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The Mind in Existence


The purpose of school is Know Yourself: what is your Soul & Spirit Name? Then, fix yourself in matter. Jesus is Christ & the Word.
Existence-ok Industries

Our Mission & Idea of IT is Website Development & Metaphysics as one, Intellect & Intuition, Etiquette & Netiquette as one etc.

Being able to feel through the computer your working with to the next computer and into another persons secret is hacking. 

Existence-ok believes practically explained movies like watching cookery should be the training methods of students curriculum. 

oWebsite Designing is the use of software applications to design a site.
oWeb Development is the development of software and web application.



Admission Category
 Work, Gain, Grow and Live without Government but, your contribution to society.

At the end of the courses you should be an Existence Wizard!

   This Omniversity is invented for experience after school; Curriculum Vitae.

Copying files from one system to another and power fails what do you do when the files are above 10GB?

How do you get electromagnetic waves from GSM and computers out of you?

Domain Name
Your Website needs a name on the Internet.
Domain Name Suffixes:
.aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .tv, .org, .pro etc.
Country Suffixes:
.ng, .co.uk, .de, .co.za etc. See ICT

Metaphysics Curriculum

Website Designing
The Website Design you did through us is placed on the internet for others to view or go through without you explaining everything to all your customers every moment, when they call. See ICT

E-mail & E-fax

Management: We guide and teach on all you need to know in maintaining and hosting of your website.

The Control Panel in website hosting enables you to alter your site as you deem fit.

Existence-ok is done with many designs and styles so you can pick from them or modify the one you want. Thank you!

An electronic method of receiving and sending messages.

E-mail: receiving messages through an e-mail account.

E-fax: receiving faxes through an e-mail account.


Media Architecture: satellite tv, tv. See ICT

Software Architecture: the development of software. See ICT 

Website Architecture: the planning and software development for web applications. See ICT

Is your website uploaded running 24 hourly. The Cost of this is combined here with Web Designing. See ICT

Wizard: easy use of applications. Also proposed Associate Professor. Educational Level determines Salary.

See Website Services for details.

Trial & Error makes a person.

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Copying files from one system to another and power fails what do you do when the files are above 10GB? You hibernate them sequentially (fro & to)

Make contact with the earth touching the floor of stone or metal linked to the earth for over four hours, not wood, rubber, plastic, or glass etc.  Always leave your phones, laptops etc. away from your body, they cause brain tumors kidney pain and fever etc. What does the earth do? It neutralizes the beta and gamma rays with alpha rays balancing you; making you have positive, negative and neutral charge. Equilibrium energy field, harmonizes the body.