Pagination error

When you have tried all the known page numbering methods in MS Word and it still did not work. Then this article is for you.

Just select all and copy the entire document and paste it into Note pad to drop off all the error causing problems. Then delete the last empty space before the last alphabet or number that is the problem you have deleted. Then select all in the Note pad and copy them and paste them in a new MS Word. Then, use the document with pagination error to manually correct the words with bold and italic, and by copying the pictures one by one and paste the pictures one by one in the new document with bold, italic and pictures that will not copy.

It is because those erroneous characters do not copy from Note pad to MS Word that the error that distorted your pagination from wherever you copied the document are dropped. So, you can now add page numbers the normal way and continue your work to see that the numbering is as it should be.

I hope this was helpful.

Prof. O. Offoboche