The Deep rooted African Problem!

Africa's biggest problem is the looked-upon as privileged and the so called under privileged with grievances. The gridlocked one usually looks for ways or methods to undermine, pull-down and mess-up the imagined favoured one; not knowing the more you have the more your problems - even if the way you have handled it dedicatedly disguises your problems. The branding with humiliation of the supposed benefited person causes the wicked, who may think they are doing it for a cause in their people or family, drives them into using charms to cloud the path on the set-victim to keep the one in their tracks of lure an aggression on the ones the victim should really be helping - diverting attention to their own benefit/s.

The imprisoned one will carry out their sway and abides loyalty to their wishes and an absolute twist of events to the ones the-locked-one should be caring for, disdain and vexation becomes the contact of the victim and the ones the person should help. Others may see a failure in those by right the victim should be caring for, the only way they survive their cause is to go their way in their dealings and doings, because the contact with the imprisoned one causes quarrels or distortions by the charmers. Until the locked or tied breaks free, that person can not be of any benefit to the cause of those really to be taken care-of. Those to be taken care-of that are denied are kept around by family, compellation or finance. Again, the charms are usually set to attack a particular persons who if the being has found himself will know exactly what is happening and block the attack from the extension it is passing through. The annoying part of the talisman is the use from a direct being that should be the divine path of the ones to be helped being blocked, distorting the cause of God for those below the victim. Yet the evil doers hold unto their cause as just as they benefit from it and revere the gods they use as true.

When the tied or trapped is free; and that has to be with a look-inwards for your very being keeping you alive then, you will wake-up and know the trap - those who can not break-off the attack can find someone-free-knowing to break the evil. The way to stop such evils from ever attacking others is to expose them; it is a just cause because they embarrassed and humiliated you.

This is also another general problem with Africa, when the colonial masters came they left curses in their defeat by our driving them out. We have to break-it to be free of the children of sin, people not of God's plan, people of mistake or evil plan. By religion we trapped ourselves to them and their evil extends to us. The problem stated above made us not to open our eyes to the plan of the colonialist using religion. Though, the religion is right - the ulterior motive behind it is false; everyone who carries religion on his head as a away of thinking and to measure mankind should go to the origin or headquarters of their religion and see how low they will be regarded, then they will come to understand that religion is not for mans-occulting of worship of God to control and use people but for the individual and God. Unfortunately, both rival bodies were brought by error and it is their cause to fight for treasures of the sin.


Prof. Oko Offoboche

Please see my life of problems to know it is not only the good that happened