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Existence-ok Industries has nothing to do with the contents of your mail box. All in your mail box good or bad is your responsibility. We have no responsibility to the loss of data in your mail box if lost. We owe you no responsibility for messages you receive. As it is stated PUBLIC MAIL BOX. We thank you for registering into our PUBLIC MAIL BOX service.


Existence-ok Industries has no responsibility with any information that goes in and out of the Chat Room or Discussion forum. We also have no timing for information posted into the Chat Room or Discussion forum. Any information lost is not our responsibility. We owe no one any apology for the comments sent from others. We thank you for registering in Existence-ok Discussion.


Existence-ok Industries thanks you for registering as an Existence-ok Industries user. Your name will be listed as a member of Existence-ok Industries.

�Anything of interest or request will be sent to members as a privilege of membership.

�What so ever your requests that meet our terms of service we will try to assist.

�Existence-ok Industries is not against any religion or union but, has no support for those against our terms of service.

�Existence-ok Industries is a unifying site for all religions and peoples.

�Existence-ok Industries is named after Existence, created by God�s drive on the author of the Book �Existence� which can be accessed on the left-frame of this site. We hope you abide by the laws of sex in Leviticus 18 & 20.


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