offoboche.comWhat is Corruption?

Biographical Documentary of Offoboche, the name roots down to the origin of Yala as the last migrant group of a stock starting from the renaissance period.

The Public face of Offoboches, there are extended members of the family.

The Deputy Governor to Clement N. Isong (1979-1983) for erstwhile Cross River State.

Video of Offoboche Village Main Residence

Video of Ikpala Estates Hotel

Malaria Eradication

Chief/ Dr. Matthias Oko Offoboche at the National Conference in 2005

Video of Existence-ok Industries HQ Entrance

Video of 1st Existence-ok Industries; started in Ogoja, before the HQ was moved to Abuja.

Corruption, the problem, What is it?

The Deep rooted African Problem!

Late grand father Offoboche was one of the first soldiers, chief cook to a top person in world war II and the root remover of the colonialists in Africa.

Ancestrally, Offoboches are a family of Kings.