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Christ said Holy Spirit does not forgive: that is because, Holy Spirit keeps to the Judgment you did on earth, so it is only you that change from sin to forgive yourself by God & Christ; so even if Holy Spirit say sorry your sin remains for you.
Christ said He will go and come again; yet most do not want to see that it is written that Christ died and rose again from the dead and went to the Father before coming to spend 40 days with His followers. Christ has gone and come again; it is mankind that want Him to do as they want that He would not do. Just as a son can not be his father but is related to his father carnally other than doing what his parents do with each other with his parent, is how voice from mouth is not head but from head.
The Catholic Church was started by Christ, so it is sin against the Holy Spirit to condemn the Catholic Church because of errors of leaders of the church that were corrupted; instead, stay and correct the error, rather than divide the house of Christ: Mark 3. The newer religions should not forget history that the church was stolen by the evil ones before it was taken back and restored, yet there is room for perfection.

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My Altered Life

Altered Life of Oko Offoboche by those my parents and grand parents and ancestors brought up that were not our blood and some that were our blood.

From when I was born in Ikom, some people wanted to kill me because they were jealous of my parents as some saw me becoming greater; they wanted me a new baby to taste poisoned broth, my mum stopped them. I was a toddler in Dublin where the whites were looking for a tail between my bottom that they did not see as they and especially the Indians racially looked down at us for our skin colour. In the place we stayed in Dublin, I was frozen because of the dilapidated  building we were in, so my mum defrosted me in a hot tub, yet it was a white woman who had us taken out of that building my dad could secure for us while he was in London for his post graduate Obstetrics and Gynecology studies and my mum was studying hospital administration in Dublin, because it was below the standard a doctors family should stay in.

In primary school in the mid 1970s in Ogoja, my class teacher tried to force a poisonous stick into my mouth and I refused to open my mouth because that was not the normal punishment for a child, my mum was passing with a patient related to the man that was going around impersonating and using my position in my family and the name of my father to get whatsoever he wants without caring about how he hurts us with his lies, after he was helped by my mother. The teacher was caught tried in court with my story and my absence and was sent to jail for attempted murder. Other teachers in school gave us buttons to play with as they took us out of class and only came to instruct on pushing us up the class without any knowledge and we told our parents who saw us as children while they dined with the same people orchestrating the harm on their descendants. Until a teacher that was not part of them because she was from another tribe which was a major tribe in the east told my mum and they believed after asking us to write our names and we could not, then my mother wept and went to the school and quarreled with the school teachers and management, then we were withdrawn to another school and they continued harming us and she quarreled and withdrew us and they continued their evil, until I and my immediate junior brother had lost 4 years and my sisters 3 to 2 years; yet I kept all my books. At that time you were demoted for changing schools, no matter how good your grades were. My parents problem was that their time for us was the time of God for us, when the time of God was when we were moving.

While I was in Primary School in Calabar, a man came to call us that our dad sent him, we told him my dad will never send someone he does not send to us so we are not going, so he took permission from the teachers individually who asked my immediate younger brother and I to go and we said no, so we were punished for disobeying the class teachers. We later heard we were lucky, because the politician children that went with another man that came to call them to where they were struck with machete in the head and body, bleeding were permanently hurt. We saw them on Sunday in Church with bandages and remembered there were the children we threw balls across the fence with, as our parents were in office in the late 1970s to early 1980s. They manipulated my Common Entrance results because from my test papers I passed all questions answered, as more than four teachers who marked copies of it said, yet I was given Pass level. These evil people attacked their own on our side. My mum had gone to study law as her second degree that left me filling up on checking and caring for my siblings that my dad asked the laundry man who taught me how to wash clothes in away that it will be arranged for drying; so as we were very nice to one of the main cooks in government house, he left saying he was sent to poison us but because of how we were nice, he could not do it. I do not know what they did, as I heard they go after those who failed their cause. The children suffer for what they know not about, while the parents are Excellency that they give only the wife and not the children because they believe it is to stop royalty in democracy, it is wrong because the wife does not suffer the punishment of the Excellency in office more than the children, but the children suffer attacks without any statutory gain from that title that ruins their future; so logically the children too should carry the political title since they bare the brunt of the hatred on the political office holder.

In my first secondary school year, my score was 84 point something percent, while the next result to me was 72 point something percent, yet they gave the 72 per cent student 1st position and tied me as third position with someone who had truly the third position without my score, but with my records added, he was fourth position in class. My dad met his cousin the principal who reacted with the teachers who changed their strategy. They started hiding my assessments, so I wrote the first J. S. S. exams ever without assessments and I passed to A class. I was monitor of my class from class 1 to 1st term of class 6 where I asked the class that were reluctant to choose another person amongst themselves since I was given so many prefect positions of Labour, Sanitary, Infirmary, unofficial Senior prefect by my Principal etc. that my mum complained of them over stretching an exam student. I wrote the first true S. S. C. exams without assessments, as they gave our results to the secondary school and recalled the results downgrading the scores three times that they did it from A grade results to pass level results. My closest and best teachers were Indians in my secondary school days, who liked me for being their best student and told my parents that they wondered why my grades were not as they knew. Yes I was the most stubborn child I ever knew, so much so that when my parents were looking for me, I may have gone to another town with my immediate junior who also was the only one in the same category of stubbornness; in which the evil people try to make me look corrupt, when I cannot ever be corrupt because of my spirit that is fully awake and I have already done my primary task that God sent me for, which makes me the only human being to have finished why God sent him and is still around finishing other assignments that God has been passing through him.

In my University years I have that on my Curriculum Vitae (Resume), other than that in Tianjin University of TCM I had the best result the world over of a CGPA of around 5.2 and my phobia for cold was overcome in a winter temperature of -28 degree Centigrade that is far lower than what Ireland or UK had gotten; by my own effort without my parents endeavour I became Professor that is a professional status by a United States University for me meeting their standards of award and they took my name falsely to ICPC and tried to publish lies about me but the journalists always verify their facts before publishing and ICPC contacted all the schools who verified me as their student as I had stated. Professorship is not only for teaching, but for research and occasional teaching that is most superior, and followed by honourary professor, before the last is only a teacher allowed to research; where grades of the universities allows universities of higher grades to give the higher status. Fortunately, I am part of Amnesty with UN human rights that overlook the corruption commissions etc. that they grant authentication. What hatred. Then they believe that someone they have done so much wickedness to him when he had done nothing to them should not say anything so they continue practicing such evil on innocent people and seek sympathy for what they have chosen to become over a lie. Evil does not go to heaven, as they chose that path, they should forget the grace of God on them and their generations because they are meant to serves their masters to prepare their way to heaven since their ancestors followed the deceivers who altered them from knowing their roots that we really wanted to help them overcome it, but their reward of wickedness ends it; just as Adam and Eve choice mistakes gave us death. Almost everything I have came from my connections that I created but, rumor mongers go around saying differently because of their original plan to make us, the male descendants of my parents, useless. It is more surprising that all those who studied science can believe that the descendants of parents that were best in their set could produce lesser genetic genes different from what science proves that the genes always throw out the flaws in the parents and keep the better part that made the parents better in the descendants; for instance, I am selfless and do not procrastinate or scold staff unless they try to intimidate me.

I became known as Godfather because of my ability to fix things legally that people wanted and no one could do so until I got involved in it: I fixed the telephone problem by writing to the President in April 2000 to use Glo Chicago mobile services; I fixed the tourism problem of Cross River State and Abuja FCT by writing the heads of government for Moving Circus with artisan skills in 2005; I wrote to the government of Nigeria for Space Exploration: I wrote to Lagos and Kogi governments for boat rally; I wrote to Cross River to State government for a resort with 3 phases of development that the Governor called Tinapa; I demonstrated the Voting System to INEC; I helped make many (using a list of effective people in the area for) politicians from Councilors to Chairmen to Governors (like 1999 to 2007 governor I mobilized the youths to trust and follow him and 2015 to 2023 governor I told people who wanted me as Governor to go to another Professor who was in office) to Senators (like the House of Reps Hon. that became Senator after the death of the Senator from my Constituency that I gave my loyal followers to follow) including the President until 2015 as the cool headed person that was Deputy Governor I found online in my business centre for a report I did for the Northern Elders for President between 1999 to 2007 who wanted a running mate for the next President, in which the Northern Elders believed the time had come for the South-south to rule Nigeria. Afterwhich, the newly formed party media head as at 2015 made me in charge of the Internet where I suggested how they could use the Internet that the ruling party at the time was not in charge of. Nigeria leads the world in Internet usage, I chaired the committee that reviewed the draft copy on NIN and sim card registration in IIM that I included the Wireless Electricity Transfer (WET) method I invented and worked with a team to utilize how it can be implemented without Federal Government Expenditure on WET.

In 1993, the discussions of those of us that influence the students union was about who was best to run the country after the 1991 suggestion we did had failed, which gave me an idea to ask the Elders of the Nation through my dad and we went to the former Vice President where the 1979 to 1983 Vice President chose to bring in the Former Governor of the Northern Strong State that brought in the Group of 43 that later became Group of 48 to become the party that planted the President of 1999 to 2015. When the President of Nigeria from 2007 to when he was incapacitated and power was not given to the Vice President of Nigeria to run the country, many international dealings were asked of me and I gave a brilliant image of Nigeria to the international community and governments until the Vice President was sworn into office after the corpse of the President was taken out that I debriefed myself via email to the newly sworn President by sending my report of all that transpired in the almost one week of no leadership from the Presidency of Nigeria. People blame rigging without what they saw, President between 1999 to 2007 was not the one I saw in INEC when people accused him of rigging the election, it was the President who took over that came frequently to INEC. When they was swine flu, the government at the time did not give the medication to Nigerians but kept it and did away with it when Nigerians were not infected and I wrote to them on it.

My parents held on to the idea of zero nepotism, so they spent their time without knowing, taking care of those people who were harming us as they introduced them to all their connections and gave us non of their connections because they expected those they were helping to do that for us. But those people brought up their descendants to despise us who did nothing to them who they gained from. The sins of our ancestors were that they were royals who bought slaves and freed them. Most people would have appreciated that; but this people tagged us amongst those who did opposite, when it was never so. If they ask anyone who knows the true story, they will tell them that my ancestors helped them trace their roots, as they knew that it was not good for someone not to know where they truly are from. My mum's most senior brother from her mother did everything to integrate them into the system but they nearly destroyed him. I protected them by making it a routine that anyone who touched them has touched me, just as my father's father did for one of them. But, the descendants were brought up to hate us who were helping them and the others who did not help them kept telling us that we are now knowing why they ignore them who blame them for their ancestral mistakes elsewhere that has nothing to do with them, so they do nothing because they place their vengeance on those who help them that keeps society from changing their norms about them, which protects the community from being destroyed by them that are actually regarded as foreigners that do not know their roots.

If they only knew that they should leave blaming those who want to help them integrate, they will be well in society, as we that help pass down the beauty of helping. The Royals know they hold meetings with half royals and half them to plan how to undo the society of the royals and the world at large to chaos. That their meetings are international and in every local government globally, which is why they keep national power away from them, so they do not destroy the world because of the vengeance groomed into them by their ancestors. We do not hate them at all, because we know it was the mistakes of their ancestors trusting the wicked that caused their problem and not the rest of us who desperately want to help them find their way but they spit on it and destroy every help rendered by their constant bringing up of their descendants to hate those who want to help them find themselves so they will be equal to all. Because the only true difference is that we can trace ourselves beyond Adam and Eve. But they hate and blame us for what we never did. When they should have worked with those who care to restore them.


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