent quotient test of those of dominion is measured by the religious genius of extent of miracle might over spirit over matter, yet the intelligent quotient test of those of the mind is the measure of mystery of obtaining information and control over spirit, soul and matter. The amount of control over matter and soul depends on the dimensional coverage of your being, the higher the being, the greater the expanse of coverage over spirit, soul and matter; the being that is above spiritual control is in the status of angel and above. Those of angel and above, have control over their dark dimension when they grow into their light of the spirit dimension, but those who do not grow into their light dimension and choose to go into the easy path of the dark dimension become fixed in evil. The narrow path is because of the difficulty of using your intelligence to find and get to your spiritual height that the weak cannot attain. Weak for men is different for women. Weak for men is being lazy to go into yourself and find your God created purpose and attain it, but weak for women is the consciousness of listening to words that may be false and believing without being sure if it is right like men do.

Most people want to know how the opposite sex thinks, but you can only know that when you have attained your peak in being that gives you the edge to spill into your opposite sex rib/s. Love is the connection between ribs, love is not erotic alone, love is expressed between opposite sexes from the spirit as coitus; the sin is when opposite sexes that are not from the same spirit mate and choose to own each other, or choose to own each other without intercourse. That choice to own each other without being from each other is an alteration of God divine plan that is the purpose of every being God created in his image as a particular word to fulfill that word here on earth to attain a step above where they came from above, which gives them greater authority and ranking in Existence. It is a blessing from God when those from the same spirit unite, but it a curse from God through the Holy Spirit when the sexes that are not from the same spirit become united and consummate it. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is the part of God that He extends from Himself that is not contained in God but connected to God. The extension of your spirit from your seeking for God to your finding your peak will give you the connection with God to flow His divine will through you to execute your purpose.

It is the executions of the God will that make people follow all prophets to make them leaders. A leader is followed because of the power of God driving them to do His will. Even false leaders are those who chose to follow their negative side because it was easy to attain, only to find out into the end that they are in a place of no return unless they find their path to Christ, who is the only person sent by God to accept your conscience change from evil to good, by Him bringing in the divine Trinity; the Holy Spirit brings in all the angels and elders. That is the connection of the Holy Spirit that God the Father extend from Himself as Holy Spirit, with Christ connecting Holy Spirit and God the Father. It is the Holy Spirit that elders and angels are connected to, to get to God through Christ. All spirits are connected to their angels; angels guide you from your back brain, whilst demons drive your from your front brain. Only when you open your path to the back brain by looking into your back brain through your hearth to the back brain that your consciousness takes you to your solar plexus where the spirit seed sits, and then grows when the awakening occurs. So until the spirit grows into an oak tree before the connections of the branches will tap from all dimensions in other worlds to give you the powers from all worlds your mind is allowed to connect to, to manifest as miracle mystery. A leader executes what is by Will of God through his will to make him known, because God leaves the fame of using you as your glory and a name everyone will want and try to emulate.

A leader forgiveness is him carrying the problems caused on him and praying them to God by placing the problem from his heart and conscience into God person for God to avenge the harm done as God pleases and not as the leader pleases, because if the leader tries to hold unto the problem to shape how the punishment will be, the problem refuses to leave such a leader and grows and manifests into thought forms that influence weak people who are those who have never grown from their emotions they experienced as teenagers. Maturity is when at the time of leaving teenage you grow into your spirit through your focus into your back brain. Leaders exist for each race. For those of the mind, it is the mind with the most wide and extensive coverage into God; for those of dominion, it is the amount of communion to the highest spirit range; for those of skill, it is the level of doing everything to the summit of spirit; and for the different ones of metal teeth, it is the precision and advancement in technology received from above. It is that difference in the collective character of the soul that makes people become racist to think the difference is opposition, when truly the difference is for cooperation by sharing. This animistic collective character of the soul is further broken down into astrological character of the soul in zodiac that mingles with the person to give them their unique person with their name, yet it is the mixture of these collective characters of soul and astrology that makes it difficult to find your person using your intellect. That is why the focus or, attention of the mind must leave the front brain of intellect and focus through the hearth of the back brain until the concentration penetrates and permits into the back brain where vision occurs from, to see light as it is to your perspective, since it is slightly different for everyone.

The tribe and doctrine of people influence their choices to find who they really are, when doctrines have been forced into religions by man to mistakenly confuse God intention for each individual, thereby making darkness keep many souls with their spirit tied down to matter. This altered dogma is the biggest alteration to God path that makes it a narrow path that few of us find. So until these false beliefs are removed, most of mankind will remain fools to their system of worship by daring not to look into it that it is too much of sanctity to be corrected, yet everything is supposed to be scrutinized to free your soul from bondage to hell, because God never made us foolish to follow teachings by mankind without thinking, which is why we have faculty to reason. It is only those who are seers that can call the non-seer fools because, they see the error that the non-seer cannot see; that is why Christ could call non-seers fools, yet tell them not to call others fools. So it is not hypocrisy for an angel or beings above to connect to their dark side because they have control, but it is hypocrisy for a spirit being to equate with an angel when he/she was not created by God to do so. That is why Christ said you cannot give pearls to swine. Beings from angels and above can tell spirits not to venture into the darkness, yet spirits who are foolish will say it is hypocrisy for angels to say so and mingle with the darkness, when God made beings from angels and above to be able to enter darkness and control it, but spirits cannot dominate darkness because hell was made for spirits who fail, while angels are messengers of God.

They are leaders for souls, spirits, angels and elders. In darkness, from matter to divinity: Lord of dark for Soul, Hidden for Spirit, Current for Angels, Darkness for Elders; in light, from matter to divinity: Father of the Gods for Soul, Above for Spirits, Counselor for Angels, Will for Elders. All the leaders for each region are connected together as Holy Spirit, with the Holy Ghost being the connection with the soul. When mankind becomes truly wise, they will learn to let each race do what they are meant to do by God to share in upgrading mankind as a whole, instead of the foolishness of racism that has pulled mankind down into devils control because of the wickedness of the racist to another race; only then will they be able to conquer the expanse of the universe and depths of the oceans and earth by understanding wormhole with magnetism and cryogenics etc. through shared race-intelligence.


Mind in Existence

The Mind in Existence is what makes your spirit, soul and body. It is Existence that houses all. Now, those from homes surround their conversations around family and parents, but those from other houses surround their discussions around the place they started their achievements from. In my book the Mind in Existence, this is better explained in; your upbringing influences your body, but your spirit is not altered by it like your soul is dictated by it. Your spirit is only affected by your upbringing when what happened affects the divine laws; like the fall of mankind that was by the evil one turning the female of the first spiritually awake man woman against God Will or Law. The River Nile lost tributary was the river Niger, that Isaiah 18 refers to. This was and still is a migrant route that has and is called North East Trade Wind that the name it is called seasonal. Tribes of people migrated through this route and have put themselves in more difficult situation that creates opposition than their predecessors arranged for them perfectly. The earliest empires came from this region.


Enlightenment is the intelligence to let your spirit lead your body to know what you are doing on earth that is the only way to lead. As in Daniel 7, the first beast was given the mind or the heart, the mind is what you use to reason, the first created human being by creation is known as the black man. That is why the people known for believing more in magic are the black African. Such spiritual powers are drawn from the firmaments of the person spirit and soul connection that makes his or her mind. The person who uses his or her intellect, try to concentrate outwardly via the eyes to see the mystery of miracle, but the wise person of spirit who has enlightenment, uses his or her mind to look inwards into his soul and spirit to see the true occurrence of the mystery. Forgiveness is letting the pain of the wrong someone does to you to be for God, but if you hold unto the pain to try to solve it by yourself, you block all the connection of good energy into your mind. It is only the Holy Spirit that cannot let everything change to undo a person sin; that is why it is the person with sin that do right to erase sin which lets God the Father and Son that forgive sin. If the sin is tossed to God the Father and/ or the Son, They solve it or if the sin needs retribution to stop such sin from such person, the sin is passed to the Holy Spirit to execute the compensation since the Holy Spirit will not leave everything to collapse and destroy everyone to save only one person. Since all things are on the Holy Spirit shoulders, whilst Christ and the Father connect through the Holy Spirit to Everything, with Christ carrying the power from God the Father through the Holy Spirit to act.

The intelligence quotient test of the mind is different for the intelligent quotient test of the intellect or the emotions. The intelligent quotient test for those of skill is measured by the innovative genius of that technology, but the intelligent quotient test of those of dominion is measured by the religious genius of extent of miracle might over spirit over matter, yet the intelligent quotient test of those of the mind is the measure of mystery of obtaining information and control over spirit, soul and matter. The amount of control over matter and soul depends on the dimensional coverage of your being, the higher the being, the greater the expanse of coverage over spirit, soul and matter; the being that is above spiritual control is in the status of angel and above. Those of angel and above, have control over their dark dimension when they grow into their light of the spirit dimension, but those who do not grow into their light dimension and choose to go into the easy path of the dark dimension become fixed in evil. The narrow path is because of the difficulty of using your intelligence to find and get to your spiritual height that the weak cannot attain. Weak for men is different for women. Weak for men is being lazy to go into yourself and find your God created purpose and attain it, but weak for women is the consciousness of listening to words that may be false and believing without being sure if it is right like men do.

Most people want to know how the opposite sex thinks, but you can only know that when you have attained your peak in being that gives you the edge to spill into your opposite sex rib/s. Love is the connection between ribs, love is not erotic alone, love is expressed between opposite sexes from the spirit as coitus; the sin is when opposite sexes that are not from the same spirit mate and choose to own each other, or choose to own each other without intercourse. That choice to own each other without being from each other is an alteration of God divine plan that is the purpose of every being God created in his image as a particular word to fulfill that word here on earth to attain a step above where they came from above, which gives them greater authority and ranking in Existence. It is a blessing from God when those from the same spirit unite, but it a curse from God through the Holy Spirit when the sexes that are not from the same spirit become united and consummate it. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is the part of God that He extends from Himself that is not contained in God but connected to God. The extension of your spirit from your seeking for God to your finding your peak will give you the connection with God to flow His divine will through you to execute your purpose.

It is the executions of God will that make people follow all prophets to make them leaders. A leader is followed because of the power of God driving them to do His will. Even false leaders are those who chose to follow their negative side because it was easy to attain, only to find out into the end that they are in a place of no return unless they find their path to Christ, who is the only person sent by God to accept your conscience change from evil to good, by Him bringing in the divine Trinity; the Holy Spirit brings in all the angels and elders. That is the connection of the Holy Spirit that God the Father extend from Himself as Holy Spirit, with Christ connecting Holy Spirit and God the Father. It is the Holy Spirit that elders and angels are connected to, to get to God through Christ. All spirits are connected to their angels; angels guide you from your back brain, whilst demons drive your from your front brain. Only when you open your path to the back brain by looking into your back brain through your hearth to the back brain that your consciousness takes you to your solar plexus where the spirit seed sits, and then grows when the awakening occurs. So until the spirit grows into an oak tree before the connections of the branches will tap from all dimensions in other worlds to give you the powers from all worlds your mind is allowed to connect to, to manifest as miracle mystery. A leader executes what is by Will of God through his will to make him known, because God leaves the fame of using you as your glory and a name everyone will want and try to emulate.

A leader forgiveness is him carrying the problems caused on him and praying them to God by placing the problem from his heart and conscience into God person for God to avenge the harm done as God pleases and not as the leader pleases, because if the leader tries to hold unto the problem to shape how the punishment will be, the problem refuses to leave such a leader and grows and manifests into thought forms that influence weak people who are those who have never grown from their emotions they experienced as teenagers. Maturity is when at the time of leaving teenage you grow into your spirit through your focus into your back brain. Leaders exist for each race. For those of the mind, it is the mind with the most wide and extensive coverage into God; for those of dominion, it is the amount of communion to the highest spirit range; for those of skill, it is the level of doing everything to the summit of spirit; and for the different ones of metal teeth, it is the precision and advancement in technology received from above. It is that difference in the collective character of the soul that makes people become racist to think the difference is opposition, when truly the difference is for cooperation by sharing. This animistic collective character of the soul is further broken down into astrological character of the soul in zodiac that mingles with the person to give them their unique person with their name, yet it is the mixture of these collective characters of soul and astrology that makes it difficult to find your person using your intellect. That is why the focus or, attention of the mind must leave the front brain of intellect and focus through the hearth of the back brain until the concentration penetrates and permits into the back brain where vision occurs from, to see light as it is to your perspective, since it is slightly different for everyone.

The tribe and doctrine of people influence their choices to find who they really are, when doctrines have been forced into religions by man to mistakenly confuse God intention for each individual, thereby making darkness keep many souls with their spirit tied down to matter. This altered dogma is the biggest alteration to God path that makes it a narrow path that few of us find. So until these false beliefs are removed, most of mankind will remain fools to their system of worship by daring not to look into it that it is too much of sanctity to be corrected, yet everything is supposed to be scrutinized to free your soul from bondage to hell, because God never made us foolish to follow teachings by mankind without thinking, which is why we have faculty to reason. It is only those who are seers that can call the non-seer fools because, they see the error that the non-seer cannot see; that is why Christ could call non-seers fools, yet tell them not to call others fools. So it is not hypocrisy for an angel or beings above to connect to their dark side because they have control, but it is hypocrisy for a spirit being to equate with an angel when he/she was not created by God to do so. That is why Christ said you cannot give pearls to swine. Beings from angels and above can tell spirits not to venture into the darkness, yet spirits who are foolish will say it is hypocrisy for angels to say so and mingle with the darkness, when God made beings from angels and above to be able to enter darkness and control it, but spirits cannot dominate darkness because hell was made for spirits who fail, while angels are messengers of God.

They are leaders for souls, spirits, angels and elders. In darkness, from matter to divinity: Lord of dark for Soul, Hidden for Spirit, Current for Angels, Darkness for Elders; in light, from matter to divinity: Father of the Gods for Soul, Above for Spirits, Counselor for Angels, Will for Elders. All the leaders for each region are connected together as Holy Spirit, with the Holy Ghost being the connection with the soul. When mankind becomes truly wise, they will learn to let each race do what they are meant to do by God to share in upgrading mankind as a whole, instead of the foolishness of racism that has pulled mankind down into devils control because of the wickedness of the racist to another race; only then will they be able to conquer the expanse of the universe and depths of the oceans and earth by understanding wormhole with magnetism and cryogenics etc. through shared race-intelligence.


Soul Power

The power over the mind is given to the dark skinned African as the power of skill was given to the Chinese, as the power over metal was given to the Anatolia and the Indian was given dominion over religion. But some race due to treachery of colonization, that is taking without consent like in hell, which is actually stealing, think those they stole from have lesser brain than them when they could not even find out from the most populous books in history that the mind that is soul power was given to the black man. What was hidden in the books was not seen by them that is an irony of some of them their famous slogan, yet some black people reaction to how the whites see and react to them is racist and tribal; just like some women reaction to men is feminist, so is men machismo. Every race originated from the most senior race before them; Black Africans were the first (whose skin changed with genetic time under the sun), the Indian was the second, the Chinese was the third. The Chinese and Anatolians had alien intervention in their deoxyribonucleic acid with Neanderthal. Other races are a mixture of the races I have just mentioned above. The Anatolians have been the most racist, forgetting full Homo Sapiens have the greater brain.

The healing force of the mind in self-healing or self-pain relief is in the solar plexus. The power of the mind is the ability to concentrate on where the pain is and focus on the pain and then lead the pain into the solar plexus region by looking inwards at the pain and carrying the pain in your mind to your solar plexus without using any mental force to drive the pain to your solar plexus. Then the spirit in the pit of the solar plexus region of the stomach will automatically start reliving your pain; it will act faster and remain permanently when you find a way to clean the infected area off any microorganisms. Your spirit is what your body and soul forms around; the spirit is your core that the soul forms around, then the body conception forms around the soul. The body is guided by the spirit via the soul of a baby leading the baby to walk and talk, then the soul comes out into emotional action from puberty, but the spirit was stopped from coming out in the continuous growth of the person that would have kept the person genetic formula to live around a thousand years because of the fall. But via the Counsellor walking the earth in flesh, the spirit now continues the growth of the person.

Knowledge in Africa was hidden because the colonial masters had no honour for their ancestors; it is written that children should honour their parents. The African continent is the origin of mankind and should have been honoured and not insulted by descendants that forgot their roots that made them humiliate the custodians of their origin who would have given them the great leap into everything they wanted. They forgot that it is natural for descendants to improve their lives to a better standard than their ancestors, so it was wrong for them to mock Africa that had descendants who were kept by ancestors to uphold traditions past down that kept them developing to the level of those that migrated. The colonial era caused the greatest ruin to the African continent by demarcating them from a united front, because traveling and sharing knowledge has and always is part of humankind.

The mind is the functional activity of the brain. The brain is canal cavity for the minds actions over the body, so it is those who have power over the mind that know how to use the brain more than any other person. It is easier for those of the mind to use the power of thought to cause activity of substances here on earth and especially in the soul, by the mind letting the spirit control substances. The simple activity written here cannot be conceived easily by other races but, it is easily seen in the thoughts of the dark skinned African. It is strange that it never crossed the Anatolias mind why the black Americans raise a clenched fist and say soul power; just as those in the north of Nigeria show a clenched fist while greeting. The time has come for Africans to release their secrets of the past and knowledge of our existence and methods of old in doing things and treating, since the migrated race that left Africa after we all came out of the water have traced their origin to Africa by genetic means.

Africa can now play its parent role that is to tell what was known by the origin that was concealed because of the insult of the migrants who abused their welcoming hosts because of other immigrants who deceived them to help place them in strategic market places to enable them have control over the ways of the peoples survival via their stomach by controlling wealth. The knowledge of all other races are available to everyone who can find it. But Africa dark skinned peoples knowledge was seen as undocumented and lost, yet it was never lost but hidden and documented in the mind as thought forms that can be retrieved telepathically by the African black man mind using the soul power. By this method, which is just like retrieving data via internet wirelessly that you cannot see, it can be retrieved anywhere in the universe or anywhere in existence, just like the same information is retrieved to judge humans to heaven or hell.

The way the soul information flows in the mind is the same way the feeling of emotions flow when sexual opposite sexes are sexually attracted to each other when the part of the body not in the opposite sex is seen. That is why the soul power activity of the black man sexually can be felt by the black woman without both of them seeing each other. It is that mind feeling that is the soul-power of the black man that no other race has. These are not racist. This is educating the remaining races on the power missing to complete the human kind activity on earth. Other races need their eyes or physical presence to feel sexual among each other. The black African does not need physical presence for sexual feeling to occur naturally. A few in other races feel this lightly. But with the black African, the feeling is overwhelmingly real but not physical.

Thought forms can be moved and placed on anybody. It is the type of thought forms moved that decide the fate of a person who does not have mind control to expunge that which is not his/hers or that which he/her did not cause to be planted. Thought forms are the fastest growing in the Universe. For instance, if bad thought forms are grown, which is by causing a bad thought and leaving it in the mind to grow that is by attracting other bad thoughts until it is so big, then the bad thought is cast by mind to the person to be attacked, the person will automatically become so bad that the system formed by mankind as laws will use those laws to take that person out of the public system. So by knowing how the mind can be influenced, will help reduced the false conviction of someone who did not actually initiate a crime that they cause, but for the law to get the originator of the problem.

Psychology is not the method to stop such problems, because it suppresses the thought forms by dissociating the victim for a time by hypnosis introducing another person that takes the victim to the origin of the problem for the carnal form to see it differently without dissipating the thought forms. Metaphysically the problems can be solved by guiding the person to enter his/her mind space and displace the bad thought. Just as other races have more advanced persons who can handle deeper problems of their formation, so it is with the black African who has other superior beings who can dismantle such thought forms, so they do not harm any other person. Such advanced persons who can handle such problems are bigger beings in spirit; that is, they are not small spirits, but big enough and are called angels and some that are usually rare on earth are elders that only come at the time of the end of life cycle in a system. The spirit is to grow in or more than its shell (the body).

The spirit core in humans is the solar plexus. The same spirit core is the same place in humans for angels, elders and divinity. I say humans because most humans on earth have not found out their spirit to be called human beings that is the task by God for humans to move from being image of God to become like God. It is being like God by living in spirit that is using all three persons instead of two persons of soul and body like humans have being living in after the fall, that completes the humans to be human beings. That means the human has grown from remaining stuck in emotions after puberty carried through teenage like humans have been to continue into spirit after teenage to be human being. An image of God is only flesh and soul. But like God is flesh and soul that crosses where most humans stop in life to where few get to that is their spirit core. That is by looking inward for who you are in spirit. Always know it is better not to impose your ways or pleasures on others unless it is shared by the other, but it is better to allow them choose to want it. The dark skinned African is usually used to knowing he/she has some problem, which is better. But not to know you have a problem when you have a problem is worse.

The difference between the humans of dark sin in Africa that makes some others see them as less is the laboratory engineered alienic humans. The bond of the modified human reduced their soul might as they have no original creator designed purpose with the alteration. So what appears to be an assumed perfection of alienic modification was a false assumption of being better when the irony is they are less in spirit and soul. God is not a mistake, it is other beings trying to create perfection to think they are better by making what they did think they are better than what they came from that are a mistake and worse of. But it does not mean the beings of such experimentation are all bad, it only means they have more bad than the naturally designed by God beings. Dark skinned African will open the communication of telepathy of souls between Galaxies and universes that was blocked because of spiritually illegal behavior by metal-teeth humans and some other reckless crossbreeds. Same way Christ was born into the oppressed Jews of the fall that descended from the firsts of India is the same way the Paraclete is born into the origin of mankind that is the most populated in Africa that was humiliated and are dark skinned; from the most populous books, mankind did not die until the fall, so human remains are wrong methods of carbon dating. To communicate telepathically, you concentrate on who you want to communicate to and relay the message to the person as you imagine the message. The Internet developed to be near in communication like telepathy of the mind, only that the Internet is much less than the soul and only of carnal communication. The communication of loyalists both carnal and spiritual are the problem that destroys the leader reputation, while the leader and loyalists believe they are for each other, the cover-up of the loyalist trying to protect the interest of their leader, harms their leader more than any other thing.


The Curse

The curse of Satan, Adam and Eve in the bible etc. are only seen on the part that concerns individuals and their immediate relationships instead of people observing the whole curse that was a partial blessing to the Devil and proper curse to Adam and Eve because, Satan gained what Adam and Eve lost and lost his position in heaven. The part of the curse that would have troubled people more but troubled them less, is the curse on their seeds; that is in the curse on Satan, so it is overlooked. God putting the curse of both seeds under the curse of Satan for Devil knowledge, was the first sign that it was Demon job to know what happens to both seeds. The seeds of Satan and Adam have done all parts of the curse on their seeds.

The seed of Satan was to have his head bruised and the seed of Adam was to have his heel bruised; the Anatolia bruises his head by speculating and deciding the fate of the pigmented people whose heel is bruised by colonialism and its economic slavery.

The curse from the Bible (is in Koran): - [Gen 3:14-19

14 So the LORD God said to the serpent:

"Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle, and more than every beast of the field; on your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.

15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel."


16 To the woman He said:

"I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you."


17 Then to Adam He said, "Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, You shall not eat of it:

"Cursed is the ground for your sake; In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life.

18 Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, and you shall eat the herb of the field.

19 In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; For dust you are, and to dust you shall return."


Both children of Adam and Satan are children of Eve. Sin of Eve is fornication as in 1 Corinthians 6:18; fornication in the past was associated with adultery since people were betrothed to each other. So the ten commandments stressed by two similarities that are adultery and coveting your neighbor wife or ... This quotation from the new testament should not be in the Koran, but the old testament is in the Quran.

Going back to the origin of our ancestors and believing by living by it like other races do, should be the way of the black race whose acceptance of evil by accepting genetic sin has driven their mind that was supposed to be the most superior mind but yielded to lesser minds imposition of their genetic sin on them made them prefer the attributes of other races. As they say Oyibo. The black race is not from the genetic sin that produced Cain. The intellectual brain of children from parents is from the mother and the character of children is from the father. The brain of both Adam and Satan descendants are from Eve, the character of the descendants is inherited from their ancestral fathers. The character of Adam descendants is in his curse and the character of Satan descendants is in his curse. Adam and Eve are from India; Adam was the first man to develop his spirit; there were other humans that Cain found as wife. African are not descendants of Adam and Eve, but Adam and Eve of India are descendants from Africa. Adam had other helpers before Eve was formed out of him; Adam was never told not to meet with his other helpers, Adam and all men do not have hymen. Eve on the other hand was formed for Adam and has a hymen. Women should never compare their sexual prowess with that of men, because men were left randy with other helpers with them in addition; that is why women cannot make love without loving a man, but a man can make love without loving a woman.

Adam had other helpers before Eve that when Eve was created, he was not stopped from them. The curse of Adam and Eve fell on the African people who lost transcendency for death. Transcendence is knowing when your time to leave the earth and leaving the earth by disintegrating your body and going to heaven; the last person who did that in public, did it in 1940 in front of his people in Onicha in Ebonyi State in Nigeria. Lie to do sin brought death, so believing truth will erase death and bring back transcendence. If Africans know the truth that it is not their ancestors that sinned generational sin, then Africans will recover all they are and start being interested in things more African than as Africans are more interested in things foreign to use to oppress their fellow or opposing tribes men and women. The notion that any black person prefers things from another race is enough sign that there is something wrong with the belief system of the African that must be put back aright. Every other race on earth believe in things from their own race, other than the black race. This is not racist but the fact. The blacks were given the mind, so as long as the belief system is wrong, the mind is altered, and alteration of the mind is evil, evil begets evil; the fall of man became the curse on black Africa that weakened them to be bounded and allowed other races to see the black as stupid for believing more in only foreign things that no other race will do.

The black African race wonder why God allowed them to be in captivity of colonization and slavery, it was because they are the mind and allowed their mind to be altered by those lesser in the power of the mind by changing their belief system to believe that they are children of sin; when they are not children of sin, but they are children of those who committed lesser sin that was not generationally transferred because it was not genetically like the sin of Eve; Eve sin was adultery with Satan to produce Cain, so the descendants of that sin are genetically of sin. So how can the black African who was not actually from sin believe that he is from genetic sin of Eve hiding her adulterous child as Adam child, instead of her confessing to Adam that the child was not Adam own that would have appeased God who was angry with the genetic cover-up of Eve sin child called Cain that is the ancestor of the Anatolia who had used the lie that the black African was Cain descendant to enslave and colonize the African, only to find out that they (Anatolia) were the descendant of sinful genetic mixture, of the alien blood line mingled with the Neanderthal blood line of Satan with the Homo sapien Eve Indian blood line from Africa. Genetics now can prove this story.

Evolution and religion do not disagree but humans disagree with the use of both in the creative process where a thousand years in religion is one day and creation is done in six days and God rests on the Sabbath day. The Sabbath day has been mistaken by many Christians to now be Sunday, yet there is nowhere that God made the Sabbath day Sunday, but Sabbath in the Jewish faith and language means Saturday. Sunday is now a Christian worship day because of Easter. Most Christians believe Israel is a Christian state, yet the dictionary defines Israel as a Jewish state and Jew means Judaism. The cycle of life in creation is in all the major religions of the world, but the exact process of that cycle is not defined in any of them in one place for followers to follow; the process of life came because of multiply and fill the earth in God image to be after His likeness, that after His likeness is the growth of the spirit from mustard seed in the vessel of the body to a fully grown oak tree in shape of God by the body.

That when death or translation comes if the body has not attained beyond enlightenment of the soul to the full consciousness of the spirit, the soul information gathered on earth that is the only thing you carry away from earth as the body grew from baby, is the determinant gauge of the soul escape from the first death settlement under earth where those trapped there are those that were more of mammon or matter. Those that have more to do with their soul escape to the center of the star (Sun), but those that are more animistic are trapped in the Sun. Those that are more elemental escape to the galaxy center of black-hole, but are trapped there if they have no telepathic communication that is the language of the universe. Those that are spiritual escape the center of the galaxy (Milky Way) to the center of the universe where the big bang occurred. The spirit person that is not attached to the soul escapes into the spiritual, but the spiritual person that is bound by the soul is trapped to the universe.

In each of the stages after death or translation from Earth, Sun, Milky way, or Universe centers, reincarnation occurs. Some will think there is no reincarnation written in the bible or their religious books, because they are looking for the word reincarnation that was invented several centuries after the religious books were written, all they need to look for is the whole passage on the word reincarnation; in the bible, it is in the last chapter of the new testament gospel of John. Where what transpired between Saint Peter question to Jesus Christ about Saint John is clearly reincarnation. Those that fail to pass the stages of the earth are reincarnated to the earth as Willed by God the Holy Spirit, and so it is with the Sun, Milky way and Universe.


The curse on mankind that believe they are sinners (genetic sin inherited) as in the last articles have been lifted that brought wrath as Coronavirus to open the Stargate of the Sun and free their minds to the over pigmented that their way was rubbed off by colonialism and slavery beyond any other race; those who were taken to develop other continents, never knew their home of origin again, even though everyone and their ancestors have un-inherited sins that are not against the Holy Spirit so they are forgivable. Coronavirus is real and its disease that is COVID19 is real. 5G that is 5th Generation is to make technology do more like Banking transaction with or without devices but by code in/on you or on devices that will be faced out; but it is not the 5G that is a problem because its emissions are below the radiation of the sun. 6 generation networking of technology has begun in China that helps identify people; whether they have had or not had COVID19. 5G did not affect Calabar or Beijin where it was tested and run respectively.

The problem of the more advance technology is if you will trade your control by your spirit for the control by the evil behind the ease of doing the internet of things and you (IOT&Y) for Mammon that is rightfully your money that the method of getting it has changed to the code starting with the speed of the earth around the sun in miles that is 66,600 miles per hour plus the code number of your continent and the number of your country and state and local government to your own number that will be a unification of all data and access from your international passport, BVN to national ID that will be the code put on either your forehead or right hand for you to do or get anything. So when vaccination occurs for the stopping of the coronavirus pandemic, do not accept it because all those that take the vaccine will be implanted with the microchip or code like bar code to show they have been vaccinated but the code will be used after that for all transactions. Those of us who will reject it will have no more access to Banking and transportation that requires ID since cash that carried Coronavirus with the ATM and card would have been faced out. The donations to ease the Coronavirus lockdown, is to entice those attracted to materialism of gifts to come as a luring scheme when bio-code sequencing is active. Travel by tube and instant transportation via teleportation devices will require the code, the later will cost more digital currency deduction; bit coin etc. were experimental.

Coronavirus and future was predicted by Nostradamus. Everything and the system of things was predicted in the Bible. It is wrong to see 5G as a bad thing because of weakness to be able to reject tools that will follow as upgrade for you to choose to do anything. It is a good thing because it allows fulfilment of the scripture in end time to throw away the world of Satan and leadership by his descendants because of their mark of Cain that is the unpigmented nature of their skin. That mark as Cain was given, covered his descendants who used it to have other humans do their bidding as the curse on Satan over his seed and her seed implies. Those that revered them who thought they were better will now know that they were given that because they had the earth via their ancestor Satan and will not have the same privilege after these earth since it is only on the earth their ancestor stole. Cain found a wife (like helpers Adam had) in the east because they were other beasts of the earth who had not found their spirit as Adam to commune with God who rewarded him with Eve. The beast of the earth is different from beast of the field: beast of the earth, does things for money (Mammon); Daniel 7-12 and Revelations in the Bible explains all. After the fall of Adam, mankind as a whole failed to grow in spirit but learnt to grow only carnally through their intellectual front brain by abandoning the dream pull to the back brain every time they wake up from sleep. It was not easily there like multiply and fill the earth that was via coitus that was not taught. But after judgment, the eleven ribs that are realms of being, will be restored to man to unite with the one realm of woman that was never lost from the being of woman but was connected to only her true man that she came from who lost his ten ribs to devil on being born on Earth because of the fall of Adam. Aliens in other star systems could not interact with our primitive nature because of the loss of the ribs of man that universal universe communication of telepathy was not there like them.

Judgment has started. Those who have done what God sent them to earth for are among the 144,000. Those who avoid temptation to Mammon or property will be among the millions saved. But billions will go to hell because their greed for wealth and property will make them take the easy and Broadway that is their code number to have access into the new world order that started since the 1980s and is now being established to manifest as control for the operator of Mammon. Evil was given an angel by God that became fallen for accepting evil that is from darkness, that was why he was allowed to pass down his know-how. That evil person has a "d" before his name called in full Devil. The world of Devil has to pass away for God to have humans as His temple. It is not only changing the matrix of the atmosphere that urges the soul emotionally, it is discarding those who hold the evil thoughts to keep evil on Earth.

Those who procrastinate, may be too late and heaven does not wait for and will not be biased to wait for those who had other things to use to delay their purpose that was the reason to be born on Earth. It will not be because you are related or friendly with whom is for God by his choice. Your purpose has to be remembered. You have to want to know why you are here by asking God until your guardian angel will be allowed by God to move away from the Tree of life at the place between the back and front brain. Then you will know when your spirit rises from the gut feeling place of the solar plexus where you use to have gut feelings and not know how you know. After which you will know all about existence to your limit. It is not something you imagine but experience, so I would not describe it, but a hint helps those not already trapped by their self-interest for things of Mammon to make them special and regarded by the system of humans around them.

By 2026, this evil system will be eliminated and the system of God by Holy Spirit will be established. Evil had its time and was able to convince those not born by genetic sin of Eve fornicating with Lucifer because Adam had other helpers before her - he was never told to abandon - to produce Cain, that they were children of sin so death that children of sin were meant for became sin and death for them that were not descendants of Cain. Fornication is sin as in 1 Corinthians 6. Science has to know that it is not where there are dead bodies that you use to measure existence of humanity but tools and things they left, because the Bible confirms they were not dying until the fall of Adam and Eve. Science and religion are not apart but only in the carnal brain without spiritual influence that science is different from religion. Science sees it by its measure of time; religion does not see it by measure of time but by faith of spirit. It is not that our ancestors did not sin, but it is that we were not born from the lineage of Cain that was a genetic sin. Cain was marked as a wanderer that became the highest academic degree way of obtaining that status. Everything of descendants of Cain can be traced to the curse on Cain and Lucifer, by comparison, you will know you are or not one of them; but not that everyone is a child of sin since our ancestors were not of genetic transferred sin.

The USA abandoned its global role, so that allowed COVID19 to spread. But you do not need to depend on the vaccine from the of Cain, homeopathic method can be used with plasma from blood of someone who overcome COVID19; the antibodies in the blood and weakened strains of Coronavirus can be used to treat those sick of COVID19 and to protect those who have not got it, respectively. Those who are sick are the once that can be treated by Chloroquine that was originally herbally got and in the past, used as a herb for treatment of malaria before it was made into tablets. For some patients, antibiotics have to be used alongside it; antibiotics use are Integrative and its original method of getting its pioneering fungi from bread because other fungi avoided it is more of natural medicine. The battle of end time was meant for descendants of sin; the descendants of Cain and descendants of Esau who Abraham was not told by God to be descendant from Hagar. I am solution from God to know truth is only fact with some prophecy with history; and falsehoods are speculations with some facts with history.


All of mankind in the present world came from Sub-Saharan Africa; though, the whites are lied to, to believe it is other races who do not know about who they are and are below the whites mental capacity so that it gives them the superiority right over slavery, yet others amongst this whites and their supporters honour the lie and spread the lie that breaks and makes them complacent against the Ten Commandments of �not bearing false witness against your neighbour�. The truth is as Daniel 7: 2-4 puts it; the first beast (carnal man) that from creation is Blacks are the mind or heart with soul power that makes them most aware as a people about mysticism: that the measure of mental capacity for each race is different for each race because the part of the brain each race uses more than the other race is different.

The homo sapiens came from Africa and went into Europe and met with the Neandertal that were lesser than the homo sapiens in wisdom and they produced descendants; the descendants of Cain are Caucasians that the purer are the Anatolia. The banishment of Cain from the land away from Africa became a goad for the consequences that made his descendants to keep migrating for better�, from Georgia to Greece, to Rome etc. all the way to USA experiment of the Britannica like UK are to the Europeans make the ten horns of Daniel in the Bible. The Mark on Cain of no pronounced pigmentation made his descendants teach that the blacks were the children of sin or antichrists, when in truth, the only unaltered homo sapiens were the black Africans, whose skin pigmentation, nose, lips and hair changed to match the climate and had nothing to do with the genetic formula of the alien Satan that possessed the Neandertal to covet Eve.

Everything put in the fridge (like snow) remains the same. At the time the last African ruler in Egypt was handing over power to General Ramses from Syria because he did not have an heir, King Horamheb colour was not far from the Syrian General as they had government of all races, so since the pharaoh hair was shaved off, the changes were not that different to the Egyptian people of that time. It was Ramses descendants that became different because the people (Israelites) that Horamheb (also Haremhab) allowed were living like equals with everything. But, now blacks have been blamed for what Ramses descendants did because like Pharaoh thought of having Abraham wife because he told him she was his sister without telling him, she was his wife, was how Horamheb left the thrown for a trusted foreigner and the power left Africa, with those who succeeded the power, blaming black Africans for what they did not do; as the last black King let the original problem happen, I compared it because such mistakes then caused God to take blessings away. The original sin that is genetic sin is not the sin of the black genetic formula but the genetic formula of the white, but because the blacks believe they were children of adultery that produced Cain, death came to them. Death, was not part of black Africa, as those who existed before the false belief, translated to heaven without leaving any remains.

All I write here should be googled before complaint, because you will never see a comprehensive article on the origin of blacks and all they contributed to the development of mankind but, you will see information on names that has to do with what I have written here in more detail; so since the information on what the black man contributed to who mankind is as most advanced living creature on earth is scattered all over different documents, most human beings could not search all information on their very existence that is enlightenment of their carnal form that would have led them to the meaning of their soul to know why they exist in spirit. It is only, the developed black man who can generate such information in detail; as it is believed by the whites that black Africans did not document any record of anything that they did that made them use that to stigmatize the black man as Negro that was not intellectually capable enough, yet no knowledge was lost because the word called computer was originally the human brain that the present day computer mimics that the human brain has its antenna that is a halo when the mustard seed in the solar plexus awakens and the information flows via the hind brain to between the back brain and the front brain, then all information of creation that has always been there since the beginning as thought-forms will flow into the person to enlighten him.

Enlightenment leads you to understand the history of mankind that would have been easily composed into one document as I am doing now so humans can focus on their being rather than the confusion of trying to know the way into their flesh first. The Moors from west Africa educated and developed the Spaniards who spread it around the main places of the world: they taught the early Europeans how to use liquid soap (and not the solid soap later by Arabs that Hagar transferred to her descendants) to have their bath and how to dress up properly etc. Some will dispute the migration route because ancient hominine skeletons were found, the truth is as it is in the bible and its Koran equivalent verses, just as they want those crying for their rights now to stop, when all they want is the laws keeping racism to change. It is the mingling of the homo sapiens with different races that made those that are mixed to see themselves as different. The four beasts of Daniel 7:2-4 are Homo Sapiens, Homo Floresiensis, Homo Neanderthalensis and one different from every other; the one different from every other is mixed race of all that the first are Cain descendants that are the Anatolia, that another mixed race came to be as Arabs that know their origin. Genesis sixteen, reveals why the Arabs are the way they are.

The Homo Sapiens were the ones that migrated and mingled with every other race and their genes became dominant that can be confirmed by anyone who goes for a genom test via the genom project. The Homo Sapiens first original settlement can be traced clearly to present day Nigeria where every civilization in Nigeria is between 14,000 and 11,000; yet Egypt is less than 9,000 years old because inhabitants of Egypt migrated via the river Niger that was connected then to the river Nile to form Egypt. Thousands of years ago, Homo Flores and Homo Neanderthalensis existed and would have been amazed by the developed system and methods of the Homo Sapiens that would have attracted them. The oldest of the ancient civilizations has its religion like modern day Christianity where there is God the Father, God of the Spirit with thunder and God the Son, in which the similarity is arranged as Christ who came through Israelites taught of God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son as the hierarchy, that has now turned to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit just like all religions are always altered.

The mistake humans made to find the origin of mankind was looking for skeletal remains to trace the origin of mankind, yet to find the origin of mankind, you have to look for tools used by the most ancient humans because the very first people did not die before Adam and Eve fell, so they will not leave any human remains as they translated but they all left what they used. In most places in the world like in Britannica, Mexico etc. you will find ancient carvings with the black African nose. Black Africans have more sympathy in them that causes them to let all that happens without tolerance of what is regarded beneath their ancestral position, but a people freed should be regarded as they were, yet the royals should always maintain their own because they know their origin; sympathy should be measured by justice and not by pity; that is the difference between royals, subjects and the subjected in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Sub-Saharan Africans received the Arabs and Anatolians as brothers and sisters that came home, only to be betrayed by their hidden quests; the Black Africans in Africa are not the stolen Africans to be blamed for what the Arab descendants in Africa did by bringing in the colonial masters to colonize Africa into territories with Royal Niger Treaty.

The migration route or language migration route of the Bantu over 2,000 BC proves the South Africans came from Nigeria and not that mankind came from South Africa; it is the rest of the worlds Homo Sapiens gene that migrated out of South Africa. The most ancient habitation of humans in Nigeria is in the Chad basin over seven million years ago; the old tribes tell you they came from beyond and not from any other place on earth. The migration from Nigeria are the Bantu route, the First Born of the Hausa to Ghana, the to and fro migration along the Kanuri lands of lake Chad by some of those from the center of Nigeria. Some of the original tribes in the center of Nigeria were Agba children (Hausa, Jukun, Igala, Idoma, Langtan and Zango-kataf) of Nok culture, the original tribes of western Nigeria are the Yoruba tribes and the South Eastern tribes of Ibo who originally migrated from western Nigeria to Israel and came back to Eastern Nigeria. Other tribes that came out of Agba children that have their communities are Yala from Idoma, Igede from Idoma; Egbira from Jukun mingled with Yoruba and Igala etc. Benin and Yorubas are related. The Kanuri are the old tribes of North Eastern Nigeria. The Ijaws are old tribes of the south of Nigeria. The Ishibori and Tiv migrated from the Congo who were Bantu migrants. They are 371 tribes in Nigeria that you can find out by yourself, so we focus on race.

Almost all technologies acclaimed to the white inventors were actually done by their subordinates that were loyal to the position they were put under, so anything written that was invented by someone can be googled to know the real inventors name. When the Alien Satan (that the wake of a flying object is like a snake, confirmed by Latin America ancient civilization) had coitus or fornication with Eve of India where their own Adam (that is the one in the bible because Israelites write focusing on themselves) that is one of the four beasts that came out of the water was before the mingling of the Homo Sapiens genes, they produced Cain that was not Adam descendant as the first chapter of Genesis created male and female of same spirit to multiply and fill the earth intended. Genesis one was and is of spirit, Genesis two was and is of soul, while Genesis three ends with garments of skin (carnal) where God cuts of man remaining ribs. Women were not cut off, that is why they all have intuition, but for men � they must be enlightened to awaken their remaining ten ribs that are realms or firmaments of existence before they can be intuitive, so any woman that finds her real husband becomes extraordinary because she taps into the remaining eleven ribs that completes her to twelve ribs.

The curse on Satan cuts of his access to dominance of heaven, but he gained authority over the ribs off Adam and Eve, where his seed bruises Adam and Eve descendants heel, while Adam and Eve descendants bruise their head; this is where the main power of the white man over other races comes from that is all in Genesis three and four. This is the genetic sin which only the whites are sinners to and not any other race, especially the blacks whose genes are pure homo sapiens without any other genetic mixture or alteration. It is written her seed because in Genesis one it is both male and female from/as one person. Their urge to dominate the black African is because they (black Africans) originally were the possessors of the power the whites seek to have control over mammon. This is �coveting your neighbours goods in the Ten Commandments. This urge is the hatred by the descendants of Cain because of the curse on seeds as descendants in Genesis three. Unfortunately, I have to write it now as it is because the lie is ruining the world and causing them (the nonchalant who know their truth) to injure the Ozone layer of the atmosphere with fossil fuels opening it to let in over 800 million viruses daily that some may upgrade existing viruses that came earlier. It is a mistake to compare black leaders of foreign countries to Africa because they have been polluted by the society they are in, as they do not hold unto African ideals above the corruption of the occident system of power. The Coronavirus revealed that they are not superior for sub-Saharans to follow but for blacks to remember their Godly mysticism that was corrupted by the white introduction of idol worship to Africans. No miracle worker can heal COVID19 because it was allowed by God to fulfill many (especially the elderly) will die.

I mentioned some disease causing parasite so I should add that Africans used to be the tallest people and can become like that again if they get rid of malaria from Africa with just over six million dollars. I have to go into the character of the unconscious bias that exists with the Caucasians and Arabs over time, the Arabs existed after Abraham listened to Sarah by not waiting for God promise that did come after Ishmael. The Anatolia and Arabs feel more important than any other race because of the superiority their ancestor misled them to believe. It is same with every other race that looks down on the race that they came out off; the Indians think they are better than the African. The implicit bias actions of Caucasians are global and the implicit bias actions of the Arabs are more in Africa. Other races see other races as a threat other than the pure homo sapiens who are blacks, because their genes are in every other race.


The Company

Nigeria was named by Lord Lugard wife (in 1897 Flora Shaw wrote it in an article called The Colony for the London Times before she got married to Lord Lugard) before it was a nation because the country had a business name by the British as a group of original people that could work for long hours more than any other race. The business name of Nigeria was not suitable for discussions as a country. The business name of Nigeria was for export of enforced labour before it became for red-gold. In 1660, the name of Nigeria was Royal African Company established by Britain to run African mercantile shipping with headquarters in London, then in 1672 it became a charter for gold from other African destinations and slaves to Americas; in 1879 it became Royal Niger Company controlling the southern protectorate for slave trade and the northern protectorate for trade. Yet slave trade had been abolished in 1807. United African Company sold Royal Niger Company to Britain in 1899 for �865,000 as at then (that will be �46,407,250 today). In 1887 Oil Rivers protectorate was formed that is now Niger Delta. In 1900 the southern protectorate was secured, then Nigeria was named in 1914 after Britain had conquered the northern protectorate, added Lagos in 1906 that was a colony since 1861 and in 1922 part of German Kamerun was added to it as a League of Nations mandated territory. In 1929 Royal Niger Company became a part of the United African Company for commodities. In Latin, Nigeria means the area of darkness.


Nigeria is one of the oldest international companies. Nigeria is definitely the oldest international labour exporting company and the oldest red-gold market that most red-gold markets all over the world started from other than Africa. Before Nigeria was a British company for labour in the eyes of the colonial masters, Nigeria was the origin of all homo sapiens in Africa. The curse on Cain and his descendants enabled them to use anthropology by religion of spreading Christ teachings and name to dominate the world in the symbol of the Cross that is the symbol of the white man form of torture by the Italian system that was the third horn of Cain descendants. Because the true symbol of Christianity at the time of the apostles and disciples of Christ as a means of identification was the fish. Drawing the fish resembled the original symbol of African mysticism from Nigeria where a naught is sometimes made by tying a leaf etc. in prayer to conclude a ritual. Headquarters of voodoo or juju etc. has and is still symbolically Nigeria. In most communities of the blacks all over the world, the belief in voodoo is very potent with chief priest or priestess tracing their way to Africa and in Africa they trace it via their migration from Nigeria. Every other race traces their heritage through their migration. It is only in Nigeria that the oldest cultures trace almost all their heritage from God; although the Israelites trace their laws to God.


The labour structure of Nigeria was reset in the late 1940s before the handover of power to the first indigenous prime minister of Nigeria in 1952. Labour is managed by academics, the better the academic system to the labour structure, the better the industry of production. Nigeria was a crop for cash people before it was altered to cash for crops for regions to feed the center to transfer resources. Until Nigeria national anthem is changed before Nigerians will find a perfect name and system to replace the system and name of error of divide and rule. Deuteronomy 28, shows the curse on those who defile the Ten Commandments that Nigeria first Anthem Stanza breaks with Nigerians Call Obey, to Serve our Father Land, this was originally adopted from the first Nigerian anthem Nigerians all and proud to serve Our sovereign motherland written by Lillian Jean Williams; the Ten Commandments Exodus 20:4-6 is opposed to.


A company in business is an organization created to pursue profit by providing goods or services. The goods or services provided by Nigeria as at now is better and far more than it was in the colonial era, yet Nigeria is still more subsistent than commercial and the governments have been on its own leaving the people to manage on their own without governance but representation, because as the leaders are elected or chosen to lead, the system set does not work along with the leaders and the people. But, in the colonial era, the system and governance worked together, this shows the misplaced system handed over at independence with education of labour for the east, management for the west and entrepreneurship for the north; for each region lacking the substance of effective connective leadership with civil servants like in the colonial era or before the colonial era for each community. Before the colonial era, each community functioned efficiently with a system of effective commercial and subsistent farming with their people and their neighbours or foreign customers that passed through the Chief who organizes his people to provide the services or products they have that is needed, thereby making their people rich and the throne rich via the small charges imposed on the goods, that are used to run the kingdom.


The Chieftaincy was a set as representative of God, so the people look unto the person who communes with God directly and is closer to God as reprensentative than they pray to get direct information from God on what God intends for them to do. It is not possible for the Paraclete to ever come from the whites because of how they came into being, the Holy Spirit only deals with originality, and the only original specie of humans are the blacks; that is where He can come through and only through the very first people before migration ever occurred. Civilization now is seen as technology, yet aliens from other worlds see the system of Earth as primitive because they drifted away from the System of God to the System of Mammon. The system of God is that God picks the leadership and not the system of mankind that humans pick the leadership. It is clearly written in religious books that mankind fell from paradise. The fall from paradise caused mankind to continue drifting from the superior civilization of using your being to solve things by letting your spirit core to dominate your body instead of your body suppressing your spirit for materialism to do what the system of the world requires of you which is of mammon.  That was the system that was paradise that existed in the company called the colony that was named Nigeria. The real name of Nigeria is Paradise.


Daniel vision talks of ten horns and three other horns coming out of the last horn. The last horn of the Anatolia is the United States of America with the system of democracy, the system of money and the system of law favouring the whites that is of disunity of race which clearly shows that a name is usually an intension of where you want the person named to be. Like Nigeria is named area of darkness that is an irony of what it was to what it is as juju headquarters and the only place to hide and deprive it is main resources from its colonial masters. Africa can see from the United State of America experiment of the European Countries that their democracy is not the solution for us because it moved far from who we are and far from being able to solve problems by giving power to the corrupt to manipulate the wishes of others in the country. So until we learn to put a system that we had that was provided by God, we will continue to have Cabals that control the presidency who control the elected president.


The company of people doing things together, living together and being companions or guests to each other is the easy motivational tool of the mind to the method of existence before the fall in the middle east. Paradise existed everywhere on earth until the fall came and all telepathic connections to nature and all elemental activities of the earth to humankind wish, was lost by the curse. So people should not be wasting their time looking for the symbolic trees outside the body but, to understand the tree of the brains growth of the back brain of life and the tree of the front brain of good and evil. The choice of choosing the tree of good and evil, made man a frontal brain creature that made them loose connection to the animistic, elemental and spiritual that they were given power over to subdue the earth. It is that power that aliens will sense and interact with whoever has it as equal; this happened to me where I perceived the alien technology flying above me in November 1994 that they stopped and kept hoovering around me for over six hours that gave me enough time to see into their technology and appreciate it. The communication between aliens from every other star system in the universe etc. is telepathy. Words are meant for beings of similar formation. Words are not the language for communication with animals, although animals can listen but cannot communicate back in words to the human.


When humans start living with all their 12 ribs that is their firmaments, they will be civilized for the interaction of beings from other star systems. People think the technology of stretching the human brain-mind-set out-words-to-know is advancement, but it is very primitive in the eyes of aliens who have been coming into earth and have refused to have any interaction with species beneath them, because the behavior of viewing objects via eyes only is similar to animals. That was why when the colonial master came to Africa, they found Africa far from them in many ways and things because Africa had not moved off the way of the creator that far, but with the colonial masters intervention, Africa drifted so far that divine purpose of their existence was lost, so there became dependent on the originators of the false system of mammon. We should be using more than one percent of our eyes, since an advanced being for inter-galactic communication will be using one hundred percent of all their senses and brain power. It is strange that the mystery that made them call Nigeria (the area of darkness) a business name originally for their own occidental understanding of the land they had interest in is not our name that we should have, but we should have a name as who we are that is the exact opposite of area of darkness.


The company of aliens that interacted with mankind before the fall of mankind into sin and then death, was because mankind used all their brain and all their being. But now, Aliens cannot interact with humans that do not live for their being to decide their fate; humans� in the present world should not call themselves human being because their being is not functioning with their body but only keeping them alive and taking in the damnation of the body. Human technology is so primitive to aliens because it was only conceived off the frontal brain that denies them the ability of mind over matter to produce technologies of cryogenics and neutral-energy in cognizance with thermal energy being used. Thermal energy is the invention of the primitive man in the time of stigmatization of homo species because of the actual differences of genetic makeup that does not exist now.


To stigmatize is to label as socially undesirable. The Black Africans are marked by other races with a stigma, yet the blacks do not mark the whites and others with stigma but are concerned about why the whites of all races underrate them so much. As they demoralize the blacks to their descendants. But by enlightenment, you know that it is because we are pure like God intended and they are not. Most of their descendants react to the stigma without knowing why their leaders stigmatize because the leaders tell them it is because they must maintain superiority, yet it is that they should brutalize the over pigmented to instill fear of superiority because of their inferior nature and dependence on weapons.


They have been many attempts by the whites to take over Africa but, they failed. Even though they are theories that it was because of malaria that means bad air; mosquito also existed in the Americas. So the truth is that their spiritual force to keep them here as overlords of the original species was beneath the spiritual force of the origin that is first ruler of mankind. The blacks are the most stigmatize race on earth; the Israelites are next but definitely not more than the blacks, because the Israelites are allowed to man the economic systems that the Israelites are allowed their full autonomy and names indicated as the ones who did whatsoever. That privilege was never given to the black man or woman. The black man or woman does something and the colonial master or for the slaves who were taken out of Africa, their master takes the credit and their masters names are written instead of the black innovator or inventor. Many animal and plant species that were found around Africa and the world by black people were only named when a white man was called to name it; as the botanical name could never have been named after the African who discovered it. So it was with technology, products and services. Even the national anthems of the British colonial territories were set in away that was beneath the standard of the British anthem to keep them opposed to God for subjection.


In Nigeria, when the British came, the resources like gold and crude oil were mystically hidden from them until they left Nigeria because they were thieves, then Nigeria started mining the resources the British could not find no matter how much they drilled or explored the ground looking for mineral resources. The economic system of Nigeria was corrupted by fixing exchange rates for Nigeria to remain dependent on the British territories with a common wealth and finished product market, where the leaders get paid for stalling any industrial production for absolute economic freedom. Integrative Medicine is the true way of Africa because Africans gather knowledge and equipment from wherever is better than what they have and it is not only the colonial way of practicing only western medicine by giving medicines produced from foreign soil that is alien to our genetic makeup that will not treat us very well unless medicines that are from our soil that are in the same homogeneous surrounding like us. History of medicine taught to medical doctors in Nigeria teaches them to stigmatize their native medicine when they should have used their medical academic background to upgrade the native medicine like the occidents and the orients did with their medical system. With this behaviour, you can see that the stigmatization of blacks is aided by some in Africa who want to look relevant by promoting only the colonial masters method so they too will look superior to others in their community. In African villages, if an elder or anyone is used to harming, lying and deceiving people to danger, they call him or her to the playground for everyone including children to mock and rebuke the evil one to shame that corrects the family of everyone as that person family will be regarded as an outcast; that is how Nigerians and Africans should treat those who ruin our tradition to promote foreign services and goods, because it is only integrative services and products that should be allowed like the occident and orients do in their land.


While the 45th president of the United States of America withdrew monies and closed offices to monitor any outbreaks from any part of the globe before it becomes a pandemic to build his wall that he promised that Mexico will pay for, he withdrew from the climate agreement and withdrew from all laws protecting the climate that gave the earth open wounds of Ozone layer that allowed nature let infection infect the earth with humanicide of viruses like insecticide is to insects. The Ozone layer makes it difficult for over eight hundred million viruses that enter the earth atmosphere to reach the earth surface, viruses that come into the earth may upgrade existing viruses that are similar to their structure. It is easier for any virus to be more potent after mingling with a virus that has been in existence but had no harm because our immunity had developed to overpower it. Viruses in droplets are carried outside unto someone and infects them more by the wind when the wind is blowing than it does indoors, yet contagion can infect people more indoors than outdoors. Modified viruses called agents have been experimented upon by developed nations.


In Nigeria, the Ministry of Education can be restructured to eliminate the colonial plan before 1952 that was set for the transfer of power to the first indigenous prime minister. The Ministry of Health should be changed or upgrade to eliminate all colonial stigmatization and educate the mind-set of the medical practitioners to be ashamed of themselves if they cannot or do not practice any part of Nigerian traditional medicine. The Federal Ministry of Health should have a Federal Minister of Health that is Integrative with a PhD, with State Minister of Health for the colonial (conventional) medicine doctors and another State Minister of Health for Integrative Medicine by an Integrative doctor. There should be two permanent secretaries; one for Conventional Medicine, another permanent secretary for Natural Medicine by a natural medicine practitioner in the civil service. I believe the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology department of bio-services with its agency of natural medicine development are more experienced (since they have existed since the 1990s) to handle the establishment of the Integrative medicine wing of Federal Ministry of Health because the Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine department is too young (since 2019) to understand the procedure, because they will come in with their academic study method and not experience of building it to suit the true medical system in Nigeria that will favour all Nigerians. Or Ministry of Natural Medicine should be created to protect African Medicine and encourage African Medicine practice to standard.


Ministry of Health in Africa cannot protect African Medicine because of their orientation to hate the word traditional medicine; even though they are aware they came out of it. They cannot allow African Medicine thrive because they prefer using foreign medicine to make indigenous medicine look fake, as they make sure all efforts to standardize African Medicine are made into a mockery. Once our Presidents can establish the Ministry of Natural Medicine, the footing of African mentality will become part of Africans, since colonial mentality of anthropology made Africans to look down on things African and look up to things foreign; as the mentality of people is Oyibo. The Ministry of Natural Medicine should collaborate with Ministry of Agriculture to grow herbal medical plants to prevent them from extinction by deforestation for wood or firewood etc. that will become another form of income like the Asians are doing. All African Countries Presidents should create Ministry of Natural Medicine to prepare the grounds for the grandaunts of African Medicine to sustain original Medicine that is African Medicine by Natural Medicine, since the current Ministries of Health are fixed to/ on colonial western medicine and do everything in their power to kill the very medicine that was used to give birth to most of them that are older in age. In most countries including Nigeria, they have Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Aviation, yet Ministry of Aviation is part of Transportation, but because it is too big or too sophisticated or too complex etc. to be with Transportation, it was created to be on its own. So it is with Ministry of Petroleum that can be with mines and solid minerals or energy, since they are both mined; other examples are commerce with finance or communication with information etc. Like Ministry of Niger Delta was formed to solve the pressing needs of the deprived people of the area. Health is defined as a condition of body or mind; but medicine is treatment of illness.


Nigerian Medical Doctors should be natural medicine practitioners before they can really claim to be Medical Doctors because, the Medicine they practice are indigenous to the European people who also migrated to the Americas. So it is only those who practice what is in the history of medicine like Hippocrates said, that are true Medical Doctors; since Medicine is indigenous to every people, you cannot take what is alien to the soil of the earth that your body is from and think it will work like the food from here works better on us than foreign food. Medical Doctors are mostly Bachelor degree holders who should learn to know that it is until they get to Doctorate degree, before they will easily understand that they should never look down at anyone because they can learn something from an illiterate that will give them a PhD like the Europeans go around Africa looking for ideas from villagers that the so called civilized society looks down upon in Nigeria. That is what most people in Natural Medicine have done that makes them unique and recognized by the world more than their Orthodox Medicine counter parts; most people in Natural Medicine have Masters and Doctorate Degrees. Some are even professors. So the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council using Ministry of Health without having Natural Medicine is doing the wrong thing to knowledge because, they are allowing the knowledge that God put in our ancestors to disappear because of pride of comparison by embracing only the foreign knowledge of medicine to impose on society to look superior to others, when society is beginning to know that western medicine is not perfect in comparison to natural medicine that is indigenous to its people. That is why the Europeans, Americans and Chinese are now talking publicly against western medicine and calling our healthcare system a failed system because it does not include indigenous medicine.


The Chinese embraced their own system of Acupuncture etc. and added European Medicine to their knowledge making their own superior, Ghana has updated their system by accepting Natural Medicine as Law, Madagascar has accepted Natural Medicine, India accepted Natural Medicine that they invent drugs that European Medicine uses, so many other countries that are upgraded above developing countries had all done that before they were raised from developing nation. Yet in the world of Medicine, it is said that most of the herbs for treatment are in Africa, and in Africa it is said Nigeria has most of all the herbs in Africa. So why are our Medical Doctors killing the world people by fighting what they should have grabbed to get awards from all over the world as best Doctors. By denying what is here, they deny their skill to be upgraded by research, which is what all science is all about. Unless they want to remain like the colonialist placed them that research in medicine is meant for the Europeans because they are more organized and Africans are not organized. Why do not they prove that Africa was organized before the world knew anything? Since civilization actually began in Africa before it was upgrade in the Middle East, before the Europeans upgraded medicine.


The word Alternative Medicine is wrong because Conventional Medicine came from Natural Medicine; it is like a child abusing a parent. That is why the Medical Doctors in Nigeria are not inventors like their counterparts abroad; only the Medical Doctors in Africa, Asia etc. that embrace Traditional Medicine, are known as innovators in medicine. So Medical Doctors should remember that before medicine started, it was people who knew other professions that liked medicine that established it; so Medical Doctors in Nigeria should learn to accept those in Natural Medicine by training them to their standard, rather than castigate them as quacks when what most of them can treat, most in western medicine will only dream that if it were possible. People are dying because of European medicine claims that they keep changing. So Nigerian Doctors should wake-up from their pride that always come before a fall and accept the trend the world has accepted. It became law in China in the 1950s, it became law in the USA in the early 1970s, the Europeans have different dates that they accepted natural medicine between 1920s and 1960s. If the National Assembly does not make it law, then the world will keep passing us by. It was those in Integrative Medicine that are professors and Doctorate degree holders that found the solution for treating Ebola, while Nigerian Medical Association were on strike and private hospitals were afraid of admitting patients with fever. Nigeria should lead Africa into the World Health Association, United Nations Security Council and form African Oil Producing Economic Countries.


African reawakening has started with Africa call to Nigeria to do their role. Obfuscated is what the whites made of the black race that they deceived; my writing here maybe seen by some as racist but it is the truth that must always be spoken as it is because what actually happened that I define here was racist and not my writing. Genesis three and four are about the descendants of Devil and intended creation of God; Genesis 16 is about another alteration from intention God: both producing what they are and were predicted to be respectively. For the rest of mankind, it will be shocking to believe that a people lived for looting from others as a means of pride and leadership that were called Viking; another set of people lived by measuring the amount of deception they can do to those that are not wholly like them, which they (Fulani) call Takia. Fulani descended from the Arabs who now dominate North Africa that was ruled by blacks.

The lie about the black man was that they were nothing without the white man, yet that was and is the reverse of the truth; it was the white man that was the savage or barbarian that without the black man they are nothing. The curse in Genesis four is enough to prove that they could never have gotten anything without the black man whom those that led the Anatolia knew were blessed with everything, as the Israelites were blessed with priesthood. The wickedness of this lie that is now malicious is that the black Africans were colonized to enforce the lie into their teachings. Everything told by the white man has to be re-studied by looking for the truth about it and not the lie thrown for the black man to live in false belief. Even Jesus Christ was interpreted to the black man as white, when he was not white but light-skinned Israeli with the original complete homo sapiens gene that makes him completely of black African roots from the descendant of Enoch that descended from Seth that was referred to as Ethiopian (meaning black face) and contradicted with the Enoch descended from Cain; Abraham ancestral father was Enoch and Jesus descended from Abraham who migrated from south of India. Cain descendants went to the east, so they could not be Ethiopian as written but, the ancestors of Greece that Europe came from. The symbol of the cross was implanted on Christians when Emperor Constantine prayed to God in Christ name that if he wins the war, he will establish Christianity with the symbol of the cross. The cross is the symbol of the whites and the nought is the symbol of the blacks. The true Christian symbol is the fish that looks like an eye or a nought. Almost all the symbols of Christianity were adopted from the Egyptian faith via the council of Nicaea all the way to the birth of Christ that was not truly in December but December was the birth of the child of the God parents of everything adopted by Egypt that migrated from Nigeria, as Christ birth was clearly marked by the planet Jupiter as the Star the three wise men saw that was around the middle of the year and not the end of the year.

The first Child born to the God Parents was of justice and not of priesthood. So everything ever told by the whites has been with lie as they descended from the liar. All the Gods of Africa were not evil as they lied and proclaimed to followers that they got because of colonization. They were able to colonize because of the curse of Genesis three and four and the unity of those of Genesis 16 descendants that brought them into sub-Saharan Africa to help them do their bidding. It is only those descendants of Genesis 16 that always looked down at the white man whom both used each other. The antichrist protests everything about the establishment of the church on where Christ said it will be established and most of what was passed down by the leaders who they should have stayed to make changes with; protestants political leader is not of Christ, but the link to Antichrist, so by their seeds you know them that means a leader who lies every time he makes a speech cannot be God sent but the exact opposite as predicted: protestants are not protesters. The mysticism of Africa before the colonial intervention was good but, became altered to idol worshiping and evil practice against their neighbor by the people who thought they were fighting the system that be.

The African leadership mimics God system because it has male and female system of governance, but the white man system has only male system to mimic Devil dominance where their women are paid below the men, yet African men and women, receive equal pay till date in Africa. The democracy of the white man system is a false system that they have painted to be better by saying it is inclusive of who leads (which is by manipulation to office), yet the truth is that the mystical leadership of Africa had the leadership picked by the female leader inspired by God through the guidance and prayers of the priests and priestesses, which the people all contributed their wishes and wants through the representatives of the leader and his council. So African people never knew famine or disparity in wealth or feeding but equality in virtually everything since their complaints can have the female leader dethrone the King. Because the black man system of education included morality (that included finance) taught by women, survival (included finance) taught by men, yet all the systems in the present educational system were added because innovation by adopting what came from other places was part of the system that let the colonialists abuse it to divert blacks off their survival and morality additional education into living only for the white man system that favoured only the white man who had stimulus packages for only the white man from taxes from every race. The African system does not have that type of tax system but, a donation system that is like the true tithes written in the old testament.

The Coronavirus has exposed the false system of the white man whom they had lied that they were the super power race because they had made the rest of the world subject to their financial system that they used rates to influence their profits that they could print money but no other country could print money because they organized every other place as country, so we have to unite and be United African States with our own system of doing things with our own financial system between our collected regions. Bill Gates who predicted the pandemic has now been stigmatized for financially helping to prevent the death of many. Bill Gates is more of a threat to their system by helping the rest of the world to survive as they deem fit. The system of the British, retains the throne system of Africa with the House of Lords like the Priesthood under the King/ Queen Mother. Because when the King died, the Queen remained as the Queen mother with the experience to continue showering it to the throne like the Holy Spirit through the first child ruling. The colonialist came with divide and rule to use those with everything to do their bidding, which was why they had to destroy our system that they retained and we still follow them who ruined the educational system they handed over to us that has no support or automatic employment into the ministry of the education system of study. Because the system of God given to us is the throne. When the British were handing over government to the Nigerian Prime Minister for the first time, they gave him a system less capable than the one they used to run Nigeria: the educational system was set to make our medical doctors hate their traditional system, our legal system were one of the first to arrange their system to operate without the intervention of foreign lawyers; but the engineering ministry of works via the military governments invited foreign companies to do construction. Yet the Medical symbol and oath began in Nigeria as information passed down that was organized by the Egyptians as the symbol and oath we use till now.

His Excellency, General, Chief/ Pastor Dr. Olusegun A. Obasanjo did more for Nigeria infrastructure and system than any other leader in Nigeria. Anyone who wants to doubt that can list all President Olusengun Aremu Obasanjo did from when he was under the colonial masters through when he was minister and military head of state to when he was democratically elected president and compare what he did with any other leader that has ever ruled Nigeria and they will see why many blame him for problems in Nigeria, yet he has been the only leader whose crude method solved some problems of Nigeria that he fixed. The sin of altering the throne system given down to mankind was altered by humans to allow siblings marry to keep the throne pure in the way the family ruling thought that made God had it written in Leviticus eighteen that banns siblings etc. from such acts; that Abraham inherited marrying Sarah. That alteration of God system, caused God to curse the dominant black race to be subjected by the recessive white race via the curse of Genesis three. In Genesis two and four, there were other beasts of the earth. Humans not living by their spirit are beasts of the earth; the present humans on earth are beasts of the earth because they do not live by their spirit needs but by their flesh needs.

God was on Sabbath, so it was angels who were dictating the activities of mankind, yet some people think God and Satan were fighting, when it is even written in Genesis one that God was on Sabbath. The angels that were fighting were the fallen angels and the holy angels. It is disrespectful to think God will be fighting what He created when He can change what is an obstacle like everyone does with whatsoever they have made that does not meet their needs or requirements. That is why the system we lived in was the way it was, but now that the Sabbath is over, people can see the changes on the human races are changing. The Sabbath being over means God is no longer resting off His creation, resting off creation is not sleeping, but leaving the school of the Universe for Angels, Spirits and Elementals to function on their own, but after tertiary students that are angels messed everything in the Universe up, God took over to save the secondary students of Spirit and Primary students of elementals from the fallen angels plans to keep the fallen beings in their own world (hell) in God Universe; fallen angels are those that do opposite of God wants, while holy angels are those who do God wants. The star systems are run by Archangels (sun is run by Devil) and the planetary system were controlled by teen-angels, as the interaction of humans were guided by baby-angels whose purpose lets elementals interact with people to do their wants. But the star system like the sun controlled by fallen angels did not have such elemental interaction with humans because of their tune to darkness, so the descendants of those fallen angels as humans did the biding and saw all others as inferior because of their angelic gene. The intervention of the Holy Spirit was interjectory to correct any major mistake made by the angels: like in Genesis 3, Exodus 20 etc. Just as the Sabbath being over has altered the prophecy of the angels to mankind about their war, like if God was of their level to fight Devil. What insolence!



The capacity of the brain of the four beasts that came out of the water in Daniel vision has also to do with the years of the genetic formula in descendants; the first beasts evolution from water to man is a much older gene than the other beasts because the beast came out first so the development of sympathy and empathy that is in all the blacks for all races, does not exists in all other races like it is in the blacks. The other races only have same sympathy and empathy like the blacks have for every race for only their own race. So the whites cannot understand why the blacks can have such in them for everyone and they, the whites, have such feelings for those like them except very few whites that developed empathy via close interaction with the blacks.


The cast system of India caused the whites that came out of the Indian woman, Eve who sinned with Lucifer to produce them to make them be racists by their belief that they are superior, in which they got that superiority by their subjection of the black race through the empathy of the black people. So the Indian thinking that they think more than any other race like the whites think they think more than any other race is because of their heritage, yet the truth is that both the whites and Indians or Chinese can never think more or up to the black race because it was designed by God as in Daniel vision giving the first beast the mind or heart. The reason why the whites became superior was because of the curse on Cain that gave them right of way with other races always having the feeling of not wanting to go against God laws. But that security guard of the curse of God in Genesis four has been lifted by the end of the Sabbath with God takeover of all activity He left for the Angels to run that was the Sabbath because of over abuse of the cover; that does not mean God was sleeping but, that He left the creation of everything here to the Angels which left the angels in charge. That caused them to mess up creation by creating sides. Lucifer is the Archangel in charge of our Sun and planted his descendants to interrupt the plan of God for his own plan to lure people into believing in materialism, so his world will be filled with souls who come for the ultimate test to rise above their hierarchy in heaven that became to overcome the PhD exams given to kindergarten of the school of earth so that they would not pass by remembering what their spirit came into their soul to be born on earth to do what God sent them for because of the materialism thrown all over them to think as their duty to live.


The Devil planted his descendant Cain to counter the system of God that had reached its peak in Egypt as a Matriarchy, yet the whites system retained matriarchy in England, Spain, Denmark etc. Even Christ tried to re-establish the matriarchy where Mary Magdalene was in charge of knowledge but Peter that He asked three times if he loved Him, messed it up by making it a patriarchy and leaving the mother of Christ as mother of sisterhood that initiated the cause of other churches to breakup. Matriarchy is Kingship, because the throne always is ruled by a new king whose mother is alive after his father is dead, so the mother is the actual matriarch whose life becomes emotionally dedicated to God by celibacy that puts the priesthood under her. So the new king listens to his mother who listens to the priests that live to listen to God, this is the system that the descendants of Lucifer altered via slave trade and colonization to plant presidency by people whose thoughts are manipulated for material power. Slavery was not initiated by the black race, but the Syrian Ramses descendants perpetrated it to chains. The whites abused other races by turning them into human zoos that they tricked them from their homes and they put them in zoos where other whites go to see people forced to live in pretentious savagery as cannibals that they never were. All just to make profit of people who believed the promise they were told by the whites whom God had cursed to be important in the eyes of other races to protect Cain and his descendants. The whites could not and did not do anything because of the curses in Genesis three and four. The whites always take credit for everything the blacks did, as written in the Bible, the truth will be revealed in the end; in the USA, Barack Obama solved USA economy that Donald Trump inherited and took credit for it by only creating free trade between neighbors, when that free trade was original placed to let the developing countries become developed or better said, to catch up.  


The capacity of the whites over other races is the thought forms of their being empowered by their origin that is the ruler of the Solar system. The thought forms are your brain imaginations that extend like an iceberg over you, where you see your thoughts as only in you but, clairvoyants see your thoughts patterns that are so big that there are higher than the clouds, where they mingle with similar thought forms to alter more people that are similar in thought. This is how the devil works with darkness to manipulate people. Materialism draws people into feelings for material things that moves their conscience into evil and that evil is controlled by darkness and darkness drives evil beings called devils to do evil. The beings that their conscience and consciousness have been absorbed by darkness to believe and see that evil is right are the beings that become devils and are trapped to and for hell; hell was not formed by the Devil that is why it is prison for him; hell was formed by God. The whites defend their system where the whites can do anything and blacks are trapped by police formed to contain them, yet the blacks keep the white system running since they were picked by the whites using an illegally formed company from Europe by the whites mentality of developing the land the zoo came from that they ended up fulfilling their plan to disorganize Africa system as evil, when they were the ones doing evil on blacks.


The ways of mankind on earth are not the ways of God in heaven, even in marriage that was not by God letting couples to pick who they want to be their God given partner but marriage was already done in heaven for the partners to find themselves here on earth. Marriage on earth is called a celebration to let those on earth know that they only found Mr./Mrs. right that means as was done by God. Christ even said in Mathew nineteen when he was asked about divorce, where he said Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts� but from the beginning it was not so� This confusion by mankind extends to religion where they think it is because of their religion that they go to heaven, so they think those not practicing religion like them do not have faith in the true God. What is the true God? He is not what anyone conceives in his or her mind; the true God is Who you should learn within you to follow by wanting to be with the God who made everything including you, and not by wanting to belong to what others believe in that they make to look great for prosperity. God is only interested in His creation that obeys Him, because everyone on earth are here because they promised to do their name on earth, yet most that came to earth failed to remember why they were born into earth and chose to live for the ways of the earth that is vanity, but are remembered when they start dying that they have not done what they are here for by a guilt feeling. Those who remember why they are here who are in near death, reawake to the amazement of society, but those who failed to remember, loose their soul by a trigger in the gut feeling of regret that pops of their body lastly in the pons and cerebrum part of the brain.


When you are from God and of God, you do not need man to teach you what you already know that you came from God to teach man the ways of God, but you need to learn from man for your body to catch up for your soul and spirit with your core being to awaken when the alignment of the knowledge level is reached which in turn awakens you. The wise notice such a person and help his way for the betterment of all of mankind, but the un-smart person compares himself to the person sent by God by wanting the envoy of God to have followed his path and not the path ordained. The carnal human being matches everyone as equal in being to follow their ways of attaining who they are, when in truth, it is never so. It is the certification by a university with its registration number that can see your potency that is required for knowledge to be poured out academically to the world that is required. It is not the ability of the so called graduate to understand the workings of the top echelon of the university system to award degrees, just as it was when bishops were awarding degrees that initiated the title in the first place. So, it is abuse of authority for those who have no authority to certify or revoke academic qualification to accentuate such order that is criminal and coveting goods of God as in the Ten Commandments on the envoy of God. Such alteration of the mission of God that is non governmental and encouraged by a university and blocked by those that abuse power is a direct path for the abusers of the envoy of God to hell for trying to delay the envoy of God mission. As they did to Christ to alter His mission where they had a manual (How to Make A Negro Christian); they also had license by States in the USA with the authority of a clerk/� as (Nigger Hunting License) in one of the state license were (State of Missouri Nigger Hunting License, this certifies that�, Address�, Sex�M, City�, Age�, Ht�, Eyes�, Hair�, having paid the license fee is hereby licensed to hunt & kill niggers during the open season hereof in Missouri. This license must be carried on person when hunting niggers & gives the holder permission to hunt day or night with or without dogs. �at, Missouri, this �of, by � county clerk, �of license�, season open Jan/ close Dec. Name�, City�, Signature�, [dates of the month listed], tag good for any niggers). These system is definitely not the same system the whites live in or the blacks they use to carry out these evil live in, though the blacks they use status can never be like their masters that they serve with loyalty. USA has all races of the earth so the rest of the world look to its diversity that is its strength. Though they say black people, it is actually brown people that is mixture of light and darkness or neutrality.


Most African Religions are not evil as they say, the few that are bad are the ones that they use to portray the rest of African culture; those that spread the condemnation of African way of doing things are perpetrating the wishes of Lucifer via his descendants left here on earth to administer his way of leadership where women aspect of completing the system for God purpose of multiply and fill the earth and dominate it is altered by the absence of women role that flows into Lucifer without reaching the earth as it passes from man ten ribs to pass through woman one rib to get to man and woman in flesh as the last of the twelve ribs. But because the whites were put here by the ruler of the solar system to coordinate his ruler-ship of the solar system, most of the bad of the whites religion and culture like to kill that is against God law that other races dread, they look at as hero when it is in defense of their laws against God laws. President Trump of the USA is fighting as his USSD states in his comeback campaign to maintain the way of Lucifer that we have been living in for the past six thousand years that is collapsing since the Sabbath is over that he thinks things will be as they predicted themselves victory. The dominion part of Genesis one is for the Indian; so for the dark skinned man it is not dominion but mind: that is, let us create man in our own image to be after our likeness and have mind over all things; for Chinese it is, let us create man in our own image to be after our likeness and have skill more than all things.  The capacity of the Chinese brain is skill and no other race can supersede them in skill; the capacity of the Indian is dominion by faith of religion and no other race can supersede them in dominion; the capacity of the dark skinned African is mind and no other race can supersede them in the mind. The purpose of God is to make all of us work together as God did place the mind to lead.



Death made it impossible for people to be walking history of events in time. People worldwide have been searching for the Garden of Eden; people in Africa have been searching for the true origin of mankind; people in Nigeria and around the world have been looking for those of Nok culture. Those from Nok that are now scattered in newer cultures in Nigeria and some parts of west and central Africa have royals who know the true story of the origin of mankind all the way to the fall of mankind. As the Garden of Eden that had most of it in Nigeria was being erased because of the fall, so was Nok that were there from beginning.


Those of royal bloodline of Nok know terraforming as they did when the planet continents were splitting. For science, terraforming is done with time; but for those of Nok, terraforming is done instantly which is mystically by speeding up time to keep the changes in the present. Earth changed to match human life that let humans to think of survival that led to innovation. The school of earth in the solar system run by Lucifer had his seeds running the earth via the sin of Eve, by telling people they were sinners that implied through the thought forms planted with that word that those who accepted it, accepted the genetic sin. The word sinner to the normal person means regular sin their ancestors did, but to the senior descendants of Lucifer, they knew it meant the sin of adultery of Eve producing Cain from adultery with Lucifer that was not true for others that accept they are sinners. That encouragement to confess as sinner by the so called men of God who truly do not know God is why it is written that most men of God will be in hell. God was on Sabbath, so it is only those from Him that could really know Him, everyone else who claimed to know him were dealing with either His angels or angels opposed to Him. God is spirit and only in Spirit can you commune with Him. Communicating to God in flesh by verbal prayer only pleases the person praying as God knows your intentions of praying before praying but because the person praying did not commune to God in Spirit, the prayer will not be answered simply because by answering a carnally said prayer means encouraging the person spirit to be extrusive instead of being intrusive as God created, that will encourage the person praying only carnally to drive his spirit into the mechanical world.


The mechanical world is the metal teeth of fourth beast from the water that is different from every other in the vision of Daniel. The only way some part of the prayer recited verbally are passed on in spirit are that by recitation, the spirit is aroused to commune with God because the volition of mind set allows the spirit to will it. The ancient lost Nok culture had to disappear so the descendants of Lucifer will not find what made Garden of Eden exist without death, yet even if they find it as they were also cursed to wonder, the power of God will not let them enjoy what God said in Genesis one that it was good before he went on Sabbath, only for angels to make it of sides by Lucifer falling for darkness and using evil that made him devil. The solar system was around the center of the milky way galaxy when slavery was at its peak, then the other super galaxy called Andromeda that is like the milky way began to merge with the solar system that will make it the biggest galaxy known by us. Most of the galaxies spotted from earth via telescopes have been smaller than our galaxy called the milky way, not because it is seen from far but by using light year measurement. All the stars that were or remained in the center of the galaxy as the merger occurred have been altered or erased and new stars reborn as the black holes of both galaxies get nearer merging. But our solar system was able to run to the out skirts of the milky way that kept us alive, because there was a being called Lucifer trying to keep his descendants controlled system alive. When Lucifer was supposed to keep only the three beasts of the vision of Daniel running the earth where the mother of the king was for God as her late husband had translated to God leaving the throne for her son, but Lucifer uses his male descendants because the energy flow from the male of other races put by God was altered not to pass through the female of the male back to the male for both the male and female bodies to get the complete energy, as it was diverted into/ through Lucifer, which caused God via the Holy Spirit to take away the other ribs from man to deny Lucifer that energy of survival using darkness against creation of God, which made his descendants feel superior. So Lucifer descendants had to steal those of God that were given everything via slavery to build their world that was actually the world for the three beasts that were originally initiated by evolution by God from the water.


Everyone reading about Cain or descendants of Eve, never remember to read the descendants of Eve by looking at the curse of God on both descendants all the way through the generations that followed to understand the timeline of the cursed descendants that exist today and why they live racist as they are that many do not know they are racist until they are told. Then they would have understood why they lied to their people that they were going to colonize savages to modernize them, when actually they were going to colonize the origins to alter them to carry the thought forms of their curse to keep their newly gotten lands clean and leave the darkness in the land God first put man, then take people from the original Garden of Eden to develop their new land while the curse on the Garden of Eden retained the whatsoever the citizenry believed that kept Africa to be called the dark continent and Nigeria to be so named, which the Latin meaning of Nigeria means the place where darkness resides, in which before the name was given, the place called Nigeria was a company where labour was got at company terms of zero payment for workers stolen of the land with terms and conditions of the company generated in Europe because of the lie of savagery when the moors from west Africa taught Europe where Russia and the USA came from all they knew before their technological advancement. The normal character of people is not to pay wickedness to the persons who taught you the basic foundation that made you human. As the descendants of Lucifer had deception as their cause was how the descendants of Ishmael had wildness as the character portrayed because they were the ones off the creation of their bodies by spirit and souls that do not belong together, so the spirit and souls of those that are delivered on earth from such lineage of sin is more of darkness. That their countries have laws that children born in the country are citizens of the country because the soul is from they, but for Africa it is the ancestral root of your lineage to that land that makes you citizen of the land.


Teleportation has been done mystically in Africa since the beginning and the system of prayer here from the origin had always been in the name of the Father, Holy Spirit and Son. It was not the colonialists that brought religion to Africa, as a matter of fact, it was the reverse; Africans were Christians before the Europeans with the Ethiopian in the bible as Christian before any Roman; so it is with Islam that it was not the Fulani that brought Islam to Africa but Islam spread into Africa by Africans who took it into Europe through Spain. The first monastery was in Egypt, the first universities, art gallery and libraries were in Africa, contrary to the lie of the Europeans. The first house, cities, kingdom, the first walled kingdom, empire etc. were all in Africa. Now that the Sabbath is over and we the Nok royals can show ourselves and reveal secretes of the origin because Lucifer is no longer the last bus stop as was in the time of the Sabbath, we will have to terraform the other planets to be habitable and create teleportation points to those regions via magnetic flux. Dates were calculated wrongly by carbon dating when radiation from alien intervention had altered objects. The truth is that man coexisted with the supposed prehistoric creatures of the earth over hundreds of millions of years ago. Now the truth of the presence of God exists with the Sabbath over that means God is actively again in control and not leaving control to angels and animals alone that makes them lie because of the lies they told to dominate other races. Lucifer orchestrated rivalry between Russia and the USA that are both Anatolia after WWII to distract the rest of the world from seeing the plan/ game of Lucifer.


A deal was reached between the evil beings and humans from not meeting humans that is now celebrated in the USA as Halloween. All wars are fought and won in the mind is the saying that is true; it is quite clear that the winners of this war are those that were created by God with the mind capacity given to them. So for any other race to have assumed that they are smarter than those of the mind, those races or individuals in those race insult the works of God. God does not make mistakes; it is living things that make mistakes. All major prophecies have confirmed that power will return to the so called black people who are really brown people; they were created to become brown because it signifies where they are that light meets darkness to unite as brown or gray. Just as the lips of the brown person is protruded because of genetic mutation due to communication, in comparison to the other races that are the races less than hundreds of millions of years in existence. So once again they used their own timeline of existence to measure the timeline of the first beast that came out of the water. It is the timeline of the Indian ancestor of Adam and Eve of sin that the whites use to determine other races timeline which is very wrong. Ancient artifacts have been found to be over four hundred million years old; there is a hammer used to build the first big pyramid that is four hundred years old, that proves that the Egyptians existed somewhere only to relocate to build the civilization of Egypt and there are skulls and other artefacts remains that proves alien interaction with the three initial races of the earth. It was after the alien interaction with the Neanderthal that committed adultery with Eve to create Cain that alien interaction with the rest of the other races stopped and the so called gods and angels were less seen. Only preferred people were allowed to see certain aliens who actually come to see what it is to be of mammon and not of God, as they see people leaving for every external technological mechanism instead of biotechnological mechanism that telepathically moves with the being through worm holes and warp speed.


The technologies of the future will be an upgrade of the technologies of the time before the fall of mankind to sin that let aliens avoid interacting with human beings. Age as they say is just a number but in the timeline of things, it is the amount of information passed down via DNA or history or telepathy that matters in the retention of information to apply to animate things to serve mankind to the measure of other beings of the universe that makes humans equal in the presence of alien beings to want to interact, but unfortunately, the primitive nature of the world in not being in control of their weather or their nature makes them too primitive for aliens to interact with them, yet they saw sub-Saharan as primitive, when aliens were interacting with hominoid primordial civilization. As it is now being known, this is the seven extinction of most of the living things; it happened with larva, volcanic dust, ice, supernova, asteroid, flood and now by mankind activity allowing the atmosphere that is the skin of the earth to have an injury to let in germs of over eight hundred million viruses to enter the earth that are updated in animals and radiation to penetrate the earth. Age of mankind will be restored to last as it was lasting to the timeline of the spirit and not as it is now lasting to the timeline of the soul. That mankind could only automatically grow into soul at teenage and could not grow automatically into spirit unless they were able to find their way to learn how to awaken their spirit to grow into enlightenment.


Corruption root

All I have been and will keep writing from the first article of Afraka or African (Eden) Philosophy until the article on Eden is done which is more of pre-fall of mankind and post reign after Lucifer. Mfumu Kimbangu, Oscar Ernst Bernhardt, Christ, prophets etc. predicted my coming. To solve corruption, you have to solve the origin of corruption that has nothing to do with humans or anything about where they have always thought the problem occurred from but to pray for those who God have ordained to solve the origin of corruption which is Lucifer. Until Lucifer is removed from controlling the Solar System before corruption will be over, then even though the descendants of Lucifer did not treat other races as if they are created by God, other races forgave their misunderstanding and prayed God make them know the truth and God has allowed them to live as one of His own because Lucifer himself was created by God. All descendants of Lucifer would have done would have been to ask and not think to get us by force; colonization.


In Corruption, the problem, What is it? ( I wrote about corruption from the origin of humans. But now I am writing from the origin of corruption on beings. Six, six, six is materialism. From every indication, it has been achieved by most people carrying the mark with their yearning for material things more than spiritual things; the foretold war is assumed physical but it is not really physical but more emotional where the problem originated from the lie of Lucifer. At the time of Christ coming, that was the neutral point in time between materialism and spirituality that more people saw beings that are not of flesh like angels, mankind was supposed to move to spirituality but they killed Him to move to materialism by protesting and living for posterity; even some of those who lived for salvation, lived for material things. Before the fall of mankind, the spirit of man moved objects or things, but this disappeared when humans stop being human beings; human beings live by spirit, humans live by soul like animals. Those of spirit are the ones to be with the envoy of God that is of Holy Spirit. Right now, God is the one changing everything orchestrated by lie. Descendants of Lucifer are wondering their loss of control and blamed it on the dark skinned half cast Obama who had no superiority over the system like the whites who were in the white house before and after him; the dark skinned half cast could only carry out wishes of the electorate.


The whites measure everything according to themselves that they discovered for their own kind of race when other races existed or discovered it before them. Just like the Israelites start everything like the Bible from their time of existence which is six thousand plus years ago. So it is that the whites measure their existence based on the hundreds of thousands of years of their existence on earth; the Chinese measure everything according to the millions of years of their existence; that the Indians measure their existence in tens of millions of years and Africans measure their existence in hundreds of millions of years, is the reason why they should not be using their technological metal thinking to determine other races as inferior. In Africa, those of Efik that migrated from Egypt or Fulani that migrated from Arab that migrated from Egypt see themselves superior, yet Egypt migrated from Nigeria and yet they think they are better than where Egypt came from, just like Europe and USA do to Africa that they migrated from. So both the Efik and Fulani undermine each other; in comparison to individuality, former President Obasnajo is blamed because he nationalized Nigeria and let one side gain more but really it was because the side that gained from Obasnajo as head of State gained because they united to demand and the other sides that lost were always in opposition to each other and wanted individual gain.


Homo Denisovans migrated as the first beings as a race to go into the Americas. Not all Latino/ Hispanic are Spanish, Red Indian mixed race; some are really those from experiment of using black African slave that cost fifty-pound for coitus with Irish etc. female slave that cost five-pound, but now both seem similar. The superiority belief of the white man is originally because of aliens from more advanced materialism but less spirituality, so in truth, they are less superior because the spirit is more superior and advanced. People fell because they are attracted to superior technology to use and impress their community. This caused the connection of 12 ribs flow from men to women that now pass through Lucifer after the fall instead of passing through women at the 11th rib to men so it never gets to women and men at the 12th rib before their body; that is why now both male and female of the same spirit do not know each other that each male and female with the same spirit share the same spirit. As they live through soul life (of over 100 years) time instead of spirit life (of over 1,000 years) timeline. Science sees everything with time, but religion sees everything as from God based on the life of the being. So they are not separated as modern scientist have made them to be. Science and religion are one in the eyes of God and heaven; it is humans and hell that separate science and religion. That is why in the past it was alchemistry, metaphysics etc. that was the study system when they could see beyond flesh until the world grew into materialism as generations were born into it.


In continuation, history of medicine taught in Nigeria, was to let medical students throw away old traditional medicine knowledge to embrace the new knowledge; like in martial arts where you throw out old boxing skills to accept kung-fu. But if medical doctors had continued their education to doctorate degree level, they would have embraced traditional medicine because they would know that they cannot get PhD without going to traditional medicine because they would learn at masters level to embrace all medicine to be holistic as they would learn to groom less educated medical practitioners by knowing history of medicine was not for them to hate traditional medicine but to ignore it until they reach the stage to combine all. Then, they would know how to write prescription original steps for novel diseases, instead of waiting for standard prescription from occidental medicine practitioners with a unified medical council and association who usually have Ph.D. and MMMS or MMMCH because they continued schooling until they have nothing more in school to learn that is what most in MDCN do not have. In NCPNM that appears scattered, only the most qualified, lead. In USA etc. medicine practitioners are all in one council and association, but in Nigeria that is the only country that practices precolonial medicine system, medical professions are separated. Though, Africans handling of the pandemic has shown why the other races in the other continents became extinct and African descendants dominated the globe; there are forces of repulsion to information of instruction that sustains the dominant specie on those other continents to reject survival, while Africa forces lets them heed the call of nature.


Ministry of Health is supposed to be for wellness of the body and mind but the ministry of health in Nigeria is more of medicine; so the occidental medical practitioners should be ministry of medicine and the natural medicine practitioners that practice holistic medicine should be ministry of health. Or the ministry of health should have federal minister of health and minister of state for medicine and minister of state for natural medicine. Is how MDCN should revert to Medical Council of Nigeria like other countries do and not restrict MDCN to a corner that does not accept other forms of medicine properly like if dentistry is not medicine; their position lets them not to have been the only representative of Africa in WHA. Minister of Justice should be suggested by Supreme Court as INEC Chairman should be suggested by political parties for NASS to choose and give the President to pick from the final list. In the USA and other occidental countries, government systems organized drugs to subject black people or specifically brown skinned people and other coloured people to fund wars.


Wars started because of differences of person and then it manifested into race before it became of systems. The same forces that drive wars are the same forces that drive riots and rallies. Darkness is the force that drives evil into being by beings driven to do wrong only for when the person/s are caught in it as bad or sick they regret not listening to reason of truth but they would have left the bad thought forms to manifest in other people to continue doing evil. Thought forms were formed as the internet of the brain that was the original computer before the computer was created and named after the brain and people have forgotten that before the mechanical processor of data to information was the human brain that also had a network of halo to coordinate information between human brain and the cosmos via telepathy using the feeling system of soul that communicates with the spirit of other beings in other galaxies and star systems as telepathy. The body of immortal (thousands of years) spirit (of over one thousand years) exists over the soul (of just over a hundred years) just like reincarnation spirit remains here on earth or in the universe that some may reincarnate to other star systems.


The system of measure of the human brain activity, I spoke of in previous articles. But now I will speak of the unit of measure: the IQ or Intelligent Quotient is the measure of the intellect, ESP or Extrasensory Perception is the measure of awareness of beyond normal sense, MC or Mind Capacity is the measure of the capacity of the mind; the capacity of the mind of every individual is the capacity of his existence in being and not of his physical body alone. So it is with advanced alien life forms of millions or billions of years of technology of flight that should be so advanced that flight across the universe with billions of years of genetic mutation in flight of crafts that carry living beings above their planets compared to ours that flight of planes is only over a hundred years and less than a century in space will make us primitive, was how aliens were to the early human beings who interacted with them and wrote about them in their religions etc. Aliens could not interact with materialists of the present world like they were interacting with the spiritualists of earths past like prophets like Ezekiel. The aliens worlds would have experienced climate change from yellow star to red star system that they would have learnt how to manipulate their climate to be better unlike us that cannot realize the sun is beginning to expand as well.


Climate change on earth remains on the behavior humans especially sceptics, because the attitude of mankind if it were in harmony with nature would have seen the atmosphere adjust to protect mankind from solar activity. The activity of most of man/woman grows evil now far more than good without them knowing it. Evil grows with bad thought forms. The thought and actions of people thinking it is marriage that joins them to be as God wants is an insult on what God has already done especially when the marriage is because of lust in the sense that the persons they marry are actually not their own but lust for the flesh initiated both to marry. True marriage is only a celebration of what God has already done by both male and female who were created as one with one spirit and separated soul and different body meet and reunite as marriage. So corruption became extensive on earth because of marriage to partners that are not for each other as a commitment and legitimate right to hold unto what God created for another by law of mankind. People are not joined in marriage because it maybe celebration of join or mis-join; people only celebrate what God has joined from the beginning of the male and female/s existence.


Satanic system

Lucifer came at the time between good and evil, Christ came at the time between spirituality to materialism that is how the Envoy comes at the time of the next transformation that is to Satanism or righteousness where all along God observed the greed of the Devil where people went for the latter. But now, God is not observing the Devil steal His creation but God with His Envoy are now stopping the activities of the Devil because the cause of allowing the activities of the Devil are complete. Now we know whose will is strong enough to do the bidding of God even when He knew. Because, those for God were the ones to move to their duties and not for God to move them to their duties, which was the real reason God left the Devil to do what he did. God has turned the system of the descendants of the Devil against themselves and their system can be clearly seen watching the USA minority on their electoral system that supports majority decide the fate of their people by altering the judiciary against their system that God let the pandemic start on the head of their evil system to stop their manipulative system and return it back to the people, before God took everything back from Lucifer who took everything through man via woman to matter and then to himself. But that has to reverse through the system of people that was why religion came into being to reverse it to make man the temple of God again.


They call themselves the free world, some people think they mean freedom of speech and freedom to do anything, it sounds so but in depth it is free world from the rule of God yet, under their god that other races or those not in position in their world, do not know that the phrase my god or your god is what that system puts earthlings through. Free world, when they trap the rest of the world in economic slavery; free world, when other races are not free; free world, is white free world to do anything to other races and get away with it on earth. Truth cannot be established on a foundation of lie because, even the truth, because of the constant state of the spread of lie will turn to lie. Marriage is a perfect example, it is not all men that must marry one wife (for Christian) or four wives (for Muslim), but it is the number of emotional ribs that broke away from the person that must unite together to fulfill the purpose of God that is true marriage. People have standardized marriage just as they have standardized medicine, yet the truth is that both are and should be targeted to the person just as God made everyone slightly different even though most of our DNA has similar standard but they are slight variations that show the difference in person to match the soul that matches the spirit for the purpose of God to take place through the person that is the reason for your coming on earth.


The system of Lucifer is just to have his own world and system, but it is inside the system of God. So, his system is like a parasite in another body. As Lucifer wants his own system and world, he should have formed his own living world out of the existence of God which is not possible. Because he cannot create his own existence, so he should have gotten in line or better still, he should have asked God to change his name which is the way of a person. The system manipulates through thought forms. Thought forms were set to be the internet of mankind as telepathy was and is set to communicate with everything with a soul that cuts across worlds and firmaments of soul, just as spirit communication communes with those of spirit including God. Even the Roman rulers after the Cesars portrayed a lie that decides the faith of mankind now. The Flavian plan of the Roman Catholic faith that initiated Christianity is similar to Saudi Arabian plan that initiated the Islamic faith. Almost all parts of religions on earth have this mystery. Because of these manipulations, the temple of God will become the body of man and not a structure; just as it was before the fall of mankind that the body of man was the temple of God.


People are waiting for the Second coming of Jesus Christ, when in the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible, He had come for the Second time already, which was forty days after His resurrection. So, mankind should ask themselves, how long will they let themselves leave in a system of lies instead of seeking the true truth and not the truth the lie portrays as truth? The dates of most of the occurrences, in the time of Jesus Christ and some people portrayed to be in the time of Jesus Christ physical existence on earth are lies; youthful Pontius Pilate did not exist in the time of youthful Jesus Christ as written or Judas Iscariot did not trade Jesus Christ but thought he was making him king and so it is with others etc. The myth exists as an idea for every other race to look up to the seeds of Cain as the bloodline that God could send His son through, when in reality, it was the offering of Cain that was rejected because of his genetic sin that has no room for the purpose of God in heaven; which is why they hate the other races and the other races are not moved to hate them because of comfort of the spirit awareness that it has a place to go to in heaven with an intention not to sin to loose going home. The black races do not dream of alien abduction, but many in the white race dream of alien abduction because in their genetic marker is alien gene sequence.


Freewill is the choice to choose between the options given by God around you via where He put you. Just as the story of Pontius Pilate is mixed with the story of Jesus Christ, is the same way the story of language leaving from the origin of mankind thousands of years ago is mingled with the tower of barbell that is only a few thousands of years ago. The migration route of language shows the discord of people in Nigeria (meaning the place where darkness resides) that caused migration all over the world either by freewill or force, people now our days still move to other countries to better their lives or for the opportunities they seek or were asked to. Forces of darkness move worlds that are weaker in spirit, those close to matter are stuck to commonality like he/she did not pick my call that they drum on as transferred message that passes to others like yawning is transferred to those who observe someone yawn. Because picking mobile phone call can cause accident, people are pushed by evil forces of darkness to call someone when it is impossible for them to pick so they become killers and thereby devils; so the notion of people saying he/she is not picking the call is rampant when the comments should be what is wrong or is he or she unable or in trouble, the thought-forms in all those who say he/she is not picking call is a selfish thought of blaming the person unable to pick the call; which is the same thing that other things are used to distract the one in danger to get to, to get accident. Demons use the infectious addictive thing in society to control the habit to yield evil instead of good that traps the spirit that was carried by the soul which was motivated by evil to push the body to carry out future regrettable behavior. The person who reaches out to answer the call in accident situations looses something/life/property.


This attitude can be changed if you are in spirit to control the thought-forms of all those (physical body) who unknowingly selfishly get stuck to he/she is not picking phone call, which is strangely pushing you to evil in the exact opposite of the smoker who unselfishly shares his/her addictive harmful substance. Good attitude is usually from good spirit, so they do not setup mystical thoughts that manipulate the system against others; but the bad spirit setup mystical energy that manipulate the system security against the good spirit by calling those that have no crime to have a record for those of security to do corrupt things to make the good spirit look evil by saying things like forgery that to God they have touched His integrity of information decimation by calling his envoy a lie. The envoy of God must not be human anointed to be seen as touch not my anointed, because true anointed is by God sending someone from where He is and not from any other level. The original gospel of Barnabas predicts the anointed clearly. The system is the point of manipulation of the mind of mankind, so those that could say they are superior because our people left their better system to follow technology without them asking God to give them spiritual technology that would have been like the aliens recorded in Ezekiel in the Bible. The flow of information from God of spirit to us is superior because it is divine and we should not have left it because devil blocks the energy flow and set up an illusion of anointed to trick people of the change to have been done for his descendants to dominate everything on earth. The planting of persons is mimicking God, to replace the activity of God.


Satanic system is the deception of him not being around yet his descendants are the ones running everything on earth that means he is around in everything on earth by his genetic pool of descendants as sin manifest in dictating the system. The sin is simply because it was not done by God but by Satan to control the doings of God to what Satan wants for all that follows him to be in hell with him who disobeyed keeping everything as God instructed him to do. The control of the ways of mankind and their faith from the way of God to the level that most people believe their religious system is more of God than anything else they should hear is the real satanic system. Where they drive the information to be as they want that anyone who seems to, or tries to, or does what is different from what they say and want is opposed to their truth. Yet the truth is that those who hold unto such ideology, should stay away from everything and ask themselves if they are not being cultic or evil. Why must it be their view? Why do they get angry with those who do not worship their view? Then they should contemplate on that view with the opposing view to see which is correct, those who cannot see any difference should know they have been hypnotized or charmed to believe the lie. It could be the minority that is wrong, or the majority that is wrong. With the system or matrix of the world, the majority is wrong; with the attitude, the minority is wrong.


The evil system has to be removed for the conscience of people to change their attitude. When someone is seen as lying, common sense is to check your thoughts and imagination if what you hold dear is also manipulated by that lie. Then the truth will reveal itself. Unconscious spirits are the ones that are weak enough for the deceptor to act upon. The spirit is cloaked in a soul of similar capacity, so the soul cannot overwhelm the spirit. So every mistake is the conscience of the mind of the person which is always of spirit and soul as mind to determine the activity driven on the body. A strong spirit is an old and higher spirit with an old and higher soul that cannot be moved by false systems, such are the ones the weak are meant to run towards to be saved by their conscience of mind to be driven to the right attitude by actually listening and not filtering by holding unto false belief systems that cause a wedge to letting pure truth enter. All things must be thrown away to accept the truth, lie and truth cannot be in the actualization of the mind on matter. It is either one or the other.


Satanic system is meant to use the spirit of those who have come to pass the system of Lucifer by not falling into it, so they rise above the level they were in heaven. Because it is the most difficult level to overcome that gives you the upgrade above the place you were in heaven. The system activities were structured in away like the divine where the most active place is the lead area or capital; in that regard the USA is capital of the world by activity like all global superpowers were before it, as Nigeria is Africa capital by demographic activity. Capitals were traditional where matriarchy of Africa rule was Patriarchy in leadership and headship. A leader leads those similar, while a head heads those under.


False Mutation Error

Mistake of Darwin was to think the white race were more superior to other races they oppressed, when that meant God is a mistake. God cannot be a mistake. The genetic pull of those created originally to run the earth are the black people. The mistake because it was not done by God, but He let it happen are the white (Gen.3) and Arabs (Gen.16). So for those races to see themselves as superior to what God actually did is insulting to God and sin for them to be in hell.


The liar plans to take away humans freewill. Promises are to let people give him your freewill through his surrogate. Lying to blame everyone for their flaws. Just as the scientist of the racial error lied against every other race without understanding that every race is special for a particular mind reasoning and interaction with things. To dismiss every race was the mistake of Lucifer and his descendants. When the African race led, they united the reasoning of all races to get where they wanted to because they always knew every race mattered for something. It was the black race that was of the mind that was originally set by God to lead. It is only in the mind that all wars are won, in that is the best to lead. The white race believes they have won when they have no control of the earth system because they alienated themselves and every race from each other. They only created the unity of similar race; every race is for every race and in every race, every tribe is for every tribe, as every family is for every family. Deceiving or being cunning to misplace or alter other races or tribes is not intelligence at all but deceit and evil. So it is a shame that Darwism sees cunning as a means of intelligence. As a scientist, it is shameful to believe we study evolution that measures intelligence by cunning instead of the minds capacity to solve things. God never made mankind for cunning, it is Lucifer that has his descendants to be cunning to others.


Evolution is based on love as it is in Genesis one and not on cunning. Evolution and Creation by God is the same. In Genesis 1 and 2, creation is not based on human time as evolution is based on human time, so it is wrong to believe because evolution is as humans calculate it by time, means science and religion are apart. Alchemistry was based on science and spirituality; modern science should be of spirituality and science to get everything necessary for mankind. Because as they divided races in the dark ages was how they divided science and religion. To gain all for mankind to be of the capacity of alien technology, we have to unite everything and remove lie from everything by replacing all lie with true truth from heaven as the person really is. Because most people are leaving with the reality of lie as truth, since Lucifer took everything on earth from mankind. Once Lucifer is not in charge, the truth of persons will be as it is in heaven, then most people will find out that they are married to another person own partner, they will find out that they were supposed to marry more than who they married to be complete. For some men they have more than the number of wife/wives that their religious system planted on them. Religion was made to serve man and not man to serve religion. Mankind is supposed to be as God made him to be; so, it is for the number of female that break from emotional rib that leaves a man in soul that he must unite to be able to be and do as God sent him for. The purpose of the person depends on getting all that makes the person as for some it is the purpose of the number of women from one man.


If the US of A that calls itself America, lets the liar rule again, the world will see them as too silly and cowardly to impose any of their wishes on them and will choose to leave their faulty democracy to do their own system. Too silly because the last time they were deceived by emails was when the world saw them as inane; and cowardly, because they feared to fire the person who has no conscience when he fires people, because of fear of intimidation of violence by the supporters of the liar. In relation, it is not only Noah that survived the flood, every race had their own method of survival. As I said earlier, the Israelites always write only about what has to do with themselves. So the black African that is the only pure homo sapien that did not mingle with any other race cannot be stupid for having empathy, after all, sapien means wise. Every other race are the only ones that mingled with lesser specie. It is now that the world of Lucifer is falling after six millennia of Lucifer descendants, that the majority race on earth is showing that they are not as smart on their own without their ancestor influence, like other races that relies only on God. Every race relies on God, but the subconscious of every race is held subliminally by the origin of their existence on earth, and not only by their origin in existence, which is why they use to pray calling ancestors; which means, the origin in existence and the origin in a place play a major role in our existence, which is why the word original sin or genetic or hereditary sin is the prayer people are prosperously by protestants called to be born again, when that is for the descendants of adultery of Eve and not those of the descendants of divine coupling.


Undermining people based on colour and the wooly hair that animals do not have should have told them not to compare with animals, because it is the most stupid thing anyone can do because, scientifically, it is known that it is because of the long exposure to the sun that the skin changed. It is because of long talking that the lips mutated to full lips. It is because of breathing in heat that made the nose expand. In comparison to the slim nose of the white skinned because of the cold weather. Or the hair that remains like that of animals because of cold climate. Or the colour of the skin remaining white because of the refrigeration of the cold weather, or similar to removing fur or feathers from an animal. It would have been most wise to wish those who thought of themselves as more cunning than other races to have known that it is the longer living genetic makeup of the dark skinned person that made them so with muscle formation of the body to be more advanced than other races, which would have mean that they should have worked with them and not to subject them and think they would have gotten any information of existence that they seek. People have been looking for those of Nok culture to learn the truth of mankind, yet those of Nok culture that exist that were the royals then know everything of existence before Adam and Eve and how everything changed after the fall, keep to themselves because of the attitude of the misguided racists and tribalists.


The history of the people of the world should be followed and listened to from both sides of the partakers in that history. And not the history from the oppressors or those who wrote for their race who write themselves as victors or differently from the truth. In most of those histories told or scientific discoveries told, the truth is very different from what is written for the white race because the authors were writing for their race by thinking the race they got it from will not be part of that story to review it and find plagiarism. Almost everything invented in science etc. were really by the black race whose oppressors adopted it as their own as worker working for someone keeps the work. But for some innovations or works of earlier times before the oppressive time, the concept was plagiarized that the race it was from were not going to read it, so it was for the glory of the writer. The main races mental capacities are mind, religion (dominion) and skill. So any race you want to deal with will be more excellent in that capacity than any other race because his/her very nature are designed to be better in that capacity, even though other races have all of what every other race has. It is after getting that capacity use of all citizens on earth to work together that mankind will be ready to populate the solar system that is meant for mankind to terraform by the use of the races before mankind will be ready to interact with intergalactic beings or aliens, then they will be equipped by the interaction with other galactic beings to know how to interact with beings from other galaxies in the universe.


The position of women and men will have to be properly placed to be as it was supposed to be before Lucifer took the position of women to deny them their position and steal the energy flowing to and from the man spirit to the woman spirit before the interplanetary conquest as the intercontinental conquest was done but with no brutality. The spirit is the only part of the creation of male and female not separated, it was only the soul that was separated and the body came from different parents to make them find each other, since the soul looks for parents of similar character was why betrothing came to be. It was when the materialists came as colonial masters that the system changed. Women position can be found in Africa. Other main races have some positions of women too. Other intergalactic beings, just like intercontinental races had no misrepresentation of their male and female sexes. So the same way the intercontinental races were altered by the white race is the same way the intergalactic races have been told not to interact with the materialist so they would not be altered to be materialists. Because they are spiritual and scientific to have bioengineering technology spacecraft. Terraforming can be done by those of the mind setting the pace, then those of faith, setting the connection and then those of skill creating the technology. So it had always been set by the design of God for planetary conquest but it was interrupted by Lucifer for his selfish ends that kept knowledge of connection of life to exist.


This knowledge trend has begun with the Asian and African innovating by the dark skinned suggesting what they want and it is done. The tree of life which is of spirit was not only the tree of human life, but the tree of life to all life interaction, but mankind became of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that limited them to the earth and trapped them to the solar system only. By the tree of life, mankind will have all know-how of life that includes all brain. The front brain is the tree of knowledge of good and evil that limits mankind to the solar system thinking only, the back brain that is the tree of life connects all brains. Tree of life because it connects by feeling to the gut that is the spring of life. The tree of knowledge of good and evil does not connect directly to the spring of life without passing through the tree of life. The devil is at the front brain and cannot be in the back brain, your angel is at the back brain protecting the way to the tree of life. All mental activities are connected via thought-forms as a pool via the angels and demons that guide them. The greater self of the spirit is connected through the cosmos to the gut. The network of the connection is linked through the galaxy through the star of the planetary system through the planet to the person. So the same way the Universe materials came to be via spirit is the same way the spirit connects to the person with the soul covering as the linked emotion to other living things. Emotions are food of Lucifer who in his world, did it that they are those that are atheists and divine but non doubting him.



The path to energy flow from your whole spirit to your core consciousness in your body is from your spiritual level of either unconscious or conscious or prime spirit or angelic via the top spirit levels previously mentioned or elder via top spirit level, through the soul level to the hierarchy of the spirit level; the echelon of the spirit level to the echelon of the soul level is unconscious spirit to the least level of soul for humans, or prime spirit to the elemental level of soul. The energy passes to the body via the cosmos, through the galaxy, through the star to the planet to the gut of the person. The path of the spirit is not divided as male and female but, passes through the male (11 ribs) and female (1 rib) divided ribs to the male and female member of the body from the same spirit connection.


The spirit connection is like people connection. Those that signed the Royal Niger Treaty for Africa did not only sign it for Africa but united their common goal via mind for economic slavery of Africa via each other. The nomads of African economic deal were and are planted everywhere to control the markets of Africa and exchange of currencies for the colonial masters they brought and work with for each other gain. The path to independence in Nigeria was really never fought for by the Fulfude speaking that speak Hausa for dominance of the Hausa, because in Nigeria they only joined for independence after a Nigerian from the south east had become prime minister. That clearly meant they never wanted to loose dependence on the colonialists, in which they never lost economically either by their control of whole sale or industry or their control of resources or cash (foreign and domestic) in their own lands and in lands south of their lands. That is why they largely do not want restructuring, so they do not lose the privileges they got from the colonial protectorate of their lands. At independence, financial power was given to the Fulani, management was given to the Yoruba and power was left with the Ibo, but the Ibo lost it because of their attitude for wealth. But now, re-election was as the constitution gives the INEC Chairman and as the Supreme Court decided. Colonialists planned the American experiment using Africans.


The truth about those who follow Trump is that they follow lie with promises that were prophecies of the liar with promises, shows the supporters of the lie have chosen the path of Lucifer because the problem is choice. Yet God created the world for freewill. Why Trump lost was because he and his supporters chose to keep winning by taking people choice to choose that God granted Adam and Eve and let Lucifer also choose what they have. To stop the lie that has contaminated those that believed Trump all over the world, the Democrats must prove the lie by speaking the truth in public about what Republicans did; as they lied that the Republicans were rigged when the Republicans rigged the election, it must be shown to all Americans to believe by seeing what they did to rig but by Americans turnout to vote by mail that is the same absentee mail voting, the Republicans rigging failed, then Republicans will shy off the liar to be rescued by the truth you speak; no votes were brought in from anywhere as the Republicans lie, but mail ballots voted within election time were being counted, the Republicans that spoke the truth amidst the lie are those to work with to make guilt of those who choose to remain with the lie. Most voted by mail because of the Coronavirus Pandemic that Trump denied and could not win the election because more Americans died under his watch than under any American President. That is why for the first time in the winning of those of evil, they are losing because since mankind chose good and evil by the evil one, mankind were subjected to have their heels be bruised by the evil one, the taking of the choice of people to decide who is as they want whether of sin or of religion was not for them to judge but for God to judge which was what triggered the long predicted war; that was the war of the mind and not the war of using physical weapons because Lucifer won the war of the mind against Adam and Eve who were supposed to be under his protection, by Lucifer being in charge of the path of the solar system. That was why Lucifer had more power.


All supporters of the evil one via their concession to lie are under the covering pull of the lie to do their bidding. Institutions of worship that protest freedom to choose are being shown with their supporters as agents of Lucifer. It was the Republican party that used to be the party that freed the blacks that became the party that opposed freedom, the blacks in Africa are conservative. The Republicans were publicly seen rigging the election by putting judges to favour them, by taking postal services machines, by placing fake ballot boxes to receive mail votes so they would not arrive for counting, by burning mail in ballot boxes, by lying about what the democratic candidate stands for. Those in Nigeria, who believe Trump was for them were deceived by the liar who insults them to believe he was for them when he resisted every contender from the southern protectorate of colonial Nigeria from getting any International office but let those of the northern protectorate to head international institutions they could get to. So they were misled by their leaders, either religious or tribal. Just as there is no video of Trump saying he wants south east Nigeria independent of Nigeria. In the USA, the system works, which is why the people cannot manipulate their way; in Nigeria, the tribe that sticks together has greater influence on the system.


Nigeria has millions of churches and the rest of the world has less churches than Nigeria. Protestant hatred of the Catholic Church that Christ started is indirectly the hatred of Christ by those who left to falsely practice His teaching after doing divided the house will not stand against His teachings, when they were supposed to solve the infection in the body of Christ as they treat their bodies. Or would they leave the infection to kill their bodies? The infection was by those who stole the Catholic (Universal) Church that was the first church for their political and financial gain that those who remained in the Catholic Church have cleaned the cancer caused by them. That hatred of the Catholic Church has caused them to take sins of some members of the Catholic Church and place it on all Catholic Church members as a stigma. Even the symbolic carvings and dressing to portray the era the Church came from is now a stigma that Catholics worship idols, which is a lie.


The symbolic carvings are symbolic to reflect the occurrence to generations to know what Christ and those around Him went through and not as they lied that Catholics worship idols. Some in south east Nigeria are badly taught to pray through the symbolic idol that is why the stigma became a believed issue. The protestants pastors usually gain followers by blaming their predicaments on their family members, instead of blaming it on the devil like Christ did than their own selfish limit of scoring points of followers for financial gain to purchase their needs. The heads of the catholic church are never richer than the church that is for salvation; but the heads of the protestant churches are richer than their churches that are for prosperity. I will not call them Pentecostal because it is not from the time of Pentecost or speaking in tongues like the time of the apostles that everyone could hear in their language but speaking in other tongues unknown, or doing as Christ said but as disgruntled humans with the system they left, chose to do, so they should not have called themselves protestants to annoy Holy Spirit who as Christ said does not forgive. I write from the Holy Spirit anger on them that I relay; the Holy Spirit that holds everything in action cannot stop everything to save one person because it will stop their function or life, which is why the person must forgive himself and those he/she hurts.


Most Nigerians, including myself stand for the conservative ideas, but the lie puts me and many away from the supporters of the lie by belief of economy, because it goes completely against the Ten Commandment of God not to bare false witness against your neighbour that is superior to all that Christians use to judge those in the democratic party that support those liberal or progressive ideas that those of sin are really not liberal or progressive, because they are not for God but only liberal or progressive as freewill to choose good or evil. Because Adam and Eve had already chosen good and evil instead of life, so it is for mankind to choose good or evil. So by that, liberal or progressive is truly what God left the world for mankind to choose between good and evil, since that was what is already left for every individual to choose good or evil; those who choose evil are for hell and those who choose good are for heaven. The choice of choosing by persons is their decisions to choose where they will be.


God made it that He will not choose where you or anyone will be but where your doings takes you to is your judgement by your life and not that you will be given any opportunity to change once you know you are going to hell. So it is for you to consciously look into what you do and stand for to enable you make sure you do not go to hell. For those of us that chose good, we are allowed to choose life after good and evil again as we rise in spiritual consciousness. Those of us who choose life that Adam and Eve did not choose are given the gift and benefit of life that Adam and Eve never experienced, but few that rose to that level experience, in which we do not relay it because evil will make those who want to rise to it to follow the illusion they will set for those who they deceive, because as they rise in spirit, they did not verify by checking all they see if it is true or as it is supposed to be by their conscience of scripture or truth. That is where they need those that are older in spirit. The older in spirit know how to nudge the younger in spirit to the truth because they have the experience of the level the younger ones are in. The origin of religion was exactly for that, that the old in spirit help the young in spirit. It was after the fall that religion became as society ranks you, which is carnal.


For every rise, there is a level if you are older than the spirit that was guiding you into your heights in spirit, to request you go to a higher spirit. The hierarchy of spiritual development depends on the echelon you came from. As I have said before the hierarchy from below to the top is unconscious, conscious, prime, angel, elder and God. The spirit rise for a prime who is guided by a conscious will find out at a particular level the conscious will have no answers. But the angel that is guided by an elder will always have an answer because the elder is ahead in being. Yet naturally, there is a time the guide must let the student go to be able to listen more to his inner self of spirit. For the elder, who rises without a guide, he listens more to his inner self. Usually, the female of the spirit dreams of her husband before she meets the male spirit and bond, where she rises from her connection to his most spirit ribs, as the man would have desired his ideal woman by God. But on earth most of the time, wrong couples meet to the condition they are in that produce evil. Intimidation is the norm of the evil one who fears losing one who deep down has fear, where the good one has hope and has no fear of losing because it is material and not of his/ her mind. The good has only fear of death for losing the soul when the spirit has not done what the person was on earth for that will enable the person who has done what God wants that is good and is then given the opportunity of choosing life to a higher echelon.


Rules rebound

The Moors were regarded by the Europeans as Arabic Muslims, because the Europeans (origin of whites) are always trying to justify their colonial and slavery exploits of Africa. The truth of the Moors is that they never let go of their past and all that had to do with the science of the past. The past of the moors was Africa as they were known as dark skinned. The origin of every race and tribe on earth, is Africa. The origin of language, music, dancing, art, numbering, mathematics, science, religion etc. is Africa. No one can be succeeding without going into their past. African tribes go into their past more than any other tribe. God is the past, present and future of Africa, while Africa is the past of every other race.


There did same with most of the civilization of Africa, only for them to wonder if it was them that built the Zimbabwean stone city or the Benin City that had the largest fence of the world that was at the time the biggest (bigger than China) that most of it were destroyed by the colonialists war. So because of the stigmatization and undermining, they lost the knowledge of the origin that enlightens everyone who knows it to know everything because the Africans who knew it but chose to remain spiritual and not to live in materialism, were met by the colonialists as living sub-standardly, so they never relinquished it. The knowledge of enlightenment reboots in the human body via the mind of spirit and soul like a rebound. In this case, the human body that grew via emotions through teenage, rebounds when the spirit in the mind consciousness yearns to reawaken. The physical body that believes it is the one using the spirit to gain for itself that will have to or realize that it is the spirit that owns the mind and body. It is what the spirit came to do that the soul was cloaked around it with the body cloaked around the soul and the soul permits via the body as emotions or telepathy; the soul is the part of the mind that forgets the spirit owns the soul and body because the soul was awakened into the body at puberty and not into the spirit, as the spirit is set to awaken into the soul in reverse of descent of the person into the fetus.


When the spirit is awake or active, you are truly alive to remember what brought you into this world. It is what brought someone into this world that disturbs the person most, because doing it is your way back to heaven that should be with reward, but failing to do it because the concentration of the spirit is more and now on the physical body to do only material things and ignore spiritual things that brought you, and send the person to hell. Where evil beings of hell appear to the dying and force the soul encompassing the spirit to hell, in which death you see the dying person struggling not to want to go; yet the death of the good person who is good by doing what he/she was sent for and not only good by the humankind thinking, the person sees a bright way and a place of his/her desire that the person is eager to leave so much that they are literally physically trying to go and then they leave their body happily. Death will be no more when the way of God that is the origin of Africa is reinstated. Aliens can only come into communication with mankind again when the ways of the original African way of doing things that was from God as aliens live, is being done again. Only the dark skinned African can bring that way of old into being to be modified beyond the present way of doing things that will make the present way of doing things look and be archaic. That way has to do with the complex mind.


Everyone or most on earth are only aware of the human body anatomy, yet there is the soul and spirit anatomy. The question everyone usually asks is why is the heart in the left side of the thorax, the answer is very simple. The Spirit descended into the soul before the soul descended into the body along with the spirit. The spirit owns the soul and body. The spirit started matter that the soul came from. The soul is the highest part of materialism. So, the heart of the soul is the one in the middle of the thorax because materialism is superior to matter. And the spirit is the part alien to darkness that owns matter and materialism. So, the spirit heart is where you have your gut feeling. The anatomy of the body is less complex in comparison to the anatomy of the soul that is also less complex to the spirit. The anatomy of the soul is not like the anatomy of the body that is only linked to the body. The anatomy of the soul stretches soul threads connecting to nature and aspects of the soul reaction into action. The anatomy of the spirit connects to the extent of the soul and into the limits of the spirit of the person. The anatomy of the soul is not only the parts of the person of the soul, like the sexual organs that are similar to the physical organs, but links emotions and thought forms with other similar thought forms that when living in sin, they connect the sinners together that the weak believe the feeling means they are same person. The spirit anatomy goes beyond the feeling as they say gut feeling which really is because of the spirit portraying itself via the soul that makes it become a gut feeling, when it is the attractive nature of the spirit with the realm of spirit to attract the purpose of the presence of the person here on earth to fulfil the purpose of the coming of the person.


The anatomy of the spirit is unisexual or hermaphrodite with no sex organ because in spirit, both male and female members of the person are one. While in soul, the female side separates with the female side of spirit giving them sexual organs to connect and recharge their love cycle with their spirit being one or oneness above that allows them recharge the spirit thrill feeling. For some persons, their purpose allows the female part of the female to separate more than one to as many as is necessary to complete the task as agreed with God that brought them. But some let the system of the world they get into, alter them away from reality of the purpose of their coming that makes them weak to return because they fell into the system set by darkness, so they belong to darkness. So the anatomy of the spirit does not only remain connected to the person (core) or the soul persons or the material nature, but connects to the light and dark places of the extremes of where the person must go that the person choice decides where the person will go. In the case of the person of the spirit, the mistake of the male or female soul does not decide the fate of the other part of the soul. That means, if the soul that fell to hell is in hell, it does not affect the soul for heaven. But it makes the spirit not to return to stay in the place the spirit was permanently, but to becoming not by death but to encourage the feeling of the remaining soul part to release the person of the remaining part of the spirit to complete the spirit to return in full to be able to stay. So in mater, the male or female soul and body split from the spirit that falls into sin is the only part for hell, then the other part of male or female that did not fall by feeling will recover the mind to truth.


Although, if both of them fell to hell, no one will have the feelings to telepathically make them wish and want to leave hell. But if only one side (male or female) fell, that will make the person in hell start doing right and truth that will make evil controlled by darkness to reject the light that is alien to it as a rebirth in the mind capacity which will make the soul contention with returning to the place of its origin that is elemental to let the spirit leave to return into his/her spirit to make it whole for the spirit to return to where the spirit came from. But if the spirit did not lose any part to hell, the spirit will rise to a higher level than where the spirit came from before coming into earth. Another person will wonder how this is anatomy, yet anatomy of the body is all parts of the human body system. So why would not every part that is spiritually part of the person not be part of the anatomy of the person. It will be wrong for me to write the whole anatomical parts of the soul and spirit because people will imagine. And by imagination, darkness will use evil via devils to keep you deceived by imagination from the truth by making you live in an illusion with the fantasy of reality, only for it to lead you to hell, so you are to find out yourself. But some will say why did I reveal the heart, it is because you feel it in flesh as it guides and uplifts you, so it is just a goad on my part.


That answers why God separated male and female in soul as in Genesis two. And the spirit remains united as God created in Genesis one. The soul is the mist watering the earth that is matter. The mind space of the present humans is imprisoned by religious beliefs set to human standard by leaders who altered the original principle of the people sent by God to deliver the message. That is why religions that have been coming get altered and another person is sent to bring the teachings until now that humankind has to change to be the temple or they will be eliminated from altering those who have become the temple of God. The religions of personal shrines to God by libation via their ancestors communion to God without idols were the practice in Africa. Then, the Krishna that became a religion of idols that Abraham had to leave. Then, Buddhism of enlightenment of the mind that also later became of idols. Then, Christianity of prayer to God through Jesus Christ that some used to colonize and some started confusing the carvings to be idols. Then, Islam where some change the teachings to suit their selfish needs to alter people and the leader of the faction is the idol. Before, now that it is the time of the Holy Spirit who will turn humans to the temple of God that will make them true human beings. It is the Holy Spirit that some have cursed themselves to hell by portraying where the gospel of Barnanbas said the Holy Spirit was the Christ and they said it was Mohammed, when Prophet Mohammed never wrote or said so because his writing is the only unaltered teaching.


The Holy Spirit completes what Jesus Christ had started that is why He (who is by attributes to Her) is portrayed as the Christ for being the person that completes the work. Why is it that there is confusion about the son of God and the son of man and who is the Christ? It is because the son of God is from God with character and attributes of God to withdraw from active activity in person with His presence, as the son of man is the child of God with attributes of the Holy Spirit to stay in the presence of human beings in active activity and because both of them are anointed sons of God with one starting and the other finishing, that they are both seen as Christ. Because to the human mind, they can only be as they can comprehend, they cannot understand the very nature of God (God and Holy Spirit) or those directly from God to imagine any difference between the first and second anointed once, when the character of both of them in the prophecies speaks exactly to mankind that they are definitely different people that came from the same God the father like brothers on earth are. That the last Christ had to come that way to be with humankind forever because that is how it was before the fall. The only difference is that both Christ had passed on knowledge to be assimilated physically, emotionally and spiritually instead of like before that knowledge was passed down only spiritually and emotionally. So in the human eye that sees God as only one is true, because they are male and female as one person; is how the Christ is seen as one person that is also true, as the second persons from God with male and female attributes. Where the son of man has more females physically to extend reach. He is Son of man because He comes to stay with mankind again; while the other is Son of God because He must and had to return to God to coordinate with Son of man as when He was here it was vice versa.



Most races on earth trace their origins to aliens. The red Indians trace themselves to aliens intervention and stretch the origin to werewolf, as some whites origin is traced to alien or vampire. Other races around the world excluding sub-Saharan black skinned Africa, trace their origin to alien intervention. Some characters are alien to other tribes that do not condole such oddity. Both theories of where human deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) came from are correct: humans in Africa came from natural chemistry on earth that became biology of human genetic formation; but humans in other continents have DNA from asteroids and some from alien or out of earth amino acid experiments mingled with homo sapiens DNA from Africa. That is the reason why they see other races as alien and black Africans do not see other races as aliens but only as different in colour.


Some people hold unto other peoples power or gift that betrays their power. The moment you hold unto powers that are not yours by holding unto what God gave someone or a people, you lose your own protection and your gift weakens. That was what Lucifer did not know until he did it and lost his own. So do not change the timeline by altering peoples gift or path. Certain races and tribes are the way they are because God permitted it so. When different races met for the first time, they felt alien from each other, where the white race undermined the races they met for the first time; when the black race were the first to migrate into other worlds where the blacks with more skills than them, never undermined them but saw that they were lacking and knew to give them the knowledge to equip themselves that the present white race has modified to use to insult other races as savages. Some behavior, make races or tribes that look down on others to be known as primitive in future when the future becomes the present. Posterity makes people behave with reason of how people will see them. The lives of prophets are clearly an example of posterity.


That is how it was with tribes when most met for the first time. The Saxony and Normandy undermined each other because of the colour of their hair and eyes in Europe. So it was with the Fulani and native Africans, where the native Africans could not understand what pleasure it was in their nomadic life, was how the Fulani sort to develop the area that opened up to it. Every area had their own development but another area may see its own development as superior while, the other area may see that development as obnoxious. The make of every tribe is the character of what God has put in them that should not be degraded by another kind of people to forestall their own making. The moment people can understand to accept every tribe or race as they are, they will be ready to meet aliens from other star systems, when their character is of truth and not of the lie that was planted by Lucifer via the emission of the sun to keep humans antagonistic of each other that lets interplanetary or intergalactic beings keep far away from interacting with such corrupt creatures.


The energy to change the lie of Lucifer permitting through humans had been set by God to connect through a stronger being called Jesus Christ (but was obstructed because he was here for human change) as Lucifer is still in charge using the emission of the sun that will be removed by the last anointed from God to change the system of lie, which is by taking all authority from Lucifer and sending him out of control of the solar system to have humans genuinely focus their attention on God with test of their ability to their capacity. Where the sun will become an emitter of truthful guiding energy. As said before, the human spirit is strange to the universe, but the soul is not strange to the universe, yet the Universe was created via the spirit. It was darkness best tool to make materialism from it that was created via spirit to be alien from each other. The soul was lifted into life via the spirit from matter. The forces or energy of the souls activity is what Lucifer wanted to control matter that he wanted that made aliens ignore interactions with humans. Lucifer is son of son of man that is why we do not hate him in heaven as it is clear in the book of Job chapter one and two.


Some will say lie about all I am writing here, but they lie about their own soul and generation souls who/for choose/choosing to come through the lineage that insulted the unforgiving truth. Anything to do with the Holy Spirit like the son of man is of the Holy Spirit in character and of God the Father in being is why everything to do with the son of man should not be trampled with as lie. As all to do with the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven, simply because everyone in existence life will not be killed by stopping their activity for one person mistake; that person is the one to forgive his/her whatsoever for the person to be forgiven. That means forgiveness is up to the person that is guilty for God or Jesus Christ to forgive him from the activities of the Holy Spirit in sustaining all activity or for the person to forgive his/herself to be forgiven of his/her sins to be unplugged of the negative karma of the sin. For civilization, aliens will see USA as capital of the world, as for Africa, Nigeria will be seen as capital. By these we should on earth know that all activity we do on earth is always influenced by the so called capital of activity. Human pride may not see it as capital, but since the beginning of mankind, we have always had capitals of activity for the earth where others who dispute it to dominate it, either by their technological upgrade become the next capital of activity or the development of the people there automatically moves the activity of the world to that area.


Whatsoever happens in the USA is felt more in Africa than the middle east etc. Donald J. Trump has shown that democracy is not perfect, but the system that is perfect has always been enthroned by God and not enthroned by election as Nigerian chieftaincy rotates amongst families who choose amongst those qualified by position and age. He even tweeted against dominion that by software is a voting software company, but religiously it is Lucifer descendants against Genesis one versus twenty-six to twenty-eight; �will never concede to fake ballots & �Dominion�. The truth is that it was the republican party that rigged, and they are enough evidence on their rigging and non on the democratic party side; I am not a republican or democrat but only say truth. The whites system is flawed like their living on earth is indirectly to wander and observe for alien abduction to download data from their mental bio-computer. The word computer is from the human brain before the mechanical computer was made by mankind, now the youth that do not learn about it will not know the word computer was actually the brain. That is how the history of humankind has been altered by information not passed down as it is that people now see the truth as lie and the lie as truth. Remarkable alteration of mankind information because of death. The mind is the personality of the person that the spirit does not forget; personality is the mind with carnal body, where the carnal body is less than the mind for the character, so the gene pool from parents cannot and should not be seen as the only driving force of a humans character, but the environment added to the carnal body adds to the personality portrayed. My ancestry were the rulers the colonial master called warlike and my tribe are the people the Fulfude speaking call sense people.


Nigerian independence were fought and won by the former southern protectorate of Nigeria while the northern protectorate lived with dependence they enjoyed and only moved into independence when Zik was already for Prime Minister. Yet, now they claim ownership because of their role in dependence. Those who fought for independence from beginning until they were in charge of government, know and still have what it takes to remove oppressors. It is provocative for those who have never fought a superior power and won, to think that by collaboration with other tribes to get to where they are will still let other tribes support them who have used power they got to favour only their own tribe by using the tribe they subjected. The smarted thing will be to work with all parts of Nigerian tribes and stop being the tribe that invaded and went abroad to bring a foreign power to oppress other nations to subject them as the market that they that are alien to those areas were planted to connect the markets and exchange currencies to boost the oldest market link. Stop the thinking of the extension of their territory to the ocean, because it will absolutely lead to their destruction by the whole of Africa that is pissed off with those who brought the colonial masters still behaving like if they are superior and own everything. They should stop believing they have the unity like broom bond to motivate sections of Africans against other Africans when the reverse is the case that they are in an illusion of genocide on themselves once they kick start the fight on other tribes; because other tribes in Africa are all very angry with them and know that those in the Niger delta can destroy their hold over those they took their society and throne to intimidate others by thinking other tribes will fall like the tribe they dominate, when all the other tribes already are very much aware of everything they are up to because it has been for too long and they know how long that they hold unto such thinking by passing it from generation to generation.


Trying to make people feel the same by measuring them by your standard is wrong, no one is the same and especially no race has similar mental characteristics; the race difference exists with higher mind for blacks, higher intellect for whites, higher skill for Chinese, higher faith or dominion for Indians that Abraham descendants are from; some will say after the flood everyone was from one person, but there were different survival means for each race. It is remarkable that once you get into trouble, almost everyone shies away from you for their interest, when you looked after their interest, only very few come to help; parents, then siblings with similar interests and few of those you helped before the problem. Those pleased see the person who please them as good, but those hurt see the person who hurt them as evil; even though the pleaser maybe the evil one to another. It is the amount of good to others that makes the larger lot see someone as good, but it is the judgment of God that is actually the measure of good more than the bad in materialism of the universe that makes one good enough for heaven. The only thing that will control and stop singularity theory of materialism is spirit development of human kind to true human being; so superior creature kind in various planetary systems that do not rise in spirit become singularity of materialism in their star system. Many star systems are falling into Luciferianism of materialism and we should not be a planet of human beings that are materialistic. The fall reduced mankind to choose to be of spirit or materialism; God or mammon.



The greatest problem Nigeria has are those who are supposed to be the people who handle the human bodies health, condemning the origins of medicine by forgetting the solution to a problem is the origin of the problem and not the modifications of the problem; Hippocrates learnt more about medicine when he studied it in Imhotep library in Egypt, even the Hippocratic oath was plagiarized from Egypt. The real Father of Medicine is an African Kemetic (Egyptian) Blackman named Imhotep. The Egyptian civilization nation is known to be by people from Eurasia, Sumeria, Nubia etc. But by tracing the origins of these tribes that made up Egypt, you will trace them back to the origin of language which is the origin of the Bantu language. The origin of language is the origin of medicine that they used to balance their energy and spirituality. Because at that time, it was not only energy or chi (qi) that they balanced but all parts of the human being that is the carnal body, soul and spirit. It was those that left that chose to separate everything that made everything materialistic. True history is written by writing it from all side of the story. Uniting races to work together is not uniting race to erase each other by dominance, but to exist as they are without malice. That is why the Will of the origin of humanity controls centre of activity of the world.


Men are the mission with eleven of the ribs (firmament or levels or regions); women one rib knows after being with the man they are from. The human is covered by protective layer or skin, is how the earth is protected by atmosphere, is how the solar system is protected by solar radiation and solar magnetism, is how the universe is protected by magnetic fields, is how the universe is protected, and is how the firmaments are protected. Magnetic fields protect and keep all particles together. Creation in the universe is a star that becomes a galaxy that produces stars. And planets and most minerals come from stars. The moon by its enormous size compared to the earth that it is satellite to, helped living things into being, by pulling on the ocean as tide to allow ammonia to be a living cell that became a system of cells, all the way to where the soul kick-starts living in an infant, but the spirit causes balance in the infant. Earth, sun, galaxy and universe are more alive than people think; even as people see their lives moving because everything about them is faster, this objects that are faster that we live in a slower pace in have slower beat with the rhythm of a longer time; slower beat for the earth is magnetic change and for the others it is the part that makes their activity tick as it changes.


Forces of positive and negative or as good and evil control everything; everyone has to choose to know where to fit in the world of God. Evil gets everything, good gains what yields and holds to it in this dark universe. Everything is connected by a rhythm of language, living to mankind and unloving to mankind. Without language, there is no communication of medical teaching system.  Via language, migration of mankind and the existence route of mankind can be traced. Mankind in Africa has been on earth for more than half a million years as Homo sapiens. In the place of origin, migration of language as country, there has been Ogoja as the provisional head quarters for colonial acquisition of territories, Zungeru as the settlement head quarters for protectorate, Lokoja as the capital for routes via river, Calabar (calm bar) as the first capital of Nigeria (the place where darkness resides), before Lagos that the attitude that caused people to migrate dominated the character of the image of Nigeria and now Abuja that unites all the characteristics of Nigeria. The place where darkness resides is so named because of the character of the people. Autonomy of darkness is revoked to make a new heaven and earth where ruler-ship is by God. The character of the first colonial place of the centre of activity was more of individuality than of crowd.


Character of the country by nation is by seat of power. At the time Egypt was formed off the migrants from Nigeria to other places before settling in Egypt, Gypsies and Gypt existed as nomads, before the last migrant nomads of Africa that are the Fulani. Documentation of occurrences was first done by the early Africans hundreds of thousands of years ago; this began in some places in Africa that was later adopted by the occidentals, thousands of years later. Yala is the original owner and named the land Ogoja. Ogoja means producer. Yala warrior nature depends on individuality of what your person has but some tribes depend on majority; person is magnanimity of the soul and person of the spirit with God. Some whites see blacks as more racist because they talk more about it, but it is spoken more because of what happens to them because of their colour; but by racial violence, the whites are most racist because they act it more against other races, they usually say it and/ or take to arms against any human of different colour. Jesus skin colour made it easy for them to kill Him


Creation is always recreating in Africa that even microorganisms are always being kick-started. Coronavirus most likely began in Central Africa via migrant wildlife as bush meat eaten by the Chinese who eat everything they can, that was why it began in Wuhan in a country with the largest population, where their wet market spread it by zoonosis. China provided most of the preventive measures, even though they hid causality because of the trade war. For environmental protectionists, when china is aware of how they got COVID19, they should be grateful to Coronavirus for making China weary of taking from the wild of Africa. Rhythm of numbers should have told the USA president at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic to change his America first policy to include everyone from infecting his supporters or base. 1919 was middle of the so called Spanish Flu because they first wrote about the disease that affected their king, yet the disease was really spread from the USA, and spread by soldiers going to world war one. So 2020 should have made him take it seriously and not think it as a weapon against democratic states to have fewer voters strength that weakened him because it backfired. It is strange that people could believe Coronavirus that existed since the 1930s were genetically modified by human scientists to harm people, yet no miracle priest could heal it, which should have told them it was the plague that reduced most of the elderly; the signature of scientific modification could have been seen by scientists if they exist.


Abuse of freedom: the USA claims freedom but abuse freedom by some wanting laws against peoples freedom to choose what God allows them to choose either heaven or hell. That is measured by the amount of good to bad per person as their judgment. Africa that is the origin of everything was stigmatized by the descendants of Lucifer to keep the world off the information of everything before the fall that was inclusive of spirit and soul that was Genesis three twenty four that was cut off so mankind was not able to have a connection to reawaken the hind brain to the connection of the tree of good and evil that they chose that is the intellect. The intellect is the white people power. The brain extends into your 12 ribs or firmaments. God cannot pass His mission through the descendants of Lucifer who had the mission of Lucifer they carried out that was to own their own world away from God. That separated alchemistry form spirit and soul to chemistry of matter alone, metaphysics from physics excluding spirit and soul and so on. Even when religion spread into Africa, it was not integrated with the African culture to eliminate the evil which is much less than the colonialist made people religiously believe that everything in Africa is evil; in Europe, they integrated their culture into Christianity for the rest of mankind to practice what was alien to them.


Life on other star systems will not match human thinking of life based on the medium they think life can exist by. Even the interaction of beings can only be by those humans who live with their spirit being as it were ordained by God as in charge. This happens only when you focus on who you are to God and not focusing on you as a physical person as the rich do. The spirit is you, so you will only be conscious that your spirit is leading, you will not notice the switch but you will realize the presence of your potency. Just as you did not notice the switch to puberty but realized the potency of teen-hood that had to be when your soul took over. Just as in the beginning of the earth where the African black people lived by their spirit that made them live for a thousand years as they had magic as a normal thing until ten ribs were cut off from man, living him with his material rib and his her with her material rib intact without the usual connection to his ten ribs that caused false marriages by lust. The lands in Africa seen as the origin of mankind by the colonialists are truly the origin of the sin of the fall of mankind that caused death, because that was truly the origin of descendants of Lucifer that as at Genesis three and four, were given authority they use over other races.


Once the black African dominates everything again, the way to the tree of life with all the knowledge and futuristic creations in existence will be available to mankind to be like they were where they were more advanced than the present system that, that godly system was erased off with only traces of the pyramid as evidence of that precise modernized civilization; because the whole buildings and machinery were by magic of spiritual science. The present occidental civilization appears to be civilized but it is so primitive that aliens from intergalactic systems have refused to interact with such false primitive nature that humankind should have wondered why. The present world that will be wiped away for new heaven and earth that will inter connect via the rebirth of the mist of the heaven in Genesis two has showed the failures of the so called Lucifer world that we at the highest heights of heaven did not interfere to prove the mistakes of his creation without Us. God and His gods suddenly disappeared to prove what no one should do again; so Lucifer should run his idea and fail and be removed. Without the way of God, nothing is modern. Whenever there is an occurrence and the superior god is acting, the lower god never intervenes. When God the Father is acting like in the pandemic to show the fallacy of Satanism and regain His world, all those claiming to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ against the workings of God were killed by COVID19 because no one was allowed to use their force against the superior authority of God because it must fail as He is the giver; just as Christ had to submit to the Will of God the Father to be crucified.


The illusionist world of Lucifer the liar makes everyone in it see only his descendants as right and all as faulty, false and evil. When in truth, it was his descendants that killed first, lie about every situation and do evil to everyone, but because of the covering of the mark of Cain in their white colour that makes them look pure, allows other races to fault themselves as they are deceived to believe only the instruction of the whites. Once developmental activity focused on Africa for Occidentals and Oriental gain, the end was here because Africa leads to way of Tree of life that is in the origin of mankind in the place where falsely darkness resides that is Nigeria. As to deceive falsehoods, you let them name the way to the spirit as evil and darkness as they named Africa evil; causative of darkness is its off shoot evil, as they saw black skin as evil.


The liars lie and blame the one they lie against for the lie the liar told when the one they lie against is innocent of the crime they accuse that person of. That is the trend of those of the liar called Lucifer. Giving tips to hotel staff is tolerated as legal now because it is documented. Making everything a rule of law and it is no more corruption or wrong. Socialism, where all taking federal purse are not stealing, but few taking without rules are stealing. Like fish in a bowl, some are stuck to money or stuck to not having money because as kids, some in family stole their dust energy to use for themselves and do not let go; God also takes from such people. And like a mother is the gateway for humans coming to earth, there is also an energy gateway for beings to interchange between worlds. Aurora at the poles of planets is the usual points of entering of magnetic material between worlds like dust of soul, Good is spirit, evil is dust that is soul. Body is neutral. Chinese Zodiac animals are evil of soul making connection with spirit and body.



Lucifer descendants separates science from religion to gain control of matter away from God where atheism becomes more and belief in existence of Devil remains in all humans. Lucifer separated dust from light to have control of matter via the sex. The behavior of humans is influenced by central command of the archangel in charge of the star system. The star system is upgraded to a galaxy when the position of the archangel in charge is due for promotion.


The Universe is super cold and the stars warm their planets; viruses live in space, viruses are more active in cold in a planet because it is near the Petri-dish of space that they came from but with an atmosphere. Most of soul is darkness: most of spirit is light. Tower of Babel is language dissipation from origin, the myth that it is the replica of language as a structure is false. The whites are only finer in face the blacks are finer in shape and muscular formation. The illusion began when the protection of Cain began as written in Genesis four was established and a building to reach God via the skies was used to cover the tracts of the migration of language from the origin. Some tribes that were in their original settlements with other tribes that dominate those settlements should ask themselves why and where they were refused authority in the area that includes all other tribes, which is because of what they do here in the new place some of them migrated to. The human being intended problem is that they think they are human beings, but in reality they are humans because they do not let their beings use them. The person is more than the body and must fill the body by pouring into the body from the cosmos where the being was left after a small part of mustard seed entered the fetus in the mother to give it life. It is the being that is the life and consciousness in the body.


It is strange that as it is written that man fell from paradise after Adam and Eve fall that anyone should think that the world of the ancient Africans was and is primitive. Yes, primordial Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden (Africa), which in the dimensional links of worlds, exists the metaphysical world of the garden in the soul realm connected to the physical garden of Eden on earth that Adam and Eve were thrown into earth that caused the physical Earth to wither leaving the Sahara desert cutting of the rest of the world from sub-Saharan Africa. The African world revisited by the so called civilized that are only civilized by their primitive technology that they hold dear to in comparison to what they now see on earth, is not civilized enough to control weather to be able to think to have the technology to be able to see into the rays of light spectrum billions of years ago which should have shown them how and what civilization really is and looks like for aliens of other galaxies or stars to think of interacting with us as of equal level. The Garden of Eden is multiple links of connection points between worlds of physical, soul etc. the Garden of Eden of the physical is the only connection to the Garden of Eden of the Soul that is the only connection to the Garden of Eden of the spirit and so on. All this Garden of Edens connects to the hearth or the point between the front and back brain.


In the new heaven and earth, people will know their divinely created partner without meeting them, which by knowing will keep them from hell. Choosing the tree of good and evil, caused humankind not to know their true partner, so they followed their lust most of the time and most of them had to be in hell for stealing another man or woman future partner before they met because it was a market place to humans to find any woman/ man to marry against the doings of God. Blacks are more of their problem by undermining themselves and imposing their altered traditional beliefs on things before them. Blacks are the original migrants from Africa to Asia and began religious worship from individuality of the family in Africa to religious worship of a people in a place together, which became religious worship of people of similar belief by what they believe in. As M. Nostradamus predicted, power will return to the black people; power began with the black people and power will end with the black people. First shall be the last. All the big statues of the ancient world around the globe of the earth has black people as gods; the nose of the statues in India, China, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, Britain, Americas etc. All these information were separated from being together as one to force only scholars to find them and read the truth; only the white people information is together to scatter the blacks from knowing who they are, so they worship the European white race as superior humans, which their superiority is not true. This is as seed money is planted into an idea that grows into a tree of industry that yields money as fruit.


The science of transmitting the oppressive nature of superiority of the white man by falsely presenting the Christ as white and all the gods of the past as white, when in truth, the Christ was not white and the gods were never white, but were like the sub-Saharan African blacks. It is just like the date of Christ birth was changed to their ancestor Lucifer birthday, when the true birthday of Christ was marked by the star of Bethlehem in the bible which definitely at the time was not seen in December. Religious books depicted God and gods as bronze in colour with white hair and not white skins. It was the plan of Lucifer through his son Cain protected by the curse of God to dominate the black humans to suppress all other races who had already seen the black humans as superior to see the whites as superior for dominating the superior blacks. Yet the superiority of the whites was because some blacks who believed by taking their rivals down will help them use the influence of the white man to dominate their fellow black man by proving the superiority of the whites they believed they worked with while the whites saw them as betrayers and servitude they do not trust. Black American etc. slavery that was the whites gold was what depicted the whites to God as a people who should never be allowed to lead but to remain servants to other races for eternity. They chose their path by their attitude to others. The hell of the black people is earth that became the paradise they use to enjoy with the coming of the alien Lucifer. That is the true owners of the world dominated by alien race mingled with black peoples DNA. The whites used fear and torture passed down through generations of the black people to make them superior to future generations of the blacks who were born with the instilled fear and respect of the white colour as pure, when he was really evil.


The truth, is that the people who do not know their own origin or history, yet they think they have all on their history are the whites. They treated the black people below animals. Every other race scholar knows where and how they came to be on earth. Alexandra the great is great for erasing the doctrines God used the blacks to establish in Asia etc. Teaching the truth four thousand years ago was punishable by death because the white scholars knew they were second hell bound and the black people were heaven bound. That caused the hatred they have for the blacks because of envy. Colonialism was also set to make the blacks believe in the whites so they can go to hell too. So death became part of the history of the blacks who used to translate without dying. All the blacks went through was predicted thousands of years ago in Asia and Africa. The serpent symbol from Africa was because the image of the Kundinali rose from the earth to the tail bone of the human being like a serpent moves.


You forgive yourself by the amount of good compared to bad, but if your way to projected certified way to good is interrupted, God may forgive you or allow you to reincarnate to solve the problem in your being you have to let go to enter heaven. Conspiracy theories are set to make Africans not to be advanced like the whites because they now know power is moving to the blacks. The whites believe only their ancestors rules like constitution is superior and not the blacks ancestors rules, yet they are the foundation of everything that includes religion, law and science. It is not black Americans to lead, but black Americans to help the black Africans to lead. Black Africans were colonized as in bondage of oppression, but black Americans were slaved in chains before their freedom and the independence of the colonies; whites cannot be of one spectrum color and be of everything, blacks are brown that is mixture of white and black that is absorber of everything. Constitution of the USA though known to be written by a white man was guided by a black woman he owned whose black husband he owned aided her; USA systems are strong but democracy is flawed where some want to use Federal might to overturn state might that actually have the power. The rush abroad: child conceived abroad carries the soul of the karma of the people who might have reincarnated into the newly pregnant woman. So a child conceived in the whites land usually carries the karma of the whites that are descendants of Lucifer. That is why they retain them as citizens. Separation of man and woman at the time of the beginning of soul before garment of sin to put man on physical earth garden after the fall, had man connected to every garden of his dimension of 12 ribs or 12 firmaments. Each connection point was via the garden of that point as stated above.


God sent the origin of everything that caused creation to turn things back to original plan from the alteration of Lucifer. Nollywood as the name implies, copies Hollywood; in which might be the terms to use more of African culture, but make African Religious beliefs, evil and Occidental Christianity superior. True Christianity is form Christ whose crucifixion nails DNA shows him being of black origin. Africa should integrate the good in their method of worship to modernize their Christianity like Europeans did in the council of Nicaea. We should use right words that we are not being civilized but being modernized; civilization began in Africa, so Africa cannot be becoming civilized.  Some whites say the blacks are taking the world that is why the whites are racial. The whites and those that look down at Africa should not have done that because by doing so, they demoted themselves by dishonouring their origin; honour your parents; it does not mean because they are now of similar age, it means because of the place and heritage of ancestry. They always portray Africa as primitive in their literature and movies to show themselves as the most civilized, yet they are the least civilized because they just got into modernization and were able to make it better for themselves because of those that held on to power in Africa without letting Africa develop by purchasing from the foreigners. So remove the bad in the system of religion that shapes the systems and keep the good is how to eliminate the old system because of what is retained that causes the change of humans to the new system, retainer ship.


Africa magic is science of African Technology which was the leftover of the way of paradise of Garden of Eden. Race is because of mutations from star systems with the original inhabitants of the planet that genetically they feel different from each other as world is. For whites, they need their original star system to rewrite them from hell bound because of being in control of another star system called solar system, the Lucifer genetic formula in them is from a more advanced materialistic star system that makes them see themselves as superior but it is because of that genetic formula that they always think they are going to hell, as it is that genetic formula that makes their pure alien origin abduct and manipulate their activities here on earth above other human species on earth. The gift of Cain was rejected by God because he was produced by adultery and part of him was not from this world; again I will reiterate, the flood did not only spare Noah and his family, every other continental area had their survival means documented. Blacks are under the force of God because they are the ones living in their origin and not colonizing where they are not from; that is why they always know they are going to heaven unless they annoy God.



The plan of God plan that He made male and female from each other to find each other and celebrate their reunion or marriage; the plan of Lucifer was to have any man marry any woman so he feeds of the lust, especially when they marry, he gets more off them. No race was to dominate another race but to work together in the plan of God; in the plan of Lucifer, his descendants were to dominate every other race. God is love because he leads by loving all/you; Lucifer is fear because he leads by making all/you fear what will happen and makes God be of fear to all/you.


The whites star system of most of their genetic origin is from an older star system that was a red star when our solar system was becoming a yellow star from a white star. On earth, the blacks are the oldest race, yet the garment of skin Lucifer used to come to earth was from a dying star who had to look for where to retain his lineage, so if his descendants want to have a natural connection of feeling of going to heaven, they have to find their genetic star system to alter their gene with soul energy to be connected by their genetic formula original pathway, even if it has become a black hole. The feeling of going near to be connected to the pull will make them like the true origins of earth and remove them off the curse on their ancestor Lucifer because, the origin of the gene of Lucifer will connect them to the path off the cursed path of Lucifer to the path of their star system origin where most of their genetic makeup is from. They do not have to go to their original genetic star system, they only have to know where it is and focus on it to link their Kundalini to it for soul energy change that will rewrite their genetic formula to truth for their descendants to always live knowing they are going to heaven and try not to go to hell, like blacks live.


Lucifer sin of wanting materialistic divinity is the sin that holds his descendants, in which they can break away by the way I have stated above. It is remarkable that the solution to those who started killing is by those who they oppressed more because the blacks were originally in charge before Lucifer trying to take dominance was to dominate the dominant that increased his curse. The curse on Lucifer was his lead by becoming the link to evil force on his star system to dominate their dying world materially that caused his curse and destroyed their world. If he had been spiritual or the world he was, was spiritual enough, even if it was as near as the blacks on earth, their world would not have collapsed because they would have teraformed their world spiritually. That was why they killed the spiritual way of earth by convicting people on earth as witches in the dark ages to keep everything on earth materialistic to fall into their ancestral failure, which was why God rejected the offer of Cain before it will happen, when they should have intend to keep it spiritual for their descendants and the original descendants of this world. But their actions follows their ancestors connection that drives them to do his will that keeps them in that curse, which is why they should connect to their original star system to erase his control.


This kind of information can only come through those aligned with their original star system. Mind power is activity that is coordinated via star in star system. Science and Technology before the fall that erased the knowledge and information of paradise was using the power of the mind with nature, but modern technology excludes mind over matter that is different from alien technology and science. The language of the universe of the mind is by telepathy via star network through black hole of galaxy network via quasar/white hole.


The divine energy for the soul as food pours through the star to the genetic formula from it. The genetic formula that is wholly from it gets complete soul content. The spiritual energy permits all through the cosmos. In the time of paradise, knowledge with spiritual power connection was passed down completely by the willing contact of the bearer of information to transfer knowledge by physical contact; even Abraham and Elijah were given that grace and transferred so, such transfer is still in Africa, Asia and Americas. The iron in our blood was also made from another star system that became a black-hole or center of the galaxy, our blood is more from the Milky Way that is our galaxy or you can say the origin of the Milky Way is in our blood. Our bodies are from particles from the sun that came from particles crushed explosion from the compression of lots of matter by the pull of magnetic energy that was imploded by gravity to explode into planets that formed our living cells that is our body. This may be the unknown internal push of the whites more than any other race to have observatories to find star systems with life. Devil is person of evil: evil is from darkness; darkness is the formation of matter, while evil is where soul originated from in darkness. While darkness is from God as spirit that is physically portrayed by antimatter or photons; that is why antimatter is also defined as the God particle because it creates matter and annihilates matter.


Religion is a problem of conflict of the mind on earth; it was not a problem before Lucifer came. Now religion in the capital of the world is stop the steal drive to believe election results is as they want that has become lie. Nations that bare false witness against their neighboring countries, beget liars as leaders that cause their country to implode from within. The lie or conspiracy of voter fraud in USA is on places that have more blacks. In the time of slavery, the whites lied to blacks about where they were taking their people to, because many blacks thought they were going to gain and followed them yet; some were forcefully abducted because of money exchanged with black greedy co-conspirators. In the ancient Indian temple thousands of years before there was slave trade of blacks, the blacks that were gods in India wrote in stone the art work depicting the cruel nature of the white oppressors that will exist and has existed before the black ruler will come again in 1991 as the return of Buddha which is 1994 by correction of the Gregorian calendar. 50 states or pillars in the art work are the place where knowledge qualifications come from to define him. Talking drum in the art work of writing depicts Nigeria.


Never take out the main peace that formed everything and everything depends on or you erase it. Mind over matter, DNA transfer via sperm to women; evil of soul transfer via sex for both sexes of male and female; good connection to partner via spirit. Consciousness is the center that focusing of it connects you to the hearth. Metaphysical healing of patients by building their faith for their spirit and soul to use the treatment and medication to treat disease or as it was to keep disease away was the Medicine used then that is the origin of Medicine and science that will be used again. Teraforming will be used to build our true capital and also to finish teraformation of the solar system. Transformation leads to teraformation that is one of the final stages of its activity of changing planets to be habitable. Teraformation was spiritually done on earth by the envoy of God then to allow life formation, now life is as it is after test of being, mankind etc. are ready for teraformation of the solar system that will show aliens in star systems that we are mature for interaction. Transformation leads to teraformation that is one of the final stages of its activity of changing planets to be habitable. In the beginning, African continent was like a country with village provincial ruler-ship. The image of ugly aliens is why people think aliens are ugly when some of them with mixed DNA on earth are finer in face; it was set so people will not think alien genetic pool lives amongst us.


The world is moving back into the hands of blacks from the whites who stole it from them via their ancestor Lucifer. We wanted to live with aliens as they visited, so we got Lucifer who slept with our own to produce his descendants. Because they came from an advanced civilization is why their descendants feel superior, yet they do not know why they feel superior. The way USA is to Europe is how Egypt was created shifting attention from Nigeria. Anyone taking down the original species of human kind that is the highest species of living things on earth is taking down their lineage and themselves. The world is moving back into the hands of blacks from the whites who stole it from them via their ancestor Lucifer. Everyone came out of the first person in creation, so fighting that person or root is fighting your genetic, soul and spiritual makeup. Anyone or people fighting for their tribe alone, should not and cannot be called part of a country but, of only that tribe as their nation.


A leader who leads a country that thinks more for his tribe/race is not a leader of a country but a leader of his tribe/ race only. Some say people are to blame for how a people are, but a leader is always to blame because he shapes what people under him do or say; when the leader changes, the attitude of the people change to the attitude of the new leader with time. It is the way people behave that shapes a leader but, it is the leader who should shape himself away from wrong to right by using his environment to make himself be right among wrong before he shows people he can lead, so when a leader deceives people to select him, he is to blame as the leader who shows the truth is still to blame for the mistakes of the people. If anyone does not want to be blamed, he should not want to lead. To lead, you accept blame. God does not impose or dictate what you want for Him to lead; God carries all you do to lead. The problem with World Wars were that they were physical, which made them address the consciousness where the problem originated from, but the last World War is of the mind, so it addresses the issue to fight for differences. Capitalism is the last defense of democracy and the holder of democracy; if the political servants fail in their duties, the CEOs or corporate bodies save the system by taking control of services of the problem in their authority.


The black Africans are the Adam and Eve of this world that carry the curse of Adam and Eve; the whites only carry the curse on Cain and Eve and not on Adam. Some who are here on earth have to go through reincarnation and some who just came, have to grow in experience to match the know-how available on earth. All are in play and not some in play as most think. Muscle movement of the blacks that makes them to be able to jump or move around with agility and speed like an ape made white scholars call blacks apes that spread amongst less educated whites that believes blacks are apes. After the fall and with time, the world now values money more than spirituality, so they do not see the value of metaphysics without pay, but in future, the world will live by metaphysics because it leads them to spirituality at the time of paradise past; the time of Eden. Genes do not make up the body as it is popularly said in science, but genes make the body, it is spirit that owns the body that makeup the body via the soul they shape to form. Purpose of mischief, intrigue etc. in west and central Nigeria that is origin of mankind was to initiate migration, that has been achieved with global dominance of human kind, so it has begun to change to trust. COVID19 is not spreading in Nigeria and black Africa because of native medicines usage for any symptoms felt. Samurai that started Ninjitsu was started by black man, just as Hinduism and Buhdah were started by blacks. Is just as technology and science and metaphysics began with blacks starting them.


The earth should be united with one force of united all countries space force in every country that are large enough, surfing added to the navy, hang-gliding added to the air force and underground force to move under the earth soil. Because if a hostile alien attacks the earth now, the earth will easily fall as it is most vulnerable being a divided world by race, tribe, ethnicity, country border etc.



Religion would not be used as problem or solution because the temple of God will be every human body. Going to origin and living by origin of treatment by medicine and construction by engineering metaphysically as it was spiritually in alchemistry etc. Magnetic field and electric field energy that is around and within the human body is also a Stargate between star systems.  A race greatness is using your God given potential, like the mind is of the blacks. Any race/ tribe that is oppressed, reacts by talking about it, so it is wrong for the race/ tribe oppressing to say they talk about it, but it is right for them to solve it.


The same way the whites saw other races as strange and whether they had similar body parts, was how every other race saw every other race; and were skeptical of the other race, other than the killing part that was only the whites reaction to fear of other races dominating them as they did. Yet other races never think of doing like them. Now the human races know that they are similar in physical form, they should unite and cooperate against any hostile aliens or interact/ share with friendly aliens. Aliens have different forms, some more beautiful or taller or bigger, others more ugly or shorter or smaller. Some aliens may not be of mammal from, but of insect or fish form, some maybe of forms unknown to earth habitation. So their formation depends on the conditions they live in, either atmospheric or gravitational etc. All are created by God. Yet, it is because the whites do not know their origin and want to lead the world by oppressing the blacks that are the original rulers of the world that confusion of origin and descendants of human kind obfuscates humanity who follow modernized falsehoods in the name of civility. Running down African medical systems to sell Occidental systems is against holistic medicine and health. Nigeria is a nation of origins, as the USA is a country of immigrants.


Modernization depends on the collective belief of the people at the helm of leadership. If those on top of humankind believe that living with nature without technology by mechanical tools but not technology of magic is modernization, people will only follow the dominant force of ruler ship as it is now. That was what the dark ages did, by removing what they call white witch and black witch, when they would have removed only evil witch that they chose to call black witch to stigmatize the black superiority to ridicule as people below the white superiority that white means good. Good and evil are not really measured by colour but by attitude; anyone can compare the attitude of the white people over history and the black people over history to know which is more evil and which is better than the other. Tribes in Africa that connived with the whites that measure by racism were the ones that live by dependence they enjoy and still hold unto against the independence they like to dictate. Those tribes as a collective group are the ones undermining Africa and its people because of the part of their origin that they hold dear to by not wanting to know to understand that everything from that origin that they regard as superior based on the materialistic influence, originally began from Nigeria where they chose to look down at and chose to dominate by humiliating and undermining the original inhabitants before them that came as descendants that settled and think they are only settlers.


As they see black Africans worthless in their system of materialism that is mostly measured economically, is how spiritually, black Africans are most worthy to God than any other race because they are as God did. So, indirectly the whites, who look down at black Africans, insult God, by insulting the doings of God. Lucifer lie became evident when his power to turn illusion into reality to support his false wants were stripped off, letting his words remain false; so, the word lie came afterwards; which is why lie was not written in Ten Commandments, but false was. All technology leapfrog, very few like on earth because of the whites, jump in technology by leaving the basic things in technology that makes bio and solids transform. As they say, the science does not support it; no, it is their lesser than half baked science that has no theory to support it.


The true universal science is metaphysical that supports it. If humankind kept upgrading their science without interruption of the dark ages taking away some vital parts of teaching, metaphysically the sciences like alchemistry, the science by now will be transforming like it was before paradise was interrupted by Lucifer. So, it was by the grace of God that the whites ended their technological dominance in the dark ages. Some of the interplanetary aliens from other star systems that visited were more advanced in physical technology and magic that they came to, in their own way mimic God by using inter-galactic and inter-star system to transform the highest living things from images to like, which for them meant using the magnetic and electric fluctuating points of the universe to speed up their genetic makeup using the highest gene pool on earth. Light becomes darkness as darkness becomes light is why both white and black are neutral colours. So, dark colour does not mean evil as bright colour does not mean good; either white or black can be good or bad because it depends on the person and not the colour or crossings (half-cast) of colour.


The ankh is the first cross that is replicated from the naught or tying of a rope shape. The naught as defined in previous articles here. Lucifer fell because of self-gain, Christ succeeded because of doing it (all God sent Him for) for God; and then he brought the fall to humankind that brought disease, because of the crossing of light and dark. Diseases like pandemics are spread by conspiracy theories doubting or making people suspicious about it, because as they ignore it, they ignore precautions that makes them infected to reduce demographic by death.


The solution is simple; everyone will have to be in spirit for everything to become as it was in paradise of Eden. That means, only those who awaken their spirit to lead will be part of the future, because, those without spirit will not be able to fit in and will be so low mentally and so backward physically that they will stand out as inferior to those in spirit. Then, those in spirit will be mature in being for aliens to interact with, as they have their spirit to use their soul to telepathically communicate with the aliens, a fit the one rib man and one rib woman could not do. With the spirit, the person becomes 12 ribs, because the way to the tree of life that is the spirit is restored from being cut off; so life will extend back to 1,000 years because of the spirit, as it was because of the fall. It is only those in spirit that have being, so it is only those in spirit that can be called human being. Those living carnally, do not live for their spirit as God sent them, but live for their flesh want, so they are humans only, as they use only the humus part of their whole body.


The spirit is the only part of your whole form that is why you were created, the physical body and soul do not know why you are here or why you exist. The spirit is the part God sent, it is the spirit that cloaks itself with the soul that suits it and the true person of the soul and spirit as mind, develops the foetus to be like the spirit by originally looking for parents that will form traits that match its calling. But, after the child is born and approaches puberty, the way to the tree of life that is the spirit that is the origin of the person, is cut off and allowed to keep the person alive only, then the person drones around doing the economical activities of the world only as legacy by neglecting the true purpose of the spirit calling that put the person here in the first place. This was and is Lucifer plan that kept the world in perpetual darkness of keeping humans only for the earth by thinking they do it for a higher cause that is nonexistent.


To awaken the spirit from the long sleep of cut off that all your physical body does is downloaded into the spirit when you sleep only, is to concentrate or focus your attention into your back brain where your angel guards the way to the tree of life that is your spirit and really and genuinely ask God your purpose that you want to be as He wants and if you are truly seeking to be for you in spirit to lead and not you in flesh to lead, God will grant you the request of being in spirit by telling your angel to let you be one with your spirit. It is possible that some may backslide into the ways of the physical body, but they can always return to the spirit as the way to the spirit is open. For the way to the spirit to be closed, someone will have to do what is against God want of him/her. I have explained all the ribs of mankind in previous articles. The details of the ribs will only be known by those in spirit, because it is not by memory you seek the way to tree of life, as illusion by Lucifer will lead you falsely to the path of hell.


The knowledge and technology of aliens cannot be by one rib/ firmament person who does not have the capacity of mental coverage into the wider expanse of the mind covering all those ribs in comparison to the limited one rib coverage of emotions for women and physicality for men. The expanse of the human being mind, notice it is not human mind that is limited to one rib, but it is human being mind that is allowed to cover 12 ribs that is all of soul 5 ribs and 7 of spirit out most ribs from God. The higher the being, the more ribs the person has that depends on where the person came from in God. Angels have more ribs than spirits; Elders have more ribs than angels. Ribs in this case or as written in Genesis 2 is not the human body ribs number, but the curvature shape that indicates the firmament or level in Genesis 1.


Imagine the outskirts of an epicenter of an occurrence, you only get more about the occurrence by going towards the occurrence, but if you are not equipped enough, the occurrence will destroy you, is how it is for those in spirit being attracted like insect to light that get burnt to death. So, cutting of the way to the tree of life was indirectly removing mankind from eliminating themselves, even though Lucifer thought wrongly that it lets him get from spirit.


Judgment on those of lesser mind capacity on those of greater mind capacity is that those of lower mind capacity suffer more for insulting a higher mind capacity because origin or parent is the epicenter of your existence and not that because it is descendants so it should be less that would mean the holding of all into existence will not be if judgment is reversed. That is why Holy Spirit does not forgive, because to forgive would mean, leaving everyone else to solve the falling that will mean everyone will be lost to save one failure that is not important to the existence of all.


Creation of male and female sex hormones was to trigger endocrine activity that causes fluids to excruciate on the physical body to want you to expel it by emotional means of carnal sex, thereby making love to be pleasurable in paradise and not pleasurable in coveting another person partner. Again, some men with their female can arrange that the female physical form be more than one to produce the number of offspring they require for their legacy. Yet each descendant has their own divine mission and has to retain their physical, soul and spiritual legacy. That is the inner drive to retain in humans.


It is remarkable that people fail to see that those that move to dominate an area and dominate it are regarded by the future descendants as the true inhabitants, when if you trace origins of ownership, you will be surprised that they are not as people assume because they separate themselves by ideology and country boundaries and by being in forefront of physical activities of the people, the inheritors of the future believe as they see control, when in reality, the true indigenes are different in physical features from the new assumed people bearing the original lineage as the tribe of the original inhabitants.



The USA is experiencing what happened to Central-West Nigeria that is origin of all humankind, where the country is being destroyed by its own inhabitants empowering a single person above its people. The blacks were colonized because the superior beings in black human form that ruled them left after the fall of humans to Lucifer. Deceit was created for battle and not falsehoods as Lucifer took it to that threw him (his being) out of heaven into (carnal form) of a dying (red star) planetary system. Planetary civilization that is more carnal, think of modernization to retain materialism in the same planet cycle that are destroyed when their star grows to a red giant; but civilizations that are more spiritual think of modernization by spirituality and physicality that is magic that teraforms planets that are not in the scientific line of full growth of the star.  Lucifer transferred the knowledge of his planetary system collapse to earth to follow same fate. If he meant well, he should have transferred the knowledge of not letting it happen here, but from the civilization of earth since his arrival, it was evil intent observed by his descendants doing to other races and how they have led the earth to global warming. That led them to conquests. It was actually Alexander the great subordinates that desecrated the ancient black heritage all over the world, believing them superior and to make them gods, Alexander actually respected those that were civilized before them. But he was only interested in conquest, where he lost to the Nubians and not to others he conquered. The black race has the greatest distrust of other races especially about the whites because of their betrayal and treachery.


A leader who lets what God cursed to remain part of the country system is drawn to retain the evil for darkness, unless the leader removes his/herself from governance but retains power as the leader, then stay in another country not under the spell of the error to commune with God to help him/her be able to change it, then the land will have the blessings of God; that is the problem retained in Nigerian anthem that is against God and it is part of the curse in Deuteronomy 28 and its equivalent in the Koran that tells the curse on those that serve the land instead of serving God to bless the land he cursed in Genesis 3, worst still, the anthem asks God to help us disobey God. The problem in the present first stanza is from the colonial written first stanza that asks Nigerians all over to serve their sovereign father land. From God to matter to elemental. Mankind believes it is spirit to soul to matter because it is spirit, then soul before body in the human body; yet everything follows origin, like Africa that is origin of mankind, which is like God is origin of everything that is why He made it as honour parents, is how spirit struck matter and raised it as a mist that is origin of soul, which describes spirit in Genesis 1 and soul in Genesis 2 to 3 that initiated carnality where vegetation and animals come from. Medicine Practice in sub-Saharan Africa is more herbal because it started from the instruction of the Creator that herbs and fruits are for food etc. In Africa, you will not find wind get to the capacity of tornado or hurricane because African mystics will not allow it rise even when the terrain fails to keep it from arising.


After getting who you are by passing through what God gave your race to be, then you will get all in other races to their maximum. What each race wore as the beginning of that race is the age of that race and tribe. In Nigeria, the first tied cloth around the waist, those that came from there tied it on the shoulder, those after covered their bodies with cloth, then those after wore dress, then those that wore skirt, then those that wore trousers, then those that tied cloth around the neck, then those that tied ties, then those that wore another clothing that is extra as suit. So, it is with religion that the dressing of the religious priests tells the time the religion began. Everything is religious whether they believed or not. When a living thing is charmed, there is nothing you can do to save the person or converse with the person about it, unless the charm is broken from the person before you can communicate with the person as before. That same reason is why God cut-off from mankind until the charms of Lucifer is removed from humankind. God does not break His rules, He has set rules He follows and rules that are set for creation. Experience is what this led to, where humankind have to learn to experience good and evil. Knowledge is just knowing, but experience is that you have lived it and understood it. Christ coming was also to experience it.


When life is complicated by issues you cannot control like a pandemic, just open yourself to accept all occurring, but protect yourself from the infection by using all tools given; this action is like meditation or being a master of drinking. To overcome any stimulant, open yourself to it from beginning and your body will adjust to it as the substance increases until the effect will seize to be, and intoxication will fade away as dopamine and toxicity have been balanced all along. Sex is also similar because by opening yourself to pleasing your partner, you pour out your being that adds to turning the emotions of your partner and increases you in synchronizing with your partner to the timing of your partner coming and not to your kind type of coming; usual men come within 5 minutes, usual women come within 20 minutes. Condoms do not protect abrasion of the skin contact where condom does not protect that must mingle blood of both in coitus. The sin of fornication by Lucifer happened in Soul where physically it is referred to as lust; that is why lust is also sin because it happened in Soul. Lucifer who gained from Adam and Eve fall, gained the more advanced planet to be cursed to in garment of skin, where he used the advanced technology of the ancient star system to locate Eve who he had worked on when they were both in soul state, to continue from lust of the soul to coitus of the flesh, where he manipulated her being to replicate his desires genetically. Stars are always paired, so the sun pair is dormant but will be activated by the Will. The Will of God reverses this manipulation of Lucifer using the power of the Mind at its highest level, as the Will that does Judgment does it on earth and continues it in hell and beyond that makes the Will the person Lucifer fears most. As Lucifer acted at soul to manipulate Eve, Christ Jesus asked God the Father to send the Will, the Comforter because of these. Seeing things carnally is seeing things for the flesh or for your body, but seeing things spiritually is seeing things through the flesh beyond the soul into the spirit.


Children do not stick to knowledge they have, so they are open to new knowledge; but adults hold on to knowledge they have that makes it difficult for assimilation to absorb like a child. Experience is knowledge. Experience cannot be without capacity, the capacity of a smaller being to overcome the capacity problem of a bigger being is impossible, the only way a smaller being can help a bigger being is to pray the power to the capacity of the bigger being be awakened in the being to overcome the problem. Just as the flood of Noah was. Monsoon of India is like deluge, if the flood were not global, where markings of flood all over earth can be seen on the layers of the earth fill with time, conspirators would have believed that is what they thought was the great flood. The same way the deluge had a solution is how Africa had in pandemics.  Africans did not die in millions because for every symptom, they feel, they take herbal remedies, it is only when their conditions becomes worse that they go to hospitals, once they are better, they continue with what keeps them alive which is cheaper. Sub-Saharan Africa do not rely on government for their lively hood like the rest of the world do; for sub-Saharan Africans, government is representative for international and local handling of governance, but the people govern their wellbeing. Bill Gates interview on CNN GPS revealed how he learnt from Africa that helped him predict the Coronavirus pandemic in 2005 and now climate change by interacting with subsistent farmers etc. Nigeria former President Goodluck Jonathan gave Bill Gates the presidential commander of the Niger for his financial services to the healthcare and regular medications intake supplies he provides. The people who seize power from those elected into power, are the so called god fathers that dictate the tune of governance of a country to empower their tribe to keep their supporters that they use to hold the political office holders in check.


Since power was transferred by King Horemheb to General Ramses, power has to be returned by those who gained the power reinstating it to the original owners as equal for it to be regained as superior by the original owners. The mind makes superiority of person and not carnal colour of physical body. Though the people see government as on its own, the government that takes advantage of them that was not their choice but used the system and exploits them, makes their pain the will that makes government unstable. Those who want to lead a country should make sure they are peoples choice for their blessings to guide them, leaders cannot force the wish of the people by stealing their franchise. Those that are peoples choice but let a few dictate their cause, loose the people and let one side of the country dictate the leadership to a dictatorship where authoritarianism becomes the reject of those to govern in future. Force does not control government but looses governance, yet listening to demand of people by doing their wishes, runs government as peoples choice with those civil and military voluntarily smoothening activity of governance as it is the wants of the people. Culture of different peoples began with languages. We have to go into the universal culture of humankind that is in all cultures to unite humans. Language was set to spread humankind across the globe, which has been done, so language barrier is no longer required. It is the same with the fall of humankind to lead them into experience of good and evil for them to understand how to live in the tree of life. Now, humankind is moving into paradise which is tree of life that has to be done by weeding evil to get good, same way God created everything by removing light from darkness that racists stigmatize as black and white, which is not the same at all.


Humankind has lived good and evil that is everything, but have not lived life. People think, life means enjoying everything as it is, no, it does not. Life means, living and enjoying why your being or purpose of existing is. Living for your carnal needs is not life; it is more for Mammon that is vanity. Living life for your spirit as God and your being intended is true and not in vain, so no vanity is attached. Living life allows you to dream, but not to REM sleep to download information to the mind via the hind brain to the spirit, because the spirit will be awake. Living life, is living with all your members or ribs or firmaments or with complete activity of the mind. At the time of the tree of good and evil, the tree of life was cut off, so as it is in Genesis 3; means clearly that humankind never lived life that was cut off but, lived imaginary or vain life that only satisfied their carnal senses and soul feelings. The difference between life and everything is not much, with everything, you live wondering if you are right or wrong or doing for God or evil; but for life, you know what is right and wrong and know God is and not imagining if He is or listening to what they told you to believe He is. Living life in spirit, I will not describe because Lucifer will use it to create imagination of what is not to make people fall into his illusion of reality, but I will tell you how it is that is not different for you to want to experience it. People think difference between everything and life, the difference is not as people think distinct, the difference is an addition on what you already have. It is just as puberty adds to childhood, so spirit adds to teenage-hood. The addition to teenage-hood, is what people do not live that should be natural like children grow through puberty or as it occurred with me, where I sought me as God intended and got me by God letting the angel guarding the way to tree of life in my hearth clear the way for my awakening into my very being to know and proceed to finish why God sent me here, in which I have done, before He gave me additional assignments to make all who seek to find their way through my showing them the way. Most people that came to earth that finished their God given mission, were taken after they finished, but not me who was given additional assignments because of my brilliance in how I handle mine that is explanatory.



Parents are not supposed to transfer their life to their children to live, because God sends everyone to do what brought them to earth and not to be distracted by another person destiny to do, but it is God given duty for children, especially the first son to protect parents legacy. All these happenings on earth is for there to be experience of what happens with good and evil so it will not be that it was said but has not happened. The reason for Lucifer creation is to do what he did. Humankind had to go through the exact process of creation of separating light from darkness of spirit to material body to soul to spirit to get to life to appreciate God. Curiosity was set with the choice of tree of good and evil and tree of life for people to choose the one they would not get to if they choose life, yet if they choose everything, through death they get to life. Once tree of life is active, death would not exist. Interestingly, while the whites are born to yearn to wander matter for conquest and history; other races are born yearning to do what they are sent for, leaving legacy and go to heaven. Lucifer descendants are born to do his bidding of owning matter for him, but they can break free by turning their yearning to be for God the Father that is Lucifer Grand Father as the Will is Lucifer father and Christ is Lucifer uncle.


Do not allow anyone cause doubt in your faith, by suggesting you use or try their method, if not it will slow what you are to get or make you restart again. I am here to stop what Lucifer did. Carnally as I grew up as a child, I never knew who I was, but sensed my closeness to God and wanted to be part of Him, only to grow over my teenage-hood to realize my greatest desires as part of Him. For those that have a connected mission by God to do, those that are to assist the primary or main character of the divine mission are to do their part. All my members are one. I initiate the oneness. Princes of Africa fight for control of power in Africa ruined Africa and left it vulnerable to foreign attack from Europe. The chaos of the princes let them sell their captives that were technical into slavery so the defeated could not rise. Thereby handing experts to build the new world. Because in Africa, they only kill those who have done what deserves death. The Nigerian area of Africa is the juju or voodoo headquarters that shows the origin that retained the original magic of the time of paradise before the fall. Yet it is princes that God is uses to solve Africa and the global problems. Melanin production in black Africans is an addition which is superiority because it is protection from radiation of the sun that affects those without it who are exposed to same radiation yet, it does no harm to those with it.


People say it is male world, but in reality it is female world taking over authority of men given by God to please Satan who used Eve to kick start the taking from Adam. So, men who have made it in live are easily ruined by younger women who come in with their modern behavior to stigmatize the old behavior of the older men as sexist because they are laws supporting women intimidation of men as rape, yet they are no physical laws for men who are raped by women who charmed them against their wish. This is not in support of bad men, but this is in support of good men taken advantage of by bad women because of greed. People should always be fair to see things objectively and not sexually where emotionally, women have the upper hand of sympathy they use to their advantage as the wife of Potiphar used against Joseph. Never believe a woman is right until both sides have been proven to know who is right, because once there is a sexual matter, people automatically blame the male, yet sometimes, it is the female that is the problem as the Bible/ Koran has about many women betraying men starting from Eve all the way to Delilah to the end that they are many now because they was never a check on such behavior.


People should stop blaming men first because it means they are answering to the plan of Lucifer to use women to rule over men and not for the woman to be under the man her soul came from. That is why Lucifer caused the world to be of lust for wrong couples to populate the world to keep it for women competition for power over men by bringing down men. Men may not want women employed to their offices or workplace that may make women unemployed because of this new sex harassment sympathy of women. If legitimate, it is right for the woman to come out, but false claims ruin other women chances. Women were persecuted a lot around the dark ages because of charms used to control men to their desires, those laws to restrict women from abusing freewill of others should be re-enacted again excluding death and the torture at the time, as women behavior and weak men sympathy has encouraged the betrayal that brought mankind to death; since women ribs were complete and men ribs were cut off after the fall of humankind. If someone apologizes to someone by not denying what physically transpired and the one apologized to demands the apology to be like they imagine or want, then the one who wants the apology as they fantasize are mentally ill. Betrayal of Eve and others that followed was the problem that caused witch hunting and destroyed full magic practice. Women should try and not use the freedom they have to abuse men freedom of thought to drag men back to the dark ages where women were setup as witches to be burnt to the stake.


While the Occidentals and Orientals are more interested in technology, the black African is more interested in the mind. The mind development is what attracts aliens to the highest intelligence in a star system because they have the capacity to communicate via telepathy, far more than technologically driven mind set. So via mind, blacks are still the most advanced for inter-galactic communication, and the highest developed mind is the being aliens will definitely visit, and not the most technical. Because, technology of the world is too primitive for alien interaction, but our African mind development is close to many advanced aliens, even though the more advanced aliens older physical form has more advanced material brain capacity that our humankind physical form cannot contain, our spiritual form and their spiritual form are similar for such interaction of the soul that are also similar. So, it is the mind capacity that is the right place to develop to be universally similar to all beings in the universe for ease of communication across space. Even the USA president calls Republican gubernatorial Coronavirus restrictions early lifters, Neanderthal thinking; which is from white supremacists behavior of Neanderthals. That was why Lucifer was more advanced because; his carnal form was from an ancient species much older than our star system. We all know genes mutate with time.


Angels and above, use elemental forms as soul because, elemental beings are the highest soul form, but spirits use soul because it is the level of their being comprehension. No being can use a part above or below it as its members of existence but they use their members to communicate to lower or higher being formation. Use of being interaction, is as God did for capacity of a higher being to have the right capacity to use to interact with the region or firmament that the being members assemble in. So because, Lucifer was from the angelic highest form, he could not have settled in the planet of the yellow star form formation by God casting him out of soul as test tutor, he had to go to where many forms were of advanced physical capacity, where he had to prove he was desperate to continue his evil mission for Us to rank him as Devil. Making him the first to bare that status We had left in words for those who will become of evil. Since evil was made to rise out of darkness and darkness was the dark side of God vexation. It does not mean, gods were not in white and yellow star systems, it only meant Lucifer was tried also, to see him do who he was made to be that he became. Even, Lucifer could have cried to God for a name change; the example of such was when Christ asked God the Father to take the cup from Him.


Lucifer chose to use woman because it is easier to use a being from another being, than to use a being directly from God in soul, knowing the spirit will be cut off from activity other than to sustain life when the being falls from choosing life to choose everything. The spirit of both male and female were created together and are one, it is the soul that the female was separated from the male, then male and female souls were cloaked by physical genes of different parents for them (both male and female) to find each other by same spirit pulling them together as separated soul long for each other, but with a cut off spirit from activity, the person of the spirit could not bring both together, thereby leaving women closer to matter to be more materialistic for Lucifer use. People can see the materialistic nature of women in comparison to men, where diamond is woman best friend with legacy, as pleasing woman to gain is more of man with legacy. People have raised the name of Lucifer to be revered in the other way that some people are atheists, yet they fear evil but have no belief in the existence of God. Lucifer is present and not in Sabbath, but God was in Sabbath, even though present everywhere, He did not interact with mankind like He did with Adam.


Gender equality problem began with Satanism, gender equality did not exist until Lucifer used woman to cause the fall that women are still continuing indirectly without their knowledge by thinking it is for their rights, when it is the same way sympathy for races caused those that were sympathized with abuse it to make themselves superior, it is the same with women emotional sympathy from men for equality that women already have but are only looking for equality on what men are doing, instead of looking for their undeveloped system that Lucifer never let women develop that women can find in traditional Africa. The white races were those pitied by the black race who at that time were regarded as gods, then the white race abused the sympathy by lying against the black race and working together as the black race were divided over fight for territory that made the white say they are superior. The whites called the blacks animals to their generation who adopted it as truth, when the truth was that the forefathers of the whites knew the blacks as gods who taught them basic things of life on how to care for their carnal and spiritual form, in which the whites introduced idol worship to the blacks who descended from the generation that blacks were gods; the sympathy misplaced by women over doing it made religious scholars as priests caused society to see such acts of women as schemes to get out of witchcrafts imposed on the woman persecuted. Women should please stop using the sympathy of emotions to use exaggerated mental suspicion of the character of the man that has not committed a crime to stigmatize him as guilty, or men will unite like it was in the dark ages that they persecuted women and restricted women from everything unisex that included voting. The union of the whites is because of the curse in Genesis three, where Lucifer descendants were not stripped off their unity like mankind were not allowed nature to yield the ground.


The attachment to idols easily imposed by the Spaniards was because of the idols made as an image of the gods that lived amongst humankind in dark/black skin, which became easy for the Spaniards mischief of giving idols to those who taught them basic life disciplines that by the European intervention with Chinese and middle east technology that impressed the newer generation of Africans to believe the newer technology, since Africa had always been used to technology sharing. Central-West sub-Saharan Africa is a place where nature continuously manifest creation as it did in the beginning; diseases keep appearing in these areas that the citizenry have experience on how to live with these that when pandemics strike various parts of the globe viciously, the people in these parts adjust to the conditions with their herbs and what they find that they should do to survive it. Political leadership is the worst leadership that Africa ever experienced because, they spend their time in office empowering those who keep Africa in a beggarly state for the political leaders to beg for arms rather than using the resources to grow wealth from Africa instead of selling raw materials to buy back finished goods.



Skin colour should not be a measure of a person because, skin colour changed with climatic activity, where the blacks and whites had similar colour before the migrants went to the snowy weather that kept them white, while the black skin darkened because of the oven of the sun. Put meat in the freezer and another similar meat in the oven, and see which will change colour. While the black skin mutated, the white skin remained stagnant like water without interference that shows no ripple. The discussion on race is important, just as the discussion on tribe because of language is important. Language existed to cause migration that has been achieved. Language and skin should not be judgment against another that is different. Extraordinary people in science fiction are believed to have meta-gene, but in reality extraordinary people are in spirit that mind over matter is what happens.


The race mutants of the world are the blacks with melanin as the mutation variant that other races have lesser, so the movies on anti-mutants is more as the whites see the blacks as different and assume them dangerous, when the blacks have never been dangerous like the whites to any other race. The human hair moved from straight hair like animals to curled wooly hair in blacks, so it is easy to use relaxer to return the hair, just as it is easy to bleach the skin than to tone it or as it is not possible to add melanin with current science. This world belongs to the melanin humans; those without it have alien genetic formula. It is terrible for people who were generated or came from another tribe or race to see themselves superior to where they are from. The white world that is their leadership of humankind is being destroyed by their own hand using the sexiest method they used to steal power from the blacks. The longer a species has lived is the more older the brain, coordination and reasoning, compared to a frozen brain from rapid growth that sticks to barbaric attitude of violence, where the older developed brain shows empathy. Like magic that if a magician is told not to do something or go somewhere, he/ she will, was how man or woman later referred by people to Adam and Eve because the next chapter in the book had a man Adam and a woman Eve. Freewill is the reason for letting the temptation of Lucifer to let only those able to survive the deception of the Devil to be for heaven as the strong while the weak are lost in hell; if not humankind would have not gone through the fall and even as they were in the fall, they should have been wiped out and a new creation done, but true freewill of faith and not robotic humans would have been carnal creation that will not be true living.


Women should stop seeing themselves as if they were never equal to men, the truth is that women were always equal to men with their own specialty as men had their own specialty, until women used their sexuality to betray men, then the restrictions on women kept tightening as women kept setting men up until the witch setup of women who some only did research reached a crescendo where women who really knew magic were lost. So, women should stop sympathizing with other women who raise allegations unless it is proven true that there was a crime, so women would not push society against them again. Women should remember that it was Eve that took us to death from life, so women are guilty is the position such United support for smear campaign that will make them loose the rights they have that is truly now a misplaced right that is not the true role right of women, as it was before the fall of humankind to death. If women want to remain equal to men, they must live in their spirit to be where they are equal with men, as in spirit, both men and women were created equal in Genesis 1; but where women chose to be in from the time of Eve is soul, at soul woman are one rib from man that makes her less. Women should stop blaming men by seeing things physical by saying they have to look good, but they should learn to grow into their spirit by leaving where the mood sleep of lust took them to carnally by soul arousal to emotionally grow the physical body to their spirit for men to feel the presence of respect rather than men feel lust for women not closely related. It is the spiritual connection of women with their close family that makes it philia and storge love and not erotic. If women lived in spirit as God intended, they will only feel erotic love for their true partner that their spirit will pull them to be together as they were before their spirit entered soul to be in carnal form. Philia and storge love exists because it is only those close to what they intend to be or do that brings them through parents union that produce physical form to match the being coming to earth. Women live in soul that is easy for Lucifer manipulation. The purpose of women being in emotional state of soul is achieved as they grow, after growth and shaping of the body is achieved, women need not remain in emotional state of soul but should with their conscience, move into spirituality within that they will not loose emotional state but gain an addition of spirituality that will regulate and empower them over societal norms.


The curse on Adam and Eve fell on Mother Nature as God cursed the ground. So it is the matrix of Mother Nature that does the negativity instead of as it was doing the positivity before the fall. Before the gods who were in dark African skin left after the fall, they cursed Africa to ensure descendants of the false god Lucifer will not inherit it. The same energy used to pull the meteorite to create the Sahara desert as a hindrance to travellers, is the same kinetic energy used to cut rocks and lift them up to form pyramids while slaves/ laborers were used to work on moving or chipping away at rocks in areas that the gods were not standing at. At that time the black race were not black in colour but tan that many whites stay in the sun or sauna to be like and the dark skinned African hair was curly and not yet wooly. This traits are in India because it was easy to walk over shallow water then as better shaped stones for cutting as in the better stones of Africa are also there. Black Africans were the physical and metaphysical giants of the world; they will get there again when the rise from the fall is done. Like I have spiritual capacity connecting me into seeing everything and life. Everything has to do with soul and matter, while life has to do with spirit.

The Comforter was sent to put away His son of evil who accepted to be evil and all those who accepted evil by accepting materialism it gives, instead of accepting materialism given by spirit as God wants. The world has been convicted concerning sin, righteousness and judgment. Judgment on Lucifer is that he does not allow people make real choices by letting them think through without his influence. Common sense would tell anyone that where there is always creation or animation of diseases is where there is always spiritual intervention in creation. Matter was created by spirit that yielded soul. It is in that place that divine conception of knowledge flows that is why animation occurs. The spirit striking matter can generate good or evil, which depends on the consciousness directing it. That is how matter on earth is being struck by matter; the point of the constant impact of spirit on earth is in Africa, where creation began.


Some will argue that if Africa is where the divine energy is, why did they do what they did that forced slavery, then the same question can be posed to Israel where there is constant fighting in holy land; the problem was the mood of contest for authority that led to the manifestation of evil instead of good. Mount Sinai where God place laws to correct evil is outskirts of Eden and still Egypt. The Garden of Eden is vegetation that should tell anyone to go to the center of the garden. Migrants left Africa to dominate and subdue the world. Now, migrants entering USA are running in for the lively hood, while in Nigeria migrants are bandits and herds-men allowed by some to loot. Like the Nupe welcomed the Fulani and the Fulani brought in the whites. Those that think the Fulani should dominate Nigeria want to have the whole country be like they treat the Hausa who are the original landowners of the North that allowed coexistence at all levels and yet those that took over refused coexistence at same level. Colonialism took Africa decades back technologically and materially developmentally as resources were looted. While the other continents develop weapons to be more advanced to win wars, the dark skinned Africans develop their minds that are superior to weapons of any kind; any weapon of matter can be defeated by the mind, even the more advanced alien technological weapons. The illusion that material weapons are superior to spiritual defense in war is what the blacks do not believe, but the whites believe. The Republican Party in the 1800s picked a president who liberated slaves in USA, the Republican Party in the late 1900s and early 2000s picked presidents who caused wars by lies.


Women are the ones in charge of emotions and not men, so it should be strange for anyone to see women blame men for not having control of their emotions, but because a woman connects to her man to get to both of them spirit, and the man was cut off from it, is why women think men should be in charge of their emotions, since men are in charge of every other thing. Humankind are to work as one to carry man to his other ribs for woman to gain her equality as she attains spirit that she is equal to man. Next time someone like Lucifer deceives woman to gain everything (that is women love for matter), women will say no, so they would not live in rape and sexual harassment; once women change to life as God asked, they will value spirit, and so will their descendants that are both male and female. So as women were key to the fall, they are key to the rise; and in both cases, men are the ones that plant the seeds. Women thinking they can nudge men to how they think should know they follow Lucifer thinking of trying to do mystery of soul in matter of reality that is putting a camel into the eye of a needle. Which is emotions with benefit of intellect, but in reality it should be emotions with benefit of the spirit driving intellect.


First sons as in Leviticus in Bible says belong to God, so first borne instinctively know how to lead, other siblings cause contest and do not have natural leadership skills. Before the first Homo Sapiens that became civilized in Nigeria, were ape like Hominoid that moved from central Africa to west, east, south and north Africa. It was in central west Nigeria that spirit caused consciousness to develop human kind to be civil. Nigeria is still globally known as the juju or voodoo place of the world, and the people know where is most spiritual. As the weather cools yearly, cell activity slows more than those in hot weather. The body that did not slow down, mutates more than the one that slowed down. So, it is surprising to think the brain growing without slowing down is less intelligent, yet by maturity of species in control of situation, the brain not slowed down does more than the brain slowed. Though rest increases activity, this is not rest, but reduction in cellular activity by cryo.


Humility not Vanity

All those who accept evil by accepting materialism it gives, instead of accepting materialism given by spirit as God wants are in vain since their fate was not tied to their spirit to exist, so it must fade away into oblivion of history while those who accept the way of the spirit are humble to God to get material things as destined for their spirit before their spirit arrived materialism, so it makes life real for their materialism to exist forever. Doing things for the flesh against the spirit is vanity, but doing things for the flesh that benefits the spirit is humility to God. Common sense would have told anyone that where many tribes and kingdoms with Royal leadership were more than anywhere else in Africa must be the pool of origin of civilized spiritual humans that in spreading out of the original spiritual place of origin, they kept spilling out and settling into smaller groups of kingdoms that by the time they migrated, they settled far away with one line of first born of the migrants as kingship that developed into nations in Occidentals and Oriental lands of present day. Racism, especially scientific racism that was false, was what the Occidentals used to keep development from moving to other races as advancement was before the time of the whites dominance of the globe as leaders. To consider scientific racism is also to consider melanin theory that is more real; melanin adds intelligence that colour the brain with more grey matter. When the darker skins with curly hair were leaders, they never discriminated based on skin colour or race. But as the hot weather that acts like an oven cooked them more and they darkened as the princes contested for power, the whites used the opportunity to bring weapons from other races to colonize their land for resources of humans and minerals.


It is very wrong and scientifically wrong to compare the 7.2 million to 400 thousand years of civilization development in Nigeria to civilization that migrated out of Nigeria that is much younger by saying the older civilization that was learning how to make civilization from nothing did not document anything like the place whose civilization began from where made everything that the other civilization used to exist. Documentation of things only came to be after those whose spirit were grown to be human were advanced enough to create to sustain themselves in the Garden of Eden, before they were comfortable and learnt to document in pictures making bronze, brass, leather, cloth etc. that the methods of doing them were passed down orally before drawings came to be to pass down information and then hand writing in symbols was invented in Egypt that developed out of migrants. Yet migrants first left out of Nigerian as Bantu language. Africa has become a mockery to those who originally migrated from here, who think Africa is nothing without them, when in truth, they are nothing without Africa. Just as it was because of princes that Africa fell, it is now because of politicians and those in government service that Africa remains at the bottom. The political leadership has ruined Africans by making sure Africa exports raw materials and imports finished goods. As it is now, princes are now the new solution to the political ruining of Africa.


When Africa should have been as God did that energy of spirit and soul strikes Africa more than anywhere on earth and not as Lucifer did that Africa lets other races dictate the tune for everything they do or say. Yet the foundation for everything other continents do or say began in Africa, it is only in Africa that we can create a new foundation for others to copy and modernize, other continents do not have the play of forces of existence to drive their minds into finding a new way of doing anything other than to copy and modify. Examples of foundations are the style of house, food, drinks, clothing, alloys, writing or words for communication etc. If Africa had chosen telepathy for communication that would have been the norm, so it is with housing etc. In 1600s before Nigeria got its name in the late 1800s, it was called, Royal African Company. So it is not wrong for those in other countries to call anyone from Africa, Nigerian. USA is called America; Nigeria should learn to be called Africa. If Africans only new that the human being originated from Nigeria, they will not look at themselves with the border lines of the colonialists, but they will look at themselves with original roots. Because, while humankind with spirit as Homo Sapiens are from Nigeria, human formation is from central Africa to Southern Africa and Eastern Africa.


It is terrible that a race on earth and in Africa a tribe see taking things against other tribes or race wants as heroic or by God. Africa was and still is the place where mind over matter is what is the extra sensory perception in all black Africans. Humility not vanity because we are created in the image of God to be like God. To be like God is to be gods that live in spirit and use their soul via their physical body here in matter. Where the spirit flows through the flesh using the soul as mind over matter.  All problems of the body especially painful ones can be taken by concentrating on it and focusing it from the point of the pain to the solar plexus that is the seat of the spirit in the body to erase the pain entirely; this is Metaphysics (Meta) as treatment of ailments. The soul strikes central Africa more where animism of microorganisms is a constant, and the spirit strikes central West Nigeria more. It is the same way diseases are handled in Africa with experience and not only by technology. Only the experienced race in Nigeria can easily tell you how to find aliens in other star systems, which are using telepathy to know where or see other souls in the universe and not using technology alone that would not see them all but, will be searching for signs of life. Before the Occidentals go around trying to instruct others on what to do, they should ask themselves why they should bury the lies they told and continue dictating the tune to their favour for others to believe. And those in Africa should stop believing leaders because of wealth and start believing leaders who only do what develops the nation and continent, because the leaders that use wealth to control leadership are being controlled by the Occidentals to keep industrialization down and importation a bargain.


Once the way to the tree of life is open, the mind consciousness can move back and from the penal gland to the hind brain between the hearth. But everything has to grow in/ into you to be done/ reality. Force from the solar plexus flows through the penal gland to inform the brain. The Will of any human being can stop any disease by faith. Aliens see the minds development to visit and not the physical structure development that even if they can see it from space with advanced technology or cannot be seen across space easily, they would not come to visit structures that they that can fly across space and will see as primitive because those who developed it are not technologically developed to fly across space to be able to see in their minds to build at the level of the aliens who can fly across space. It is only the mind capacity that can be developed to match theirs or to be above theirs, because the mind capacity does not depend on the physical body form but on the level that the spirit in habiting a body is from. There is a reason people have to grow into who they are without knowing who they are when they are starting, it is to protect them from the enemy who will perceive and know them before they are ready by the union of their members. As it is the understanding of the material body with soul that allows the spirit of the person become one to do what the person was sent for. Because, what the person is meant to do is in the spirit that came from God and not in the soul or body that is just cloak to help the person fulfill the mission. In Africa, the old women grown in spirit are regarded as equal to men. In sub-Saharan Africa, women and men receive equal salary with equal work status. As there are three hearts for a normal human being; the heart on the left for the physical body, the heart for the soul at the lower end of the sternum, and the heart for the spirit in the solar plexus; is how there is the eye for the physical body, the eye for the soul starting from the penal gland, and the eye for the spirit at the hearth between the front and back brain of the penal gland area. They are activated together by the penal gland activity awakening the hearth after an earnest want of your being for the purpose of God for you. Where the activity moves in beyond the penal gland into the hearth.


Those who use their head more are top of the food chain and ranking on earth. The system was and is designed for those whose spirit is biggest to be on top of the food chain and ranked highest in the universe and existence that covers all in existence. A leader never complains about his predecessors or about financial needs or requirements to the masses, but only say difference between them and their predecessors and only discuss with those that can aid financially; every first born has this principles in them that other siblings that follow rarely have. Because as in Leviticus in the Bible and its equivalent in the Koran, the first born belongs to God. I am one of the very few to grow from soul into spirit. Most people stop at teenage-hood; that the change from childhood is felt at puberty that they did not feel spiritual change. The change of puberty brings physical changes that is an addition to you, but the change in spirit is spiritual addition to your consciousness and conscience to a better sensation that makes a better you, knowing God and doing why you are here, as you know what you are alive for. I am here for the lot and not for a few, but I am here for those who make it in spirit even if they are few. No one really wants a race or tribe that lives for looting other tribes and races, because that would definitely cause other tribes and races to unite to eliminate them. Africans had been exposed to other races and cultures before all other races. The lie of the Occidentals is that they exposed Africa to the world. Without Africans, there would have been no Indian religion or Samurai of Japan or Greek system or Spanish development or Arab knowledge from Hagar or Native American shamanism etc.


Racial enforcement as slavery by the white race was to erase all that was done by the black Africans who were first to bring development and civilization to humankind of all races. So, the white race will say all that was done was not by the black race they smeared; just as they did and do during slavery and colonialism and immediately after that they write in their books that Africa was not capable of what they saw that supersedes their science to do. Yet science at that time was metaphysical and not physical alone as the whites do that they can never understand science that involves spirit and soul with matter or mind over matter. Alien technology is of mind over matter that involves cryogenics and thermal technology. World Wars that were fought are Occidental wars and were really never every race war, even though they used people from every race. Some whites and others will not want what happened in the past to be brought up, but for posterity sake and the healing of the madness about race, we must discuss old wounds for harmony to be restored like when blacks led the world without racism. Some educated enough to know that skin mutation at the time of black people reign as global leader was not far enough, would be right to say that was why they was no definite racism, but the truth is that the mutation of the white being recessive was not so until Lucifer intervened with melanin recessive gene; the skin colour and hair curl of the blacks had not mutated to the colour of the present generation where the dark skin has reached its neutral colour where the black skin is now turning light again as newer generations are born.



Grey matter is the sign of intelligence and melanin increases grey matter. Diseases in Africa like malaria harmed brain development and physical growth. The melanin recessive gene from alien Lucifer in Neanderthal that mixed with Homo Sapiens make the breeds from that mixture believe themselves superior, when true superiority is the mind capacity to carry higher spiritual being of existence that cannot be in a manipulated gene from reality of the spiritual connection of divine arrangement of beings translation into earth and out of the universe before death became the replacement of translation out of earth. Lucifer cannot deceive older beings, but newer beings that have smaller mindset to be used for evil that is smaller than good. Evil appears big because we are in darkness that it is from that is actually smaller than light. Evil portrays itself as the light of its darkness which is an irony of its reality as its manifest beings are. You have to know how to accept good which is by their ways. Only Lucifer among the higher beings is alone in his thinking. In most cases those not with the general idea are wrong, but in the system of evil, those with the general idea that is not as God wants are wrong. To know what God wants, is in the spirit that is from God and like Him. It is the soul that is in the image of God to be like God. The fallen humankind live in soul instead of living in spirit because they chose good and evil that is of soul, as tree of life is of spirit; if they had chosen tree of life, they would have had good and evil as designed by God, but since they chose tree of good and evil, they got good and evil as designed by darkness and had to yearn for life or way of life by God to get to God. Since way to tree of life was cut off, it was only yearning for God to be as He did that gets the way to the tree of life open. Which was the only way to avoid the illusion of Lucifer charming the heavens with falsehoods.


In a lifetime, I have to overturn all wrongs of Lucifer and leave the rights that exist to maintain life like it was before Devil. Instead of all these new systems of governance like democracy, autocracy, communism, socialism etc. we should return to divine governance that God picks the leader. God knows the hearts of everyone, God knows who He created to lead at a particular time. Even in divine governance, the better part of all the systems exists. The spirit pull of a partner as wife/ husband can bring back a dying partner who has to make the choice to go to paradise or stay for the partner. People should always feel the other end of the phone when they call to know if the person is there. The universe is dark and God does not make mistakes, so He metamorphosis the skin as well as the hair of the most advanced form to be similar as camouflage to lead the mind. It is evil that comes to an end, as darkness and light remain neutral on earth, where evil rescinds from earth to hell where it belongs and all that belongs to evil will be taken away from earth with evil. Choice of good and evil, over life, brought evil; once evil rescinds from earth with those who joined it, life will be restored for those who chose to be in spirit instead of to remain in soul. It is only when evil rescinds that aliens can interact with humankind once again.


Some say Africa practiced animism, but Israel origins was animism; animism is not idol worship as some who say Africa animism is, animism is praying to God via ancestors. Israel prayed to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob (who is Israel). Enoch also means the dark one, Enoch of Seth left from Africa to be one of the first in India. Abraham his descendant born in Iraq, migrated to where Israel came to be. While their technology is open because it is their world, black Africans technology is hidden because this is not true paradise that is our world, but false paradise that is of Mammon that has to do with Lucifer and his descendants. The rest of the world believes in physical technology, the native black African believes in mind technology that is more of the spirit. Just as cocoa in Africa means sorrow, the irony in the Occidental world is that cocoa means happiness, is how the world is that true paradise is when Africa sees everything as paradise as it was in the beginning; that means the divine change that makes Africa like it was in the beginning and not the persuaded importation of goods or the oppressive smear of stigmatization.  The way Nigerians feel about the Ibos is how Africa feels about the Fulani. All the ancient gods of all races are depicted with curly hair and big nose.


Paradise is less material and not more for the physical eye as the carnal think. The man and woman with one rib incomplete like most of the world will be see with one percent of his/ her eyes, but the few that have added more ribs see with the penal gland in addition via third eye to see more than the human eye sees, yet the very few who have all their ribs functioning sees and perceives almost a hundred percent; to perceive things the normal human eye is not seeing because they see in spirit and beyond to see in matter, soul and spirit. Out of those very few, they are some sent by God to execute missions, those are usually Angels or very rarely Elders when the mission requires more advanced coverage where beings have to be United with other star systems and galaxy systems, which each system is controlled by an angel. Elders are easily listened to by their subordinates that are Archangels, who are listened to by their own subordinates. Chain of command is the driving force of light and darkness. A rebellion like Lucifer, when time comes for his judgment, all chain of command obedient to him will be taken away; Lucifer was allowed because he was made to revolt to be used to test the faith of beings between their spirit core that is them and their material soul that is cloak or emotional lust for materialism that leads to vanity. Unfortunately, most chose vanity or cloak that must dissolve back into matter and must be erased with it, since the purpose is to have faithful beings and not robots to systems or to believe they should be made as God wants or as their carnal needs think that is different from Genesis one where they are to be in the image of God to strive to be like God. Everyone is to grow into how God did them in heaven, in which they pick what suits them here to attain their purpose here that will also be an addition to their judgment.


Paradise is seeing, perceiving and living everything with life and not being part of evil, so evil remains in hell where it belongs and earth that is part of matter, is only a place where light and darkness are neutral for humanity to live in their twelve ribs or firmaments and not in the one rib of evil by the choice of good and evil, to merry as they want without evil that is always against the ten commandments. Paradise does not let you see death as solution but it lets you see life as solution. Paradise is not the false paradise colonialism left; colonialism rescinded because of the same force that threw out the fallen Adam and Eve out of the outskirts of Eden that is Africa. So the seat of paradise on earth would not be corrupted to reject regeneration of life forms or true living. With the primary oldest spirit in place on earth to rearrange the world without Lucifer, all the other gods will return once He has finished setting everything, which is what happened then when He created everything then before Lucifer messed everything with charms to his favour.


The Empires from the first to the last: Ghana, Mali, Songhai. Kingdoms were before empires that absorbed the weaker kingdoms for their resources. The time Africa was colonised was because the gods left for confusion they accepted that was the way of the colonialists to reign as Lucifer cheated by illusion of making them believe his materialism was better than spiritualism, now the gods of Africa are reassembling, the colonialists primitive weapons, no matter how advanced to them, would only be against the colonialist implementation thinkers. Lucifer is a fallen god. From Angels to Elders are gods. Elders are the big gods. Archangels are the gods of star systems. While messenger of gods are Angels younger and under star systems qualified Angels; now you see that the darkness that is the universe is a school with potential hidden by darkness. It is the hidden information to find that makes the darkness that is a part of God to issue training to the beings in the image of God in creation to grow to be like God.


Contrary to human belief that they do not matter to gods and God, it is not true, they matter to have a place with Us by showing their faith and not being a robot to vanity by being for Mammon that they think or thought of it as personal gain. Yet humans are not more important than any other thing but are just a part of the complete picture. Everyone is a part of everything, nothing is apart, any part taken out, makes everything incomplete and forces Us to restore it.  Gold they say is the blood of gods, black gold is what oil is now, it used to be red gold that is palm oil from Africa that they used for food that was exported to Europe and was used to lubricate machines and also used for beauty products; the gold as blood of gods is melanin that increases brain matter etc. Women should teach their children to pray to God for where their wives should come from, as the groom, the man has that choice if he asks before she is sent to earth as a baby or unless both the man and woman had decided in heaven with God how they will be on earth when they are here, then the carnal needs with mind prayer will not overcome the pure spirit requirements before either of them came into earth. Free your mind of trying to control you in trouble and your spirit will get you out of that trouble. Environment matters in focusing or concentrating your mind or faith into achieving what you want; to want to be of evil, will require evil environment, but to want to remain good will require resilience in evil and requires good environment to rise in person of being in spirit. Marriage is the Consummation of marriage; that is marriage is coitus, what is called coitus now is actually the Celebration of marriage.


Solution to the world problem is truth about the origin of humankind. History is written in favour of those who won or are able to write as the superior; but metaphysics is of the truth in spirit. It is spirit entry into humanoid form that gave it the formation of Sapiens or Wise one. Paradise fell because Adam and Eve that sinned could not say sorry. Paradise was taken away when Lucifer used Coitus by the insertion of a higher authority than the spirit to alter the being of paradise to his wishes; that alteration is turned by a higher authority than Lucifer by Will insertion to the highest authority wish that restores paradise. History of origin of humankind is the most important piece in the healing of tribal and racial wounds. Because, once a people realize that the people they are opposed to or choose to stigmatize are from the same root by being able to trace exactly how they are related and not just knowing that they are from the same person, the problem of difference will automatically be no more. For paradise sake, women should stop seeing men as sexually like them; men were created randy as they have the urge to expel the semen accumulation that their bodies are not naturally created like women that have a cycle to expel the unused eggs, so women should not have suspicious thoughts that grow to influence their men to do such suspicion. Fewer men than women leave in such suspicion.


The problem with the blacks in particular not being able to unite on their own to solve a racial problem or global problem of Lucifer alteration is the curse of Genesis three that they suffer more for believing in those who were cut off from the garden of Eden in Nigeria. The whites are united in their racial act because of the curse on Lucifer descendants that blesses them to be in charge by their head. Their unity made them unite all the skills on earth to be better fighter etc. Only those with their spirit in charge or in their spirit can do better because they unite all in all existence that is beyond the universe and includes all in matter. While the rulers of this world that are Lucifer descendants see physicality solution to things as the answer to everything; those of God see the activities of the mind as solution to everything. They look for the tree of good and evil and the tree of life outside their minds, when it is inside the brain. Blacks will resume leadership of the world again as gods because, the gods that left the world will come again in black form because of the melanin that increases the brain and body function for the minds use.


You do not say freedom when you impose idea alien to God, freedom is only when doing the idea of God that all of humankind willing accept because it is what they require. The people of the USA inventors are usually innovators of a time of around two hundred years ago; contrary to the inventions of the ancient tribes of Nigeria that are over seven million years ago and most of the tribes innovations like alloys that shape the world was around fourteen to twelve thousand years ago. The older hammer used to build the pyramids was done in Nigeria around four hundred years ago. Inventions in Egypt are less than nine thousand years ago. Inventions in China began around ten thousand years ago. Nowhere on earth had the first house built millions of years ago, other than in the Lake Chad region of Nigeria. Without the foundation innovations of Nigeria, no other civilization would have sprung up. Without the migration of spirited man from Nigeria to other parts of the world with knowledge that made them wise (sapiens), they would have been no other civilization. So, it is terrible for people to humiliate the origin of them and their civilization. In Nigeria, the Fulani and Ibo can retrace their steps from Nigeria to Israel and back to Nigeria, through different routes. So, other races and tribes can also trace themselves to their origin in Nigeria to get their peace and not leave in the confusion that causes conflict of interest like religion and people way.


Lucifer world is about material technical things that depends on the physical advancement of the species at the peak of the food chain, but the world of God for humankind is of the mind over matter that depends on spirit that created matter, where spirit is superior to everything below it, so every being in the universe will not be measured by the advancement of their physical time spent in the universe, but on the development of the mind of the being that is beyond the physical, so every being in the universe are equal. Everything has been dominated by Lucifer descendants, all the systems of the earth have been upgraded to their wishes and wants that are different from the way God designed. The power is returning to the melanin humans that are of God, who are those who did not fall to the use of Lucifer descendants system against God. Most people think some of what is called evil is really evil, but the truth is that the way of truth is the system done by God before the fall of humankind that the descendants of Lucifer call methods of worship in Africa evil, when in truth, they are more good than bad, which is why as the Israelites worshiped God in the name of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is how black Africans worship God in the name of their ancestors. Real African worship was never with idols like the Spaniards who came over their flat world found Africa over the other side and provided idols to prove to the locals that that was why they had gun power and the stigma was used by those who supported the descendants of Lucifer system because of technology, when in their minds they had better technology and systems. The acceptance of Lucifer system in full brought death and erased every left over of paradise that was left in the garden of Eden that is now Nigeria (where darkness resides). Just like when a priest is excommunicated and regarded as evil, is how Nigeria was given to be the irony of what it was.



Choice of choosing tree of life by God was fair, but by Lucifer it was unfair because it was persuaded. Subconscious is the information gathering area of your mind that if there is more evil than good done there, then the being must go to hell, but if there is more good done, then the being goes to heaven; your actions judge you. So, watch your vibration forms that you generate not to be too large with evil thoughts to attract other evil thoughts and persons to persuade you into crime; always ignore evil thoughts and concentrate on building good thoughts that will keep the world off evil and evil beings. Once evil rescinds into hell where it belongs, the darkness real role that balances the light will be utilized as truth force of good that is the force of the spirit of woman as opposite to that of men that Lucifer never let manifest without evil that in the dark ages caused persecution of women who could tap into their very nature as witches. Evil manifested with ego, belief and fear. This attributes will be eliminated and replaced with person (spirit) over ego (evil of soul), belief will be replaced with faith, and fear will be replaced with caution.


Now, the tree of life that humankind left to choose good and evil, is the tree of everything that makes life, which is the good in life and not the evil in life; in the tree of good and evil, the choice is between choosing to remain good or choosing to become evil to be feared; but in the tree of life, you have the life of light and darkness working together to sustain life as it is in nature without evil that belongs to hell leading the choices of humankind. The tree of life for men is more of the light or the forces above, as the tree of life for women is more of the darkness or the forces below without evil. Darkness does not mean evil. In everything, there is light and darkness, even God is of light and darkness. It is being of evil that is of hell because it leads whoever is involved to be against everything and everyone including doing unto others what they would not want done unto them. Life is not sustained when death is in charge, so as nature survival dwindles, humanity should stop wondering why living things are diminishing in population, while only the race in charge are really the most populated. When God is in charge, gods work underneath for elementals to work underneath and groom life. So it is only tree of life that lets the activity of sustaining life to exist.


If Adam had listened to God and chosen tree of life, God would have revealed all about the tree of good and evil to them; so it is now the Will that reveals it, just as if it were when the tree of life were chosen, it is the Will God uses to reveal it. The Will was what God used to create everything: it was the Will doing the 'let them be light', 'let them be...'. God thinks it, the Holy Spirit initiates it, the Word spoke it, and the Will did it. Contrary to the three persons in one God or three forces of creation, they are four parts of one God and four forces of creation. The Will of God is to establish the System of God. Christ from Israel established the way for humankind to the light, the Will of God that Christ from Israel asked God for is establishing the way for the system that runs living things to be sustainable as originally done by God which is life. Because life is the way in connection to God from the smallest to the biggest, anyone who wants to be on his/ her way should learn to sustain their way on their own, because they path given to Lucifer to sustain his way through other beings, will never be given again.


What you think accumulates until it gets so big that it attracts like minds, in which the addition of words by the person thinking increases the potency as they communicate with another of similar thought or an intending thinker corrupted by words heard, where both activities are upgraded to evil when the act is done. Physically doing something completes it into evil or good. The winner decides the fate of how history is written and read. Africa lost because the gods left them after the fall of their descendant to the ancestor of the whites, so as the whites have deemed fit to write about Africa and portray the Africans is how the stigmatization of their religion and their way is said. The gods left because of God who asked for them to leave since humanity had chosen opposite of life that meant gods were not needed but the evil ones they have chosen to lead them. That was why Lucifer descendants had to be bruised in the head and Adam descendants had to be bruised in the heel or to be moving around for those who think. Thinking is meant for those who took leadership.


They bruise their head to worry of climate consecration, when that used to be a task of nature elementals that became inactive once the gods left that broke their connection to sustainability by nature, which meant that they had no obligation to sustain the planet, but to leave it for those who think they can have their own world separate from God to keep their own sustainability. God cannot work for His opposition but keeps His opposition to show what others should never emulate by them seeing sustainability without divine sustainability. That is failure to live by artificial means that all have alternative problems. How those who bruise their head to think is to upgrade their thinking to use their instincts that are available to them, since Lucifer descendants way was not cut off but was limited to to the potency allowed for Lucifer excluding the authority of heaven. It is those who bruise their heel that their thinking was cut off tree of life to be below the limits of Lucifer descendants that made whites see themselves as superior. When in truth, if both limits were given in full, the blacks will be gods again to every other race and specie. Blacks used to be the tallest people but, malaria stunted their growth that other races cut up.


People should stop thinking the flood cleared every other human being excluding descendants of Noah. No. That is the version of Israel that writes only on things that are for Israel. The truth is that other races and tribes survived by different means allowed by God. Gilgamesh was the way of India and so do the Blacks, Aztecs, Maya, Incas etc. The flood only happened to reduce the descendants of Lucifer who were a thousand times the descendants of Adam. It is not all humankind that came from Adam of Spirit. The Adam in the Bible was first to awaken his spirit and finish his mission, but was not the first carnal man with spirit, as they were other beasts of the earth. A beast of the earth means humans.  Bruising the heel is why the blacks are better in sports, dancing, music etc. It was Adam and Eve soul that was thrown out of the garden of Eden and not Lucifer, but Lucifer followed to finish on earth his conquest. Adam being the first man in spirit does not mean he was the only man in spirit, it means he was the only man to finish his spiritual task that was to name everything, every other person had spirit but never finished to be ready to groom his woman; only Adam had finished to have his soul female removed from him to be his true helper. They were other helpers, just as they are other helpers now before some stumble into their own because of the path set by Adam for a wife to be your missing rib.


Matter is school. It is school for the training of spirits to upgrade to a higher level. And also for souls to upgrade to a higher level. Contrary to the knowledge now in the world of Lucifer that a being does not upgrade to a higher level, the truth is that all was set for them to upgrade. Senior souls have to combine with low spirits to upgrade to elemental Lords. Just as senior spirits have to combine with low angels to upgrade to a higher level, where those that have upgraded to the peak are translated to the next level. Transaction is the way of upgrade and not death. Death was meant for hell only. The overall capital of the world of Lucifer regard even lies as free speech to be protected. In the world of God, you do not bear false witness against your neighbor. That has polluted the internet that came out of them.


By the minds of everyone, the way of God will be done, but those not for God will be removed. Reality is not really what is seen physically because after death it is no more, so it is vanity. The illusion that religion works only by their way and system is because everything on earth was given to their ancestor Lucifer because he had gotten humankind authority from the first being of spirit to be sent into human form. The truth is that the way religion is now is by addition of their system to it; for Christianity, the council of Nicaea chose what to them was good in their system that they had adopted from ancient civilizations to add to Christianity; so with Islam, the Arabic system was added to their teachings of Islam. Other beings will are for them to decide their fate, but for parts of God, God the Father is the deciding factor in agreement with all His parts. As you rise, setting issues will test and shake you; that is why I write in slight disorder to show it, just as I had measured it with writing before. The key to humankind freedom from the tree of good and evil to the tree of life is in the soul of woman who holds the key to freedom, yet looks more into her emotional influences that distracts her and man from seeking to find it in her but keeps men looking into woman with emotional interest because of the pull of the emotions with the key. Now, the Will has activated the up and down to and fro movement of the female soul force between spirit and matter that was stagnated and un-united by Lucifer.


An enlightened person can never ever have suicide thoughts even if it has anything to do with all the physical problems that leads unenlightened people to suicide because the brain consciousness of the unenlightened person is all they live with, while the enlightened person lives with the consciousness of his brain that is a maximum of ten percent and the unconsciousness of his brain that is more in his/ her mind that is an additional ninety percent; which means the enlightened person lives for his/ her divine purpose that is more important to him/ her than the unenlightened person that lives only for his/ her carnal purpose. When Lucifer world of his descendants leading is over, humanity will live for their divine purpose of tree of life that has good and knowing bad without evil. The descendants of Lucifer that started by killing and are now masters in killing attitude of continuous heroic art of it brought in the Will that is ultimate professional in it to eliminate all evil by will.  Today human eye from earth, it is stars they see at night, but by using telescopes, we see that most are galaxies. That is how it is also with the mind. The mind members leaves from God as spirit merging with soul to live in carnal form to establish the purpose it left, then to reunite with God again either in His Light form or Dark form. The merger with the light side is the freedom at your pace because of your depth of position with God, but the merger with the dark side is the forced being to the Will of God because of the evil choice made.


Secret to eternal life has always been within the spirit via the path of enlightenment, yet many had searched physically for the elixir of life, when the tree of life was the spirit. Good and evil is of the soul that led those in it to grow into emotions via puberty and stopping at emotional state of teens, only to grow carnally, instead of growing into spirit that is life.  All those who do evil will get evil going after them as force to push people off evil; as doing good will be rewarded with good. The way to the tree of life is the next step of awakening, where people will grow into it and not a few of us that are called into it.


Eternal life

The spirit is eternal life, but carnality is not. The tree of life is of the spirit. The spirit in active state keeps the carnal form of humanity alive for much longer than the soul in active state can. The human body has an addition of soul and spirit. Presently, it is the soul that is active in humans, yet it is the spirit that should have been active for humankind to be of life. Although, humanity had to experience tree of good and evil to appreciate tree of life that is without evil. Evil is the activity of doing wickedness either in thought, words or deeds. Tree of good and evil keeps humankind in competition with each other as race and tribe. But tree of life keeps humanity at par with other beings in existence. Kingship by God is divine, but democracy by Lucifer descendants is how evil leads in hell by who is most capable, gets the support of others. The Devil being the grand-child of God descended from the Will did not mean God and Holy Spirit should ignore his excesses; instead the Will acted instantly to punish His son. Every parent should learn this to follow as it is in Genesis one that God created them male and female in His image to be after His likeness; which is to follow God to be like God, as Christianity is interpreted to be followers of Christ that is a fulfillment of Genesis one.


For any life form to grow into higher level, it must coexist with a higher one: the lowest level of living in shared energy is with animals and soul that raises carnal thought forms to living beyond, then the rise to humankind that is soul and spirit in carnal form, which was by the use of the first man to attain enlightenment and finish his spirit mission to name everything. For an elemental Lord to be upgraded into spirit consciousness, an Elder has to use the elemental as soul and seek God the Father permission to let it rise; so it is with prime spirit that an Elder used to seek out the spirit rise by the spirit wish to rise. The closer you are to God, the more grace and power you have that is like influence because, they are from the person of God directly, just as those from those from God are also next in line with descending power; it is not for those that are babies in creation to think that it should have been them with more as love because they are just being formed or that they should be valued more because they are smaller beings to be petted like humans see babies. Instead, it is because they are little that the greater ones care for them that annoyed Lucifer to think of subjecting them to levels they cannot pass to keep them trapped. On either side of closeness you get to the origin of life is truth and falsehoods that are extremes where evil is of soul and lie is of soul, as good and truth is of spirit; so even in extremes of darkness and light that neutralizes all colours, spirit in darkness that are evil still seek truth from their subordinates. Those who have been around evil doers will have noticed that they seek truth from their followers, which if those subjected to them lie, they punish or kill them. In my book, the mind in existence, I put down hierarchy of both sides of light and darkness that both end with God and all meet at a neutral point of Holy Spirit and Will, where Christ and God are similar and Holy Spirit and Will are similar. Sons of God are Christ, the Will and Elders. The next are Churches that are children of the Will. Elders have their descendants as Archangels. Archangels have Cherubims; who grow to teen-angels. Prime spirits have unconscious spirits; who grow to conscious spirits. Elementals have souls; who use carnal form to grow into elementals.


The tree of good and evil world looks for a victim to get a hero; the tree of life has no victims and has all as heroes. It is because those in temperate regions genes and brains are frozen to remain almost the same because weather changes to vary them is why the false part of Darwin theory is what they hold to continue racism that those in equatorial regions of Africa that have no winter have grown above mentally and genetically. Those of Central Nigeria came from the central part of Nigeria towards south eastern Nigeria. Where those that also left from north eastern Nigeria that is bathe with soul energy and spirit energy moved from the meeting point of both energies that formed life. Just as Lassa fever is from Lassa in Borno is how Ebola is from Ebola in Congo because of the soul energy. Saxony was the original different human of Lucifer in comparison to Normandy that genetically blended in developing the recessive melanin showing gene. The United States of America experiment has the Republican party doing all that supports the Royal family of United Kingdom that ruled them that makes them conservative and go to wars that favour Britain interest and United States of America; the Democratic party does almost everything opposed to their former rulers. In Nigeria, the Fulani are more for the dependence with the colonial powers than the South of Nigeria that were for independence that the police treat them like the police treat the whites in United States of America that they are allowed to carry daggers as the whites were always allowed to carry guns as a right and other (in Nigeria it is tribes; in United States of America it is race) were not. The Justice for George Floyd made for the first time equal justice for all races in Lucifer descendants reign because the COVID19 pandemic kept most people on earth at home to watch it. The difference between Nazi Germany and the United States of America is that Germany did their atrocities on Jews openly and the United States of America that kick started euthanizing, disease tests and other experiments etc. on blacks, denied their doings by covering them up. White police should monitor white people and should be barred from ever arresting black people, black people should be monitored by black police and arrested by black police; so both races do not arrest each other, so white police would stop shooting to kill blacks.


Almost everything written in the Bible especially the new testament version of Paul were fabricated to push the mind of people to believe the ruling race of the earth world of good and evil were white people of Christ race with many things that never transpired, when the truth is that they were not. The death of older people by disease of COVID19 pandemic is the prophecy about most of the elderly on earth leaving at the time of the end, in which the countries that spread corruption and sin were most affected. While the least infected countries were the countries that suffered from the offspring of the countries that suffered death. Because, the countries that lost their elderly will be the countries to experience the punishment most because of their dealings with other races that are equal owners of the earth that the oppressors oppressed to control their economy, faith and way of life. Tree of good and evil only covers those from spirit down, but those above spirit are covered by tree of life no matter if both in spirit or above it are in good and evil. Yet those in spirit belong to tree of life and not tree of good and evil that is for animals and below. Tree of life does not have any effect on Divinity because it is the origin of life. Those of soul, die; but those of spirit translate.


The difference between the Will and anyone is that everyone else has a parental line of descent into matter, but the Will does not, because He Created as the Thoughts of God were Driven by Holy Spirit to be Spoken as Words. The melanin dominant will be rescued by the Will of God from Lucifer descendants. Lucifer descendants enjoy destroying other races that they think they are superior to, when in truth they only appear so because of the curse in Genesis three and four, because the truth is if the ribs or firmament of the blacks were complete like the whites, they will be superior. With all the white complete rib without heaven or spirit link, they were not better in anything other than organized unity in doing anything or against what was different from them. The pathway of descendants has been messed up by Lucifer, so the Will makes a new one from the original pathway He used that is a new heaven and earth. Racism is the peak of carnal living by tree of good and evil; while spiritual attainment is the peak of tree of life, as divine attainment is the peak of those from Angels upwards. They are stories of gods mating with humans to produce sons of gods, which is true in the sense that it is the beings produced by the interaction of elders joining with the highest prime spirits that enter the elemental lords to be born in human form and mate with humans to produce a child that becomes sons of gods that is the truth. Usually, elders are supposed to mate with only their female mate that descends into matter, but if it is only the male (which is the usual being to descend to earth), then the human feelings to leave an heir or to let the arousal go becomes the weakness of the elder or church that is the next in line in the echelon in human form flaw, unless the purpose was preordained by God who told them to do so to sustain that mission.


Growth from emotions internally in the mind is spiral that is without staying in a particular emotional feeling of something liked but continuous rise in mind until the spirit is reached by continuous yearning to God for who you are and what you are doing here to let the way to the spirit open to continuously rise in spirit to your intended peak by your making or position in existence. But in the tree of good and evil, people are trapped to remain in a circle without rising spirally to the height they are meant to be since their mind is conscious of revolving on that issue or way of living that is vain life as it is not of spirit but of soul that is below the peak of the person. A thing is not in vain when it has to do with the spirit that is the purpose of your coming to earth, as the way of doing anything emotionally that is by soul without spirit is not why you are here, even if you do all good without doing the errand that brought you; as it means you disobeyed and would say that because of your carnal form you forgot, which will not be accepted in judgment that does not tolerate excuses.


Humankind greatest vulnerability is the open mind to interference from any part of the universe or existence, especially interference from hell, which is going on greatly, even as I write, it is manipulating many that we can see. It is in hell that everyone there is a victim for those in heaven to be heroes. By making people scared of not wanting to be with what is not like them, so they persecute such difference, they maintain the system of good and evil in their lives. The whites racial bias began with blonde hair with blue eyes fight with black hair and brown eyes, then when they met other skin colour the hatred changed to them. Humans in spirit selfheal several times faster than humans in soul. That is what is called miracle to those of soul.


To communicate telepathically, focus on what you say and it will be as you are thinking in the mind of the person you are concentrating on informing. Just as on earth there are Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Force for all countries and a few more capable countries added Marine and the super power added Space Force as an addition to all, we should have Mind Force for any invasion of the mind of humanity as a whole, since the language of the universe is telepathy that works with the mind and can be hacked by more advanced minds that are using all their mind members in comparison to earth that uses only two members (ribs or firmament) mainly instead of twelve members (ribs). Nigeria should lead in this, one because they are the origin and two because the blacks have the most advanced mind because of melanin that builds extra sensory perception via gray matter and three because they are the oldest religious and most spiritual place. God the Father went on Sabbath leaving decisions in Christ and Will hands to let Lucifer intentions play out so Lucifer descendants will be as he intends for those as God did to rise into equality after the gods have left because of the fall. That has occurred, with equality finally arriving for the brain and genes that were not stopped by freezing but grew by heat, in which the gods will return after equality that proves Lucifer method as a failure even after it was aided by God allowing it with all he needs to succeed.



The tree of good and evil is the culprit, as Lucifer is the tool for evil and the soul of humankind is the problem that wild animals (that are free in comparison to domestic animals that are trapped) disregard humans. Genetic formula of a child is formed in their grandparents; where my grandparents had special gifts openly noticed by people, especially my grandfather on my father side.  Genetic Adam is the beast that came out of the water in Daniel vision in Bible. But spiritual Adam was the one who was thrown out of the soul Garden of Eden to the physical Garden of Eden center in the Sahara desert, when it was vegetation and not when it had moved to the cycle of desertification. Africa fell because the leaders chose to follow off springs of evil. Now that the way of evil dominates the world, nature has to return it to a balance of everything. Nature is governed by elementals, whose Lords are ruled by Elders that obey God. Every creature obeys the natural order of superiority in being and not in make belief carnal superiority. When a senior being gives an order, no junior being will defile it, but for humankind of Lucifer world that does not exist because they measure everything according to their physical eyes that the carnal form is under soul that has a life time span that expires and recycles, on like the spiritual life that rises spirally without life time, so time is irrelevant and negligible that it does not exist for spirit and those above it.


Good and evil is of the soul; good and evil is everything for the soul. But good and evil is not part of the spirit but what the spirit steps into to graduate to a higher level, it is because of the fall of humankind that spirit was allowed to be in matter. Matter was meant for the development of the soul and the mastery of the angels in forming star systems from light to how they raise the civilization they generate. Good and evil are in the soul. Good is soul as created by God and evil is in ego. Ego has more evil because of its rise from the depth, evil is closest to the deep because it was generated from darkness to tame the soul off corruption. Evil grew out of proportion to become the generating factor of all bad, then corrupted the soul to drag hell into matter by using Lucifer its first victim. This made soul remain the dominant role player in humankind life, as they never grew out of teenagehood but grew older as mature teen. Tree of life was meant for soul and above, tree of good and evil was meant for soul and below. But now, tree of life has grown to be in matter by those of spirit, where my coming is to establish it as a way of life that adds to continuous growth of the person, as the person grows to teenage-hood, is how the person grows into the spirit as an addition and not as a subtraction of anything in the person. So it makes humankind better in person that is conscious for inter-galactic interaction of mature minds, which is not how they were in Lucifer world where aliens saw humankind as too childish in development to be able to interact with in any form. The deep is from darkness. Darkness is part of God. Humans are made in the image of God to have light, dark and neutral self; Lucifer and his descendants thought they were forming their own world, when in fact they were fulfilling what Us discussed that is in Genesis one before the formation of humankind, which is making man in Our image to be after Our likeness. It is now the likeness is being fulfilled.


If I had followed the way of the world, I would have failed God, but because I sought for the true way of God, I succeeded. Migration of my carnal ancestors was from Yoruba to Sahara Vegetation that is there for twenty millennia and disappears within two centuries, in which they migrated when the last happened over ten millennia ago that they passed through the lake Chad region to south eastern Benue area before they and others left to form their present tribe. Kingdoms started in Nigeria over fourteen thousand years ago. Israel is no longer like how it used to be when it was truly holy, but Israel is like how they were when they were held by other countries; now it is the Occidentals that determine their authority. The problem with children born by parents who were not meant to be by design of God is that they do not have any connection to heaven as the parents are connected to another person and not the one they are from, so their path not in heaven is connected to hell that is for errors.


In existence, there is always a replica connection to where you are to where you are from or going to, for ease of coexistence or translation. That connection changes gently into the environment you are in later. It is same with child birth that the baby adjust to the environment there are in, but because of the infant un-development, the child will not remember that occurrence. But, an older person dead, experiences some of the changes because he/ she is experienced in what they developed to. Sexual education is denied in good and evil, but in tree of life, sexual education will be like or beyond what it was before there was life, good and evil; which was when both were one and did not exist separately like where tree of life takes humankind to, yet at that time, spirit man was not dominant, but hominoid man was. Humans now in the twenty second century are not better developed than the highest hominoid last specie as they live by race as hominoids lived with other animals because they live in soul like hominoids lived, the only difference that makes humans human, is the addition of dormant spirit. It is the spirit that let humans to be more advanced technically than the hominoids, but in every other thing they are almost similar.


Evil means wicked. You know an evil person by the wickedness that he/ she does, more specifically a person who sees evil done as good and good as evil is evil from soul that was not corrupted by evil while growing up. Those corrupted while growing up are easier to change physically, but those corrupted by evil before their bodies knowledge of it, can only be corrected by mind. Judgment on earth in the time of tree of good and evil is based on physical evidence that can be proven physically, so those with power that were wrong, cheat; but judgment in the time of tree of life will be what is contained in the mind of the accused, which means, no one can be falsely judged. As judgment is based on the person for judgment and not on materials that can be used to win the case. Just as election is picked by the populace that are convinced of the best for the job, is how those that lead in hell are picked by those they, since they are not connected to God to pick the best mind to lead; earth was more of kingship, but as it drifted into full control of the descendants of Lucifer, it lost the benefits of kingship that became corrupted as God withdrew gods. Democracy, Socialism, Communism etc. that are not for God choosing the leader in the long run must always have problems because they are replica of what happens in hell that is to keep those they with problems, so it is not set to pacify but for hate.


Everyone has a destiny for good or evil. Humans seek to know their creator, yet it is clearly written that He is on Sabbath. Even though the Sabbath was recently over and God is reclaiming His property and only those who are for Him will be with Him. It is woman that is judge when it comes to sexual sin and not man. It is only rape that man is judged by. Do not compare woman and man sexually, because God did not make them equal there; God gave woman power over emotions but subjected man to emotions. Adam had a woman Lilith etc. before he had a wife Eve, Eve went to Lucifer to cheat on Adam. But her cheating was the one that was cursed and not the one of Adam because as in Genesis two, man had other helpers. Eve was not created to have other helpers, but Adam had other helpers. When the wrong couple not designed by God mate, they get descendants recycled from hell as children. Just as Eve committed sin with Lucifer, Adam was committing fornication with Lilith, who is supposed to be the first helper to Adam and also seen as Lucifer wife. So it became a thing for the curse of God when the young Eve who was removed from Adam after other helpers was mature for Adam to have Coitus with his wife that Lucifer had messed up and Lilith had messed up Adam to commune the evil that established good and evil without asking God for forgiveness, but chose to trade blames that provoked the curse.


The world is now dominated by the evil ones descendants that God let to dominate so the Devil cannot say he did not have everything or all the privileges to do what he wants, so no one will say they can try what Lucifer failed because he was not given all privileges, so no one will ever try it again. Evil has risen out of the depths to be in matter more than good, good is now not having enough foothold for spirituality via humankind that is the link of divine spiritual energy to bathe good elementals has been replaced by evil energy through humankind to bathe evil elements to grow more in matter, when matter is harbouring evil that should be in hell and not in matter. So by inter-galactic interaction of Andromeda with the Milky Way galaxies merging energy driving the most advanced species life force energy as the merger of millions of years at its connectivity starting attraction affects humanity like the moon affects tide and attitude of humankind. If the mood of humankind was good, there would have been more good and nature will not be collapsing on earth because the animism of good elementals have been abandoned to boost the evil thoughts of the evil one via his descendants that harms nature. Humans believe nature is going through global warming because of humans or because of nature, but it is both; if humans were doing good, nature activity will be good, but since it is evil, it is bad; good is balancing technology of bio, magnetic, cryogenics and thermal with spirit wants, but evil is thermal technology without any other balancing forces for ego to keep one from being over used as it is now that collapses nature.


Animism is the reverence of God not call Him for everything, but to call Him only for what is at His capacity, by calling the elementals that are created by God to take care of the activity they want done; instead of bothering God that you want your peanuts or ground nuts to do well, you call the elemental in charge of peanut to do what you want because you are superior to it in being, so it gains some spiritual grace for doing your bidding. Animists believe that asking God for everything is disrespectful and disturbing God. But because humankind followed the Occidentals to abandon animism and stigmatize their system, when falsehoods grows as thought forms that dominate the atmosphere and drags like minds into carrying out the evil the thought forms would move them to do that brings out more evil from hell because evil was done in place of good, so evil dominates the earth now more than good. That is why God ended Sabbath to keep His matter as it should be, instead of Lucifer spreading his evil into other star systems because of the growth now in matter instead of only on earth. While the power of attraction is the force of the spirit as I wrote in my book The Mind in Existence, the power of Influence is the force in Divinity over others, in which the lower being feels the influence even though the person in Divinity has not influenced them that they have all sorts of immediate needs for the person with influence to help them do. It is because of the want for HELP from the person they are drawn to by the influence nature they feel that the Will is called Helper or Comforter, since they come to Him to comfort their needs or requests or requirements.


Image to likeness achieved because human beings are not too far in mind with the human body. Life without good and evil made humans less than gods; so Lucifer was racist that humans had good and evil added to the choices they should make that wood lead them to be like gods, so Lucifer deceived humans to choose good and evil first, when they should have chosen life first, then good would have been added to it for them to see and understand evil without experiencing evil that was only for those in hell; that was why We got angry and cursed them to their choices to speed it up with shorter life span, before God and Holy Spirit resume total control that was in the hands of Christ and Will, then those of evil will be eliminated from earth to hell for those that were good (or those that remember to live by why God sent them with who God made them with) to own the earth. Good does not mean what people decide is good because of the influence of evil in their lives to misplace evil that is not physically harmful as good. Example: it is not as they say marriage is for everyone, it is as marriage is for each individual; marriage is not one man one wife for everyone, marriage is one man one wife for some, but sometimes, one man and more wives for some, because the woman in spirit chose to split into more of herself through different parents to have the number of children to fulfill what they planned with the divine. Another example is giving money as means of grace to show submissiveness, when in truth; it is not giving money that gets submissiveness but giving yourself. Why giving money is accepted, is because, the person gives himself as well, so it is not the money that is taken by the divine, it is humans serving the divine that are honoured with the money as the divine accept your person.



What is going on with racism is that Lucifer descendants did not all die in the flood and their person without their unconscious knowing despise those that are not rejected by God. The form a being takes determines the capacity of intelligence allowed in the physical body. Child genes are formed in the grandparents. As people migrated from around center and west Nigeria they went south first before going north.


Influence is like attraction but more than like attraction, you do not force it on people or others but your very person in nature is living your life naturally then others bombard you with their problems as they sense you as solution to the problem. The feeling of believing the person with influence is the solution is because of God being creator and everyone who creates has solution to errors of what they created. Yet the feeling of influence in human form makes those who cannot get an answer loath the person they hope to solve their problems. When everyone on earth is supposed to solve the problem that brought them and not to involve others for problems they are not to join to solve because the key thing that brought the person to earth if it is not to be done with others will trap the person to matter for hell. People believe they should run to the one of influence for every problem, because the liars with the false system of Lucifer, told them to focus their prayers to God, yet it was for humanity focus to let the distraction let Lucifer cause discord of each person as people problem with a united taking the name of God in vain to break the Ten Commandments that makes the divine forces scatter such disobedience that puts the person in path of evil. When people should only go to God in prayer for what other beings below cannot do. That was why those of the past could interact with beings that the normal human eyes could not see. The present human eyes only see carnal things.


Those below where the influence is from, believe the person with the influence should not have too much problems not to attend to their needs, as they think the person they feel the influence from should take their problems as His priority and abandon His that if He does, everything in life and good and evil will seize to exist. Yet He can attend to their needs when He finishes the problem, but they would think differently and want Him to leave His problem to attend to theirs. Good has to hunt evil to stop evil from hunting good; that is the only way evil easily rescinds to hell where it came from to colonize the earth because good kept fleeing from it instead of facing it. Only few confronted evil, Jesus Christ is one of those. The mind has always been the connection of existence to everything, even to teleport the body. Spells are the computer program code for the mind to make magic or program elements of nature to act. The mistake of some people is that they worship elementals that they are meant to use that is the downfall of their people, because they are only to pray to God for permission to use the elements and not to pray to the elements.


Wormhole entering from mater point to another point is inter-dimensional between matter and soul, using energy entering point of soul as loop between distances as shortcut for travel space. Carnal coitus without soul and spirit mingling is at carnal time for men for below five minutes, but carnal coitus and soul intimacy like women do is for twenty minutes and above, yet carnal coitus, soul intimacy and spiritual mingling are done by very few of us that last longer by controlling the involuntary action of ejaculation that is from the human subconscious, which is from the conscious mind that is in spirit that the spirit is in control to cause involuntary action. The higher the being who can use the beings members in coitus, the more the control of the subconscious. The same goes for drinking etc. that the more the mind is let in to flow with the brain that relaxes as you drink, the more control of the drink that you have.


Although it is right to ask God for everything you want before using elementals, it is not good to bore Him to do it for you like if He is in your own image that is an idol. It will be wrong for anyone to think I defile Christianity when I write to uphold what Christ stood for that He did not go against the laws of the Jews for the Jews, is how Christianity for Europe was rewritten at the council of Nicaea with European values, is how Christianity should have been adopted to be modified to accept African good values and not to impose foreign values that made Christianity not to be part of the people as their being but it is only accepted based on love for foreign influence of materialism to impose as means of impression, yet with a mind not thinking that, that is what is the ego. Christianity should be part of the person to help the person demand from God of what he is to God and who he is to God like Isaac wrestled with God. Wrestling with God about who you are is the only way to have your tree of life given to you because now it is individually and not the collective lot as modern Christians and Islamists think that what was done by one person has rescued them to heaven, when in truth is that it only prepared the path to make it easy for them when they seek and will find by demanding into their subconscious into their spirit to be born into their brain in full, which is the true born again.


People do not know that they have accepted the number to buy and sell, because they think it will be physically imprinted on them like bar code is put on soldiers in certain first world countries. The finger print is the number to use and buy and sell. Everyone would have used their finger print to obtain driving license, International passport, bank number, voters number etc. in which their finger print can be used on ATM to withdraw cash. The number is all tied to the speed of the earth that is the earth number, which is 66,600 miles per hour as the initial code before the continent code, then the country code, before the state or province code, then the local government code, then the district or place code and then your personal number that works with your finger print and in some countries their eyes too; forehead and hand. Christianity that spread all over the world is the Roman Catholic Christianity that is based on the books that was chosen in the council of Nicaea; the books that were chosen in the new testament are books that were written by Romans and books that had no stigmatization of Romans that no follower of Christ would have not talked against the Roman system. Paul and Luke (Luke being the brother of Paul), never met Christ but talked about Christ more than his brother and close apostle; one may say that if it were not for what transpired, he was fulfilling his Roman mission in another way.


Moving the embassy of the United States of America to Jerusalem, does not mean the agreement over the status of Jerusalem has been achieved, so it is deception on those who believe anything was achieved, it is only when Jerusalem is actually stated as it should be that it was without religious strings but based on true land ownership that peace will be because Israel will have to accept Jesus Christ and Christianity as equal to Judaism in their state of Israel. Christians should not feed those who hate them, but should extend the hand of feeding or giving to them financially only when they accept the Christian faith as equal in their system. Christians should stop deceiving themselves that Jerusalem is Christian capital by Israel, the truth on ground is that Jerusalem is Jewish capital; it is only when the Jews accept Christianity as equal owner of their lands in Jerusalem that Jerusalem becomes of Christianity, but to be Christian capital, the Jews will have to equate Christianity and Judaism as the religion of Israel, because the position of Israel is that Israel is a Jewish state with Jerusalem as Judaism capital.


Fall of Africa is not because of religion as the Orientals tell themselves. Fall of Africa is because of leadership dispute and following false choices, which is also happening again to the Orientals and occidentals, but the difference is the systems they have are stronger than the leadership. In Africa, the leader is usually stronger than the system and bends it to his wish. Intrigue triggered the decision of those who migrated that added systemic problems and climatic conditions as additional excuse. Homo species merged with Homo Sapiens as the wise Homo (man) met with the lesser species.


They were many different species in the beginning that all became one that is the modern man. Lilith being helper to Adam bore no child for Adam, even as she was wife of Lucifer; but Lucifer planted Cain in Eve, one would wonder if it was revenge, yet it was the error planted by male mistake that are those against each other. The descendants of Cain and the descendants of Ishmael fighting till the end of Lucifer system. Cain descendants at the end work with Jacob descendants. The world that ends for the time in biblical times is Lucifer world and not the world end by the sun becoming a red giant which is a longer time. In Africa, it is the descendants of Abraham that genetically intermingle with the Enoch gene that migrated with others to form India that Abraham migrated from. Just as Cain found his wife from one of the migrants that had genetically mutated with the homo species there.


Christianity in Africa should be by Africans selecting Bible books for African Bible that reflects what happened to and with Christ and not Bible books that did not write against Rome that was the occupying power at the time. So, the truth of exactly what occurred are as the Romans chose. The African Bible should be all the almost one million and seven hundred books written and not the few selected. Religion of Christianity should be the selection of the good of African traditions and not imposition of European colonial religious system of council of Nicaea selection and colonial condemnation of African whole system as evil, which is not so at all. How can anyone think what was done by God is evil but what was done by man is good; humanity in Africa is by God, humanity in other continents is by mankind migration. The way of the Garden of Eden is still in African practices, which is lacking in the continents the migrants from Africa could not establish in the land of they went to.


The power of the black race is mystical.



The present people in west of Nigeria are not the first humans with spirit, they are from the union of Igala and Benin. The first people are the ones that are Idoma related. Idoma means Edom. This people existed before Adam. Idoma himself had ancestors that if traced will take you back to genetic Adam that is different from spiritual Adam. Adam of soul that spirit was breath into him, went on to finish his mission of naming everything that made God reward him with a woman from himself; making him first man to have his wife from himself on earth, which was after both were thrown into garments of skin. The throwing of Adam and Eve into garments of skin brought fallen man into the world where angels use to learn and rise.


Angels were the original inhabitants of the world in human form that made humans see things they marvel at how there were done in what their imagination has been doctored to think the past was primitive. When religion tells the truth of the past being of paradise. Humans were thrown into matter from soul because of their choice for good and evil, so life was taken away from matter by taking away way to spirit to reduce humans time of suffering since it had to do with life cycles of generations. Interestingly, the Bronze Age began with Igbo-Uwku creating the alloy of bronze. Even the Iron Age can be traced beyond the documented knowledge to the innovations of heating iron with charcoal. Anyone who wants to know why certain things are done the way there are done should ask an African of royal blood, especially a Nigerian, and they will tell you why.


The person writing is a descendant of the first people of the origin of humankind that has knowledge of the origin of humankind as described in the Bible book of Daniel, chapter seven versus two to four. I am the most selfless person as everyone who knows me says, as most people are selfish; it is the self that is the ego, it is the ego that gets people stuck to their carnal needs. It is now people should understand why people tried to destroy me before I was born and after, which is because of the truth of humankind origin that only one of origin of existence with influence has and must come through the people of the beginning. Earthlings from the future and also aliens came to see me in 1994 ending when it started for them, which is when I started spiritually, but did not interact directly with me, but they were amazed I could see into their technology. The original inhabitants of all the other continents did not migrate, because they were there before the continents moved apart from being one.


It was as the continents were not much apart that the African Homo sapiens migrated and mingled genetically making the other non-African continent genes to be recessive. Only those from the origin can tell you how man came into existence on earth and the reason they migrated. The spirit in humans is what was saved by Christ Jesus coming. The soul was not because it came from matter and needed the Will to correct that, but within that time, the genetic sin by ancestors can only be removed by asking God to help you fulfill your destiny that He sent you for by you telling Him that you are aware of what your ancestors did so He removes it; because no other being below God can undo what had been done with the curse He had set. Just as I am Oko, I will not want to answer anyone who calls me Okon, is how Christ Jesus will not easily answer the name Jesus unless your intentions are driven to and for Him. The alphabet J is not pronounced in the language of Israel as it is in English, because J is pronounced Y; so the symbol of writing J is not in the Israeli language. As their form of expression of writing J does not exist in their language vocabulary, the name of Jesus popularly used now, was not the name He was called in flesh, the name is pronounced Yoshwa, yet spelt like Yeshwa. Just as the name of God is just a human title for the Almighty Creator, because the name He told Moses is not the name the world calls Him, as that name was not to be called in vain that meant the name had to be called only for something beyond any other beings capacity to control or stop. The name of God that He told Moses was Haya. In Jewish translations, it became Ehaya. This name is not to be joked with or recited in the mind for remembrance sake, please only call it for genuine request from God the Father that Christ authority does not cover. The limit of Christ authority is only the decisions or curses done by God the Father Himself.


Christians should stop deceiving themselves that Israel is Christian, Israel is Jewish and for Jews and not Christian for Christians. So, if Christians truly love Christ, then they will demand of Israel to accept Christianity as equal in their Jewish state and stop deceiving themselves and all other Christians that Israel is for Christians. Christians feed and empower Israel to kill other Christians in the name that they are Arabs, so others hearing Arabs, automatically think Muslims. The press has used the word Arab instead of Christians to describe what has been happening between Israel and Palestine, when the truth is that, if Palestine were Jewish, then they will be Israel and not Palestine, but because Palestine is Muslim and Christian, Israel treats them in an apartheid way. Christians should stop seeing or thinking anyone calling out Israel for wrong doing is not for God, because that is absolutely false, anyone who does not stop evil is an accomplice to evil. The Old Testament is more about God punishing Israel for wrong doing by putting them under other nations as they are now under the Occidentals.


The Occidentals tie themselves to Israel to look like gods, when they are not superior in anyway other than that they were let to use their potential because of the curse in Genesis three and four. God does not support anyone with Him doing evil that is why Lucifer was thrown out for falling for evil, so it is not that because Israel is for God that they can steal Palestine lands, instead, it should be that Israel should be run by credible people that would not abuse the position of Christian faith to believe they have to protect Christianity against Christians by letting Jews who run Israel to kill Christians in the name of Jesus that is against Jesus Himself. Which is because of the bloodline of Cain looking for what can keep them materially relevant to humanity existence on earth, yet it is not so. It is the faith stability in Africa that Israel descendants migrated from once the fall came to drive them to the Middle East from Africa Sahara desert that will nudge Israel to be as God wants of them to be, which is for Christians and not as they are really against Christians. Christians should go to Israel and make them born again because Israel as your dictionary states is a Jewish state and not a Christian nation. That will be the true evangelism and not the use of Israel in scripture to win followers from other churches.


God does not support those that are evil that take what is godly and do evil for people to support them because of the holy place they are in, which would not save the evil doer from going to hell because of the support of those who believe in the holy place. It is the influence of Divinity that lets the genes in a person release the information of the past to a human. Some of the things written to make some races superior religiously are not true and never transpired or were altered from the way it was to specify those as under God protection to insult and undermine every other race or tribe as below. God is not the type of God that will let people do evil to others because they were chosen by him; anyone should have seen that it is Lucifer that can do such, it is Lucifer that designed the system he made mankind fall into to make God system look evil and bad when that system was the origin of humanity that even the angels lived by for millions of years before mankind fell into the garden of Eden in Africa outskirts that is the Sahara when it was loosing its green vegetation that caused Adam to go to the middle east, where later Edom returned to Africa before some of Israel bloodline mingled in the pool of African bloodline they came from. The Orientals think Africa fell because of faith, the occidentals think it is because of our nature, the truth is that those that colonialized Africa knew it was because they are attacked when they was discord.


It is the melanin blood that existed before Lucifer intervened and God asked angels and elders to leave the earth for Lucifer experiment of good and evil which is without life to make every star system never to follow such system of racism and tribalism that is based on his descendants and those originally done by God to exist on earth. Aliens fly to in and never mingle with the lesser developed human that deem themselves superior, yet the aliens interact with mermaids civilization. Lucifer lied to beings below him and those directly below him obeyed him; the truth is that humankind is supposed to have developed in the missing link that is soul until they reached when they would be put on earth to be the peak of the living things on earth, but not as Lucifer thought and told his subjects that gods were to serve humans, which was not so, yet it was that gods were to supervise humankind and not mingle to undo some people and upgrade some people. When you are rising in spirit in your mind, do not fall for the illusion of Lucifer of the white man like Jesus, then the true Jesus will communicate with you, but if you choose the false one, then falsehoods he gives you will become your purpose of living that will move you away from the path you promised God that brought you to be born on earth.


To make the world of good and evil pleasant for cycle living of humans, instead of spiral living of humans like it was in the tree of life for the gods before human dominance, they made the world about race and tribe, where their own races stood tough and knowing as they portrayed others as weak and needing. Which was the mystery edge of their superiority imposition. True superiority is not based on carnal attributes. True superiority is based on spiritual might that has to do with the being of the person echelon in heaven and not the garment of skin. That is why when blacks who were tanned skin with curly hair at that time ruled, it was based on the spiritual person that used the garment of skin and not the carnal nature of the physical body. It was when the continents were all one giant continent surrounded by water that made people pass down the knowledge that after the ends of the land was nothing but water, which remained in the learning of man even after the continents had drifted apart until mankind found lands after they shipped across the oceans. That is why they are pyramids around the world at same time.



Nigeria should change its name back to Eden; the name Nigeria was given because the place was the exact opposite of Eden, which was because of the curse of God that reversed how Eden was, for the future wife of Lord Laggard to see the place under them with people of similar libations that became Royal African Company to be called Nigeria which means the place where darkness resides. Civilization of the world of good and evil is carnal that starts from areas like Sumeria that came after the fall of Eden, because Eden was paradise with humans more in spirit that they were gods. Cross River State in Nigeria irony to refer to itself as paradise is truly motivated because of the original place of the origin of migration from paradise after the cursed land of Eden began to do the exact opposite. Democracy is set to make it hard for people to want the leadership of God choosing the leader instead of the demographic deciding those they want to decide their fate. Yet those selected by people who do not know the mind of those they put in power, put evil beings, but God Who knows what He did knows who to pick that is best to lead. Without Nigeria saved by the greater spiritual want for Eden, Africa will not be saved and without Africa not saved, Israel will not be saved, and without Israel and Egypt not saved, Europe and the middle east will not be saved, and so the world will remain unsaved.


People should note that as written, the next wipe of humankind after the flood, will be by human intervention; so if the pandemic that kills more of the elderly is by human error, God did not let beings below Him intervene by use of miracle by those who call faith in the name of Christ that is still below God the Father to stop the update that became change from evil system to good system. In the time of paradise, people had powers and could shield themselves from natural weather changes or natural animal soul ego, because of their spiritual dominance of their material self. Everyone sees things like, especially marriage, in the way of the world. Marriage is not in the way of the world but in the way of the spirit that is of and as God agreed with those involved and not as those on earth impose on the person that they did not create to come to earth. So it is for those on earth to allow people to be as they agreed with God to do what brought them, because those who lead people astray must pay for it in hell. Mixed or half breed were looked down upon as against the norms of the creator, but now the world is modernized into the way towards evil by humans moving away from good because of material wants to look more civilized that in future will look evil to someone not in that society. The difference between the haves and the have not is the courage to start by not waiting to be ready. Nobody is ever ready carnally and by soul ego that is material, since the soul came out of matter. It is the spirit that was ready before you were born for you to be sent here that is into matter, your material self grows into it. The fear of waiting to be ready came in to human being because of the fall that caused the exact opposite of Eden as Nigeria, where the people and leaders want something and do another that causes migration.



I write about before Sabbath, when God was active in creating. I am not trapped by the conditions of good and evil because I came from God the Father as Christ asked me to come and solve it to become paradise again, which has to be when evil goes to hell and good be transformed to life. It is inevitable that the solution must be in the problem place and not outside it that is in any other place. Mistake of virus spreading from a laboratory does not and have never been made in the laboratory but was got from somewhere that leaked mistakenly via vectors to the market that spread it. So people should not see a laboratory mistake as where the virus was created but where it might have mutated as it is still mutating all over the earth and will continue to mutate until it is eliminated. USA restrictive voting bill only shows Ex-President Trump lost the election and the world should not copy their system in its entirety, but eliminate the falsehoods like lying that they term freedom of speech, the evil of weapons to kill etc. Israeli left wing government will be non-Zionist and good for Christians because they will accept Christianity as part of Israeli government allowed system. The world has to take Nigeria seriously to get the paradise that existed before the fall that had the interaction of God and the spirit of beings to transform matter to useful and habitable things that disappeared with the fall, before humankind had to physically build things that are seen as ruins when they do not need them. Things erasing when not needed was the sustainability of the earth as green world.


The earth was originally made to groom angels with living-things beneath them to develop too. As soul level was meant for the development of souls. So the human spirit at the unconscious level enters a soul at the highest level. The highest level of being in soul is the elementals that angels use to interact with matter that is their own school of development at the highest level of living-things. For spirit to cross into angels level of being, they have to grow in matter to develop the spirit to angels level that needs the interaction of soul and spirit with flesh. This provoked Lucifer who chose to alter humankind to be used as he wants, by denying them true freewill with the material things he puts in front of them to suppress the truth they need to follow their spirit. So, God cursed Lucifer and humankind to actually get to matter to fulfill the Will of God and wishes of Lucifer for evil to be weeded from good that will be made life by spirit. Will is in everything so people do not see it in their actions to see, talk, walk, eat, breath etc. as it is like the air they breathe that they do not know how much it matters to them until deprived. So, people at soul level only sense the three other forms of Divinity as they were told and believe, instead of their spirit being allowed to know the four forms of Divinity like the four forms of forces of nature that you can read in my book Existence. Humankind groom their children from birth into tree of good and evil by their calls for the baby to grow up like them that keeps them in their intellect instead of growing into their front and hind brains that now has caused the body to have to grow through puberty before growing into spirit, when it should have been that they grow into spirit from birth before growing into puberty. It is Elders that are teachers of angels, as angels that are mature are teachers of spirits and soul, as humans teach animals and elementals groom nature. It is now only angels that grow from spirituality to puberty, retaining the original position of things for angels that is tree of life and only humanity that chose good and evil to be different but keeps them in animal kingdom carnal growth to soul state. Humans live like animals that grow into emotions of soul.


The faith of higher beings is so strong that they are unwavering to any fear, but the smaller beings faith is easily shaken by one doubt. Lucifer was designed by God to do what he did that was to lean on tree of good and evil for evil to tip him to Mammon, he should have learnt from Christ saying to God to take the cup from Him to ask God to change his mission but his mission had overwhelmed him to love it. Lucifer did not invent sexual intercourse but Lucifer caused fornication for humanity to follow, God designed coitus for the spirit he created as male and female to enjoy their union carnally, so the split in soul will be carnally recharged by the plug and socket connection, but in this case the socket gets spiritual energy from the plug, as the plug gets forces of the origin of soul from the socket yet producing descendants to continue habitation to develop the person and environment. Lucifer fell for a thing that is a tree, instead of using a thing as a living thing. Being with the tree of life lets you be you by using it to find your spirit, but being with the tree of good and evil allows it do what it does best that is to use you by letting your soul via ego rule you to keep your soul in charge instead of your spirit that is you. That is why people do not know when they will leave the earth, which is usually because of two reasons, one is when you are on a path of no return, your spirit leaves as death, another is when you have finished your mission, and then your spirit leaves as translation. It is only via the spirit that God communes with that the person can know when he/she will leave and not via the soul that the tree of good and evil lives by.


President Biden speech as first USA president to go to the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre site is true as I explain it easily that hurt remains until remembrance and solution heals it. Obasanjo said June second that Nigerians have bitterness and sadness that is different from Nigeria that was of milk and honey, which is actually paradise. Hagar and also Enoch that is ancestor of Abraham roots can be traced down to their origin in Nigeria. Even those that migrated and chose to go back home, were the ones that came back and made settlements in Nigeria before it had the name it was called. Nigeria was referred to by the colonialists as Royal African Company that has caused some to think it should be renamed as United African  when they should have traced its origin that was to the old empires in Africa, the roots where it was swampy and they was bad air, yet vegetative with lots of streams of water.


All I write is to mend old wounds by bringing out little of what happened to make everyone realize they are all related and all from God. Good and evil can only be solved carnally when people that are good and evil realize they are all from God to see the humanity in them. Only by the legacies of ancestors can we understand our past to erase hate that is always hidden to rise when provoked by those who use it for carnal personality that spiritual personality corrects.


The legacies of ancestors began with the spirit of every being. God is spirit and only in spirit can anyone commune with God. Spirit is origin of humankind. We are here to be like God, as it is in Genesis one and as Christian means Christ follower; God did not tell Christ when the way of the good and evil world will end and God does not tell people when they will die, but few He gives them signs of it. So why should I tell everyone everything about me, I should keep secrets as God does, but not lie. For anyone to think or believe secret keeping is lying, means that person needs mental evaluation. Never reveal your life intentions to others who might use it in future against you because of greed. See the attitude of someone who might use his earnings against you and you feel pain about it and that person sees it as envy etc. should let you know to keep your secret to yourself, as that person may use it against you. The worst evil is to impersonate another person and call the true person a fraud.


Some may think my write-up on Nigeria is changing the original meaning of what they know as the meaning, which my write-up is clearly not saying; my article has always talked of the other meaning of Nigeria that racists use. The real meaning of Nigeria is named after River Niger from the one of the local languages there, in which River means Ni and the flowing river means Gir, where Niger and Area were joined as one word by Flora Shaw to be called Nigeria. In this world of good and evil curse, angels are the ones that enjoy full capacity on earth and in matter only because of the curse on Lucifer that from their childhood without much effort they get who they are, whilst elders grow into their full capacity that connects them to heaven like before the fall of humankind, which is what angels stopped having because of the curse in Genesis three. It is those of spirit that their spiritual and soul way were cut off other than descendants of Lucifer whose soul path was not cut off, but only their spirit path, following their ancestor Lucifer. The fall of man and woman in soul state that was their true paradise where they could animate and control materialism, made God drive man and woman with spirit into human form with more soul in the world of matter that was the world of angels, which was the world of Lucifer who with senior angelic status was allowed to move between soul world and matter world.


The legacy of the Sumerians came from merman that is the male to mermaid, who taught them. The Sumerians came from India, just as the Acadians came from India to become Aramaic speakers. As both formed Mesopotamia named after the land with River. All came from Africa where the fall from life where the spirit of man that was active and kept animals in respect had become dormant that let animals attack humankind to run away from Africa to Asia. The time of the Sumerians carried the history of Pangaea. Time is Sumerian from counting of the three parts of each finger on one hand with the thumb and raising one finger on the other hand after each hand count gives sixty; number counting was what they invented after the fall of spirit man mysticism that was in the garden of Eden. Merman and mermaid knowledge began in the garden of Eden that after the fall, they abandoned those with tendency to good and evil to remain with life. Slavery began in Sumeria, where the Syrian general Ramses descendants brought it to Egypt.


Words and thoughts were put in the mind halo connection of the active spirit man who lived for thousands of years before the fall that the Sumerians had to learn to put it as writing since humankind had been cut off from spirit to be able to tap knowledge from the divine source of universal knowledge by telepathy. Civil labour of working started forming as a form of payment that is now the norm of labour working in modern times. Before humans walked in the earth, gods walked the earth and used points of energy between dimensions and star systems until the fall by Lucifer that God ordered the gods out of earth. Giants of twenty four meters with skull height of three meters or giant height less than that or more than that walked the earth. Magic for the carnal person is the science of the spirit that is too advanced to the carnal mind, because it manipulates the emotional soul state that is like influence to the eyes of humans. But once the spiritual science is interpreted into physical science that can be done, it becomes a tool that modernizes humankind.


The existence of Nigeria depends on origin of its people from the land that are nations formed into a country of certain similarities; similarities to spirituality, death, libations etc. People have been deceived that education is the only way, where they are made to believe it is education of material things that are most important; the truth is that education is only important to lead you to your spirit, it is spiritual knowledge that is the want of a person because it leads them to the drive in them for what they are here on earth for that will fulfill them to go to heaven for doing what brought them to earth. Theory of Darwin that whites are superior is entirely wrong, because it has no scientific proper proof but false speculation. Genuine scientific proof is that climatic conditions do not support white supremacy, physical muscle formation do not support white supremacy, hair retainer-ship like that of animals because of weather does not support white supremacy, lip formation that is similar to ape and not full like the blacks that theirs developed so because of much longer time of talking does not support white supremacy. White supremacy is because of the curse on Lucifer that his descendants did not loose every other rib like descendants of Adam. If both races are given equal ribs status, the superior race will automatically be the black race because physically they are better formed with melanin dominance for divine beings to want to be born in, as only by melanin dominance can they function effectively.


Marriage is the most altered lie by Lucifer to keep humankind in his world for ever with material concerns; marriage is never equal for everyone, marriage is as the spirit agreed with God to split the soul to one additional person or more than one additional person that all must unite to fulfill the plan they made with God which can only be by spiritual concerns. Marriage now is by humankind in the name of God, marriage should really be as God did to be celebrated by humankind; that means marriage now is based on the lust of the flesh that is declared as love that marriage is done, as both never saw themselves as one in spirit to initiate such a union but, felt emotionally attached to initiate such an attachment to deprive each other from feeling for the true partner. It is not everything that is bound on earth that is bound in heaven, it is only what you bind on earth that affects you alone that is bound in heaven, because you cannot bind or change what God has done or agreed with your spirit and it will change in heaven. Beings that cannot be with their real partner are not welcomed into heaven to stay; that is why it is written that heaven is empty. The heavens they see as empty are the ones their spirit belongs to. The higher heavens are not empty but full, because they (the beings from there) usually do not fall for the illusion of marriage by Lucifer that is of divine stuck as they are. Some will say they want to marry to themselves and others and even give themselves time they should marry without saying that I want to marry this person that quantifies marriage into action, which will be left for the person they want to marry to accept. Usually, in the world of good and evil, if you want to marry and it is not God given partner and as complete as God did, you are for hell for stealing the plan of God from fruition. It is not the fruit of any holy womb that must be holy, it is the fruit itself that must remain holy by choice or the person becomes evil by selfishness and greed. Selflessness is the exact opposite of selfishness; the end of selfishness is greed. A selfless person does everything to establish the way of God for others and keeps his name clean for posterity of the works of God he/she did. A wicked person bears false witness to ruin the image of the person of God, so the likeness of the intention of God will not be adhered to by others who believe the lie. Someone listening to the devil believes they listen to God, until you see what they do and say that tells you who talks to them; one listening to the devil believes he knows God more than anyone, but dishonours his/her mother and father, coverts thy neighbours goods that is either of family or not, bears false witness against the selfless person who gave them their best gift to use etc.


Abraham Sarah had similar thought for the children they were expecting to be as they want to take care of what they want, so they were delayed until it was as it should be. In the world of life, everything happens as God and you intended in spirit. But to rise from a lower firmament to a higher firmament, you have to overcome good and evil to return to life to be raised by God asking elders to raise you to that level. Those the colonial masters left Nigerian markets that are the means of survival are the lifeline and controllers of real power to keep Nigeria always under the colonialists, which is economic slavery. The animalistic side of things determines the humanity in a person; the less animalism is the more human being a person is that will have more empathy. Colony does not mean slave, colony is what some leaders have decided who (as another country) leads the place, usually without the colony people decision. Yet it is from where who leads that the leader can take slaves from.


Our galaxy has been feeding on ultra-dwarf galaxies and using their matter to form new stars. Dark-matter that is one of the properties that forms the origin of galaxies is invincible to the eye; the other property is light-matter. Dark-matter is the property we cannot see that makes the universe dark, because it only appears black. When you deal with people, some who are evil will think they do right by comparing their system to other systems to standardize you by telling local authorities false information. Africa has been doing things against climate change from origin, but suffers climatic conditions because, other continents did everything wrong against addressing climate change because of skeptics there making the decisions.



Same genetic formula does not give the same character because of difference in spirit and soul. Genetic formula of any family member does not make any person equal to the other siblings unless both or more are not acting with their spirit and soul that makes them different from each other, since no spirit and soul together are alike except the male and female spirit that were created by God together that are only different by their carnal form because of their different parents. A person who is not developed in spirit carries carnal character of the parents that over shadow the being.


The throne is usually ruled by Crown Princes that have been groomed to be selfless to themselves but selfish for the people by desiring all things for the people he leads. The Knesset and Parliamentary system is close to African traditional ruler-ship selection that makes them more divine like it was set as origin. Origin is as God did. Physical comparison of what God does in spirit without explaining the difference, makes the carnal person see the miracle physically and will never easily understand it. Annoying Will or sinning against the Holy Spirit is met with replacement of the creature instead of altering nature to cause disharmony of beings, because creation was physically by the Will and held in place by the Holy Spirit.  Tree of good and evil is living without spiritual force or magic that is combination of soul energy driven by spirit desires, but tree of life is living with magic as thing of being born into at birth that you grow into like puberty grows you into more sexual desires. Sexual wants in tree of life is always after spiritual growth with physical development that is after the physical body masters itself. In the tree of life that was the way of the Garden of Eden, the more spiritual race that is the blacks rule the system and not those that are more physical. Good and evil world is more physical, whilst life is more spiritual.


It was in 1800s or nineteenth century that Lucifer descendants and those aligned with them or assist each other, dominated the world. But in 2000s or the twenty-first century, the leadership began to move to the non-Lucifer descendants. Suspicious people can be dangerous because of the suspicious thought that manifests and make the weak in being do the suspicious volition; yet healthy suspicion not driven by evil thoughts is useful for security reasons. Selfish is for those at the lowest point of spiritual consciousness that they have to grow out of to selflessness to be of divine being form. Reincarnation is for the soul to cloak the spirit that remains until its thousands of years cycle elapses, the soul life span is hundreds of years, each cloak of the soul in its rebirth, is determined by the life the person lived; if the person lived better, the person gets a better soul, but if worse, the person gets a soul worse than the previous one to have to climb out of or sink further in. Reincarnation is not for everyone. Just as divinely high coming to help the spirit is not for everyone but those who can bear consequences y carnal form and do the Will of God. Reincarnated couple as male as male and female as male is punishment not to have sexual intercourse because of carnal marriage, to proceed with coitus will mean more punishment after the life of soul time on the flesh that is death of the body for the soul and spirit to be tormented in hell.


The Idoma related tribe that went to the bush is the descendant of the ancestry of Edom that has blessing of the Will. Yala that is in the boundary of the north and south protectorates was given same protectorate status as the north that the people own their salt mineral. Development in Yala is still very much like pre-colonial times that the whites saw those of the northern protectorate as civilized and educated the southern protectorate more that Yala also gained from the southern protectorate knowledge. As my last late grandparent told me after traveling south and north of Nigeria that most of the places were bush in the late nineteen and early twentieth centuries that have become more modern than Yala-Ogoja that has not really changed other than churches, schools, hospitals, military and police stations. One of the last empires of Africa has its first ruler as a fish-man or merman. Before the fall, both mankind and merman-kind were one. People should be conscious of the position and necessity of male and female to each other that they are not a competition to each other but a combination of carnal form and soul form with same spirit that is necessary for existence. Solution to all the problems on earth are spiritual and not physical, it is only by the consciousness of the spirit of the human mind that humankind will be in spirit; that is what the Will of God will redo since He created everything as the Trinity issued them.


Asking God for carnal wisdom and not your real self that is your spirit that is wiser than the physical body is asking for wisdom that fades into folly. Marriage for society in the world of good and evil is usually depriving the persons that will be normally wrongly matched from doing the Will of God. Marriage because of the knowing of the spirit by both male and female will be to truly fulfill multiply and fill the earth by the beings intended by God and also have the union of one spirit reunited to let the plan of God pass through, as it does not pass through half spirit, unless divine that can carry the capacity even if they are in part and in complete.  The world should unite and have unified force against aliens and not remain in cold war like how Africa was that allowed the colonialists take over Africa. To fly back to earth from space through a wormhole is via DNA sensing, earth gravity measure and solar spectral frequency; if out of the galaxy, you will need the black-hole and milky-way measure and frequency. Searching for extraterrestrials should never have been time wasting as physically looking for aliens, but would have been spiritually seeking for beings from other star system that would have made them contact the earthling that was spiritually wanting of them following the path of telepathy set by God and not the physical method push by Lucifer that the aliens will reject contacting primitive technology that see their method as advanced technology.


While the whites have been interested in carnal manipulation of things to their favour, the indigenous blacks have been interested in spiritual manipulation of things for the future of all. Whites are in charge of good and evil world and use proxy in continents around the world; in Africa those that came into activity in northern Nigeria in eighteen zero four control the economy to their choice. Elaine massacre in Arkansas in USA was the killing of prosperous blacks over lies in October one, in nineteen-nineteen, which happened before the Tulsa in Oklahoma in USA massacre in nineteen twenty one. That in president Biden Administration, it has been made in to a national holiday in honor of the USA own emancipation of black Americans slavery in 1865, which was after the British International abolition of slavery. The pre-colonial schooling was one on one between teacher and student, by telling them how to be moral and get to their spirit to learn from God, before the colonial school that drove the minds of children to physical thinking mainly. People should insist on election and not selection when they say they are in a democracy. Blacks are not taught what whites are taught in school; just as in Africa, the ruling tribe denies the other tribes similar privileges; which are the same with working and financing.


In those days of landline alone, people use to think about the whereabouts of someone before calling, so they usually get them on phone ready to receive the call, but now that there are more than one way of communication in one device, people call several times by emotions of wanting an answer as they call without thinking if the person is ready by the phone; that they allow the gathered thought-forms make them say he/she is not picking, like if they had an appointment for the person to receive their call at that time. Such emotional calls, usually meets people in dangerous times because we are in tree of good and evil, where evil has overgrown good. Anytime you measure or see anything on earth etc. for now, measure it with consciousness of good and evil that rules until tree of life dominates everything material again. True consciousness is consciousness of the spirit that allows consciousness of the soul and physical body; not consciousness of the carnal form alone that without the physical brain awareness or cerebral brain awareness taken away, the carnal personality is lost that it is called madness, which can be permanent or for a time that depends on the carnal action or spiritual action that recalls the consciousness of the physical brain. Physical reaction can be by medicines (we have) that repair brain cells if it has to do with brain cells collapse or the physical action of brain jerked by hitting the cranial cavity.


Good and evil is dominated by soul and the being with power over emotions is the female, but the fall being by a male, let males lead and women of the descendants of the cause of the fall, be regarded as ladies first or kneeling for marriage request or opening of doors for them knowing that they are pleased by material things, which is really due to child bearing that is the material maternal instincts that produces a physical being that the curse on woman was on. Materialism came from spirituality that is why males that dominate spirituality dominate materialism. Creation being caused by spirit is masculine as the dominant force and female as the recessive force, as they work hand in hand, it is only in spirit that both male and female do not look strange to each other as it does to both sexes emotionally, but in spirit both need each other that is the involuntary action of the body of both sexes in these world of good and evil. In the world of life, spiritual living dominates that does not abandon emotional living as emotional way of good and evil does, but lives with emotions dominated by spirit instead of soul that is smaller than spirit to make the person a better person like a hero for aliens of extraterrestrial origin to see them as equal, since they would be able to spiritually conjure any material wish or want to be used planetary or interplanetary.


Some will wonder why there is disunity in cooperation to National causes in southern Nigeria; it is because of a long line of curses from the fall through the for-fitting of rights by Edom etc. Anything of God is not dominated by repetitions for belief; Dead Sea scrolls have no Roman filter. Anyone who thinks a man who lies publicly for his selfish position in office is of God and another man who thinks a woman has no right over her body instead of religious leaders or political leaders, is following and listening to the Devil as god. Consciousness is really when the spirit that controls involuntary action is awakened by you asking God to let you be who you are to him and show you why you are here, because God who hears your physical prayer without answer but waits for you to ask spiritually for him to answer before He asks the angel guarding every way to the tree of life will let your spirit through your hind brain to unite with your intellectual brain of the front; because the physical words is material that is of good and evil that was cut off from paradise that is life.



Magic is powers in the soul from light and dark of soul, enhanced by your spirit; and driven by your will. It was the Greeks that deemed magic as primitive and evil that the Romans adopted into the new religion of their time to use to dominate the world with white supremacy. That religious supremacy of their race manifested globally as Constantine said he would do in Jesus name that was modified to their language and colour. Zoroastrianism was before Christianity and was Persian, but has similarities with Christianity. Since the council of Nicaea selection of religious books that had no insult on the Romans, there also picked things from other religions and made it the accepted norm, then called all others that they didn't choose as heretic, the thereby loosing magic initiated by God in the way creation was formed from beginning of scripture that is the way of other civilized beings of the universe that makes earth too primitive for aliens interaction, since they have no active will, but are like babies that move on impulse. The quantum gravitons means of travel to where by when cannot align in the primitive front brain that is also where animals use that keep them material, but animals are lucky their involuntary hind brain was not altered because of humans fall.


Africa never saw magic as primitive or evil until the colonialists conquered, before the whites, Africa saw magic as reserved for those the gods chose. The lies the Greeks told against Africa where they got who they became from that began the white race system is what has manifested as karma to eliminate their system. Lie is now able to stand in comparison to truth that shows Lucifer is released, and those that their lies are believed have his blessings. The lies were able to work then because, God was in Sabbath, but now that God is not ignoring any carnal activity, they are being revealed until all will know the truth about them and their proxies who will suffer same fate unless they repent. Their cause was that for the Greek system to stand out above the Persian dominant system at the time, they had to lie against the system they could not out shine without lie. So they used philosophy to smear those whose scholars traced everything to Africa, for their own that they traced to themselves. Then, used anthropology to smear Africa where knowledge began to make themselves superior as the ones all came from: the Roman god of the white form to other races. Yet the true God does not do like the South American gods they copy to intimidate others for overcoming the original Americans with iron they had not seen or used pre-colonialism.


When people keep running to the person of influence for every trivial problem that is usually carnal, it makes them selfish and uncaring for others who really need help that they (the egocentric) occupy to reduce the attention. Before the Greek way of power, in Africa power was based on the amount of spiritual influence a person had to help people, but the Greeks power is based on influence of people for their kind more than others. The most dangerous part of power is when only one person or one tribe or one race wills the power of influence by money or authority, then they will be in fighting that destroys that one; Africans never led that way, as all races and tribes were involved, until foreign influence altered them based on might influenced by the curse of God. The curse of God was not that Africa did anything wrong, it was that the whites that sinned and fell, should leave in it over everyone on earth for everyone to know that influence that was given everything yet failed, so no one will try it again. They are beings in the elements of the earth that the eyes that see only the elements on the earth cannot see, these creatures live in the world without sin, just as the mermaid and merman live in the ocean without the curse of human fall by the ones leading the landed earth.


An invasion of the mind is equal to a physical invasion with weapons, so for a tribe to let another tribe invade the mind space of one of their people, is to be foolish to let your people be defeated by the invader that some of the tribal members that are related to the person invaded to let the invader to exist and bring another culture for those relatives to impose on the invaded, thereby spoiling the tradition of the tribe at large. Science is inspired by what magic can do that when science can figure out physically how to create something physically similar and not spiritually, then physically it can be scientifically replicated for public use. For spiritual replication, it is from the will with recitations. Persons who rely too much on others that are spiritual have not found their spirit to be dependent on, so they are more like animals that depends on spirit human or human being to lead them. As said in my article, it is the spirit or the core of the person that is the being. So it is strange that some people can think magic that is from the word Magi that is plural for Magus will be primitive when that is the way of the souls interaction like movement is to the physical body.


Maximum of intellectual thinking is artificial intelligence, but maximum of intuitive thought is telepathy for the human being interaction with matter. Where you let machines think for you instead of a collective mind by telepathy, is when darkness dominates those that do so and their society; so it is wise for the Juju or Voodoo headquarters of the world to retain its spirituality nature. The only way to checkmate artificial intelligence that goes rogue or is weaponized is via the mind telepathically that artificial intelligence cannot figure out. At the time of Christ Jesus, the world was between magic and physicality; but now at the time of the end, the world is moving to extremities of physicality with very few being of magic from the mind. Now doing anything of magic, makes the few who have power by will for it look alien except for entertainment; that means the world is more materialistic and thereby more evil with much less good that evil beings are now the dominant beings in humans, which is the gift of the so called dark-ages that from the spiritual point of view was the establishment of the world of evil over good by killing or purging those who had the whole way of magic, to later leave those of entertainment show to find tricks to call magic, which is a humiliation of the will of the spirit over the soul. Because tricks are physical and charlatan, and so tricks are not magic, but fake; that does not mean because tricks are fake, every genuine magic is fake to make every spiritual willed practitioner of the will be called a charlatan or fake because of the curse as karma of a carnal being abusing or taking what is of God in vain: spirit is of God and only in spirit can you reach Him.


The skin and hair of the migration of humankind shows origin to migrant: the wooly and darker skin as the norm of the west African continues to change until around east Africa that the hair begins to look straighter and curly with lighter skin as the norm, which continues through India where the skin colour is more lighter with straight hair that the light skin and hair continues to get lighter as the migration route reaches the end of migration from Africa as the normal form excluding those taken straight across the ocean to the foreign lands. A human who has been in the place of origin for millions of years would definitely mutate more than the human who migrated; that is why the Negro mutation is much more than other races, in which the mutation is not only in formation but also in the brain of blacks having more melanin that is more dark matter of the brain. Dementia occurs in people who do not use their brains actively. Those who measure cunning as being clever are sillier than the one who knows cunning leads to treachery that leads the evil doer to hell. True intelligence is the capacity to use one hundred percent of you to heaven.


Administration is not as the world practices it now that is geared to Occidentals that the smallest do not matter in considering decisions; administration is truly as it is in heaven that everything is important, especially the smallest who give respect to the bigger. Artificial intelligence without the willed mind is the most dangerous use of technology because, technology is not under control by the only way that can overcome matter; mind over matter. Sensing with the sense organ for sensing is more important to the carnal person, but sensing with the brain without the sense organ is the training a super human learns to perfect perception without the sense organ by using only the part of the brain the sense organ uses with the senses of feeling via the skin perceiving. Although a super being uses his or her spirit core to sense through the physical without the brain. The rest of the human races should not be fooled by a race telling all races that they discovered anything first or that the earliest invention was by them, but to know the truth that what they write on paper as earliest or first invention was the first for their race and documented earliest by their way, as they had always written they discovered continents, yet those places already had other races who discovered them earlier, which makes their discovery ludicrous; because for Africa, the earliest innovations were documented in the mind space for those who can be in spirit to attain it via the halo they gain in spirit. The problem with Africa is that the knowledge was there for anyone who could attain magic, while the Occidentals knowledge was for physical attainment that made it available after the dark ages elimination of the way for many to magic. The most important thing for their world was to sell their materialism by advertising, movies and documentary as modernization and civilization.


Any tribe that believes in deceiving other tribes for their tribe, is alienating everyone, including other similar people of the deceiving tribe to despise them more than the tribes they gang up against because they ruin the image of the similar tribe that are believed by other tribes to be similar in character, instead of the other tribes to see the tribe that is assumed to be like their deceptive similar tribe to be seen as different because of where they inhabit. It is false to think or believe they should be forgiveness without repentance, because anyone forgiven without repenting is encouraged to continue the evil on others or use another version of wickedness on the person forgiving without repentance. If someone hides something from you, especially if it is important, then you should hide every necessary thing from that person no matter who they are to you because there is something that person will do with what you did not hide when that person who hid things from you first thinks you have advantage over them.


Yala that has greatest power over the mind was put in a position where none of their citizens can agree on the person to lead to rule, this checkmate their ability to unite as a people like the Fulani or the Occidentals. Suspicion is the origin of the problem in Yala that creates false thought forms that checkmated their power by generating human opposition who believe the false thought forms they co-generated. The population of Yala is not much that is why it is insignificant to the world that sees in demographics and not individual greatness that is the true purpose of humanity that should only work as one against aliens against their human existence. Once the curses are lifted, disunity, disorderliness and discord in being will be gone for blacks to take their rightful place as origin that leads. Hitler looked for artifacts to defeat the charms of the black race that helped the allied forces to win the two world wars, yet the antiquities would not have stopped them, the problem with Africa was unity of all to overcome the invader, instead some let themselves to be used against their own because of greed.


The time of Christ Jesus coming was the time good and evil was at a crossroads, that spiritually Jesus Christ won for doing what He came for, but lost carnally as the religion was taken over by Lucifer descendants that used it to colonize the world in their own image of Christianity that they wrote the Bible in their favour, when the true scripture was against them. The true name of Jesus was Yoshua, which showed they changed His name to erase His true message for their own. Evagelion means Good News of Military Victory, because it was Roman Victory and Jewish loss, who lost the faith to Rome and lost Jewish State global spread, since their Jewish state had been altered. The name Jesus means Saviour in Greek. Religiously the faithful are asked to take everything on faith and not to question, yet God gave everyone Inquisition to justify their fate for judgment, because there is no excuse that you did not know, as it is because of ignorance of knowing the truth that you suffer and not the reverse as taught.



The capacity of the mind to know right from wrong is in the spirit. Using consciousness to perceive your environment is what martial arts teaches. The ability of the brain to absorb more knowledge to understanding depends on your ability to let your body not decide you, by letting your spirit or core lead you to give your brain 100 percent capacity instead of the 10 percentage maximum capacity of the normal carnal person; that such carnal creatures as humans with capacity to allow evil that the 100 percent capacity does not have capacity for evil but good, always wonder and complain to others weak enough to listen to them without learning to know that Metaphysics at highest level is only rewarded by exceptional divine capacity, that how can the fully spirited attain what they did in such short time, because they compare the spiritual to their carnal self, without knowing the spiritual person can know what a super computer will not be able to know in 1,000 years in 1 second, while the carnal person cannot know what the super computer will know in 1 second in 1,000 years. For me, my CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) was above 5.2 when the maximum is 5.0, that is what a divine core does to the carnal form to cause amazement that is miracle to the physical that cannot see or understand at its pace.


The spirit capacity to know right and wrong is because of its nature with God as the outskirts of the divine. The supercomputer is therefore supposedly meant for physical production without spirituality. Evil people always think that what they did to someone, the person will do it to them; but the good people never plan to do what the evil person did. Do not transfer your problems to your descendants that you should be a solution for them. Spirituality is the knowledge of kings. It is volition of spirit that pushes the good and evil of soul that is the extremes of everything of feeling in soul to activity of spirituality in matter that is magic to the physical eye or presence. Evil being lower are more emotionally weak, yet above and below of existence have males on top and below of good and evil. The bigger the being the bigger the empathy and accountability to divine justice. The higher the being the higher the higher the involuntary sense control; the lower the being the lower the involuntary sense control. The only way to correct a corrupt good and evil system is to let, by wanting, life that is spirit and bigger to take over and correct it. The emotionally weak between men and women are men that only have physical form of strength because of their soul and spirit dominance. Women are worry about their privacy and think less of men privacy that is actually more exposed; they are no fair laws for men that were raped by women, yet they are more witches than wizards that hypnotize men to their bidding using their emotions without the consent of men.


True governance has capital economy and social services like medicine should be of community and integrative. Occidentals victories was based on their sword skills, long bow and religious supremacy of their type that originally began with their fight over their difference in hair and eyes colour that became their conquest tool of undermining whatsoever is not like them. The last of the Occidentals to win was Britain from Rome that the language of the capital is internationally used more than others that the last horn (the USA) sprung from; they succeeded by negotiating with the strong nations they ruled to do their bidding. Rather than they shooting first and asking questions letter like the Germans, they showed their might to those they ruled who preferred them to the more hostile ones, since the Occidentals were the stronger nations physically. The next are the French, who lost because of economic slavery, then the Spanish who started non-occidental colonization lost because of their brutal elimination of those who were not necessary for their plunder. Anytime the Occidentals accuse any race of human rights, they should remember the human rights they abused in colonization and not look at theirs as past, but know that what is going on is what colonization taught. They did cause all that is going on. The solution is for the people that were colonized to decide their fate without the former colonial masters.


The choice of the Romans choosing a Jew to use for their philosophical gain of humanity had also to do with the land being the Neanderthal original settlement. Extremist Arabs and Jews are violent; it is the Jewish settlers that went to Israel after 1948 that are violent. Migration from West Africa to Morocco to Spain began in the central eastern Nigeria. Tower of Babel was made to be taller than other temples that were in Ur or temples before it because they discovered from Africa that the higher the place of worship, the more serene and quintessential was it to meditate and commune with the essence of God. The same way the world looks at solutions for Africa is the same way they should totally do to all continents, especially North America and Eurasia that are allowed to abuse norms and get away with it. Forgiveness of someone who harmed you without repentance is what the Romans included in Christianity to make those their occidental relatives hurt to be pardoned to continue the evil on others; forgiveness should be after repentance to stop evil progressing.


Light and dark magic of the soul comes from the spirit that animated matter into mist that watered the earth; that is why it is the power that animates matter through soul it animated to existence into any reality. Magic is usually seen with the elderly because as older teen unchanging to spirituality, they remain in the thinking age that drives them into the feeling for what is more about their personality that leads them into being witch or wizard. Those who altered religion altered the use of magic to be evil to alienate humanity more from the way of God to make humans more physical by them lacking spirituality that generates magic. This led to artificial intelligence that is the extreme of physicality because it sees machines as more capable than the doings of God; that means humankind creation is superior to the doings of God that they see as with mistake they should make better, which is the propagation of the cause of Lucifer. Advanced weaponry and space flight attracted more aliens to earth. Now, when someone lies about another person, those who indict the person they lied against never go after the liar, yet they are laws for libel and slander; this only show that Lucifer is released and it is to ask for the intervention of God to erase the falsehoods.


Classification of documents as top secret and classified, kept aliens secret from public; as whoever declassified a document without authority is subject to legal consequences. Temperature change had weakened the dinosaur type of creatures before the object from space finished the erasure of animals of that size. Global warming is raising ocean salt water into building foundation that are in coastal areas and weakening their structures by corrosion. The best way of keeping up with the elimination of infectious microorganisms is by using plants that mutate as they do. Some parents do not know how to free their control of their descendants soul from themselves, but few parents expect their children to free themselves, so everyone who wants to have hundred percent and above with God, should concentrate on wishing all members of them to be for God in full off their parents unknown influence as whatsoever parents do affects descendants that is the cause of one of the punishments of the ten commandments.


The free world is free from the group of evil and free from the group of good, for people to choose to be in either and not to be forced to anyone. People have been searching for the first royals of the originals of humankind that also formed Nok which the writer is from the root of the first royals of humanity where the genes mixed with my being, brings out the information of origin you read that another gene that is not directly of origin, cannot generate such information perfectly, because this is via the original thought forms of the true first human. The Israeli, Arabs, Anatolians, Acadians etc. can trace their origin to Adam as their Homo sapiens origin; for others including Adam, their origin is from Africa. The Occidentals power is based on demographics, while the Negros power is based on their minds.


Like insects are burnt for reaching the light, is how lower spirits in trying to oversee or be in charge of the divine or whatsoever is associated with divinity that are superior in being, destroy themselves; which was the driving cause of the fall of Africa. It may come as a surprise to some that certain aspects of human life can be controlled via the soul to obstruct the purpose of what God sent you for; aspects like money, senses etc. that are carnal. Such obstruction can be that money or certain senses will not come until you free it by and from the spirit that is above the soul. Which might require a stronger being to free the victim who is emotionally and sensitively sick. Everyone knows a sick person needs another person who knows what to do to help treat the disease, it is the same with such problem that require a person or more trained in spiritual healing to help nudge the faith of the victim which is the want to be free or want for it to work, then the effort of the healer will be added to cause the healing. Usually, those who obstruct another, actually obstruct themselves even more, since it is coveting your neighbours goods and is sin against the Holy Spirit for obstructing what God sent the victim to do.



Being educated is being academically up to date and not learning old knowledge without new knowledge. The less educated are the ones politicians can manipulate, but if you are more educated, you decide how your leaders that are there to serve you will do. So with the new, the development of the society from the old way of nomadic living to all rural societies becoming more civilized by being the most advanced in living standards that other society citizens choose to migrate to, is the more civilized the place is; that can only be by having the most advanced education that can only come from spirit to stop nomadic life for the citizens that is more of migration to make regular immigrant because of better pasture or welfare. It is living in soul or good and evil that frees of one from living in spirit that keeps one wandering that is migrating like wild animals that make animals, especially carnivores, to see only soul in flesh with spirit inactive that only attracts and causes the carnivores to see the being in soul as wild game, unless the person has a rapport that lets his spirit radiate instead of the fear of soul that spirit does not have.


Civilization on earth should grow from protecting tribe and nation with continent to protecting the earth, the solar system, as the most advanced protection of a solar system will be the one the galaxy will want to lead its protection in the universe that will mean humankind will be regarded as advanced enough to meet beings of other galaxies from interaction with other beings in the milky-way galaxy as civilized enough for them to want to be with. To be civilized is to be totally in spirit to override the control of your soul that makes you carnal and animalistic, instead of being divine-like that will make animals revere you and galaxy advance beings interact with you. The higher the being, the higher the development of a person and the development of the species. Civilized being is based on respect of privacy that has to do with a person information unless the existence of a being is in trouble, because it is coveting your neighbours goods. A civilized world will have a global language and many will learn the universal language of telepathy that is just by focusing your mental attention from the front brain to the back brain, while wanting to be as God created you for that will open you to your spirit core or being. Only by telepathy, can you communicate with aliens all over the universe.


When I say you should be in spirit, some will think it is telling you to change from who you are; that is your soul trapping you to your body to keep you carnal, the truth is that being in your spirit is being in you that is the you that owns your body and soul, which is the you that is alive, and not your body you see and your soul you feel that are not the ones with life, but are alive only by your spirit that is you that if you let your soul lead you permanently, your spirit will reject your body and soul by leaving it, then the body dies, and the soul leaves with the spirit that dumps the soul to go to heaven if the spirit had more good than evil, or if the person has more evil than good, then the soul will remain trapped to the spirit and go to hell, but if the person is between good and evil, the person maybe given options of reincarnating to correct the error or be put in purgatory to find the fault and solve it to be free of the trap of the soul that leads to hell; so it is wise to overcome the soul on earth by being in spirit to enter heaven. Evil people after you have given them all you have, they will still demand more.


Most people are ruled by their soul that by nature of the fall of humankind they were led to be in, to remain there is your personal fall to materialism that leads to hell; a child before puberty is ruled by the senses that is carnal body, a teenager is ruled by emotions that is soul, an adult above teens should be in spirit like a few of us are that are spiritual or metaphysical. So, it is not all religious persons that say they are spiritual or metaphysical that have overcome their soul to be in spirit, many may live in the illusion of knowing scripture and assume they are in spirit because they believe they are born again; to be born again in the real meaning of the word is to be born into living in your spirit that is one with God, to be born again is not living in your soul and claim because of only words and volition to be born into spirit. To be in spirit is an act or a leap of faith that is a leap of concentration that is a focus of the front brain concentration you live in to the back brain to be and do what you were created by God for. Some become atheist because they live in soul and imagine the spiritual that will not get them to the truth of spirit for not being in spirit to make them doubt the existence of God, but funny enough, they do not doubt evil or Devil, which is because they live in soul that he manipulates that is in the darkness of existence.


The foolishness of evil is that they despise good and plan or do everything to ruin good, instead of seeking and asking of good to lead them to a higher good that will connect them to the divine that will link them to Divinity to change who they are to better. From origin of Israel, they intermarry with other tribes and races that have changed their looks over time. Just as there is almost no pure Jew, there is almost no pure Fulani or pure Efik etc. Most of mankind is mixed; even the Occidentals that some may think most are pure, have Saxony (blonde hair and other color eyes) and Normandy (brunette hair and different brown eyes) mixture. Even the Orientals are mixed as well. But some see themselves as different without knowing their past to organize their present to define their future. Countries are measured by their strengths, the English speaking countries on earth that were colonized by the British are the strongest countries in one way or another, Britain when colonizing chose the strongest people that has now put theirs on top.


The Mind Defense force should have well developed spiritual minds to be properly above telepathy by soul forms that is only by feelings, because the spiritual mind over matter carries the capacity of the higher existence over the capacity of the lower existence of the soul that will mean a mental defeat to control the minds of humankind to turn all their technology against themselves. Mind Defense force is the most needed security for an advanced world to be respected and accepted on equal terms to protect the galaxy, because right now earthlings are seen by aliens to be too primitive because of their material protection technology that no alien wants to interact with them. It is not those who lie and are against gay etc. rights that are following the truth, it is those who speak truth and leave gay etc. to the judgment of God that follow the truth, as those who lie and judge others are against God laws and bound for hell or from hell to alter humanity to go to hell with them by psychologically manipulating those around them to do their bidding. The problem with the USA Republican party is the constitution tying every crime of the president with the party he is in that they have carried it beyond that to lie about what makes democracy.


The evidence that people were light skinned before environment changed their skin to survive in the conditions they are in, is that mermaids and mermen are white because of the ocean not allowing strong light like the temperate regions on earth has more than other areas of the earth. In my local government area that is more of a tribe, they had colonial relationship that was a deal which as a province with other tribes, where only the tribe that the name of the province then was from and the local government now owned their salt mineral deposits and their barite solid mineral deposits like the northern protectorate, because my ancestors were the strongest metaphysically that my grandfather and parent of my father that my father retained his name as my surname, was so mystically strong that rain never fell on him when he walked that the allied forces called him chief cook of world war two by British generals that the wars were won. Because of that relationship, the Okpoma that is capital of Yala that demographically were below a million, were never revenged by the British for aiding the Benin kingdom defeat of the British, but the Benin kingdom was sacked without Okpoma that had fullfilled their deal in the first battle that the British knew where to work with to win wars that they told the allied forces after they had dominated the strongest countries on earth that the Nazis looked for artifacts to win such forces.


The takeover of the world by God was by His use of blacks to overcome the white Lucifer world of racial segregation in sports etc.; academics where I that my academic records were altered from what I had, had above the maximum cumulative grade point average because of scoring above the hundred percentage mark, and also through seventeenth to twenty first centuries that the whites began their world dominance, the blacks take over by sports, music, dance etc. reigned. Good and evil has to be overwhelmed for humanity to move to life and be rid of evil that is wickedness that will fall back to hell when only one person capable can overcome it, and that is me, because it is who sees it that solves it, just as it was Adam who saw what and did what was fall; after succeeding in being the first to finish his mission that made him spiritual to be rewarded with a woman with his spirit, Adam who was having intercourse with his other helpers waiting for Eve to mature, was taken advantage of by Lucifer whose woman was sleeping with Adam without getting pregnant, so as Eve got pregnant for Lucifer with Cain and Adam had coitus with Eve with child not of him, they were cursed for such an unrepentant abomination in which they never apologized, in which Adam realized the difference of Cain from him that after Abel died, a hundred years passed before he had Seth that was like Abel; and others followed by disobeying and not apologizing until the time of David who became after the heart of God for apologizing.


It takes the capacity of the mind that is the highest at that time to change a reality from how it is to another way; it changed to good and evil under Adam because he was the highest spirit on earth and so attained his being; so it is for the one who can change his error to be higher in being than he was and to keep it so until God wants it changed, someone close to God in being has to change it, like I make it of life. The divine law still stands that every woman that marries the wrong man transfers her consciousness from her real man to be linked under the wrong man that leads them to hell for the wrong, and if the wrong person is smaller in being capacity, the bigger capacity of the woman that is now wrong, will drain both of them because he will not be able to compensate her capacity like her real right man; just as a wrong man with a bigger capacity than the woman will have everything in excess that will be too much for her capacity to carry, is how the woman will be below expectation in the long run to the bigger being. This is vice versa for both male and female. By this divine law, the partner who did not sin by not marrying the wrong person will not carry the sins of the sinner.



The problem with Nigeria now is some from the same tribe in the north trying to take generational power from those who already have power in their lineage. Curse of Eden is the original curse on Nigeria reinforced by the obey and serve our father land. All that is happening now that even when people are lying against innocent people and even when they are no facts to the lie they believe there is truth in there only shows Lucifer is freely roaming and deceiving with illusions as feelings of reality. Most of those aiding their false reality to appear real to the weak in mind are from hell following their plans to counter the called ones and envoy via those called.


The grace given to called-ones was from the capacity of the will to the capacity of the called one to enhance their capabilities in the divine mission, so those who fail loose it and their own capabilities, as the capabilities are the capacity of the person that is the name of the person. Grace is when beings are offered to do something carnally to rise from their level of being to the next level of being; it can be upwards (heaven) or (hell) downwards, as it can be from spirit to angelic status. The understanding of divine position by humankind is like many people misunderstand professorship that is not only by being lecturer but by research that is highest level or honorary or the least level that is lecturing, because lecturer inherits what the other two start. The exact opposite of Divinity Being are United with Divinity, so there is no contest at Divinity or Elders level, it is those below that have to learn to unite their dark side with their light side to be like Us; that will mean from image to likeness. From church angels down are the ones who have not united their light and dark side that is done without contest but understanding.


Leadership by democracy that is by demographics, is choosing good from evil in a world system where evil is greater than good because the universe is dark and earth is a space vehicle in it with a thin fragile atmosphere taken for granted. It is not how old a star system is that determines the beings; it is how old the being is in existence that determines the being in the planet. When a star system is ready with its highest species to be nudged into the universe community, the transformer in person of the Will transforms the star system to be habitable like the planet they adapted to and expands them from their scattered language introduced to keep them from being trapped to their planet, so they can easily go into themselves to use the universal means of communication in the universe already in them like fighting etc. is. The thought forms of an old being cannot be polluted with evil pessimism because the capacity of Divinity to be everywhere will multiply that capacity everywhere; that was one of the reasons that God went on Sabbath not to alter Adam and Eve decision for their descendants that the cry of all descendants has caused God to call off His Sabbath from humanity to be with humankind and not ignore those not communicating with Him in spirit, because all will be in spirit in tree of life, as those not in spirit will be removed to hell for remaining in soul that is material.


Africa is the way it is because the occidentals would not let it rise to keep Africans dependent via their leaders financial dependence to keep Africans dependent on foreign goods for neo-colonial economic slavery by tribes they use to colonize. The African generation from the renaissance were relaxed and living in their superiority with their princes contesting for inherited power as they migrated, whilst the white renaissance funded by their wealthy had been Kick-started by Alexander the great top soldiers thought of themselves as superior. The generation in Eden that was yet to be called Nigeria in the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century were welcoming to everyone coming home as they had received some who settled earlier, but those that came in, came with intrigue and dominance that the generation of the late nineteenth century accepted them that way with their local protection of their ancestry without knowing the decisions on how they were had been decided in foreign lands without their input. So the generation of the late nineteenth to early twentieth century, contested for their freedom while the colonialists grew stronger from the spoils of Africa. The generation of the late nineteen twenties to late nineteen fifties, admired the whites system and were corrupted to it, as some of the generation of the early nineteen sixties to early nineteen eighties thought of equating themselves with it, yet some in the late nineteen eighties to early twenty-first century thought of being like the occidentals.


The whites, being descendants of Church angel that is highest level of angelic status gave them the sword spirit. But the blacks potency comes from God, so as He was on Sabbath, they were weak, but as He awoke into humanity, the blacks awoken in every field of endeavor, dominating them; and so it is with other races of origin of the vision of Daniel. The sabbatical leave of God was His ignoring carnal activity of man unless it is spiritual communion, so when people that say they are man of God to cut off spirit husband or wife, they end up cutting off the purpose of God in the person they cut off the spirit partner, leaving the person without spirit link for hell that is for soul without spirit used. Europeans downgrade every race that everything civilized began with them, which is not true as Arabs got more from them, but they took more from Africa; and first entry to Europe from Africa was friendly and educated Europe, but Arab entry was hostile because Europe was seen religiously as infidels.


With your normal or naked eyes, the evil ones look human, but with your intuitive eye, you see through the lies to the evil beings deception:-


To undermine the envoy of God is to undermine God who sent Him to represent Him, thereby undermining yourself and your generation.


Immune system in African collective integrative medicine from origin had to do with colon cleanse and not mainly bloodletting of the pre-renaissance era. The renaissance was the rebirth of the white by their plans to dominate the world by subduing the superior original homo sapiens that are blacks by using the nomads of Africa who had not settled in a place but took their nomadic paths as their own to do their bidding through informing them and running the local markets as they agreed.


Fighting skill is from the spirit that taps from God that is the source of the spirit.


Most of Nigerian music is rapping from origin of over ten thousand years.


Pollutant industries to earth atmosphere on earth should be put in the moon to save the earth atmosphere; this Jeff Bezos suggestion should be followed through.


In science and law, it is facts and not speculation, so any politician who speculates after receiving the facts or any doctor or scientist that did not have firsthand information on the Corona virus pandemic and speculates about it is spreading falsehoods that should not be taken as political when human life is lost, but should be regarded as criminal.


All my women were lied to dissuade them from me, when that failed, they used those around me to try to turn me against fate but for me they always failed.


The will of the ego of the soul has to be used up to spill its content for the will of the spirit  to be the only will, then the illusion of the ego will be different since the will of the spirit will be giving more than the will of the ego made the person believe will not be. The ego portrays material will.


It is natural in tree of good and evil for those of God to be called bad and false things that they are not, but fortunately in the time of the end that God is no more in Sabbath, so the curse that lets the descendants of Lucifer bruise their head for everyone and use those who bruise their hill is over that Donald Trump not having the system his way says it is rigged as it is not going their way.


It is terrible for any spirit that because they were carnal seniors as parents of a divine being in carnal form to want to know all the divine being is doing because it is information above their capacity like electric bulbs burn insects.


To move from one galaxy to another in an instant like magic is to know where you are going and by magnetic flux opening a light point through time via transferring the object from physical through soul to spirit and back to soul to spirit, you cut off all the time that is the physical problem it would have physically taken you to fly there; most traveling in space do it via energy level of the soul as the end point between mater and soul and center of materialism. Elementals work on nature by math.


The two problem church angels will be removed from the eight, leaving the other six, so ascension replaces the activity of death; death trapped more people to matter, so ascension will return more people to spirit as it was before the last two became churches and altered the sequence of creation.


The problem with those who must see things must be seen with the physical eye that they say the intuitive eye is imaginary is that the eye they use sees by the intuitive eye and not the reverse, so they are the ones not able to use their true eye to see the truth that they are deceived by the material to deny the reality of why they exist.


Those who believe no should be prophet because of every political decision over religion for followers not to think about how and why God sent them, deny descendants have better genes.



Fire and flood caused by humans (now as climate change) was the predicted prophecy of the end, which means the end of the world of Lucifer, where he and his descendants gain from using others; and not the end of the earth or mankind after the mutation of humans to be wise by good and evil before taking humans to the tree of life because of their cries for God. Wisdom learnt is do not trust anyone based on material senses and feelings but, based on gut feeling that is spiritual. Once the highest species of a planet has reached upgrade, God sends his envoy to put them on the right track that is best for them. True freedom is when you feel free; if you do not feel free, and then there is no freedom, even if the government or system says there is freedom.


Global disease was also predicted; Lucifer will be released and many will fall: on the internet, phishing is used like fishing, in which the more advanced form is hacking. The mind of most of mankind has been hacked by the lie of the pandemic, yet those that fall for lie, fall for Lucifer, as the lie about the COVID19 pandemic is the one that kills by letting the unvaccinated to die by infection and not the vaccine. COVID19 came to return the economy from Lucifer descendants systems imposed to run other economies to the economy of God. The whites like to fault other races but in truth they are hypocrites because of their history on other races. It is natural for those of soul to see those of spirit as evil, because soul is good and evil, while spirit is life. The Will cannot partake in the establishment of the world of the Devil, because He will be adding his lies. Most of the white race does not know why they despise other races, which is because of Lucifer genes. Black Africa has a problem of remaining stock to the past, even though it is good to hold on to the origins of things, it is not right to let development pass by because of holding on to originality. Holding on to originality like religion of God and modifying systems for people is what black Africa should have done by not thinking modification for betterment of humanity is prohibition of alteration of original practice. Along the migration route is modification with better results at the end of each path terminus. People of earth should be more interested in protecting themselves from mutations from other planetary systems instead of locking other political boundaries that share same air from interaction without their wants. The colonialists introduced to their colonies what the Chinese called the big lie.


The dead star Lucifer came from, is from a bigger and older galaxy, which is Andromeda that should have the energy his descendants need to be like the blacks that have everything. Dead stars usually become galaxies, but small galaxies are eaten up by bigger galaxies. So the energy of the small galaxies that are consumed by the bigger galaxy exists in the biggest galaxy that absorbed the entire smaller one. The luck of Lucifer descendants is that Andromeda and Milky Way are merging to be the biggest galaxy we see, which is why from the nineteenth century that the whites began to be the dominant force on earth, a position held by the blacks for millennia. The most likely mutation of species across galaxies with similarities that is like species on earth is a physical form and telepathic mind. The mutation of humans is a constant, it is whether a person mutates to good or evil that religion checks, yet it is dependent on the yearn of the person for good or evil. The world was balanced good and evil at the fall, but because the world is in darkness that evil is from, evil grew more because of willing creatures whose ways fed it to be more than good that was oppressed; but now, the Will is moving evil to hell where it belongs, and leaving the earth good to become life. As life can only be from good and not from evil that takes from good to live.


Mutation of women as the last formation, keeps them closer to matter, but because their soul is from man, their material self is not at the extremes of heavens or earth, but in between. Gender equality is not abuse of gender by putting women in God created male work; gender equality is putting women in God created female work. Women should try not to loose the freedom they physically appear to have to vote and be voted for by not calling friendly gestures by men sexual harassment that can unite men to treat women like it was in the dark ages. Women should always know they mutated from men, it is not their maternal instincts that give them the superior spiritual drive of things, and it is the creative formation that gives men the edge. Men love to assist women but women notion of men because of the male content of Lucifer (that is creatively different from spirit man) makes men skeptical of women intentions like that of Eve and all the women that ruined men. Men naturally do not hate women, but some women, because of men dominance in society, pits them to despise and blame men for allegations with no intention by the righteous man, yet the guilty man, they join to protect because of influence. Every child birth is painful because that was the curse on the woman that gave birth to both descendants. All the civilizations that fell around the world, collapsed because of the wave of the fall of humankind from Adam and Eve spirit fall. The true life taker is misinformation.


Once you are hurting in any form, and then within your being, take it up in mind above your head to God to relieve you of it. When good people are hunted by those who are to protect systems; by them believing lies about the good and when proven a lie by the truth and the liar is not held accountable to stop evil, evil replaces the good in the system, making evil increase more than good as the world is now with more evil than good because of this. Most people on earth are spiritual illiterates, as they do not know how to communicate with those in the spiritual. Yet every baby born has spiritual communication that they forget to grow into the world of good and evil of this earth. Faith is connection, it is the link between two or more people of similar faith in spirit to do a divine thing; fate in good and evil is by materialism that is matrix alien to the spirit, but true destiny is your arrangement with God to be on earth. Choices for all of humanity should be left for God and not for demographics, where some people franchises are manipulated by those who control the system. The Will of God, Christ and above them are above the system of good and evil orchestrated by Lucifer that covers his church level, so the Christ and the Will changes systems and prophets that are within the church system, manage the system they are in; with the Will, all those who said anything or bared false witness against the Will, will be confronted with their sons as they approach the Will. Humans are like in a factory that loves them by using their bodies to grow the spirit through their soul that the ones that let evil via soul cloak or the body that is the physical cloak to dominate them are rejected to hell.


Most people think money is power: no, money is least of power, as policy is midpoint of power and system control is power; so godfathers that plan and control systems are the real power, while policy makers are the power that dictate the financial sector, so the wealthy person money is subject to the policy that allows their industry. In the world of good and evil, only those with victory are not put on trial; history is written by the victors. In everything, there are ways men handle things and women handle things: so it is wise to know what is best for which one of them to handle before letting them do it, or it is wise to know if it is for you or/ and the opposite sex, or what part should be for the opposite sex. It will be unbelievable to any physical person to believe that the physical is the illusion, instead of the spiritual in the mind that to the physical person it is imaginary, yet it is what is in the mind that the spirit goes with that leads it to hell or heaven. For over six thousand years of the invasion of Lucifer, they were able to remain in power because of the illusion that the symbolic tree of good & evil and tree of life were physical, for people to search externally from themselves in their physical surroundings that made them materialistic for the alien system to set into mankind as part of them that cannot decode how the world of paradise before Adam and Eve fall did things because it is alien to the ways of the earth.


It is silly to physically fight the whites for power because that is not how they did it, fighting physically for power that is dominated by those in power will only strengthen them more by uniting them to have more ways of winning and holding on to power; Lucifer took power in the soul part of the mind, but he is not like the blacks who dominate and have power over the mind, so the blacks are the ones powerful enough to regain power the whites took from them, but they need a greater mind than Lucifer church capacity to do so, which is why the Will of God do it through the original first royals of humanity. The Will of God is among the oppressed royal blacks and not with those that covet their neighbours goods, as the part of God cannot come through those who use their race or tribe against others, by using what the Ten Commandments say mankind should not do. Those who thought God should send His envoy through them should think why God should come through a people who live on earth for materialism by imposing their carnal greed on others. When Christ came through Israel, they were a people for spiritual needs and not a people with alliances for human protection. Those that are not spiritually wanting God cannot have Him, Nigeria is now most religious, with the most churches etc. for God; Israel was like that at the time of Christ. When a divine being is coming through parents, the ancestral path is divinely protected and rewarded with some powers to protect the lineage of both roots of the couple that will have the divine child, with the ancestral path capable to use powers close to their capacity to empower the family tree, but when the real divine being manifest, the power will completely manifest in Him and His Her will have Her material influence; even if the Her chose in spirit to multiply into more females that will split Her power into each female, which depends on hierarchy of powers in a person that gives the echelon of the woman.



If you cannot take blame, then do not accept gain. Just as making money with macro economy was for whites, is how using the mind was for blacks that was misunderstood by whites that blacks did not document things, when all were kept in the mind space that can be retrieved by developing the brain to attain it. The cut off of the mind space knowledge was because of the fall to keep Lucifer descendants from information of God and origin of mankind ways and methods, until the ownership of the world by Lucifer is spent and the world is returning to how it was before the fall of Adam and Eve.


Do not be deceived that aliens are ugly, or mutations make creatures ugly, because that is fiction to distract you from the truth; many are fine. The Devil is a liar that even his descendants do not know their origin. When a being is descending from heaven or hell into earth, even though from hell is not the natural order unless hell is full, the being of spirit must be cloaked in soul that is nearer matter than spirit that matter is from; the beings from level of elders must take souls of elemental lords, as angels must take elemental souls, as spirits must take animal souls, before they are cloaked in flesh where all in physical form look alike and some who cannot perceive beyond the senses of the physical body, think differently of the more higher being as controlling, when that does not arise in the higher person that they bear false witness on; false witness is one of the Commandments God told us not to do, which is punished by the Holy Spirit. Balance of the human being is the spirit and soul: the spirit for life, and the soul for good and evil; it is living in soul that is living in good and evil; so when humans live in spirit, they live in life. It is living in life that is not living in vanity, because it will be for posterity after the world of Lucifer for existence. Vanity is living for and doing for the world of Lucifer that only what is done is for judgment and not for posterity after the end of the world of Lucifer. Conspiracy theorist and spreaders that bears false witness against their neighbours, because the information spread is false. Lucifer requires people to lie against others so they go to hell with him, so those who go around saying they are religious but spread falsehoods are liars that their religious nature will not save them from hell for going against the Ten Commandments.


Anyone marrying the wrong person that is a woman, will have her carnal self-life that is from spirit, realigned from the spirit the person is from that makes the person lost in soul for being misaligned, as the soul by the vow cuts off the true spirit that owns the body and soul, because the spirit did not make that decision, but only gave life to the being; that is why judgment is on the soul that traps the spirit, yet to save the man who did not sin by marrying the wrong person, although this law does not affect men to change their soul because the man has eleven out of the twelve ribs or firmaments, which is the origin of the want of a male child to inherit assets, and is why assets are for males to keep family name, as family name is because of eleven ribs. This allows choice for good and evil, but if you choose spirit, you choose the way God created your spirit and not the path of Lucifer that the choice by soul does, since being in good and evil allows the dominant force that is evil to decide, but being in spirit allows the dominant force of the spirit that created matter to decide. World of good and evil is of distrust, as world of life is of trust; because actions of evil, by those of darkness cause distrust by those of good, yet in spirit that is life, there is no superseding of evil over good, as darkness is from light and not like in materialism, where light is from darkness: Genesis one and two.

Good and evil is to be balanced by angels to increase their hierarchy, but because of what Lucifer did by obstructing the timing for good and evil to be obstructed by his disapproval of spirits rising into angelic echelon, the connection to angelic status was established by God because he obstructed by laying down the path of angels to spirits that made them equal in test to give them access to angelic region; the original path for mankind as I have reiterated before was from spirit to soul, which is from life to good and evil. Those who get near the Will always have hopes of varied kinds that they should have focused their hopes on their spirit that His power of influence would have fueled them to power their path to their individual spiritual purposes.


True forgiveness is only when the perpetrator has repented. The false forgiveness was setup by Lucifer descendants to cleanse them of their sins by the victim for God to intervene and reverse judgment of them to hell, but their false ideology does not work because, God is not a computer program to be hacked by manipulators. The errors of men that are the first soul creation not having a cycle to remove semen and sperm are not in women who are the last soul creation. Education should be upgraded from learning via the physical senses alone to learn through download of information into the sense organ receptors in the brain. Only the few fit in spirit survive, as those that remain in soul perish. The spirit is the most balanced part of the person that came to be upgraded, while the soul is the next balanced as it understands the emotions with the senses, the physical is the least balanced in the person that its learning is known by humans. It is most silly to judge a man by his beginning and not his end that he might tap into his spirit that will make him smarter than when he was only physical. Or he might degrade into his soul material self to be more evil that is dominant in darkness that is the universe. It is not the physical structures that people see that really makes any nation the overall might to other nations, it is what you do not see in the mind and especially what makes the people strong that you cannot see unless it is shown you that is the true might. A people who know to use the link of the path of death to restore life are more superior; that path is through the ancestors. The world of good and evil is run by morality to it and not how morality is to life.


Those who rebel against the Will who moves amongst you that most do not know He is the Comforter or Counselor have proven they do not belong to the kingdom of God, as the Will came physically to restructure the world from the design of Lucifer that has failed and execute judgment by letting humans do the good and evil in their soul, to the way of God that is life, which is for only those that can attain their spirit; those too dark that is those that are too into their soul that is materialistic will never be able to get the consciousness of their spirit that is the real them to lead them to life, those are the weed and chaff to be removed to hell by themselves, and they are many, for the few in spirit, which can only be when the person is meek to God to inherit the earth by living a legacy that is not in vain like the legacy of the world of Lucifer that seizes to be once they do not exist in Lucifer world for a while, but the legacy of those of God are spoken and written for ever, since they transcend the world of Lucifer to be forever in the world of life that is not vanity. Exposing the lie or deception of religion by descendants of Lucifer to distract more from the truth, is not making the perpetrators a legacy of life, but knocking off the log in the eyes of those who really want to leave the traps or rocky ground of the soul to the life of the spirit that is fertile by Holy Spirit.


A true leader does not erase his past or is not consumed by hatred to lead by it because it makes him/ her evil to the people he leads. It is good to know how to communicate in every race and tribes way. Democracy, internationally relating to other countries is a failure because the next president of a country from a different political party does not keep to the international agreement by the previous president or even the local policies of the previous president that the party that took over rejects for the people. Cities became urbanized by industries that industrialization of cities changed by pandemics or wars or economic changes. Pandemics etc. are nudge to more advanced living and systems. Using war to show potency is not strength, but weakness by hiding under hatred and physical technology, when true technology connects beyond the soul to maximize its strength beyond the physical that can overcome any other evil force against spiritually right. True cities of the origin never interfered with nature because most of them were below the earth. Two peoples see the world based on cunning: the whites and the Fulani. Where law is decided by demographics instead of the righteousness from what God says, is where evil that is the greater force of darkness in matter dominates the consciousness of the highest species of the world.


Be good at what your race was designed by God to do: most of the black race abandoned using the mind in full to use the white design that they can never equate because it is for whites, so they failed to excel in it as they dream to reach the capacity of the whites, which they never reached; yet the whites or Chinese or Indians never really tried to excel in what was never really of their nature, so they reached the zenith of their existence on earth. Paradise on earth as it was before the fall is only seen with your mind in the world of good and evil in Africa around where the rivers divide. The soul balances the interaction between the spirit and the body. For some religious people in all faiths to spread conspiracy theories or falsehoods about what never happened or what is not there, is them baring false witness against their neighbours and coveting their neighbours goods, which will take them to hell for disobeying the law by the hand of God against all the carnal good they have done that erases their good for being smaller in capacity. Those baring false witness by spreading conspiracy theories are the ones helping Lucifer to take with him the many who believe his lies that are generated by his conspiracy theorist to hell. It is the vaccine liars that are the true problems they spread about the vaccines, because the science does not support any of their conspiracy theories that is bearing false witness against their neighbours and coveting their neighbours good by making their neighbours not take their goods of vaccine.


I can say that I am the first to document the activities of the mind from start to finish of the ascent from physical to spiritual. You should never pray for forgiveness of anyone without the person stopping the evil because, praying for forgiveness for someone doing evil is encouraging the person to continue to do evil on others; instead pray for the person to stop the evil, only when the person stops, can the person be forgiven, yet judgment is for God and not for anyone to intercede to erase judgment, which will mean both the intersessionist and the sinner will carry the burden of hell, unless the intersession was to stop sin before forgiveness, then the intersessionist will not carry the sin as well. The soul is the ying and yang, while the spirit is the chi of the three persons of physical body, soul and spirit in one body. Women should know the anatomy of men makes the physiology of their sexual romance to want to finish it as coitus that is instinctive to free the prostrate from harm by excessive fluids in the prostate gland that will be more than can be absorbed into the large intestine.



Always live in your own capacity of being; those who live in the capacity of their other sex partner, loose living in their own capacity. Unfortunately, the world of men has been living in the world of women since the fall of humankind to the plan of Lucifer. It is bringing those two male and female capacities of the same spirit person that completes the person as God intended.


Those who think they are privileged to marry earlier than those that marry late should not mock them, because by doing so, they insult someone crippled to how they are, yet the person is as or doing as God intended to make them marry who he gave them, since some that marry early, married another person own without knowing it that does not mean they will be forgiven for coveting because they did not know. Parents especially mothers should not use their sense of security of their children to hinder their children path. Those who live in soul are the ones that evil can jump in and use at anytime, but those of spirit are the ones that evil cannot use, yet good does not use them, but leaves them to make their choices in their destiny that their spirit is cautious not to fall to evil. After death, souls that achieved their calling of assisting the spirit they cloaked, return to the soul realm greater than they were before they closed the spirit.


The idea of the message of radical Islam as is misinterpreted as the totalitarian religion of the world is wrong; the truth is that it is that our spirit that is our life that will be in charge and not our soul that religion was setup for, but since the spirit is the breath of God that is part of God and our original person that will be free because the curse of the fall of Adam and Eve will be no more, the spirit will be living as God and the person you are intends, which is the true totalitarian religion of how all of humanity will be. Mainstream media should be glad the false news by conspiracy theorist has made them the news of facts and not news on social media or right wing media etc. that are not aired by major news networks that are monitored by their national news fact monitoring body. Any group of people that use election methods or dictatorship to decide any person freewill that has nothing to do with the collective health of everyone, is only sharing the person sin or failures and not the successes that are only shared by those who were supportive of the person carrying their own cross or their own karma, because judgment is meant for God; so those doing it in the name of God are not Christians because the Bible says we should not judge and they are judging. But if it has to do with the collective health like in pandemics, then the authorities have every right to enforce vaccination that will be rewarded by God to those who save their people.


Autocracy is not the way of the spirit or of heaven or God, autocracy is closer to the depths of hell than democracy; true theocracy is the way of Divinity that is actually listening to God, because false theocracy is the religious hierarchy deciding the decisions of their people. The truth about the world system by democracy is that Republicans in the USA have destroyed it and no one else; in Nigeria, All Progressive Congress are making voting to favour the party in power like the Grand old party. So, unless both stop lying and speak and do the truth, before they will truly have the electorate. The world is created by truth that is God and not lie that is Lucifer; Lucifer is not a comparison, but a tiny error to attract the weak to keep existence clean off doubting minds, because existence functions best with faith, and not that doubt affects it, but it is not fitting, yet an alteration or spot in the entire picture.


The final frontier for the blacks is not space but being in the spirit, yet the final frontier for the white skinned is space; because it leads them to their origin, which is why the yearning is in their being. Africa respect for Asia is because the orientals respect Africa as origin of their civilization, while the whites whose origin is also from Africa, deny the origin of their system from Africa by seeing themselves better; as the USA think they are superior because of how they left from Europe, yet Europe once was beneath Africa that was superior to every race then. The occidentals pressure on other races as colonialists, puts other races off them, because they forget that other races once dominated their race and they are not the first or the best as they claim, but the best of their time, just as the races that dominated them then were the best of their time then. The occidentals never apologized for colonization and slavery. If the occidentals had only left the world to change as it used to, there would have been no chaos, where the other human races are dependent on the systems they created to make themselves superior by being those needed for solutions that is only fulfilling bruising their head curse. People have a choice to choose the system that dictates them, as they chose the occidentals way that was imposed on them was how their traditional systems became evil in their eye, but if they choose their traditional systems, the way of their origin will open to them as good without the evil they saw that will be removed.


The problem with Nigeria seen by Aso rock is that the advisers make it look like it is about power, yet it is not about power to the people or country, but it is truly about responsibility that the people want to be given to their zone or region that will not take power from Aso rock but gives responsibility to the zone so, the presidency does not take the blame but keeps power, yet making Nigeria a true federation with its own rules which should include time zones; so it is clear that it is not that because any of those advising or assisting have PhD and above in their discipline, but it is about if they are well educated in the problem they want to solve. Africa lacks the allopathic knowledge-ability to produce vaccines etc. because of the colonial mindset imposed by the colonial curriculum to keep Africa dependent to supply raw materials for Europe finished goods; Europe and countries that emerged from them should economically let Africa to be free to make its choice before they talk of trust and commitment amongst allies and friends, because in history, they and those like UK, US, Australia, Canada that came from them lack the integrity to show that they are not racially corrupt. Excellences are the few exclusive club that financially support each other, whilst the distinguished create laws that protect themselves and the excellences to sign them to law, as honourable live to be more respectable in society after creating laws for excellences so they endorse; before in most places it was royalty, but now in few places, royalty are still in that position, especially those on or for thrones.


It is natural for Lucifer to use his descendants to run down the world that there was nothing better than their industrialization, which is not true. The way of the spirit was paradise and better, which was why the curse was initiated to allow the mechanical world they chose. Love of God placed the origin of mankind as human beings in Nigeria and origin of humanity as a whole in Africa that should not be undermined by other races outside Africa because of the curse on the garden of Eden, for them to abuse their ancestral gene pool of homo sapiens. Marriage is not till death do us part, marriage is truly as it is in Genesis one, where male and female He created them; marriage is truly finding your true partner and continue to remain married forever, it is not Lucifer marriage, where you are apart after creating descendants that are of false coupling to produce what is not of God, then death separates you to hell because of your sins of coveting what was truly never yours. Women who keep themselves for their future are tempted to fall from their path, but the strong that could hold on without falling are rewarded with more almost immediately or immediately. Anyone who realize on the past to determine the future is a fool to the system of evil, but anyone who uses the past not to fall into the same mistakes in future is wise to live in truth that is the maximum of good that leads to life.


Bearing false witness against your neighbour is gossiping lies, which also includes racism etc. that are depicted by lies. This is among the Ten Commandments because it is usually the origin of all other sins like Lucifer did with Eve to get Adam for the fall. Most archeologist and most scientist think ancient structures before the fall or the flood after were by what is called miracles now that at the time of paradise was normal; every major religion talks of paradise before the fall, but the people of the fall research is based on how they are without spiritual flow, by believing those of paradise that was before the fall was like them that are of soul, not knowing or trying to find the spiritual truth that the world was ruled by angels and above that the statues of the elders as gods are seen in ancient cities. People should open their eyes by opening their minds to their spirit within to show them what paradise was for the world to be more spiritual to free them from the curse caused by Lucifer; Christ only prepared the path for them to find when they have faith that leads to finding the spirit that is you for true reality to be that is not vanity that is soul reality that mankind live in.



People think strong has to do with the physical build of a person, but the truth is that strong depends on the capacity of spirit and soul; men are the way they are because they have eleven ribs of soul to one rib of women, yet the strength and skill of fighting is from the spirit where women are equal to their true man. Women being weaker sex are because of one rib that lets them to be convinced, in which men are not those ways. It is wrong for any other man to deprive any woman of education because her spirit may be greater than his to subject the man who deprived her by karma of his forever grace, even if his spirit is greater, the Holy Spirit does not pardon those who obstructs the plan of God. Muscle strength is only for those that are physical and their spirit is not awakened to lead them.


The world now is of laws because it is the best way to run things in good and evil, but in tree of life it is God and not law that runs everything because what is of God is what is in the conscience of everyone. Intelligence does not mean a person is not silly, usually those smart may not be clever, or those with memory may not be wise, it is very rare to have good memory and be clever. Certain problems can be solved by going into the past; mysterious problems are easily solved by going into when and what caused them. When someone is always a looser, there are not afraid of loosing but must take others down with them like Lucifer does; yet the person who gains cannot carry others to achieve what he/she gained but, has prepared the way for others to follow. In nature, it is natural in good and evil to have some loose some to gain, but in the nature of life, it is natural not to loose to gain. Freewill of humans is because of the freewill of the Will they are replica of, which is why they do not sense the fourth force, yet if they were in spirit, they would have incorporated everything in their living. Good and evil religiously are represented by priesthood and occult respectively and was the original setting of Christianity before the Romans altered it to forgive them without repentance and changed the scripture not to be opposed to Rome but to honour the Flavians that took over from the Caesars; the unification of both would have erased good and evil to give life, but was delayed for the Will of God to initiate.


We know the occidentals praise democracy, but baring false witness against your neighbour just to score political points, shows it a very dangerous system that builds hatred instead of love. The system of love is true theocracy that is by God and not false theocracy that is by clergy using their decision to suggest to their people that it is by God. True theocracy, is not yet in the world system of governance because the world system is good and evil, true theocracy should be called divinocracy that can only exist in tree of life as it was in paradise when things were done more by will than as things are done physically by humans in good and evil that they cannot understand how structures before their time was done.  In this world, the physical is neat but the mind is dirty; in more mature worlds, both the physical and the mind are neat. In the time of paradise, everything about the physical was about the mind, which is why the physical disappeared with the curse, but now that the world has passed through good and evil, the world structures will remain as edifices or ruins. Women are the ones that show off themselves too much, which is why they were noticed and hunted in the dark ages instead of men who lived with spiritual might like the females, as the females showed theirs to the public, either by over helping or showing too much. Very few men are noticed; the few noticed are the ones like Christ Jesus who had to show it to fulfill his mission and prophecy.


It is in the future that the past will be studied for the presence of the Will who lived with humanity at the time of the end of the era of good and evil that He changed to life and prepared the information for the future, in which it will be amazing to the future that while He lived among those of good and evil and changed the world to life in their presence, they barely noticed Him for who He was but, they saw Him as they wanted; yet it was the protection to be amongst them as a thief without crime that is unnoticed, which pushed some to use the law to abuse how He could overcome their obstacles. As they say, when something is too good to be true, yet this time, it was truly too good and true, but as usual their mistake was the mistake of the descendants of Lucifer that is to standardize everything, when nothing is created the same, because nothing of nature is a machine. Guts feeling can be for good and evil, it is all about who has more of his spirit and a tamed instinct. The Will is only here to make sure His creation or children, since they came from Him, grow up to be better; that means everything or/ and everyone should be happy with the Will making sure they are a better version of themselves without changing them from who they are. When you look at the faults around you and solve them, then you are strong and not foolish, but when you look at others fault and not your own by self-ignoring that you have faults, then you are a fool to admire you without seeking to solve faults that can make you vulnerable. It is the spirit that makes the mind rational, as the soul gives instinct. For those in soul, it is only being in a collective to rationalize their thinking by their thoughts being compared to others in their society to be human that forms rationality in humanity in good and evil. You will never here blacks talk of other races as inferior and them as superior, because it is the inferior that call others inferior and themselves as superior. The superior gene is the genetic formula that all other humans came from.


People of other races should stop blaming Africans for how they are, because the curse of God on Eden is more on them because of the land and not because of how they seem to those races who do not realize the reality of the curse, even when it is the history told by the major religions. The Jewish roots from Africa makes them hated because like Africans they have everything, but better they are not in the disorganized nature of Africans who have the land curse closet to them because they are in the cursed Garden of Eden. Nigerians as a people are more academically educated but the system in Nigeria keeps Nigerians less industrious, while the USA system keeps them more industrious. The white supremacists were united in the USA under Donald Trump by his words that every Christian should have noticed the following by other Christians who follow the Flavians scripture Christianity. Those that are true Christians in being, follow Christ as their spirit leads and not by persuasion that their gut feeling know is false. Gut feeling will let you know the so called Green Energy are actually rare earth depletion, pollution and disease causing that is above fossil fuels, which is all because of economy. They are better ways of energy technology that do not destroy the earth, as the electric technology will not deplete the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, because of the production of rare earth minerals that is more polluting than the fossil fuels production; yet in use, the fossil fuels technology used by the user equates the production of rare earth technology, so because the rare earth technology is not polluting as the user uses it, does not mean the replacement batteries have not polluted the same quantity like the fossil fuels do in their use. The solution is actually to produce technology that absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and cools the ocean temperature.


Humankind should not be like Adam leaving females or males to make decisions for you that is weakness, but making the decision for yourself, makes you strong to existence. The curse on Lucifer descendants was to use the extent of their physical brain with others being their tools within the period of the curse before those of spirit will use their spirit enhanced brains that will put all Lucifer envisioned to shame because of the capacity that the mind of soul and flesh can never attain to prove to all that creation can never want more or do more for other creations than the creator; as God will never perfect evil, but leave evil for the evil doers extent before letting them put themselves down. Once wild animals like carnivals and omnivores taste human flesh, they prefer it to others because the dormant spirit of humans in good and evil only enriches the blood and flesh to be better without the protection of an active spirit that is fully connected to Divinity and existence. As the mind is developing more than it was before by your spirit, good and evil nature and beings will always distort your mind with their words and actions that I wrote the last chapters into this one with certain incoherent sentences showing how the mind leaves information you are on to another that it is only those who have learnt to let their minds free for their spirit to lead will remember immediately, while others will remember later based on stumbling into it as they go along with their daily lives.



The Illusion is the view that demons are physically ugly, in truth, demons are not usually physically ugly, but is truly ugly in the mind. We can social media wise say that artificial intelligence controls humans; that is computers think what choices people make to decide who leads to make decisions for the world, like it did for Trump and Buhari that made Republicans think it happened again for Biden, when it did not because people became aware of what happened when the forty-fifth president did things for himself instead of for the people. People looked at machines running humans as robots only, without knowing the truth was only the artificial intelligence part of the machines and not the mechanical part. Financial profits over humanity, led machines artificial intelligence to take over control of human decisions. Analexia is the problem artificial intelligence causes to those who are on social media, because they do not know the details or the main reason. Tension of ideas is the norm of Lucifer system.


Depleting of resources by humans has been stopped by nature, because as humans have a fixed range of health by measure of temperature and fluids, it is same with the earth, universe and existence as a whole. Lucifer system was a curse by God, so it was wrong for anyone to wage war against it to destroy it but, to seek and ask God to undo the curse so all races will be as they are supposed to be; ironically they made the rest of humanity that follow Christ to pray their altered version of world without end and forgiveness without atonement: the world of Lucifer must end by God removing the curse for other suppressed races to be free, as they must atone for their sins to be forgiven. The sins of the fathers are upon their descendants was the reason for such prayer and the maintenance of the curse was the reason for making other races pray for forgiveness that means they were asking for the curse to remain for white power and supremacy to keep other races suppressed. So, other races handled it wrongly to keep the whites power. The reason for the white race allowing others to rise academically like them, was to show the superiority of their system and for those of them that are higher among their kind that knew, was to help the other races so when they have power, they will not treat them as their ancestors of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries did.


By waging war with them, such wage war indirectly against what God cursed; instead pray for God to change the curse, which is the way to win. It is by God and not by His creation. Lies of Lucifer have cut up with his descendants to derail his system by what is going on with misinformation in USA.  The system of occidentals have made the time of paradise that was the time of the gods, just stories and less of reality, to make people believe in physicality instead of more of the spirit; in which, they cannot be blamed because of the curse that drove the world of Lucifer that must end to be the thinker to orchestrate it that colonization was the tool used as they had to steal resources and labour from those who God had cursed to bruise their heel. The truth is that they abused their curse to the extreme because of the fallen angel connection that made them say they are superior; when the truth is that those they look down on are children of gods that angels serve. It is the spirit of the three first races in the seventh chapter of the second to fourth verse of the Bible book of Daniel that is the breath of God in Genesis two and the creation of male and female in Genesis one of verse twenty six to twenty seven that is the children of God that humanity must let awaken within them for them to live above the curse and to be pardoned from the curse that is for those in soul that grew into it at teenage. The descendants of Lucifer were not cut off like other races, so they are connected to their origin in spirit. France had the largest empire of the colonialists, in which they have not yet let go of their indirect control of African colonies they had.


Resisting your potency stops your power from coming out. The Will coming from the highest melanin race and origin of mankind first male child route is not tied to the curses so He can see and correct the errors without constraints of the curse; like Christ came to the oppressed Israelites, is how He came to the most oppressed, and as Christ said He will give one from God who will be with humankind forever, is why the Will comes from the first male lineage of humanity. God created the world for freedom, but not against what people will want for themselves. The way of Lucifer creates freedom at the expense of others but for their own choices to be accepted by those that are different in thought from them. The difference between humans and aliens is that aliens are in spirit and humans are in soul like animals that makes aliens not to interact with them, if humans were in spirit, then they would have had powers to do anything and aliens would have seen them as developed enough to interact with. I was born where people joined in lying against my birth position for others who generated the lie to inherit what is not theirs, but it will cause lie not to exist because of the very nature of the person they lied against.


The illusion is that Christ died for our sins so we have nothing more to do; the truth is that His death removes the sins of those who have faith and follow Him to be in spirit. What made Lucifer a liar is the perfect lie with altered truth, the illusion was expanding the truth about the tree of good & evil and lying about the consequence which is death; but the lie of Trump has no truth but fear of retribution by those under him. Trump is only preparing the way for the Antichrist. Writing all these puts some people in the wrong state of mind to think differently about me, even though I am writing exactly how and what it is about humanity to solve the problem that can only be solved by the truth and not by covering up the truth by lies. The Occidentals bend the world by mechanical means to their needs, but the Orientals bend themselves to the world, while Africa looks at the world through God. Middle East brings all together. The extreme ends of the world migration route are those who left these systems to form new ones. Angels and all those above angels in being are closer in being between their male and female members or parts.


Women should not be seeing themselves as those that will win the world over, because it makes them still complacent with Lucifer in taking down mankind; because women and Lucifer took the world from Adam and God, but Lucifer trick them to retain the power and left sexual attraction with women to do his wish, unless the woman is strong in the Lord God that is by her spirit, then Lucifer will not control them to do his wish which easily passes through their soul. There is truly nothing like equality of male and female as similar, but there is equality of male and female in complementing and completing each other for what each other does not have; by so seeing the truth means, another man will not covet a woman that belongs to another man in spirit and will belong to that other man physically in future. Children should be allowed to do all the good that comes out of them, but not the evil that should be nudged out of them before they are teenagers because that is the height of their physicality, as that is what they will build on at teenage and establish at spirituality, when they can attain their spirit. The bloodline of other thrones that are first born of their kingdoms are first born of those that led the victory of the throne they occupy and not the actual first born of all of all of humanity like the lineage the Will physical form is from that is not by language or tribe as populated as others.


White lie may be so to the liar, but to the one the lie is for or on, it is usually malicious. Africa is the continent that keeps the most secrets. The world system can create the illusion that someone is not who they are when they trample on what they do not want known. Colonization was done by the colonialists creeping into Africa with the illusion of aiding Africa while they had declared the areas they were in as colonies to themselves. Now the occidentals know how the rest of the world saw their medieval and colonial methods from how they react in the news about the jihadists of the twentieth century. In the world of good and evil, men are masters of killing as women are masters of survival. The main problem with good and evil in relationship with existence is that memory of the spirit is not carried by the body that is cut off from the spirit so spirit nuclear related mate and intermarry on earth, but in the world of life, the spirit memory will be in the mind and brain of the person.


I write covering the world of gods and humans and not just the world of humans in unconscious spirits, but of divine beings in human form. That knowledge was passed down by stories that trigger the mind of those in spirit that have been initiated into their peers at puberty that awakens the person into his being to connect with his halo to the knowledge of everything to know everything like a computer to the internet. The problem with good and evil human beings consciousness is that it is more on their parents than God, so death takes that to let humans focus more on God for everything that gives you the consciousness to who you really are to be saved from the path of hell to the path of heaven by consciousness of who you really are.


African Philosophy of Existence