How do you Safe-guard an Idea & Power it?

Copyright it! Patent it! Trade Mark it!

Then Register it. For Nigeria, register in Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and a Foundation. An NGO is the body to run the Idea. And a Foundation is the body to draw-in other NGOs with resources to make it work.

What does an NGO do?

An NGO builds the team of experts with various portfolios on duties to be carried out in pushing the Idea.

What does a Foundation do?

A Foundation generates and organises NGOs that power the Idea with funds.

What does a Copyrighting do?

It protects the Concept and makes it impossible for others to covet it without a life or regular fee; any one who has to use the Initiative has to pay Royalties agreed by the owner/s of the Copyright. The procedure of writing the Inspiration determines the Copyright, even if parts of the Scheme had been done before. Copyrights are for literary work.

What is Patent for?

Patents are for inventions that are not literary work. Patents give exclusive to market inventions.

Why Trade Mark it?

Trade Marks are marks for trade; a company symbol or distinctive characteristic of the products maker, this identifies the product.

Why Brand it?

Branding is a symbol or seal that makes a product distinct and noticeable.

Oko Offoboche, Ph.D, D.Sc

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