Income and Educational Levels
This table shows the average annual income for males and females with different educational levels. On average, individuals with higher educational levels tend to have larger incomes, while those with lower educational levels make less money.
 Average Annual Income (in dollars), 2004
Educational LevelMaleFemale
Less than 9th grade22,07014,008
High school  
9th to 12th grade (no diploma)22,79513,519
High school graduate (includes equivalency)34,05021,923
Some college, no degree37,56122,896
Associate degree44,13029,208
Bachelor's degree63,75338,766
Master's degree84,01750,547
Professional degree137,05070,812
Doctorate degree104,84868,191
Bachelor's degree or more (total)75,71943,853
Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census.