Insert your African Cuisine.

Africans have the most untold secrets on earth, we should not allow them fade away.

For Artisans (magicians or skilled artists) post your methods for the future generation, as most are lost.

Modern children are loosing touch of good manners, by this methods we can help them to aid the future.

  1. The food Africans eat are usually balanced.
  2. The food is eaten in a controlled manner usually because of funds.
  3. The meal eaten is normally light through-out the week and heavy by weekend.
  4. Light dishes regularly by day and heavy dishes at night or some-times by noon.
  5. Most meals are mixed, for instance rear meals or fading meals like moi-moi (tofu) porridge.
  6. Traditionally, they rinse their mouths with water after every meal.
  7. They clean their tongues as they use the chewing-stick.

We want you to introduce your rear fading meals and skills for documentation so, there will not be lost.

Put in your cuisine or skill:

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