Existence-ok Industries Web Design Information Requirements



Tell us the type of web site you want us to design for you:

0. What kind of website would you like?

Affiliate Web  Web Design Web Development Web Problem Web Suggestion
Enclose the Images Required For Website Development. We need the scope of the work and Material size.

1. What about you do you want us to do?


2. Full Name of Person or Establishment:


3. Summary of Site to be:


(Form to be completed by the person/s who know/s what is required. If it is a Company/ Association or Club, only the Manager or President or Chairman or the Secretary shall complete this form, or their IT Staff.)

4. What type of site do you want? online or offline. If online ignore the questions below.
        Online (on another's site), Offline (your site)

Materials required before you fill this form, (i) the pictures and (ii) the information in uploaded.

5. Size of Website:


A website can not be done for your view without hosting.

The Home Page must be fast so add less graphic images.

6. Enter your web information in the space provided below:

7. Enter five (5) Domain Names in the spaces provided below: State the Name (Domain Name):

Domain Name 1
Domain Name 2
Domain Name 3
Domain Name 4
Domain Name 5

    i. What should your Domain Suffix (Domain Name end) be:


We would search for it if it is not in use by another it is yours but, if you are not fast someone in the world may use it.

    ii. Should we create the suffix? Yes.

        If yes state the suffix abbreviation not more than four letters:


8. Do you Require Music to be added? Yes / No If yes Upload it here:


 Music of 1 second.

9. Enclose the images required. (i) Which image/ diagram would be on the Home Page, etc. (ii) indicate this/ these at the back of the picture/s. (iii) Do you want a photo album? Yes / No


10. Please upload the contents (text) or e-mail it to us, if not you would be charged heavily for typing.


11. How many Link Bars do you want. Should it be Vertical, Horizontal or Both:


12. What colour/s do you want, start with the Home Page?


13. Draw out how you want each page designed with a program like MS Word or Paint and upload:


14. Do you want forms, e-mail, ftp, online shopping, etc?

State it here
i) If so write your terms and conditions

ii) Should we design the form our way or if it is your way state it here

iii) Would you want the date it was last edited, etc, included.Yes. If No Ignore this.

15. Do you want an e-Book with contents? Yes. If No Ignore this.

 We charge N1,000 to organise every 20 pages.

16. Would you like short cuts at the base of your main page? Yes. If No Ignore this.

If yes state which one

17. Write your company policy and upload it here to be viewed by those who seek it.


18. What do you want stated for help, where help for a thing is required? write for all

19. Do you want any external link/s name the url

20. Do you want an autoresponder for your e-mails? Yes. If No Ignore this.

21. Do you want us to manage your site? Yes. If No Ignore this.

22. If No, should we teach you, because it is important to manage your site if not it would jam.Yes. If No Ignore this.

23. The Cost of website management training is from N20,000.

24. Do you need a page or pages about you (person or company staff)? Yes. If No Ignore this.

25. Do you want frames? Yes. If No Ignore this.

26. Do you want a Chat Room? Yes. If No Ignore this.

27. Do you want a Search Engine within your site? Yes. If No Ignore this.

28. What Questions do your Customers always ask, write it and the answers.


29. Do you want your customers to be able to send you their comments? Yes. If No Ignore this.

30. Do you want people to put their names, etc. on your site for others to see. Yes. If No Ignore this.

If there is any other thing please, provide it here

Tell us how to get in touch with you:

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

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