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Yala Educational Summit has been postponed.

Yala Education Summit:

Yala Education is to enhance education and entrepreneurial skills for the youth to create jobs rather than look for jobs... Click to read some free eBooks


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Ihionipipe Festival:

IHI-ONIPIPE, a documentary of our annual cultural celebration of the New Yam Festival is intended to showcase our cultural heritage to the outside world to enable us take advantage of our immense tourism potentials that the existence of Tinapa Business Resort in our state has offered.

The Nigerian state is made up of several cultural units of which the Yala speaking tribe is... Click to know more
  Oma Festival:

Oma Festival (Salt Festival) is an annual event whose aim is to empower local salt makers to embark on a continuous improvement method, while effort will be expanded to adopting international technology for world market.

Yala is known for its salt a reason while the present local government headquarters is named Okpa-Oma (Okp'oma) which means salt lake. see more

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Yala can be an information hub for various communication platform such as ...see more
Economy: Yala's Okuku Market is the third largest market and is fast loosing that more
Entrepreneurship should be encouraged to curb unemployment, all curricula more