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Sample Certificate for Discipline

1.      Corporate Affairs Commission CAC should ask lawyers to meet webmasters to verify if the company or companies they are registering are not Domain Names being used internationally because, most companies registered by lawyers in CAC have domain names belonging to people outside Nigeria. So the Domain names of the companies are different from the companies registered name in CAC.

2.      Lawyers should not be allowed to register a company without the presence of a webmaster who will verify that the name is not used internationally.

3.      Webmasters should be recognized nationally like Lawyers etc. when it comes to the internet.

4.      All domain names for Websites Developed should be copy righted. Designed Websites are copied templates and so donít need copy rights because of that there should be cheaper.

5.      Road signs of Satellite Symbol should be placed around indicating the presence of a webmaster, system analyst, ISP, or any thing that has to do with the Internet. e.g. like medical Clinic/ Hospital road sign.

6.      Computer Symbol as Road Signs for Business Centers and GSM repairers etc. e.g. like medical Dispensary road sign.

7.      Domain Name Registration Price in Nigeria Should be reduced to suite the survival rate of the people to N500 or N1,000. In US Dollar it is around $15. By reducing the price you stand a great chance of having Nigerians etc. migrate there to have their domain names and thereby leave the yahoo, hotmail letter scam. 

8.      Nigerians should be told of the use of the web on the internet in easing long conversations; place what you have on the internet and text the web address to the person.

9.      For every phone should be a personal web-page and at least one email. The cheapest web should go for N5,000 with a starter size of 5mb.

10.  Our names and companies that helped in this policy should be written by the side of each policy.

11.  Government should help us get into the stock market, thereby making us relevant to the wants of people like the US has done for Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, Sun, Dell etc. Nigeria has no aid for those of us on the internet. Government should help but, leave the internet free. We have many bodies for webmasters in Nigeria, Government should unite with them.

12.  The Tenth Commandment of Exodus 20:17 in the Bible and its equivalent in the Koran should be referred into the 419 law in the case of the internet since the internet is free. I created Fellow International of Information Technology and Communications (FIITc) for this.

13.  Existence-ok Industries, existence-ok.com has been on the internet since 2002 and was registered with CAC and Trade Marked in January 2003. A firm started mainly for websites, domain name registration, website hosting, internet access, mobile services, and software and computer parts.


Oko Offoboche

Chief Executive

Existence-ok Industries

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