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The banking torture of the occident on Nigerians after colonialism, allows people to think there is neo-economic-colonialism; laundering is not stopped by restricting people from being able to transfer money, but empowering the corrupt politicians to use their monopoly as diplomats with plea for aid.

UN, give people what they want not what you want. True freedom, like God does.

The UN should have international laws on curbing the medias abuse of human rights, privacy; Princess Diana etc.

Nigerian government reaction to swine-flu tells no concern, April 2009 makes it 2 years in office.

People will not support each other, that's the problem; they prefer stopping people from ascending, only them.

In Nigeria, we live by copying from those of the occident who tried & failed until they got it, some died trying, so we should stop complaining that we are not an old democracy or system, we should make sure things work.

When would we set the pace in innovation again like brass, garri etc. That's what we are known for and not believing that everything must be written, how was it written? by inspiration, intuition and experience.

Obama's Victory as President of USA after 232yrs removes the curse on Ramses II's Africa after 3232yrs.

Government is on one side, the people are on another in Nigeria & Africa. Unite!

Colonization is the 419 problem! Stealing from them by force.


How Do You Give Power to the People?

How Do You Put Money into the System?

How Do You Help the People?

Solving Banking Transactions

Circus for Nigerian Artisans in Gymnastics & Magic

Federal Republic Empire of Nigeria

Zuma Rock, an Inselberg with the steepest side celebrated in Nigeria's Hundred Naira Note was the only mountain that no body had been able to climb until 7/12/7. A white male and female did it.

Bakasi Peninsula

Solution for Nigeria and Cameroon:-

World Problem:

        African Union does not have a permanent Capital, that does not belong to any country.

        The United Nations does not have an out reach base in Africa; they should have all over the five continents not just in the USA in the North American continent.

World Solution:-

Global Warming! Time Change! Magnetic Turn!

The Universe great change affects all its stars. As the sun changes by increasing its flares, the solar system changes; the planets moons move further away, and the earths magnet turns. The turn of the magnet causes gravitrons to be displaced these affects the creatures and also causes them to be nonchalant on the way they affect their atmosphere and themselves.

Football Fans in Nigeria Should ask the NFA to connect them with Europe's Football Business.

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How Do You Give Power to the People?

Give shares to them to build on it and that puts more money into the economy times the population; leave decisions with them, because they put you there and these communities existed before the nation was formed, the communities form the nation.             How Do You Put Money into the System? Have money in circulation by putting money into the hands of the public to spend instead of saving. Government can do the international connections but, people should use what they have (Land produce & Minerals) to bring in foreign investors to bring in technology.

How Do You Help the People?

Make farms; bore holes for irrigation and drinking, bathing etc.; bank accounts with some money for maintenance and care, money for a year; monitor and supervise for 6months, check yearly.

Corruption, the problem, What is it?


These Artisan should be given the title On The Presidents Service to encourage them and give them privilege to keeping these almost extinct art alive. This Circus should be exported all over the world.

Rebranding Nigeria

Nigeria should be renamed the Federal Republic Empire of Nigeria, since Nigeria is the largest multi-ethnic country with kingdoms, varied tribes and cultures in the world. 

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Geographic Information System

Contribute to Ogoja Youths Association

To the Idoma people who ask Yala to come home from the bush: we can all be home if we have one state. Agree on the first name and first capital; Ogoja (Producer) State.

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