Corruption, the problem, What is it?

The first Meteorite made of a different material from what is on earth to come into earth, three hours after the earth was formed migrated with the Yala tribe that came out of other tribes; from beyond Atlantis, Egypt, Nubia... the settlement of the Chad Basin between Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria. Yala came out of Idoma, the middle belt people, and is the last drop that migrated to the east across Nigeria from the Lake Chad region in the North of Nigeria. Human Beings inhabitance of the Lake Chadian region is over Seven Million years, part of the cause of the Sahara desert, within the time of Seven Magnetic North Changes and supposedly the primordial soup of Ape Man with soul before the spirit came in. In the Bible, written by Moses who got the Genesis out of Egypt; Genesis One is the creation of Spirit Man and Woman, Genesis two is the creation of Soul (Man first, other life forms, and Woman last), Genesis three is the sending of Spirit Man and Woman in Soul Man and Woman into Ape Man and Woman. Africa's fall was Ramses II battle with God. Power has always been rotational between the three types of people before, they became four and the alteration came.

The Offoboche's are Yala and speak yala. They are of the Royal Blood line of Kings and presently of the Chief family of three rotations of rulership. They are related to many of the Chief Families that make up Yala and Ogoja. Ogoja is in Cross River State of Nigeria and is named after a Yala word Ogboja, meaning Producer or something or gift/ place that produces. Now Yala, just like Bekwarra at its border  in Cross River, Nigeria, has a bondage problem; both were once in Ogoja Local Government Area. The bondage problem is that they can not be allowed to live like the Royals or Elders or Commoners, yet they have been given all the privileges. The problem was that they were deceived by the whites intentions which were not known by many, but was known  by a selected few who aided them for greed, the bounded are given full rights other than the rights of indigenes. The problem now is that they have chosen to depose the royal by pulling them down. The plot was made by all of them to disorganise the true indigenes who know their origin. They went for the disorganisation of their children, family and homes.

They succeeded in disorganising the Kings and the King-makers, but they have not succeeded in finishing the destruction of the system. They are what is corruption. If you give people who by right have been born below the privilege to live freely with you and they use it to plan your destruction what do you do? As the bible puts it that they should serve their masters, God reacts against those who give their conscience out, your conscience belongs to Him and yourself and not to any body. Is that the problem, that by God they are to serve or, is it that they are angry with those whose ancestors rescued their ancestors from their ancestors bondage master by purchasing them off from torture or, is it that they blame the innocent ones for their not knowing their original roots? Every baby chooses its parents (a couple that can produce genes to suit its body) before coming into the planet. The ones they were given to are their help and the trace to their roots.

This insult to the innocent descendants for favours done by their ancestors, though some were cruel has been regarded as over by the world and UN, so why are they keeping it and using it to destroy society globally? Disorganising the system of every society by making sure nothing works properly or by making it a bribery system will not help their own children, it will not help the problem of roots, it will only cause instability and they will suffer it more by not having those who can help them always - be there to help. Though they are happy using some commoners and others who are silly to join them and disorganise the society, those commoners etc. should be regarded as the real destroyers. Because those with bondage roots have a reason for their anger, they are disorganised by not being able to trace their roots and have chosen to make the rest of the world disorganised to sooth their internal pain, but this has left scars on the hearts and minds of those they disorganise and delay academically or financially. To destroy a child's future for another persons cause is a thing that should annoy God to make such a persons life difficult. Every one is sent by God to fulfill their Name here on earth, that name is what you are and what you do. So, they should know that it is God they are abusing and fighting by altering the cause of innocent children that were sent or begotten through their parents. The bondage descendants were also sent through their parents and may not know their extended families. So the other class of society should not be blamed, only the origins of this act.

It is now happening as a trait learnt from those in bondage of not having to trace their origin; this has come to be the pull-down syndrome of the middle. The middle being the go between - between those at the floor and those at the top. Those at the top are so busy trying to solve the problems coming their way from the society, giving them most times no room for their thoughts. Those at the bottom may have ideas to solve or sought out these problems at the top affecting them and society, but the middle steal these ideas or stop them from reaching the top, this is vice versa. The top too are stopped from reaching the masses with the good tidings they have by those in the middle sabotaging everything for personal gain. Coveting their neighbours goods: Tenth Commandment. Those at the floor have only their immediate environment to worry about so they have room to think, being able to pull-off from society to think. But, those at the top being incharge of others responsibilities have to spend their time attending to these responsibilities.

The bounded ask for equal privileges yet, they continue their intrigue on the owners of the land. Political power was given to them in which they used it to beat up traditional rulers or lock them up, they are always free to run for office; money was put in their hands as a privilege in which they deny the royals off money to subdue them; they alter the education of any royal they are aware of; they use their power to distort markets and cause instability in governance to loot. What more will they do as they cry for equal privilege? They have been given the privilege to rise to that standard but, they use it to distort and destroy. Who is stopping who? The Royals or the free form bondage? The bounded are the once destroying cooperation or understanding with their persistent plots of evil. They have allowed themselves to be Darkness tools.

We can not neglect the fact that this exists in our society and parents have to learn to listen to their children early because that is the solution against mishap. The problem in Nigeria is the same. And this is the same world wide. It has happened to most countries and it is still happening. Because, the first bondage was done by the Devil. The solution is finding your spirit name that would make you understand why you're here, why you came, what you do; Christ is the word, what is yours?


Oko Offoboche, Ph.D, D.Sc

The Deep rooted African Problem!