News Correspondence

Details of what you require to be a correspondent with us is stated below:

News from you or the area you cover will be of great benefit to you and the world over since the news you give will be given to the leading giants of News in the world for a fee in which you have a reasonable percentage. We give details to the big News networks.

You can upload your news video via our up-loader etc. use search engines to find the one suitable for you.

 You can send text with images.

 You can send voice.

 All news brought in will be tested for truth. Give your location, the news location, names and any necessary details.

 Join Us! As a member of Existence-ok Industries by registering if not we will not consider your ratio in the correspondence fee.

 As a member your postage is free! As a non member your postage is $5.99 per post.

 Those who do not register, pay for the news they post or the news will be discarded. To post in this media group, prepare a summary of the news to attract your buyers and post the summary. The news should be uploaded into an uploader that will be available to the buyer when the buyer views your summary and request it through your email.

 If you want us to prepare the summary and help you with the news, we charge a small fee for each. We prepare this with links to the destination you want. Prepare your summary with a link to the news for payment or it may not sell and we will not be of aid.

 Your Money will be sent to you by what so ever means you choose that is available to us to use and send. We deduct some percentage for this service. 


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